published on August 2, 2020

Look at this there's 3 290 subscribers in my trading group and we're killing it daily i want to give a few shout outs to my trading group cbc thank you so much i'm up 13 000 this week your group's amazing i made 47

000 in april because of your setups you're this person's up 2 400 1500 647 percent this person doubled my money after a phone call that we had just yesterday this person said i woke up and i had 73

Percent gains in data thank you i woke up with 58 gains while i was sleeping another thousand dollars that's four thousand dollars in seven days i've got a cryptocurrency trading group

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You'll be making profitable trades number one reason why people join my trading group is i post profitable trading setups every single day and we've been killing it if you guys want to join the cryptocurrency trading

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That's in the description this is tazos up 72 you can see here's the setup posted here's 52 out of link again bought the breakout down here here's the setup

Here's ethereum 57 gains out of aetherium here's the setup bitcoin cash broke out 60 gained over time i want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution we talk about everything crypto daily

If you came into cryptocurrency to make life-changing money to make so much money that you don't have to work anymore you get to quit your nine to five dude screw working for somebody else work for

Yourself make yourself rich subscribe to the channel i'm going to keep you updated daily on the news that moves the markets bitcoin technical analysis all coin

Setups to help you make some money jumping right in a little more kid today in crypto bitcoin at ten thousand nine twenty three so this is a double bottom idea uh for bitcoin

Important to understand that the 11 500 level is really strong resistance so you can see the price action ran up got rejected here here here as well okay so

Chances of a break on the first attempt are probably not pretty good okay could it happen sure but but more than likely you'll see a rejection from there now we did have a rejection already

It was from about the 11 000 300 level so again i'd like to see a weekly close or even a monthly close above 10 500 so we've got a a big monthly close we could put in a higher high on the monthly which would

Definitely be good as far as this bull run ready scenario that we're looking at so keep in mind that there's some possible bearish divergence on the weekly

Uh bitcoin's got to continue higher to negate this idea entry ideas you know if you see a pullback and a retest of around 10 500 you know there's going to be a lot of buyers sitting there at that level

But again upside targets 13 hundred fifteen thousand five hundred seventeen thousand and twenty thousand big numbers now there's not a play out in a day but just so you understand that

Like the measured moves here are as we stated so this confirmation line this breakout of 11 500 has to happen for these targets to be hit

Go ahead strap your moon boots on let's get ready now if there is a pullback below 10 500 not a good sign you know we could you know possibly retest this trend line down here 9 000 if that happens so just

Keep an eye on bitcoin this is a bitcoin 30 minute chart so when you're pattern trading it has to be price action market structure and such and so really you had to zoom into a 30-minute

Chart and essentially this trend line was broken as soon as bitcoin starts trending lower and again this could easily just kind of roll roll its way up higher just kind of curve its way up

Higher but for now this move to the downside here bitcoin when it starts trending lower slowly all btc pairs take off so it's very important to understand pay attention

What bitcoin is doing what bitcoin dominance doing and what all coin pairs you're trading you know all ustt payers are going to obviously when bitcoins trending higher they're going to take off so

Understand that right now you know bitcoin's just building this range in between 11 400 and the low is ten thousand five fifty so again to see some type of move to the downside to uh ten thousand

Seven seventy five maybe even touch the range lows again i've got a couple shout outs to give in my trading group this person so it's real cool you see people coming to the group and they don't know how to

Trade they don't know how to do anything and i have videos they watch these videos and they learn how to draw these charts and trade this market and this person was asking for some help

Earlier so i answered some of these questions and he posted he's up i'm up 20 on pearl setup and and you know he he found the setup he drew the patterns

And so it's really amazing to see people go full circle from knowing nothing about trading to making their own charts and trading their own setups erd this person's up 95 000 in profit from erd life changing money

95 gs solid month solid six weeks altcoins anonymous man they're we're all members of all coins anonymous if you're a bitcoin maximalist probably you need to pick up some all coins this person's up about three

Thousand dollars on erd again ada i recently followed your a to set up as a midterm long term hold strategy i've doubled my initial investment from ten thousand to twenty thousand dollars doubled his

Money next person i've been in your group about six weeks i'm up about ten thousand dollars so far after watching your videos following your advice

Life changing money it's that simple if you want to learn how to make tons of money in this market send me an email i do this every single day you guys see the type of results we get

Life-changing money you guys want to join the group get the 40 to 50 off discount so crypto payments is 6 or 12 months right now or 40 to 50 off right now i can do paypal payments

Year only i've got about five paypal payments i can take for the year so if you want to do that send me an email doc is one i want you guys put this on your whiteboard okay so they got a test

Net coming august the 31st so doc is going to have a good august then mainnet september 30th so doc is going to be a coin to watch over the next couple months okay so

Consider some type of midterm hold find a good entry on this so this is the doc setup posted 729 last night basically doc boom move to the upside 25 quick gains everybody in the group is like yeah we

Want more of those and i'm like it doesn't always work out like that but it took off like within hours and it was up i think about 19 and then worked its way up up 25 you

Might get a retest here and a bounce and a move higher for doc again this is one to watch and keep your eyes on so this is a whiteboard that i'm speaking of so it's important to get organized there's

So much going on in this market you watch 15 youtube channels and you got a bunch of information and you're not going to remember it all you know so make notes on this stuff make notes get

I have a whole section that's just like maine test net hard fork got everything in order by date so i'm organized and i understand hey here's what we're watching here's what's

Coming next here's get organized erd got listed on bitfinex for trading and staking also blue zell blz so they've got a main net and staking coming and there's a ton of news

On them they tweeted something how they're on coin market cap headlines add blues l to your watch list receive the latest signals from us every day blues owl is a system that stores multiple pieces of

The same data across the network preventing the information from being being lost due to the malfunction of a single node so this is a ceo and he says hey we're going to be putting out news today

About the staking and the main net for blz and stuff like this obviously pumps the price also top 35 crypto project hedge trade partners with blue zell to provide decentralized framework for

Financial data so partnerships mainnet staking keep an eye on this i've got a setup on this one a good setup on this one it already bounced it recovered it was create crazy bounce by blz

Back into the pattern again looking for a breakout on a falling ledge chromia chr is getting listed on huobi tomorrow so all that always helps surprise i think it was up about 10 based on this news these news pumps

Gotta get the news soon as it comes out cryptocom is now listing chromia as well so these are some big names hiwobi cryptocom and chromia this is talking about purlin so this gentleman

John denton he's the secretary general the international chamber of commerce and he says through our collaboration with purlin we aim to create opportunities for our members to tap into blockchain's

Tremendous potential in areas such as supply chain traceability trade finance and anti-counterfeiting and again purlin mentioned here now i've got a

Purlin setup right here waiting for it to break out probably the safe area would be here so a bit of a triangle i slowly been kind of working its way higher but again you want to buy

The breakout for purlin and you know your targets are listed over here on the right side in these white blocks when you're buying breakouts right you can buy the actual move but this is risky like i don't really like that i

Like to buy the retest where it breaks out and it comes back down and it bounces all this off this level this is where all the buyers are waiting at right you can also wait like if you're a

Longer term trader you can also wait until it breaks out this is the confirmation line right breaks out retraces retests and then it breaks above the previous high this is the safest but it doesn't always

Happen okay so you want to get into a certain number of trades but you don't want to you know get a bunch of false breakouts when you're buying breakouts you're going to get

Fake outs all the time breakout traders are easy to trade against i kind of teach some more aggressive strategies in the trading group as far as bar buying the bottom the patterns

And then front running bullish flags bullish pennants you know after breakouts about in a bullish you know market so again there's there's a lot other more aggressive strategies that work well too

But i just emphasize like hey do not get frustrated if you miss breakouts you're going to miss breakouts always you're not trying to nail the bottom you're not going to nail the bottom you're not going to nail the top and the

Money in crypto is made in the middle right how many times you've seen a coin on on on binance that's up 20 30 percent you think well might as well not even look at it because it's already taken off

And then it pulls back and boom you see it the next day up 30 percent again and then the next day they just keep running and running and running so this is how the re-test works so before the re-test it comes up

The price action shoots up back down to the confirmation line and then it comes down here boom see you all explosive move to the upside all the buyers come into the market here this is cis

We're going to talk about kind of front running some of these patterns again you got to know what you're doing you got to use stop losses but listen you got this nice lower trend

Line here you can put your stop down here if you buy inside the bot you can buy the bounce off after look you got one two three four you got quite a few nice bounces on the

Bottom like these these triangles break out when they're 75 full okay roughly and so it gets to this point and you can buy the bottom of the

Pattern you can buy a bounce off there and then that way you're not going to see all these fake outs all these long wicks those are all fake outs like people retail buying into these breakout

Traders buying these faked out and then immediately in losses so what you do is you buy the bottom of the pattern there's even a tiny little inverse head and shoulders here

Uh probably on the lower time frames like five minute but the point is this you pick up you buy at the bottom of the pattern you're just patient but you put your stop loss right down here

Right because your stop losses it's not going to be like a 5 stop loss or 10 stop off there's no fixed percentage your bullish idea here is you're going to get hit these targets

You're going to hit these targets you're going to put your stop in place where your bullish idea is completely invalidated well if it breaks down here it's invalid right so your stop-loss goes below the

Pattern right and so everybody's like trying to figure out like what's the magic it just depends like bots are not programmed on percentages if this were to break to the downside

That this all these targets are not valid anymore because it's not going to get there because it broke to the downside right so understand this idea but yeah of course i posted this boom

Immediately broke to the upside shortly thereafter up about 19 somebody said thanks for the setup quick in and out up 20 percent quick in and out that's what it's all about so yeah sis here's binance right

So cis up 18 perl which we just talked about up 17 posted that setup iota iota i got the usdt uh midterm hold right here and this has broken out this

Was from the 28th this is from two days ago but again iota has this huge double bottom now it needs bitcoin to work its way higher in order to hit some of these targets but

I mean you could see 100 gains out of iota over time but if you do get a pullback to this level down here essentially that's your entry that's going to be a good entry if you're

Buying on pullbacks to support and you understand this whole concept you're going to be a lot more profitable than buying the move to the upside these chasing green candles is tough

Banks in australia are going to stop accepting cash next month i saw this i couldn't even believe it i'm like what stop accepting cash so on july 1st westpac branches are going to change you can used to be unlimited cash deposits

You could make now it's 7 500 on august 30th cash deposits will cease to be accepted at west pac branches yeah your banks won't take cash anymore or and then they're going to move to

Checks they're not going to take checks either they're going to cease to on december the 30th then they say hey we're here to help we're here to help no more cash or checks they want you to

Use they want you to transfer money electronically from another bank account to your loan accounts right and so obviously this is for

Paying on on your loans again this is huge like this is the game changer when banks stop taking cash then what crypto step on in we know that we're going to have centralized uh

Banking digital currencies coming and exploding onto the scene real soon what i thought was interesting there's a gentleman named sky ghoul and he's a founding member of the digital monetary institute it's the

Global central banking think tank that assists policymakers with understanding central bank digital currencies so he is the founder of siferium which focused on enabling

Interoperability between central bank digital currencies and has been involved in several different virtual roundtable discussions with different banks in europe and china now

The siferium ceo predicts that cbdc cross-border payments are going to come soon siberian's founder is predicting that the adoption of central bank digital currencies for cross-border payments

Will happen sooner than expected well yeah i mean look at this hey banks banks aren't taking cash anymore they better do something and so yeah i just thought hey man this is kind of interesting this project

Comes up and you know they actually have some big names involved when i mention these you'll probably be shocked to hear it so human resources giant ranstat looks to blockchain and google cloud for

Talent matching the world's largest human resources firm ranstat has eyes set on making the matching of a talent with recruiters a little bit easier by using a

Combination of siferium blockchain and google cloud for corporate needs so ransac's huge and they want to use google cloud and siferian blockchain the global collaboration manager that works at ranstat he said that a blend of

Google cloud services and siferium blockchain will provide the company with a faster easier way to verify and match appropriate workforce talent google cloud and g suite already free us up for some manual

Verification tasks and we plan to use siferium's blockchain to hand off even more so again just putting siferium on your map link here's one for you guys so

Obviously link usdt link's pulled back it was ran up to close to nine dollars and then it for a minute there it was six dollars fifty cents popped back up and now it's at this 382

Fib level support so we're looking for a break to the upside 68 chance of a break to the upside out of this falling wedge so the question is this is pretty decent

Support so you got support here support here so you could see a breakout and your targets over here 750 807 868 for link now if it does break lower the 05 fib level's down here and there

Is some support as well but again at some point you're buying the breakout of this descending wedge oax just tweeted they are working with parachain honored to be part of the growing polka

Dot network they're looking to explore working further in the d5 space anything d5 moves the market deli gives four reasons why bitcoin is going to become a store of value fidelity one of the largest asset

Managing banks and institutions that there is gives four reasons why bitcoin is going to become a store of value game changer mainstream adoption moon boot time let's go bull run ready

Sometimes i see this stuff and it's just like you think about a couple years ago you first coming into crypto maybe it's 2018 2017 like this market is completely different we have so many big names in this market

Life-changing money is coming for a second if we do get a bitcoin pullback don't doubt it man this stuff this is a future i'm so grateful to have this opportunity to

To cover this stuff with you guys it's it's amazing the biggest financial opportunity of our lifetime we have to get educated and take full advantage of everything that's happening before us

Bitcoin parabolic surge is starting to look weak reversal inbound you could say hey there's this little double top right here possibly this double top right here

Bottom line is this 11 500 is the next big test for bitcoin you know first have to break eleven thousand four hundred eleven thousand five hundred after you put inside like a daily candle close

There's gonna be a lot more upside up there you know to think that there'd be some type of retrace or pullback i mean would be in the cards uh based on the idea that it just had a huge breakout and it would actually be

Good and healthy to see some type of pullback but notice how this price action is starting to we talk about these parabolic curves okay so notice how this is happening and then it

Happened previously uh when we were down at about 9 400 level remember and we had that big breakout to the upside so this could be just some type of

Bull flag so definitely all eyes on bitcoin right now happy fifth birthday ethereum shout out to ethereum for making it in crypto for five years because most of these kryptos they don't

Make it that long they fail ada introduces proof of stake with the shelly hard fork so this has essentially been a momentous transformation for cardano now what i'm most

Concerned about is what's going to happen to this price action you've got a double top here okay double top these are bearish patterns okay now it's possible double top it's not confirmed yet

But it's all this resistance in this area right here okay and so the concern is you got a double top bearish pattern if it breaks below this level you'll see some downside okay and so

Traders what they do in this market is they take profit

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