Mailchimp Tutorial 2019 || Step By Step Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

okay so in this video I'm gonna walk you
through step by step how to get started
using MailChimp if you're like me when
you're first starting with email
automation it can be a little bit
confusing at first so hopefully we can
clear up a lot of those questions that
you might have we're gonna go pretty
in-depth on this but it is for beginners
anybody who's looking to get started
with MailChimp
what I love about email marketing with
MailChimp is that it's totally free for
the first two thousand email subscribers
so it's nice to build up that base
before you actually have to start paying
for this service now I'm gonna show you
a couple different things that you can
do I'm gonna show you how you can
collect emails on your website and I'm
also gonna show you how you can create
something like a landing page like what
I do through my youtube channel I will
collect emails through this landing page
by offering some type of free product
this is all through MailChimp I use a
MailChimp link and I give them a free
budget template you could write an
e-book or you could give them a PDF or
an exclusive video collect their email
and then it gets sent to them through
MailChimp it sends it automatically from
my own email so it's pretty neat
the things you can do with MailChimp I'm
gonna walk you through as much as
possible here the first thing we have to
do is get to sign up for it now when
signing up there's going to be a couple
of steps that you need to be aware of
and you want to make the right decisions
with this because you're gonna have to
put in a physical address and let's get
started with this but if you're new here
make sure you hit the subscribe button
for more marketing related videos like
this one so during the process of
opening your account you're going to
need to put in a physical address a
physical mailing address this is due to
international spam laws anti-spam laws
so what I would suggest doing is avoid
using your home address for pretty
obvious reasons because this will be
shown to your email subscribers so you
don't want people showing up randomly to
your home if you have a business that
you're already running then you have an
address for you could probably use that
I personally use a post office box it's
pretty inexpensive to have one so I will
enter mine here it's actually right here
auto-filled and you can go through that
process of opening up a Pio box I think
this cost me like $45 every six months
to have this peel box and it gets shown
to the subscribers so and they know that
there's a physical address for this and
it does help with
National anti-spam laws so you're gonna
have to continue along there did we
already have a list of email subscribers
we're going to click no for this if you
do if you do you're gonna be able to
import those subscribers if not no big
deal we can get started creating our own
list right in the next couple of minutes
here so I'm going to click no continue
we're not going to connect our social
media at the moment we can do that later
if we'd like to and then they're gonna
try to hit you with a lot of different
upsells along the way I wouldn't worry
about these too much I would just kind
of click through these they're gonna try
to get you to pay for their premium
version which maybe you can upgrade to
later I would suggest just starting with
the free version for now until you get
your feet on the ground start to learn a
little bit more about MailChimp and
build your subscriber list to at least a
few hundred people a few thousand people
before you start paying for that service
once you hit that two thousand
subscriber mark or about ten thousand
emails per month your setting so let's
just click not right now and then we are
we don't want to subscribe to their
mailing list so let's just get started
with this now this is gonna throw us
into our account I want to walk you
through each one of these different
options here so we're going to talk
about campaigns I'm gonna show you some
email templates that you can get started
with and we're going to create our first
email list so let's go ahead and create
our first list for MailChimp so we're
gonna click on lists and then they
already have one auto generated for you
but we're going to create another list
more specific to our goals which is
going to be for the new subscribers for
one particular email list so we're going
to create our list and then you want to
be conscious of each one of these
because this will be shown to your
actual email subscribers so they'll see
the list name who it's from and who
particularly it's from as well as the
email address so for the last name let's
just say welcome subscriber and from the
email address let's say it is Nate at
Santro mediacom and it is from Nate okay
and then for campaign you are
settings it will auto-generate a link
for you such as this one here unless you
pay extra you can get customizable
campaign URLs for the premium version of
MailChimp but for this purpose we don't
need that it does make it look a little
bit better but if you're not worried too
much about that you just try to get your
initial list started that I wouldn't
worry too much about that and then just
remind them of how they ended up joining
your list so just say you join my list
for the free ebook right and then it
shows you your contact information as
well which will be shown to your email
subscribers and then for forum settings
enabling double opt-in that's something
I would advise against because this will
just kind of create more hoops that
somebody has to jump through in order to
get on your list so go off to again
click on a confirmation email to
subscribe to your list which would just
really hurt your ability to grow your
list a lot faster enabling gdpr that's
for people in the EU I wouldn't worry
about that too much I wouldn't advise
for that as well now for notifications
definitely I would avoid doing one by
one every time somebody subscribed to
your list you're gonna get an email a
daily summary even at that is kind of a
lot I kind of get annoyed with daily
summaries but that's something you could
probably start off with in the beginning
and then one by one unsubscribes you
probably don't wanna see that that's
just depressing so I would not advise
that now we can click Save and continue
on creating this first list now you get
a little bit comfortable with your first
email list this is your welcome
subscriber list you can actually import
contacts you can add contacts add a
subscriber to here if you want to
manually do this you can import a list
if you already have something set up a
CSV or tab delimited text file which
let's not get too technical here but
that's something that you can get into
if you already have some type of list
you want to import for this particular
list so now that you have this list
created I'm going to show you how you
could make your first email automation
to welcome these subscribers for
entering their email and subscribing to
your email list so we're going to click
on create up here in the top corner and
this is going to give us some different
options okay so we have the option to
create an email which is what we're
gonna go with for this example later on
in this video I'm gonna show you how to
create a landing page like the one that
I showed you earlier where you can
collect emails by offering some type of
free product there's also other options
and this is something I don't really use
very often I find using other software
is better than MailChimp and then
physical postcards if you actually have
physical addresses and you're willing to
send things to them you can design them
and send them around the world to
subscribers to your email list which is
really interesting but maybe not
cost-effective for people who are just
beginning their email list and then
we're going to talk about signup forms
as well
and the importance of those and how you
can embed those into your own website to
collect emails now let's get started
with creating our first email here and
you're gonna see four different options
up top so there's the regular which is
if you're trying to make one specific
email that you want to send out to
people you can do that through that but
we're gonna click on automated because
we want one that is welcoming our new
subscribers and there's already actually
a thing ready for that kind of like a
preset for that and you can search
through these presets to see different
things like if you trying to sell
something you can think first-time
customers there's date based ones like
happy birthday but for this we're going
to welcome new subscribers for this
particular list now the campaign name
let's make it something that we won't
confuse with other campaigns so we'll
just keep it at welcome message and
select the list that we are going to use
for this and so it's gonna be the
Welcome subscriber list that we just
created earlier on in this video so then
we click begin and we get started
actually creating this first workflow
here and this is really interesting so
what happens here is we have a trigger
and it's automatically set at one day
after subscribers join our list now if
they're joining our list we want to send
this welcome email to them immediately
that's something that I personally do I
wouldn't want them waiting around a day
waiting for some type of thing that they
might have signed up for so you will
click immediately and then update the
trigger so now it's sending out
immediately and we can actually design
this email to welcome them to our email
list so naming ours we can just keep it
at welcome now the email subject in the
preview text this is arguably the most
important factor for email marketing
this is the subject of the email so you
want to find something that's pretty
enticing to click on and and the preview
text is that somewhat shaded text after
the subject let me just give you an
example of that very quickly so you can
see this is the title here in the bold
and then this kind of lighter font is
the preview text that I was just
mentioning earlier so you want to think
how are you gonna craft each one of
these so for the subject line I'm just
going to say your free ebook download
and then preview I'm gonna try to find
something that might be a little bit
more enticing for them to actually
download it so I'll say download before
dot dot and nothing we like well before
before what and so they can end up most
likely clicking and it should help some
conversion rates on that and from myself
and from the email and we can verify
this so we can send that verification
email or we can go through that process
of verifying this particular one so we
can send it from any email that we would
like to but let's just skip this step
for now and let's create our actual
email so they have a lot of preset
layouts for you that's what I really
like about MailChimp they make it easy
for the general person who maybe isn't
great at coding just somebody who wants
to create a pretty basic email that they
can send out automatically through their
software so we're going to go to some
themes that have already been created
and just kind of pick one that we find
to be kind of attractive so I'm just
gonna click on this one
for this example it's pretty simple but
it's a
to kind of welcome people to subscribing
to my email list and then offering them
a free ebook so the the design of this
is actually quite easy to recreate a lot
of its straightforward you're going to
have to be aware of some different
things that you're going to want to
include on here like your address but
let me just quickly go through this and
kind of give you an example of something
you could do for a welcome email so
let's just say central media welcome and
for the subtext we'll say free ebook
download below and we can Center both of
these and it's already starting to form
just like that now you can upload your
own photo on here I think for the sake
of this video for the sake of time we'll
just keep it as this but you can upload
and replace this to create your own
photo or even jiffy's or Instagram or
Facebook post you can actually send as
emails which I find to be pretty
interesting it'd be difficult to do this
by yourself so that's what I do find
really helpful with this software that
you can be using through MailChimp and
we can rearrange this to make this this
orange button we can have this the
download free ebook button we can change
this to free ebook download and we can
add that web address or that PDF file
that would probably be for an e-book so
you would add it on there and then you
close it and this becomes clickable then
once you add that URL onto that and you
can drag these around to make it look
more appealing if you'd like so we can
actually get rid of some of these and
get rid of this one and we can rearrange
this to how we would like it to look and
for this
down here you're going to just kind of
erase some of these things so copyright
you're gonna make this instead of
current year in this company you're just
going to write this for yourself so 2019
central media all rights reserved
you can delete this part of it and then
your mailing address as well you're
going to have to think through that so P
o box 7 3 2 9 new york new york 10016
teen and you can have this part that's
well you're going to need to have 4
unsubscribing 4 emails so I would just
leave that in there save and close and
now it's already starting to form you
can see that this this example email
starting to form just at this and then
we can write a little bit of a blurb on
what they're actually receiving so here
is a free copy of my ebook you can go on
write a little bit more about this this
book has helped you know blah blah blah
blah blah right so you get the idea
behind that we can save and close that
and then save and continue this is our
very first email it formed in about 5
minutes we just created this and we can
click Save and continue on this now this
is where we get into our workflow so
this is the first email that gets sent
to them once they sign up for our list
so immediately after they they join our
list this welcome email with a free
ebook a free gift for essentially
signing up for our email list gets a
sent to them and now what we can do is
create more emails and this is where it
really gets interesting so you can add
another email and send this say maybe
two days after this first welcome email
you send another one and so we can edit
the trigger on this and say we want to
wait two days after sending the first
email to then send them another one and
maybe depending on your goals and what
you're planning on doing with this email
list maybe you're trying to throw them
through a sales funnel you're trying to
lead them along the way and
after email five or six or seven you can
start then pitching products to them and
and in that sense I would suggest we can
get a little bit more into sales funnels
later on on this channel we'll make
plenty of videos on that topic but you
don't want to just start spamming them
with selling them products I would
suggest kind of leading them along the
way and actually providing value for the
consumer for the reader so that they
decide to continue to opening up your
emails instead of at at email number two
if you just start trying to push
products on to them or push your own
service on to them then there's a good
chance that they'll stop opening your
emails after a while but if you continue
to provide ways to provide value to them
then there's a good chance that they
will continue to open these emails
you're gonna get a much higher open
rates so you can do the same thing as
what we just did here design your email
for the second email and then maybe even
create a third one after that
which is maybe triggered one day after
this one which then goes on to explain
something else that maybe tell them a
story about a success that you had or
one of your students had or how one of
your products changed somebody's life
and so you get the idea behind that so
once you're satisfied with the flow of
emails that you've created some email
marketers will quite literally have
dozens of automated emails rolling out
after somebody subscribes to their list
which is really convenient to have to be
able to do this through email automation
of imagine if you tried to do this like
manually sending out emails to everybody
and timing it right after a couple days
after one email and trying to remember
who you sent what to so once you create
this we're gonna click Next and we're
gonna verify everything and confirm you
should see a lot of green checkmarks if
you don't you'll see some red x's and
they'll probably walk you through how to
actually fix those and get started with
this and then we can start sending and
launch our first really campaign here
our first operation that we're doing so
we can start sending this three emails
to our welcome subscriber list and right
there we just started our very first
automation definitely cool experience
let's go back to campaigns though so I
can show you a couple other things that
you might be interested in doing now I'm
gonna show you two different things you
can do how
actually captured these emails on your
own website and then also how to create
a landing page if for example you're a
youtuber and you want to capture those
emails but you don't have a website I'm
gonna show you how to do both of those
in the next few minutes here so for
people who do have a website who want to
capture those emails you're gonna click
create and then go down to signup form
here so so signup form is what you're
going to want to embed into your own
website and it's actually pretty easy to
do this if you're not a coder don't
worry you can do this even if you're
using something like square space or Wix
or Weebly you can still embed this into
your own website quite easily and I'm
gonna show you how to do that so let's
select our list it's gonna be our
Welcome subscriber list that we already
created but click begin and now you're
gonna see some different options here
for how we can have this appear on our
website so we can have it horizontals
what I would likely go with condense
pretty similar unstyled is looks like
it's from like 2002 and then advanced is
for people who are experienced in coding
with API so we're gonna just go with
horizontal we're gonna get our code
right here and don't be intimidated by
this it really doesn't mean too much to
you you don't have to understand it just
copy it so let's copy and then we're
gonna go to our website and find a place
to paste this into our website so let me
just open up a free Wix website to just
show you how you might do this through
some free web site services so here I
have a very simple Wix website that I
just opened up a template just to show
you how you might go about doing this
you can click on code and you have to
enable developer options once you have
that enabled and it's it's pretty
similar with Squarespace and some other
ones like this but you're just going to
add this code and basically copy and
paste this so you're going to embed this
code here enter the code right here and
hit paste and just like that we're gonna
see this pop up so that is our button
there for people to subscribe to our
mailing list which will then get
directly thrown into MailChimp so as
this goes live people will enter their
email address and then it'll say
subscription confirmed and then they
will get that email with the free ebook
download in their inbox in their email
which is pretty nice to have so that's
essentially how you do that it's pretty
simple just copy and paste the code into
your website any questions leave them
down below in the comment section
hopefully I can help you out with that
if you're a little bit confused about it
because some different website services
will be a little bit different if you're
using something like WordPress and in
your experience with code then you'll
probably already know how to do this so
if you don't have a website and you're
looking to create a landing page like
what I showed you earlier we're gonna go
back up to the create option here click
on landing page and then start our own
landing page so let's say that we're
trying to give away this free ebook on a
landing page because we don't have a
website and we're going to do it as the
Welcome subscriber list that we're going
to be adding them to and then select a
template what I like about this is that
it's very simple to use a lot of these
different templates here so let's just
stick with a very very very generic one
like this and then it's gonna be
somewhat of the same process and setting
this up in in how this landing page is
going to be but this is basically your
own little website that MailChimp gives
to you your own URL that you can then
create something along here so I'm not
gonna go through the whole process of
modifying this just for the sake of time
to save you some time a lot of this is
self-explanatory on on how you can
actually modify this but I would keep it
very simple and sleek so once again this
is the one that I created last year and
it's captured thousands of leads just by
doing this thousands of emails I
probably made this in about two minutes
just uploaded a picture and collect
their email address and their first name
I don't see the purpose in collecting
too much more information outside of
this because if you're trying to collect
their address and their last name and
this other phone number it's gonna be
more difficult to actually get people to
convert on this because people want easy
options they want an easy road to take
and this is very easy to get a free
budget template or a free ebook and then
you can actually add different social
links on here as well so my youtube
channel my
Oh Graham you can add on here through
this editing software and then once you
fully complete this then you can save
and close and I'm going to go onto the
next step here which were actually
almost done already we're going to have
a URL that this is going to be for for
our custom one now if you pay for this
you can use your own domain it's $99 a
year to use your own domain and that's
something that I would consider
upgrading to at some point otherwise
you're gonna use a MailChimp domain
which depending on your situation might
not matter too much for yourself so we
are going to have to add a page title on
here so let's say free ebook download
save that and then the URL going to add
the URL let's just go with a general one
so free ebook save that and now we are
ready to publish and this landing page
will go live as soon as we publish it's
assuming that we have everything correct
this will light up blue and we can click
publish and now we have a live link now
I would cost you a little bit on people
might be a little bit wary of seeing a
link like this especially in 2019 people
like to see a nice clean link so if you
have your own website I would definitely
consider signing up for that premium
service to get your own link eventually
but once we click on this link it will
take us to our free ebook download which
I did not customize for the sake of time
like I said but this will go to your
live site which I can enter their email
address and get their free ebook so
that's the basic process of using
MailChimp there's there's other things
you can do within this so if you want to
create a new campaign we can create a
new one and start marketing to specific
people we can click and and choose and
pick different lists maybe you offer
multiple free products or you have
different websites all in the same
MailChimp account you can do that
through this company so I think this
gives you hopefully a little bit of an
idea of how to get started using
MailChimp like I said leave questions
down below I
we'll do my best to get back to you as
soon as possible I think I should be
able to respond to most questions and so
hopefully this helped you out thanks for
watching the video make sure you
subscribe and I'll see everybody next

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