Making a Game in 2 DAYS!

published on July 17, 2020

It's so tired and there's like two hours left I'm seeing double everything is just like a big blur this weekend is Ludum dare 45 which is a game jam where you have to make a game in two days based around a given theme as usual with Ludum dare the theme was

Questionable start with nothing that's literally every game I've ever played in the history of games but even with such a broad theme I'm gonna be struggling a lot to find an idea and after an hour of not coming up with anything

So I'm just gonna go to sleep and hopefully get going with something tomorrow with some good rest and a clear mind I figured I would go for a roguelike game I really enjoy games such as enter the gungeon The Binding of

Isaac spelunky and so on so let's open up unity and get to work the very first thing I did which I always do when making a game is I made a square SiC then I created a script which will be used to generate our dungeon this was

Probably my first mistake I've never done any dungeon generation before so I'm basically just taking shots in the dark and after spending more time than I would have liked I got AIDS somewhat working results then I set up a good old

Trello list to keep track of everything that I have to do once that was done I worked more on the generation script to make more interesting shapes and of course I also generated corridors so you can actually move between the different

Rooms ok so we're done with all of the boring room generation stuff time to actually work on the player I've already done a game about a square and a game about a circle so of course it's only natural that this one will be about a

Parallelogram yeah you guessed it just kidding it's actually about a triangle so first I set up the basic movement and after that I added a dash ability so whenever you press space you – and since you're meant to start with absolutely

Nothing you can start with a gun so you have to dash into enemies in the beginning then I set up a quick camera script it's a bit jittery but I'll fix that later on so here's what we got so far if you think it looks absolutely

Terrible then you are absolutely correct so let's spice up the graphics a bit I'm gonna use unities post-processing stack to add some bloom and other effects which should make things look a bit better then I set up a very quick menu

And as you can see all is working perfect I said all is working perfectly everything is going according to plan so far no issues whatsoever okay so we have the basics down now it's time to work on

The actual gameplay first off I made a basic enemy for now he's just kind of following you around and looking at you but we'll change that later then I put together an enemy kill effect with unities particle system and here's what

It all looks together when dashing through enemies and finally you can now take damage if you touch enemies without dashing but now my friends are forcing me to join them in social activities and

Interactions so I have to leave for a bit kids don't get friends it's bad for you and bad for your game jams I just got back home it's currently midnight which means we only have 24 hours to go that's not very good since we have about

A million things to do so as a wise man once said hundreds of years ago why sleep when you can work all nights to finish your game jam in time that wise man's name me first off I implemented shooting so you

Can actually fire with guns I took some time implementing it because I wanted a good and reusable implementation so if I want to add a new gun I can just go to my gun container class add a new gun and add the stats

Then I simply give the gun to the player through a script and just like that we now have a shotgun in the game before we go further let's add some sound-effects I'm gonna use SFX R which is a free sound effect generator I also put

Together some super simple music in fruity loops and here's what all of the audio sounds like so far after this I implemented a timer the idea is the further the timer goes the harder the difficulty kind of like risk of rain –

Which is a super fun game as you probably noticed by now um I'm no artist to say the least so I'll stick to some very simple pixel arts first I drew a heart icon to represent the players lives and then a coin icon for the

Enemies to drop and here you can see the new UI in-game currently there is no way to collect gold so it just kind of says zero but I swear it works kind of probably most likely I don't know I spent a few more hours on fine-tuning

Everything so once you enter a room it will now close behind you and you have to defeat all of the enemies before leaving the room they also have a spawn animation now so you can actually see where they're coming from and they will

Drop coins once you explode them but I think that's gonna be it for me for today it's currently 7 am in the morning and I really need to get some sleep I have so many things to do tomorrow so I probably won't have time

To get much sleep but hey as I already said sleep is for the weak so yeah but time to hit the sack see you in a few hours so it's 12:00 in the noon and I slept for about 4 hours um yeah I'm getting pretty tired we only

Have 12 hours and there's so much to do we currently have a very unfinished game and only 12 hours to go so let's just jump right into it I started by making sprites for the different guns these will eventually be dropped from chests

That you can open for gold after finishing the arts I coated in the guns and an inventory and here is the results you can now pick up guns and switch between your two weapons then I made a chest in Photoshop and put it into the

Game and after also coding that in here is the results it will now drop a random gun where obviously the better guns are more rare to get then I made two more types of chests one red and one blue the red one will give a rare weapon and the

Blue ones will give upgrades so obviously we need to work on making some upgrades since currently there aren't any in the game and since we're running kind of low on time let's only implement a few selected core upgrades

I decided on making a soda which gives you higher attack speed totally not a stolen logo by the way a pair of sneakers which will give you faster movement speed and a helmet that will increase your – ability the thought

Behind the helmet is that since you dash into enemies with your head first if you wear a helmet it works better but it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense since you're a triangle but I was very tired when making this so don't judge me

Okay anyway here you can see the upgrades in action they're really fun to play around with and give you some pretty crazy abilities I don't know how well you can see that

But it's a little over 6 pm which means we have a little less than 6 hours left what I want to do now is I want to make sure enemies spawn I want to make sure you can move to the next floor then just make sure you can actually play the

Game properly because currently you can't even restart when you die so we still have a couple of things we need to do

then I added four new enemies which will only spawn once you get further into the game I also added some crates which you can break by dashing and you usually only get one coin from the crates but if

You get lucky there's a chance you can get some really rare weapons and we're down to one and I have hours left and here you can see the most crucial things I need to get into the game before the time limit as you can probably tell

That's not going to happen but the most important one I have to get done within the time is the mini-map or the game is just gonna be straight-up bad a dungeon game without a mini-map is like a glass without milk it's just not

Right so we have to do this and we have to do now or or we're fucked there is one huge issue though I haven't made a minima before I have no idea how to do it and we only have 15 hours so I only see one option out of this forgive

Me sensei but I must go all-out just this once and just like that with only six minutes left I managed to somehow finish the minimap so yeah I tried a couple of

Different solutions but I really couldn't get it working how I wanted to so here's what it looks like even though it doesn't show the corridors and it shows all the rooms without you actually discovering them it still gets the job

Done and makes the game so much better to play then without a mini-map so even if it's kind of bad I'm really happy I got it done in time now we have one hour to build the project upload all of the files and submit to Ludum dare you can

Download the game with the link in the description down below and try to get to floor ten but I heard only elite gamers can pull that off so good luck also the source code is available on my github which you can find in the description

Down below but be warned game jam source code is not very pretty so if you are a programmer with any kind of respect for yourself and please don't look at my source code so yeah this was definitely a rough game jam as I bit over a bit

More than I could chew but luckily I was able to finish everything in time or these most of its the biggest problem is that I didn't have time to play test the game so it's just kind of luck that it works alright and it's sort of fun to

Play next time I will definitely not try to make such a big project with so limited time especially when I have no idea how to implement any of it but either way it was a fun experience and I learned a lot of things thanks for

Watching my video I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to smash like and subscribe and if you didn't make sure to smash dislike as always massive thanks to all of my supporters on patreon you're all amazing that's gonna be it

For me though see you in the next one and of course hit your sack sleep your sloth drink your milk and I got nothing


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