Making a Game in 30 Minutes

published on July 17, 2020

Oh boy I can't wait to take a look at some funding constructive comments in my comment section so since you unoriginal little is one shut up about it we're gonna make a game in 30 minutes yeah original idea I know it's gonna be a lot of fun oh I'm allergic to bad ideas now

Since we only have 30 minutes and that's like that's like an hour but half of it like half an hour it's it's not a whole lot of time that's what the game so the game is probably gonna be terrible and yeah I hate you guys so I started with a

New project and boom Square this square is looking bad then I made another square all so thick and just like that we have physics and with all of my amazing graphics out of the way it's time to do some coding now I usually

Blackout during coding and then I wake up and everything works and so I can't really comment ate and explain what I did here cuz I don't remember but essentially I was trying to make a grappling gun I cuz grappling guns are

Cool I like spider-man used to say pow yeah sick and there we go we now have a terrible grappling gun next up I coded the camera to follow the player then I had another blackout and I woke up to some code that will randomly generate

Our world now since we need something to grapple to we are basically just generating a bunch of squares around the world that you will have to use to grapple with now this is already like 10 out of 10 gameplay but don't take my

Word for it just listen to what IG n has to say one of the worst downloadable games I've ever played that's all you really need to know the only problem with the game now is that you can't die

So if you a lot of them up you just kind of entered a void which you know it's been it's a bit of a problem so to counter this problem I made a big fat giant square just to just like your mom we're

Gonna make some lava because obviously lava makes any game better everyone knows stuff so when you fall into the lava yeah you guessed it you can die you dead this is so scuffed this is this is my

Worst game so far and we have ten minutes left and the game still looks like garbage so let's make the game look good to distract everyone from the terrible gameplay and all of my mistakes can add some post-processing

Yep kitty pop check yup boom and the game still looks like garbage but I tried at least the gameplay works properly and you know that's what's important five minutes left at Red Square if you touch them you die so I

Just don't touch them idiot okay cool and we're done yeah thanks pretty great suggestion guys the game is terrible I absolutely hate it and yes some of you might say hey

This is just a reskin of your mobile game boss now you might say that but if you take a closer look there are two completely different games and as far as the gameplay goes there you that they're actually the same game but where they

Grapple gun so because I like to publish terrible games to the Google Play Store the word is gonna work a bit more on this game today and and turn it into a terrible mobile kick I don't know first off I copied the rope effect that I made

From a game off the sticks and put it into this game then I found a pixelated shader that makes the game look like it's even worse quality which probably fits the game because its position so yeah nice I also added some particles

And stuff in the background I don't know and then I made a player morph and rotate towards the velocity so if you go really fast you become a long boy and we also need some sort of score system so you can now destroy blocks by flying

Into them and while doing all of this I was listening to the weekend and I was like fuck the weekend is also kind of so I felt inspired and I made a synth wave kind of song in fo studio and then just turn that bloom up in the game

Through the roof and Todd so bad is so terrible main menu settings shop thick thick combo system XP and levels yeah I literally just copied it straight from my game boss okay don't judge me I could tell you're judging me and I don't like

It stop it stop anyway it's time to upload the game to the Google Play Store which is pretty easy I've done it like three times before so yeah the first thing we need is a logo so I'm just gonna put some face on this guy and then

You need to name your game so since this game is terrible and disaster we're just gonna name it bad game and then you just submit it boom there it is bad game is out now for four and what am I doing with my life I don't know why I wasted

My entire day putting together this piece but you know there it is it's it's out there so if you want to play it you know it's available for Android Windows Linux Mac we got it all dude yeah links down below voice and here are some

Gameplay of me playing on my phone wow this game is so cool and good wow what a game so I asked my two imaginary friends to play the game and give me some reviews so let's see what they said about my game yeah hey so how do you

Like my game hey friend did you like the game some really fun man I didn't really like awesome all my two imaginary friends seem to really like the game so what are you waiting for it there's a download

Link download dude now anyway I want to thank the sponsor of today's video is you mother I don't know I don't know why you're watching this but I appreciate you and yeah you're great so keep it up and I will keep it up as well also merch

Gosh you should buy you should totally buy this great merch it's links down below totally check it out and it's great merged ah that's gonna be it for me thanks for watching smash subscribe because at 1 million

Subscribers I'm gonna drink some milk to celebrate and probably record it so you don't want to miss that so subscribe and smack like slappers smack dislike if you don't like drink your milk

Hit the sack don't be wack because yeah okay hey Dora bye bye I'm done

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