Man Accidentally Found Real Evidence That Giants Exist

published on July 13, 2020

no matter how educated our leading experts are every so often we uncover fascinating objects that defy any reasonable understanding of science and history could enormous footprints embedded in rock prove that real-life

Giants once walked our earth should we be rethinking the course of history based on the discovery of ancient relics perhaps the unearthing of a lost city suggests that society settled in other continents far earlier than we

Originally thought what else is lying out there hidden and buried just waiting to be found let's find out our journey begins in the area of Mission British Columbia not too far from Vancouver back in 2013 the

Rather mysterious block of engraved concrete that you see before you was dug up and it was done fairly easily in fact without needing heavy tools or machinery to unearth it suggestions have circulated that the artifact may have

Been either buried naturally by the elements rather recently or deliberately covered up by humans why they do that though nobody is quite sure on the stone surface lies a number of zodiac and astrological symbols as well as

Deliberately arranged circular rings and straight lines all combined these features indicate that the zodiac slab may have had an actual purpose and that the intricate design wasn't just for looks the idea of it being a kind of

Unique sundial has been thrown around as well as the idea that it's a device used to follow the lunar calendar however without any official documentation to accompany its discovery the bizarre find remains shrouded in mystery leaving us

With more questions than answers thanks to the wonder of film and literature we can whisk ourselves away into worlds where fantastical beasts and humans live alongside one another trolls dragons goblins you name it and

There's a fictional universe out there to delve into but what if we told you that Giants actually existed in the real world and that there's proof giant footprints have appeared across various continents sometimes hiding in plain

Sight and sometimes embedded into ancient rock on the South Africa and Roselyn border you'll find this shocking four foot high imprint then there's another massive footprint itched into solid stone over at by mana Haji near

Bangalore in India one of the many huge footprints out there was discovered fossilized in rock in the pinyon village in China that's in the southwestern province of Guizhou it was measured to be an astounding 22 inches long

Almost eight inches wide and over an inch thick that's fifty seven twenty and three centimetres respectively compare that to the typical length of a male human foot of seven inches and you can see why it was a rather alarming

Discovery photographs have even surfaced of people physically placing their own feet in the imprint providing a visual as eye opening and thought-provoking as any even though there are multiple iterations of these discoveries

Scientists are still baffled as to how they got there from giant feet to giant heads let's shift our attention over to Mexico where this monumental Olmec stone head was uncovered in the la venta area as

Marvelous and mysterious as it is on its own believe it or not it's far from the only one in total 17 giant heads have been dug up with each distinct naturalistic and individualized characteristics a few smaller statues

Were found here and there as well the smallest head weighs close to six tons while the largest is estimated to tilt the scales between 40 and 50 tons the first of these noteworthy noggins was found way back in 1862 by a man

Named Jose Serrano the discovery took place here in traces of POTUS but since documentation was lacking it wasn't until American archaeologist Matthew sterling rediscovered the heads over a half a century later in 1938 that

The world started to hear and wonder about these Olmec statues scientists have deciphered that they date back to between 1500 and 400 BCE and they're believed to act as portraits of powerful individual Olmec rulers but apart from

That they remain a mystery what tools did they use to make them how do they transport such heavy rocks all these questions to this day remain unanswered throughout the late 1800s a traveler and inventor named William Lin

Hunt or better known under his stage name the great formini gave a report to Great Britain's Royal Geographical Society which suggested that he had stumbled across a marvelous mysterious and most importantly hidden city in the

Kalahari Desert in South Africa considering that the desert spans some 359 thousand square miles he must have had luck in his corner to be able to uncover the city beneath the sea of sand from 1932 onwards 25 expeditions were

Launched to find the lost city all of which came back empty-handed failing to find any signs of constructions in the area but then in 2016 over 130 years after the initial report

We got our first clue professor AJ Clemente researched the story and realized that the route farini was describing may not have gone through the dead center of the desert so uncovering what he assumed to be farini's true

Route a set of rocks resembling walls were discovered these rocks appeared to be natural but that's the only information that's come to life we still don't know who if anybody ever lived within these ancient walls it does

However suggest that our understanding of African history and settlements may be different to what's on offer in the typical textbooks who hears heard of Genghis Khan he's a relatively well-known name for sure he was the

First Great Khan and emperor of the Mongol Empire and one in every two hundred men alive today is a descendent of him that's a true story but as notable a historic figure as he is much of his life is peppered with

Uncertainty on his deathbed in the 13th century Khan ordered that the xyce Shia Kingdom be wiped from the face of the earth and with it knowledge of the location of his tomb vanished his soldiers made sure of that according to

Legend the funeral escort disposed of anything and anyone in its path to conceal genghis khan's final burial location in the 15th century the place where genghis khan won his great battle was found it gave archeologists a sniff

But alas couldn't lead anybody to his final resting place amateur archaeologists like Maury Kravitz have dedicated decades of their lives to searching for the tomb and have come up empty-handed and unsuccessful

If you thinking of building a rocket how would you go about it consult NASA study astrophysics read modern updated information right you wouldn't dive into a 500 year old

Manuscript but you could if you wanted to that's right the so called Sibiu manuscript which is written entirely in German and spans close to 450 pages really does exist it was found by a professor close to 60 years ago in 1961

In Romania although it didn't come with any supporting documentation which has drawn skepticism its way nevertheless the CBU manuscript describes processes associated with liquid fuel and multi stage rocket construction while

Depicting early artillery and ballistics weaponry as well despite plenty of investigation the scientific and historic communities remain clueless as to who is truly responsible for this manuscript

That said a man named Conrad Haase also has been given credit as the first person to conceptualize multistage rockets unrelated to the discovery of the manuscript this is the otherworldly enthralling but Tomsky crater or Patton

Crater for short discovered in 1949 by russian geologist vadim kolpakov and dubbed the fire eagle nest this perplexing hole in the ground sits in the Irkutsk region of southeastern Siberia an extremely remote area

Hundreds of miles from the nearest major city the limestone indent measures 520 feet or 160 meters in diameter and 139 feet or 40 meters in height that large depression is perplexing enough in its own right but as you can see it also

Features a protruding mound in its centre calpico initially believed that he was standing in a meteorite crater while a recent article in the publication Russia Beyond suggests that it's the result of

Phreatic steam explosion that could explain the heat that calpico felt when he was standing in the hole and would provide insight as to why animals avoid it and why vegetation struggles to grow in its vicinity still however this

Remains a theory and many what does it look like to you what do you think could have caused something so visually unique what does this look like to you an odd kind of helmet a giant Jack's piece we actually know what

It is it's a Roman dodecahedron one of many that date back all the way to the 2nd century CE II these ancient metal trinkets are typically studded with spheres and are constructed with a combination of bronze and stone the very

First Roman dodecahedron was excavated in 1739 and since then a whopping 115 more have been found scattered all over Europe from Great Britain in the West to Hungary far east similar golden artifacts have been found in Southeast

Asia although initial studies suggest they're unrelated so we know what these things are and we know who made them their purpose on the other hand is a question that still lacks any legitimate explanation there's not even a single

Mention in any known historical records what's your best guess taking the bizarre dial and turning it all the way up to 11 is the Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone at first glance what does it seem like to you what would you

Assume its purpose is even though it was dug up from New Hampshire earth way back in 1872 your guess is still as good as any primary inspection suggests that it was an artifact of mixed culture that acted

As a symbol of unity perhaps between two tribes after more analysis took place opinions shifted by 1994 because of the precision drilling techniques that were noted experts began thinking that the stone could have dated back to ancient

Times and must have been constructed in the 19th century or there abouts and that's about all we'll ever know to this day the Lakeman apis aukey mystery stone is exactly as its name suggests a mystery now cast your eye toward these

Fascinating relics known as the Dogu figures these Japanese clay statues come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes altogether there are officially about 18,000 of them so far and we're continuing to discover more with every

Passing year analysts have asserted that their construction took place somewhere between 2,000 and 10,000 years ago that means that they are artifacts from prehistoric Japan but that's about all we know what do they represent

Why were they made and for whom perhaps we'll never be certain of course a number of theories have been swirling some of these theories are rather sensible such as the figurines tying in with the Shinto religion and its

Connection with magical energy however it seems as though the dog ooh figurines date back much further than the earliest traces of Shinto poking holes in that particular theory compared to other ideas however it doesn't seem quite so

Far-fetched some people are of the belief that the figurines are actually ancient spacesuits of long gone alien visitors what's your take on them that's all for today folks have you ever stumbled across something

That you just couldn't explain share your thoughts in the comments don't forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and as always thanks so much for checking out the richest we'll see you next time so have a great day

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