Mallorca island – German tourists are coming! | DW Documentary

published on June 30, 2020


the corona pandemic is by no means over

yet but around 10,000 Germans are

resting and frolicking on their favorite

vacation island the Spanish island of

Majorca has been getting ready for their

summer guests for weeks in Portal kudiye

for instance

you see I'm take my Yorker away from the

Germans they've got a problem if you

take the Germans away from us we've got

a problem

but that doesn't mean all the Islanders

are ready to welcome the holidaymakers

some feel like they're being used as

guinea pigs


animator slot makes one last check to

see that everything's in place from the

2 meter distance to be observed on the

terrace to the disinfectant for the

bartender she's memorized every new

hygiene rule they'll be taking effect in

Yonkers hotels the next day now we've

got little dispensers everywhere that

people can take along that's really the

most embarrassing day nish quality

manager has spent every day of the past

few weeks with the hotel chains Corona

task force it's their job to make sure

all the workers put the government's 21

new hygiene protocols into practice by

far the greatest challenge is reforming

the work routines enough Intel

restaurants patrons there's a lot of

room back that's where our personnel can

cook the dishes the three months of

lockdown have already left their mark

all around the island it was imposed in

early spring right at the start of the

vacation season many businesses in the

bathing resort of Porter to al-qadir

haven't opened since last autumn the

islands economy has lost approximately 1

billion euros a month since the crisis

began down on the beach everything's

ready for the first tourists to make

sure they keep the proper distance the

number of Beach lounges has been cut by

three-quarters the rental agent gas bar

company hardly has anything left to do

only a few Islanders are out here today

Boyan Domingo estaría fool Sunday like

this the beach would normally be

completely full but this is a very

popular section of beach especially with

families and couples – the water isn't

very deep and everything is nice and

pleasant around here normally we'd have

a lot going on here this little

fast-food shop at the foot of the

deserted high-rise hotels reopened about

two weeks ago man while Salguero has

been serving a few local patrons beer

and burgers but his regular customers

have yet to show up and they're

satisfied with them

we've been crying bratwurst here for 38

years and the Germans always think it

tastes good with Colonel Manuel saliano

is also well prepared he's replaced his

menus with QR codes my York is a second

home to many German don't know that

other simply if you take my Yorker away

from the journey they've got a problem

if you take the journal's away from us

the next morning a plane carrying the

long-awaited solution to that problem

comes in for a landing slightly delayed

the first German vacationers have

arrived at Palma de Majorca Airport

Spain won't officially be opening its

borders till late June but an exceptions

be made for the guests from Germany with

infections apparently dropping there and

the need for tourists euros rapidly

growing over four million Germans come

to the island every year and spend their

money here before they head for the

beach they have to have their

temperatures taken and fill out some

health questionnaires in the arrivals

terminal over a hundred members of the

press from around the world are waiting

for a scoop

tourists are taking their summer

vacation not even when the very first

East German tourists arrive

Mooka after the fall of the Berlin Wall

30 years ago was at such a media

sensation say the older reporters I

think it's because we had a total

lockdown for three months and in that

time everything that used to be normal

stopped being normal and what did it

used to be news millions of Germans were

coming to New York is now suddenly news

and here they are the new stars of the

island and how do they feel how is the

meal service onboard every holiday maker

is mobbed by reporters Tomas and Antonio

tobor have arrived in the morning from

Bonn the flight was fine what did the

family at home say about this holiday

did they think it was a good idea or not

they may have been a bit worried a

hundred and eighty-nine holidaymakers

came on the first plane the next 200

Germans are expected late in the



but as mentioned not all the Islanders

welcomed this experiment Spain's been

hit especially hard by the corona

pandemic the last few months over 27,000

people died in this country some people

here worried that thousands of

holidaymakers returning to the beaches

could bring new infections the graffiti

says Majorca is not an experimental lab

I'd say we need this initiative because

we want to stay in the lead in tourism

it's in our own interests but of course

we mustn't lose sight of the health

aspect famous a neat idea somehow we

have to return to normal so we know we

have to be more cautious we can't change

this situation we shouldn't go back to

the old times when it was so overcrowded

everywhere around here we need a more

prudent and easygoing tourism for years

the debate has raged on the island over

how to reconcile mass tourism and

sustainability the corona crisis

amplified the discussion at the same

time it showed the Islanders just how

dependent they really are on

holidaymakers some three quarters of New

Yorkers economic output comes from the

tourism sector that might help explain

why the participants in the pilot

project are given a royal welcome at the

hotel in Port de al qadir and here to

the reporters are ready in waiting even

following them all the way to their


Quality Manager animator slot is also in

high demand for interviews what is

normal no that's news now Antonia and

Thomas turbo the couple from the airport

have had a little time to recover from

the media frenzy at their hotel it's

their first vacation together for quite

some time they've been together for four


Antonia originally came from Ukraine she

first met Thomas in his capacity as a

refugee council my mother just called me

over what's up and said Antonia we just

now saw you on Russian television they

really did I can hardly believe in

rubles come as soon as we got on the

tour bus to the hotel we found a

complimentary Kim regional government

fantastic town I can show it to you this

wonderful design right in the middle of

what would normally be peak season the

projects participants have to be

promenade of El R&R almost entirely to

themselves the ten days at half pension

only cost them 400 euros it doesn't seem

to bother them that the islands clubs

and discos aren't allowed to open what

many won more than anything is a break

from all the weeks of lockdown

restrictions all we want to do is go to

the beach and talk to ourselves where

shall we go

which borders are open and they charge

what could be more relaxing than Majorca

without and we've earned it

I'm an occupational health nurse for

example and our ward took in suspected


kovat infection so we've already been

through some things emotionally as well

just thankful that we can be here you

were starting to climb the wall so this

is a real liberation back at the hotel

Antonia and Thomas realize even their

holiday is saddled with restrictions the

protocol for dinner is complicated now

how does this work here good question

do you have to go in a circle a hotel

personnel watch every move like hawks

first disinfect then put the gloves on

then disinfect again then done the map

feels like being admitted to the corona

ward just like at my job at the Sun

Danna on the beach things are noticeably

more relaxed in spite of all the social

distancing the holidaymakers can chat

with one another he said I keep saying

well never experience anything like this

again it's sad that I won't experience

it again but if it weren't for the fact

that so few people around the beach you

wouldn't even notice that anything

special is happening here not many

others are that relaxed about it

surveys have shown that because of the

pandemic a majority of Europeans prefer

to go without their holiday cocktails on

foreign beaches we've seen this time and

again for instance after terrorist

attacks people stay away from the

vacation spots for four or five years

then we'll be back in full force but I

think it'll take a bit of psychological

self-persuasion with a lot of people who

are still a little nervous right now

slowly but surely it starts to feel like

the occasions used to for Antonia and

Tomas but even after the 10,000 pilot

holidaymakers Majorca won't start

welcoming the tourist crowds back

anytime soon where nor if the island is

able or even willing the result of this

experiment may well give some hint

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