Mandala (MDX) – REVIEW – The Next Binance / Kucoin

by birtanpublished on September 7, 2020

what's going on guys so we got another review today I'm doing a giveaway I'm giving away $100 worth of the theorem to enter the contest all you got to do is like the video press subscribe and leave

A thoughtful comment at the bottom of the video with your ethereal wallet address first and foremost guys this is now a financial advice always do your own research and make your own decisions so today I'll just be discussing what

Mandela is problem it's solving and the solutions that are proposes a features on the exchange the additional security features that I will have the desktop and mobile user interface the token metrics and the ICO the MDX token

Utility and micro economy the exclusive features on the platform the MDX marketplace the MDX social features the website roadmap team members and advisors and I'll also be given my final thoughts and why I'm going in this IC

O—- so let's get into it so Mandela's revolutionising digital asset exchange and aiming to disrupt the market Mandela is another cryptocurrency exchange is coming it's not your average crypto

Currency exchange it's really loaded with a ton of features and a team is stack the mission of Mandela is to connect the universe through blockchain so the problems that Mendel azalea saw was this the current exchanges in the

Market are not very good right there's a lot of problems with them they're not user friendly they're trading tools are difficult to understand from novice investors they offer zero support to empower users to

Make smart investment trades or decisions there's little to no customer support in some of these exchanges and some of these exchanges do a very poor job in providing security for their users I've heard of horror stories where

People who run the exchanges keep all the money in like one computer on their desktop or something like that there's some crazy things out there with some of these exchanges because they're unregulated right and there's also a

Lack of transparency a lot of these exchanges they don't tell you anything and for the fact that they're unregulated means that whoever's running them can pretty much do whatever they want with your money and this is why

It's so easy for a lot of these exchanges to get hacked because there's no pressure on these people to do things the right way and safe for everybody else right some of these changes are not even insured the team behind Mandela is

Thought of a solutions that they're gonna incorporate in the exchange to fix a lot of these problems out there that's plaguing cryptocurrency and preventing a lot of people with big money to come in so

First and foremost they're gonna make it very easy for novice investors to get involved and get started with cryptocurrency like all their features we'll have tutorials on it on like how to use it and they'll also offer simple

And powerful trading tools like BOTS artificial intelligence strategies detailed portfolio data automatic chart tutorials trade signals community engagement relevant market news and what's cool Isetta will also have

Scheduled audits by third-party auditing firms and I'll also be SEC and CFTC compliant the team says that it will be one of the most secure and scalable changes in the industry being able to handle north of 1 million transactions

Per second that's like finance level guys that's what these guys are going for because I think we all remember in January when all the exchanges were getting bombarded with new people wanting a sign for crypto currency and

It just stopped everybody from signing up and this prevented a lot of new money from coming in I think that was one of the main reasons that started the whole bear market because the market just stopped crawling the exchanges couldn't

Handle volume so these guys are taking that into consideration and making their exchange like ridiculously powerful in a white paper they also say their system will be more powerful than the current industry competitors like finance and

Cool coin so Mandela will also have one of the lowest trading fees and this is my favorite of all Mendel also have referral bonuses like look bottom line is this they know the formula that finance and coupon used to be on top

They got a lot of people to get in exchange by offering all these bonuses and offering these incentives for other people to come and trade there there's people in finance right now that get rewarded 24 Bitcoin for from their

Referral fees these guys are not reinventing the wheel or anything you don't need to do that in this situation the Mandela team are smart they're pretty much replicating what the most successful exchanges have already done

And they're adding their own little twist on it to make it more secure and better they're also solving some of the problems that some of the best exchanges have right now that can't seem to figure out to solve them it's pretty much the

Essence of what they're doing I'll explain a lot of the features on this presentation right now but it won't even do it justice you guys got to read the white paper yourself if you're interested in this so we'll look at some

Of the highlighted features the Mandela exchange will have an enterprise level matching system it will have a lien design and advanced controls trading of any digital asset support for public and private

Blockchains support for custom digital assets advancing custom api s– financial integrations like banking settlements and bill payment rails multi level support to attract global clientele a

Modular design where people will be able to customize with widgets on the platform it's gonna be a 24/7 platform that never sleeps with support for around-the-clock trading and supervision you'll have institutional grade

Throughput and security they'll have advanced order routing and order lifecycle management it'll have an extremely scalable connectivity and trading engine it'll be a simple and secure authentication for kyc and AML

Compliance the platform is going to be making continuous improvements and updates they'll be quick support for new assets modules and integrations the platform is also going to be tax friendly and a couple of flexibility

Figure out which cryptocurrencies are classified as capital gains this makes it easier for filing taxes so this exchange is gonna have some additional security features that other exchanges usually don't have from a white paper it

Looks like these guys are taking security very seriously so it's gonna have two FA and three fa security authentication support there'll be a multiple signature wallet structure there'll be Hardware wallet integrations

There'll be anti DDoS attacks security solutions to VIP whitelisting wallet address whitelisting third party security audits which I already mentioned they be anti-phishing alerts and withdrawal confirmation emails which

Is like nothing new so here's how the exchange is gonna look like if you look on here I don't really like a candlestick part unlike how the way that looks if the team is listening I hope they change this part and make it look

Like what by Nance has setup Finance has a really good candlestick setup a lot of the exchanges don't do a good job with making the user and it face better so I would just like to see this improve in this part but overall looks pretty good

And it's cool how there you can have it on your phone right now they already thinking about the app for it so let's move on to the token metrics it's gonna be an e rc 20 token the ticker is MDX the soft cap is three mil hard cap is 18

Mil payment methods you can pay for the ICO in theory and Bitcoin or litecoin and ICO price is seven cents but there are bonuses that they're giving depending on what people join in the ICO the bonuses aren't too big I don't

Really like bonuses for IC OS but this bone is not bad so 65% of tokens is gonna be in this sale 20% of the tokens are gonna team 10% is reserved for development and 5% is reserved for advisers and

Influencers and bounties so there's like a nice graph of it all and I also want to highlight this part that the team's tokens are gonna be locked for six months like half of them and then the remaining half are also gonna be locked

For one year so I guess it's gonna incentivize the team to really work hard and develop the team and keep the price up cuz they're not gonna get their tokens right away and they're not gonna be able to dump on everybody right so

This will force them to keep working on it and trying to improve it and hopefully get it to where it's supposed to be at so next we're gonna move on to the token utility so MDX tokens are vital to utilizing the full capabilities

Of MDX platform users will be able to unlock exclusive premium features in the platform and receive up to about 80 percent discounts on trading fees by utilizing the MDX token in addition to the trading fees MDX token can be used

To pay for withdrawal fees access advanced analytics signals trading BOTS trading signals and strategies alerts and news there also be like a news widget where different cryptocurrency news are gonna be aggregated to this

Platform and you'll get alerts from the social media platforms so for cryptocurrencies you have this way if you're on the platform you won't miss any important news or you don't have to have twitter up like medium up telegram

Up like this so many platforms now just to follow cryptocurrency so it's good that they're gonna be integrating like the news and social media platforms into their platform where you won't need to go you just stay there and you still get

The news you also be able to use a token for portfolio analytics they'll also be a community platform and could also use them for tax reports and they're also gonna have a feature called MDX marketplace this includes like a place

For trading advice technical analysis classes and one-on-one training custom bot strategies portfolio advice and much more features the marketplace will also have a full rating system where users can rate their experience for each

Purchase made in the MDX marketplace as well as escrow system to facilitate payments they'll also be an MDX social platform where people can chat and they'll also be a rewards section for best trade entries and highest

Profitable trader there's also many more features in MDX social you can read the white paper and check it out the people who won the awards will also receive prices of MDX tokens and I like this part right here so users will have

Ability to create full profile pages on the MDX social where users can gain followers based on the content shared or post within the MDX social landscape users will have the ability to like comment and share posts made by members

As well as utilize a fully private messaging chat system to communicate with others so you see that right there man it's got like a Twitter in it Facebook or Instagram you can like share things it's like a social media platform

As well as in exchange I see you like an all-in-one stop shop they didn't mention about um they didn't mention anything about launching ICO in there but that's also a possibility that the team could actually put in there if they want so

This is just like a cool picture of the MDX token micro-economy of some of the things I mentioned there's so much stuff in there just read the white paper if you're interested in this so now we'll move on to the team

Members we'll start off with the advisors the way I'm gonna do is I'm gonna summarize everything together because there's so many people I can't individually go through everyone's profiles or whatever so I just

Summarized it all together so advisors are phd's law degrees master's degrees and areas of finance and capital markets big data analysis research and business these people owned a lot of different businesses and they're successful in

There right now so Pinet Handa he's a professor of finance and he's also written a lot of research papers that have been widely used by top-tier finance journals bill Klein is also a co-founder and CEO of

Token magic bill Hurwitz is the former managing director of your group that's like a company that has been around since like the 1800s so Frank Curzio has a business and analyzing financial markets he's been on

TV and radio a lot presenting his work he's been on CNBC ABC CNN and Fox Business News most of the advisors on this team have like 30 plus years experience in their professions respectively guys so John Campbell is a

Lawyer and he's also a managing director at Beacon Management and get ready for this guys he's also the former VP at Goldman Sachs so that's big right there guys that just tells you right there this guy has connections he can make

Things happen love him or hate him guys this guy knows how to make money so joseph reiben and nick of elvis are both managing partners at the law firm Robyn and Elvis and I think Richard reiben is also related to Joseph because they have

The same last name and Richard's also a senior advisor at the law firm and lastly Ralph kritis is a seasoned ICO advisor with a lot of experience in the cryptocurrency space he's pretty much like their I see okay

Keeper he's helping advising him through the ico so we'll start off with the core team members we got Nate Flanders the founder of Mandela exchange so those guys another all-star he has owned and skilled many successful companies

Ranging from marketing agencies software development and sales he's also ran an online gambling business in which he was a vice president of he's ran technology repair and wholesale businesses and just

Recently also started business in the blockchain industry and what's also known as profiles that he's also a co-founder of the largest and most active cryptocurrency community online it's called crypto coin trader I

Actually think that I'm a member of that cuz I just signed up so many I really I searched it online I think I'm a member of that group they have a lot of factions like a lot I don't know how many different crypto coin trader groups

Are but there are a lot of them so Annette Honda I think he is the son of Pinet Honda and Annette Honda is also a co-founder of the mandela exchange he's an entrepreneur with ten years plus experience and get this this guy's

Generated over 100 million dollars plus in revenue and sales those guys a monster in sales wise so Annette is also a co-founder of bit washing he's also co-founded the repair desk he's got an MBA in supply chain

Management operations and logistics and Trevor Soares is the CMO he's also founder and CEO of Finley and network and Zac Daniels is a CTO he's a network engineer with 12 plus years of experience in developing systems in

Cybersecurity there's so many team members guys the rest of the team members include a lot of directors like directors of operation marketing motion graphics IT communications designers product managers business development

Leads community leaders and there are several social media strategists on this team it's from q1 2018 the company was still being formed they did financial forecasting team recruitment white paper

Release crowd sale announcements and development starts so in queue to 2018 this is where we are right now they're doing presale right now I think a pretty self still going on and there's still a 30% bonus they'll be having a public

Crowd sale next they'll be doing the trade engine development user interface and user experience development that we making this US regulatory compliant and to be building the community so in q3 2018 the Mandela platform beta release

So that's very good it's not like a super long roadmap I would have liked if the beta release was in q2 because that's what a lot of people for also in q3 they'll be doing some additional stress testing they'll be

Doing third-party security audit and code audits and q4 there'll be the Mandela platform full release so that's perfect that's like right before the projected crazy bull market in the winter time a lot of companies right now

Are starting their release like q1 2019 like come on you know that's like when everybody sells also in q4 they'll have the MDX social beta release they'll have a third-party Wallet integration and iOS app release in q1 2019 to have the

Mandela Hardware wall of manufacturing and beta testing they'll also have the MDX marketplace beta release they will also have the Android app release and in q2 2019 W Mandela Hardware wallet release they'll also have more trading

Pairs and they'll also have an annual financial audit so overall guys I'm gonna be going as IC o—- personally because I like the project is very ambitious they have guys with a lot of experience in this field

And trading in general other reasons why I'm joining is because of the bonus but most importantly of all I want us to join when I saw this so in the frequently asked questions section they have this question right here they like

What happens to the tokens that aren't sold during the tokens sale any unsold units of M DX will be burned meaning they will be removed from the market and definitely right there was a selling point for me and if you look at where

The company is right now in their presale they have just passed their soft cap and they've raised three point seven eight million so if they don't reach the hard cap which is 18 million I believe they'll be burning all the tokens so

That's gonna raise the price of the token to um you know there's always risk of people dumping tokens right after their release cuz that because there's a 25% bonus but there's also a good chance that some of the tokens are gonna burn

Is and it's gonna help boost up the price so that's one of the reasons why I'm partaking it's I see oh and guys remember there's no financial advice always make your own decisions this is my decisions that go in this alone I'm

Just sharing with you guys so you guys choose whatever you want to do with this information always do your own research read through the white paper yourself learn about the stuff yourself and make your own decisions okay if you want to

Participate in the theorem giveaway I'll be giving away in three days all you got to do is press like on this video make sure you're subscribed to the channel leave a thoughtful comment about something that I said in his review and

Also leave your aetherium wallet address and I will send the winner of the etherium in three days this is case from Wikipedia we got more news and crypto refused to come and I'm out you

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