Making a Game Because He Said I Couldn’t

published on July 17, 2020

While you don't try make a 3d game or you can't do that it's been three months since Joe Thoreau said I couldn't make a 3d game and I set out to prove him wrong but well he was kind of right I honestly have no idea what I'm doing at this point what I'm not gonna let that stop

Me so I put my game on Steam and it's currently around the top 50 most wasted game on Steam which is insane and also really stupid so there's really no going back at this point and if I don't finish this um so let's get to work in the last

Episode we made a little robot friend called Billy he's completely and utterly useless but kind of cute that's also what my mom says about me but without the cute part so I'm just completely and utterly useless anyway

We're gonna start off this episode by making a new pistol model because the old one is literally just two squares stacked on top of each other and when roblox boys 69 tells you that your pistol model looks like it's probably

Time to change it up so this new one I made has at least like five squares or something which is like twice as good as the old one and here it is in game I even added animations to the pistol and those little empty bullet things that

Fly to the side of the gun when you shoot yeah I know how weapons work duh next up on my modelling list is a new enemy because currently the only enemy in the game is is this dude and I mean I don't think I need to explain why we

Need a new one but he do be looking kind of thing though and in a previous episode we made our little robot friend Billy so we're gonna make a robot enemy as well now since I still suck at making 3d models I'm just gonna go ahead and

Like stack three cubes on top of each other and yeah I mean it kind of looks like a robot so I slapped him into the game and here he is in action he might look a bit tame right now but don't be fooled if you as much as touch his toe

He's gonna wake up and murder you and your entire family remember this is a killer robot you're looking here and so I gave him an angry face and did some quick animations and he will now chase us around the map

Then I made a quick little test map and a couple of robot clones and had an epic battle with them now this clip would probably be impressive if their bullets could actually damage me which they can't because I don't like loosing and

Therefore I turned off the damage on the players yeah you robotic dumbasses anyway a lot of you weebs want me to get Carson the katana so you can do melee attacks and slice enemies which is actually a pretty good idea and most FPS

Games have some sort of melee attack whether that be dooms chainsaw or goldeneyes bitch-slap yeah you can literally slap the life of people in goldeneye it was pretty pretty golden it's funny cuz it's called Golden Eye

And I said go I guess I'm not gonna have something as iconic as slapping just remove your enemies but instead I made a katana model to please all of my weeps out there but hear me out it's not just any katana

It's a katana laser grappler gun thing now you might be asking what and yeah you're absolutely right I ask myself that every day too so first I added some slice animations chop chop now it does look really bad so I added

Some trails to hide the bad animations and tada it looks kind of sick even though the animations are absolutely garbage just like my coding skills I also made the gun duck whenever you sly so you don't slice your own gun because

That's not a very huge hit idea and then I made some particles using unit is particle system now the unity particle system is actually super versatile and you can do just about anything with it next week I'm actually planning on

Curing my crippling depression using unittest particle system so stay tuned for that might even make a tutorial about it on my tutorial time anyway here is how the katana looks so far it goes shop shop and enemy goes bye-bye if you

Catch my drift smash like now if that makes you go wow that was really cool but remember that this is not just any katana it's the ultimate grappling katana so now you can use the backside to swing around with it

I also made it so you can grapple onto enemies so here's another clip which is I totally didn't spend hours and you record this what do you need them to judge me it's still a bit rough though but it's pretty fun and the

Movement feels much better now as you have many more options and also performing a shop shop when the enemies is just super satisfying so do you remember how we just spent a lot of time putting together these new robot enemies

Yeah me too so I'm just gonna go ahead and now the reason I have to eat the new enemy is because while they suck if you remember three episodes ago I said physics make me go yes and this guy is clearly not physics so he makes me go no

Therefore we need to make the enemies more like Billy so we can push them around and they're actually interactive so I did a bunch of boring code which nobody cares about Jana died here and basically this is just inverse

Kinematics so instead of having to animate the robots they will just walk by themselves and I don't have to do anything which is great now if you forgot what inverse kinematics are here's a recap from my previous video

It's basically just kinematics but inverse yeah you're welcome so yeah inverse kinematics are great just just look how great that is Wow good job me so I fixed it and well then he wanted to show me to dance of his

People and I'm not gonna lie this boy got some moves some might even say he'd be looking kind of then now his legs are kind of like jelly right now and clearly this boy is in need of some calcium so I got me some fresh milk to clear my head

And I did a bunch more boring code get out of it and just like that he's now really good at balancing I said just like that he's not really good at balancing easy PC and when I say he is really good at balancing

I mean he's terrible at balancing it was ironic he's out here looking like my weak ass after one drink guys this is literally me and the boys at 2:00 am after drinking too much milk

Am I right gamers smash like if this is also you and the boys after drinking too much milk and finally we need to give the robot some pathfinding now if you don't know what pathfinding is it's basically just finding paths yeah so we

Can use it to make the robots find the shortest path to the player but here is the problem unit is built-in path finding is not as versatile as their particle system and it does not like physics so if I try to use it this is

What happens now you should always remember the first rule of programming programming also remember the second rule Danny is really dumb so probably shouldn't listen to him and also don't try this at home anyway instead of

Finding a proper solution to the problem I ended up finding a way to work around it because that's how to be a good developer so I just enabled the path finding find a path extract that path and then disable the path finding again

This way all of the boring stuff is being handled for me I don't have to do anything complicated which is great and before my physics are ruined I just turn off the pathfinding again now you might be saying shut it kiddo nobody asked for

Your opinion go back to school and once that was implemented he will now follow the player around and can navigate properly you can also tweak most of the values so let's for example give him a lot of recoil and see what happens so we

Now have a bunch of drunk robots walking around and falling all over the place which is exactly what I wanted and with all of the hard work out of the way it's very easy to add new enemies now so I made a big boy which is basically just

Two normal enemies but he's a big voice yeah and to give the player more movement options I made it so you can dash off the enemies when you're slicing them in the air so for example by holding back you fly backwards if you

Hold forward you fly forwards and if you hold to the right yeah you guessed it you fly to the left now when it comes to games and making them feel good to play it's very important with feedback which Carlson currently has very little off

Especially considering you can't even take damage currently so here's what I want to add first off just health and damage then I want to get some heat markers in the game and finally some jump slash landing feedback a good

Example of this is cluster truck where you really feel each landing and jump generally achieved by smoothly moving the camera down when landing so first I added an HP bar and a damage indicator so whenever you take damage you can see

Where the damage came from it's kind of hard to see but there's like a red arrow in the middle of your screen whenever you get shot next up we have hit markers where the color and the size will depend on what you hit if it's for example a

Headshot which is a critical damage you'll get a yellow hit marker and twice the damage and finally I added some offset to the camera whenever you land to give it more of that juicy impact there's also some smoke popping up if

You fall with a high enough speed it still kind of needs some tweaking but it's already feeling much better to play now not to brag or anything but since I'm such an amazing programmer adding new enemies is really easy with my new

And improved code all I have to do is just scale up the enemy and we just suddenly have a working boss enemy well Java's robot suck my big fag oh you're his dad I mean Larry we're just playing right Larry yeah I was just a joke you

Were head then bacteria slayer tweeted a picture of me follow me on twitter by the way showing a milk pot and I like milk so let's test our new system out by just quickly adding this milk bot thing so I made a very quick model put an

Angry face on him and there we go not sure if I'm actually gonna add this to the game but the idea is pretty cool and it goes to show that the code is kind of kind of working at least which is good you know what most games have a main

Menu so you know you can actually interact with the game now the old main menu of Carlsen has been killed so currently there is no menu in the game therefore we should probably make one so the first thing I did was put together a

Scene which will be the background of the menu then I added some buttons you can click because you know what they say but cool and the only button that currently works is the endless one which just takes you

To an arena where you can fight infinite amounts of enemies which is pretty useful for testing just kidding that's a lie I'm using that as an excuse because I just like to dunk on robots because it's fun and I think for the future it

Could be fun to turn this endless mode into a survival game mode kind of thing where you get points for killing enemies and you can use them to buy weapons and other upgrades like double jump and speed and armor and whatever but for now

I first want to focus on the single-player but I think it would sort of work like a roguelike kind of thing which would be cool so if you want to play this game when it's done make sure to smash that wish this button on Steam

Right now and let's try to get the top 40 on the steam wishlist charts I just find it really funny how we're in the top 50 there's so many like professional in good games and then there's Carlsen this scuffed ass position game with like

The worst store page the world has ever seen that I put together in like five minutes and I haven't updated it in two months yet Carlsen is in top 50 on Steam weightless now the game is still lacking

Many things one of which is music and obviously I also want to add more maps for the single-player which we will do more of in the next video so make sure you smash subscribes you don't miss it and I think making the maps is going to

Take a lot of time especially considering level design is really tough and I have no previous experience with it so I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm spending a little time every day researching and practicing level designs

So that I can hopefully make some fun and interesting levels I also always post updates on Twitter and our discord server Instagram Facebook side you know check out the links in the description boy anyway thanks a lot for watching I

Like your face you're great smash like if you like and dislike if you don't also daily 5:04 nice question do you like milk I don't like me I can't believe you would say such a thing

And I challenge you to a 1v1 you okay that's it remember to drink milk hit Billy and beat your will

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