Making a Game in ONE HOUR

published on July 17, 2020

And upload man making a gaming one day was crazy I sure don't hope anyone challenges me to make a game in an even shorter time span like say for example one hour I mean that would just be ridiculous so since we only have like one hour this time around we're gonna

Make a super simple game with one very simple mechanic and one game that does this really well already is flappy bird so I'm gonna take a lot of inspiration from flappy bird a flappy bird can I copy your homework yeah sure just you

Know change it up a bit make it not so obvious yeah yeah for sure yeah okay yeah yeah yeah I mean yeah hey hey yeah first things first I made a new project in unity and then before doing anything

Else to keep track of everything I need to do I made a Trello list on Trello com and if I see another comment asking me what this website is I swear to God I will probably her let's make the art for the player model the idea is such a

Control a rocket instead of a third because the rocket cool bird dumb then I slap the rocket into unity and gave it physics now let's do the movement so the controls are gonna be super simple hold down a button to accelerate the rocket

And release it to make it full we're also gonna make it rotate towards its velocity which is gonna look a little something like this that told it didn't work and looks a little something like this

Very nice rockets make big smoke so I made some smoke with the unity particle system and put it into the game and a rocket now poof smoke as it goes square squares are cooled so I used some squares to make some roof and some for

And if you crash with it if you crash with it you dead triangle we need some obstacles to dodge so that you can actually lose the game so I made a little passage you have to fly through did some programming and boil others now

Random map generation so the game is almost playable now but it still kind of looks like Emma's pants to the game so enhance the game actually still looks really bad under the hood but it's covered in a lot of post-processing

Effects to fool all of you dummies into thinking that the game actually looks good kind of like a girl with makeup I also did this and Kapow the colors now dynamically change sick then I also made a camera follow the player up and down

So it's it's a bit more dynamic which also allows us to make bigger maps and we also need to display the score so you can actually see how far you made it and it doesn't quite display the score very accurately but I mean like a wise man

Once said scores don't need to be displayed accurately duh what are and finally to make the game playable we need to finish the game loop so whenever you crash you are able to restart the

Game and this was pretty much the final piece needed to make the game function now we can start polishing things so first I made the map bigger I adjusted the speed and the movement of the rocket

And I changed the graphics ever so slightly and if I may say so myself it's already looking pretty good now Rockets make big fire so I made big fire in unity and and made it activate along with the movement and just like that we

Now have big fire in our game just like real life you know what else we have in real life sounds so I made some quick sound effects using SFX R and slap them into the game and just like that you can now hear things and use your airs and

Stuff and yeah I mean it's pretty cool I also quickly imports in a font so it kind of suits the game a bit better because the olan was pretty wack and finally before the time runs out I made a little song in FL studio so we have

Some music in the game because music makes game better and stuff around music yeah and we're done so it's been exactly one hour and yeah so here is the final

Result it ended up being more of a mobile game than a PC game so I might turn it into a mobile game for my next video you'd better smash subscribe so you don't miss it stop I'm done it from the future and I'm

Here to tell you the game is now available on Android can you even see that there we go yeah the game is available and if you have an Android go download yeah video is coming probably two weeks I'm

Currently reading for my exams which is why I look like a caveman and also why I don't really have a whole lot of time for making videos but I'll be done with my exams in like one week so now baguette that's that's really all

I wanted to say be gone choo-choo that one problem is that the map sometimes generates an impossible situation where you can't pass but I'll get that fixed for when I'm updating the game I did actually cheat a bit though

And added one final touch after the time was over because it was necessary it was really needed POW yeah you can download a game with the link in the description down below for Windows Mac and Linux also if you're an epic gamer you can try

And beat my high score also make sure you subscribe because of 300,000 subscribers I'm doing a foot review which you definitely don't want to miss so yeah you better slap subscribe now slapper anyway thanks for watching as

Always massive shout out to all of my patreon supporters you guys are delicious yeah that's gonna be for me I'm gonna go hit sack now I mean hit hit the sack not sack I would never hit sack right


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