making photos with the OnePlus 8 Pro

published on August 2, 2020

yo what's up guys its audits from tech devoted and a few weeks ago I got the oneplus 8 pro now I wanted to make a photography related beyond this camera so last week I went out and took some photos with the cameras on the road now

While I was out shooting I also had my GoPro with me so I dashed that to my chest and recorded a POV angle so this video is basically that I'm going to show you the POV I'm going to show you the samples basically me clicking photos

In what one would call a real world scenario actually it's it's more like an ideal scenario right now not really a real-world scenario anymore but you get the point this is not an in-depth review by any means I'm not gonna pixel peep

And tell you every single detail if you wanna watch something like that I'll link something in the description below but this is just me being out and about and clicking photos with the eight pros so enjoy the POV and I talk to you once

It's over all right we have just arrived at the spot for today so if you're new to the channel basically I do these videos called theory photography videos basically where I just go to a particular location

And put on my GoPro and shoot some photos so that's what this video is going to be all about and I decided I would do this episode with not my usual camera but instead with the 1 plus 8 Pro because I do have the device with me so

Figured you know instead of doing a regular review video let's do photography video so that's what we're gonna be doing today um I just arrived so mostly right now it's gonna be just warm up for a bit I'm just gonna click

Some photos there's no objective I'm just gonna have fun and click photos because honestly it's been a while since I get any kind of photography so let's see how it goes

So one thing I'm kind of noticed in my last few days with the phone is that whenever I'm clicking photos the shutter speed is generally not that fast for some reason like even a little bit of shake causes a little bit of blood right

Now this is fine but like I've seen kind of more severe cases where it's easily noticeable so all the samples you're seeing on screen right now are edited they're edited on visco if you want to see the unedited samples maybe I'll put

A link in the description I'm not sure maybe I will maybe I will not check that out if you want to her checked on unedited um photos but yeah if you also want to see my editing process I've got a video about how I edit on visco so

Harley leave that link below if you're interested in that okay this place has really turned to shackles it wasn't like this when I last came here but while we out here I guess we got to make use of it so I'm just gonna click some basic

Photos okay wow I cannot not get the garbage stuff which is annoying all right this is a much better view it looks kind of nice not gonna lie and I'm alone so that's what makes it all the more fun actually makes it very scary

Because I don't generally go on solo trips but you got to step out of your comfort zone I guess now she'll probably started the video of by saying that I know the 8 Pro has a good camera like especially in good

Light right now I'm shooting all the photos in good light um so this isn't really like a proper um full loan test maybe I'll include some low-light samples at the end I don't know but you know you could click good photos here in

This kind of lighting um with just about any phone from the past two three years if I could click it with my poco phone and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference so let's give that a – it's a good camera for sure um yeah this isn't

Really the kind of guys do you want to do to really push the limits for that you wanna do the light which again as I said I mean good samples of will see one thing I kind of don't like is the fact that you can't really decide whether or

Not you want to turn on HDR or disable it I'm sure automatically shows up here but I can't really disabled which is annoying yes I could I don't know maybe the manual mode will allow me to do that Pro moon or sure okay no it does not get

Triggered which means it does not turn on okay that's interesting um see it's not a big deal but you know just wanted to mention that it's just nice to have that control here of course you could always use a manual camera app if you

Wanna get really serious but for this particular session I am losing the stock camera because if I just really wanted to shoot manually which is shoot on my actual camera the reason I shoot on phones is because um it's simple

For the ease of use so I can just aim focus on the composition and shoot as simple as that so that's kind of why I shoot on phones but yeah if you want to get really serious if you wanna start learning photography then a good way to

Do that would be to start by shooting manual on your phone I'm just gonna tie my lace every nice if I had my human subject here about now because he obviously I'm just shooting the nature landscapes

Buildings that type of stuff right now maybe we'll go out and shoot some Street later I don't know let's also check out the portrait no I mean I usually hate to do these cringy flour / plant photos but for the sake of

Testing alright I guess another thing I wanna kind of talk about is the display on the phone um I think it's really good when 20 hoods quad-hd I've been using it on the Mac settings at all times it doesn't drain the battery as bad or

Anything this will display issues either like on my unit at least I've I've not experienced the new black crush or green tinting I've been testing every single day for the past four five days continuously and fortunately my unit

Seems to be fine however I know that's not the case with everybody Koster was returning his unit so it's kind of a gamble if you want to buy the phone and it's kind of sad that they had to just that they ran into these issues

Cuz honestly it's it's it's a good phone all around I think it's it's a great phone and yeah I'm just fortunate that my unit well it's not technically my unified I was fortunate that this particular unit does not have many black

Brush or green tint issues nice the different lenses seem to be on pretty consistent on this camera on the ultra wide standard in the telephoto color wise at least I feel like the

Telephoto is just a little bit softer but otherwise color wise I think they're all really equal which is which which doesn't which isn't always the case when smartphones have multiple lenses okay so here's a really good head test on where

The skies and the suns kind of popping out so is some bright stuff but then this area's relatively dark so if a phone can expose both the areas at least you know to a decent extent then I think then that's really where HDR they

Approach doing a decent job for sure I don't know if you can really expect more from a phone I think this is a good shot I mean just hasty advice not anything else

So those are all the photos that I took that morning I actually think some of the photos turned out quite nice now just a couple of things before I wrap up here firstly I was wrong about heads TRG to have the option to disable it it's

Not in the main camera interface but you have to click on settings and it's literally the first option there I would have preferred for it to be in the main camera interface but it's not so whatever is it's there I'm just letting

You know um secondly I did click some photos in low light slash at night and honestly quite impressed by its low-light performance like without even going into nightscape the regular photo mode itself

I think is really really good the images that come out of it have very little noise and they're very usable in fact sometimes I feel like it is so good that I end up double checking whether I'm on night scape or the regular photo mode

But speaking of nightscape that is also quite good most of the times you get a usable photo out of it provided you don't shake your hand and provide it there isn't much action going on in the frame because it does take a good 3 to 4

Seconds to capture the shot but when it does get it it does a really good job in fact it was so good that sometimes it makes the image look unrealistic this photo for example was taken at 9:30 in the night it was literally pitch dark

Pitch dark or pitch black I don't know what the exact term is but it was very dark and there was literally no light but this is how it turned out if it looks as if it was taken in the evenings say 5 or 6 pm here's another one taken

Around the same time but again if I did not take the shot and if I were to guess what time this was taken it I would probably say around 5 or 6 pm so it does bump up the exposure like crazy sometimes which you know not complaining

Sometimes I guess you are in situations where you really need the extra reach and I guess nightscape would come in handy in such situations but if you want night to look like night if you want a realistic looking photo I think you can

Always use the regular photo mode which even that bumps up the exposure quite a lot but relatively speaking if you want a more realistic image you can just use the default photo mode but yeah that's about it those are my thoughts on the

Cameras on the 8 Pro I think just by itself without comparing it to any other flagships I don't really have any other flagships I think the cameras on it are great and I don't see why anybody would be unhappy with its performance I also

Didn't mess with the photogram filter which is only now a filter that goes over the main camera it's not they don't use the IR sensor anymore I think they disabled that because of privacy issues or something like that people could see

Through objects but I did take some photos with that as well I'll leave those samples as well as some other outtakes some other photos some other outtakes after I'm done talking here but yeah that's basically it umm if I have

Also linked all the unedited photos in description so if you're on a pixel peep and all that check out the description there's a drive link but yeah that's about it for this video if you enjoyed watching it give it a like if you did

Not vote it down let me know in the comments why didn't like it if you wanna watch more photography and video production in later videos consider subscribing to the channel it's been sooraj thank you so much for watching

Take it easy

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