by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's going on guys Carl here back with
another very special episode the thing
that happens every year that we all look
forward to it is the upgrade of the
MacBook Pros this is the 2016 that this
is the 2017 these are the 2018 MacBook
Pros we of course have the updated 2018
13-inch there's only an update for the
one with touch bar the one without it
oddly and sadly did not and of course
the one that we're all looking forward
to the 15-inch MacBook Pro you can
actually spec this one up with a four
terabyte SSD which gives you which gives
you a broke pocket cuz it cost me or ten
thousand dollars that one is on the way
of both of these are the baseline though
I just honestly can't wait to get these
out of the package we will begin with
the smaller brother yep this one out of
the way trusty and boxing knife oh so
smooth so silky this year round we are
finally like praise the gods we are
finally seeing a 13-inch with a
quad-core CPU thank goodness I felt that
was lacking I felt that was something
that the 13 inch model definitely needed
this guy has eight gigs of RAM a 512 gig
SSD and the Intel iris plus graphics six
five five I think the only thing we need
to see is a 13-inch with a dedicated
graphics card GPU that's ok there's
always next year here we go designed by
Apple in California we of course have
the good old Apple stickers the smaller
charging brick which is tinier than the
15-inch naturally this is what you are
here to see of course I had to get it in
Space Gray we have an all Space Gray
setup behind me opens up we take away
this little piece of plastic and you can
see out of the box that we are booting
up and I honestly love the 13 inch form
factor I prefer this over the
fifteen inch and as I said if this guy
had a dedicated graphics card I think I
would rock this I would travel with this
as I've got my iMac Pro here that
crunches everything in the studio I
obviously love the smaller form factor
but sadly we may have to wait until 2019
again so of course what's being updated
we have a new keyboard which thankfully
the butterfly switches have been changed
because we've had a lot of problems with
both last year's model even the 2016 1
I've had a ton of issues Apple has
admitted that they were in the wrong so
there is a new layer of silicone I
believe in this keyboard which should
make it more or less prone to getting
damaged into getting jammed check mark
check mark check mark we've got the
13-inch setup and what we should see in
this is a huge spec bump especially
since we've got four cores the quad-core
CPU thank goodness
let's get to the grail er the 15-inch
this is the one that you want to see and
I'll of course be doing a comparison
between both make the first cut this one
has a 2.6 gigahertz six core Intel Core
i7 16 gigs of ram 512 is d with a
dedicated Radeon pro 5 60 X 4 gigs of
memory for the dedicated graphics card
let's get the 15 inch one bucks and I
feel like I should have got this one in
silver just to make the little
comparison inside though we do have the
same internals we do have the larger
charging brick and a quick little
correction I realize that this is
technically not the base and 15 inch
this is the 2.6 gigahertz 6 core with
the 512 SSD this one though is the
baseline and the price difference here
is this one starts at 1,800 bucks this
one's at 2800 you can of course get the
base n1 for 2400 and as I said I will of
course be doing my comparisons against
both just let me know what you want to
see it down below in the comments and
let me know if Apple is charging a very
hefty tax I know that you can get this
guy fully stacked up as I said close to
jeez which is mind-blowing I'm sure most
of you will lean towards this there has
been a very big spec bump so I'm sure
this thing will crunch through all my
edits through all of my footage hope you
guys though enjoyed it this a very very
quick episode and I cannot wait until I
actually compare this to the $10,000 one
that is on the way as well I will of
course catch the rest of you in one of
my next episodes or in one of my next
vlogs base

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