by birtanpublished on September 11, 2020

They're about 2 billion 200 million christians on this earth 1 billion 800 million muslims about a billion hindu 500 million buddhists and they say 15 million jews i think

There's more than that in other religions but we notice the trend in those other religions for the first time in the history of norway

There are more atheists than christians 39 of the people in norway are atheists in uk from 1960 until now over 10 000 churches have been closed and they say by 2020 another 4 000

Churches in uk will be closed the experts believe that in the year 2070 islam will become the most populated religion in the world it's a fact that many

Churches have been closed down only to be purchased by muslims to open up messages synagogues closed down only to be turned into messages it's all over all over in

Europe all over america let me share this with you sweden four million five hundred fifteen thousand atheists forty six

Percent of the population atheists netherlands 6 million 769 thousand atheists 40 of the population atheists united kingdom 25 million 920 000 atheists

40 of the population atheists germany 30 million 855 000 atheists 38 of the population atheists japan 58 million

342 000 atheists 46 of the population atheists china 1 billion 29 million atheists 75

Of the population atheists but we ain't worried you say churches are closing down we're building messages you're saying synagogues are being closed we're building masjids never forget what the prophet peace and

Blessing be upon him said you will follow those who came before you step by step an inch by inch so that if they crawled in the hole of a lizard you'll fall right behind

I'm concerned about this someone once said seeing is believing i get what you're saying but really not seeing is believing

Seeing is affirmation the prophet said yes giving you the greetings did i see jabril no she returns the greeting and then she said yeah rasulullah you

See what i don't see allah asks the angels what are my slaves saying of course she knows the answer what are my slaves saying here in london what are they saying in new york

And detroit what are they saying in the netherlands what are my slaves saying subhanallah alhamdulillah allah that's what the angels say allah asks the question do they see me

No yeah they don't see you what if they saw me oh they'll be strong strong in singing praises to you and this is what the prophet peace and blessing be upon him said allah

There is no life except the life of the hereafter you are bedazzled by this life this short life but there's something about allah one thing you will learn about him he's not

Going to force you he's not going to make you there are a lot of reasons people leave the fold of islam let me give you two basic ones number one i call it a slow leak

A slow leak you know the experiment of the frog in hot water so the scientist he takes a a bowl and heat it up it's boiling water and they take the frog and put the frog in the water

Immediately the frog jumps out of the water why because of the intensity of the heat every living animal can't stand heat so it runs from

It runs from the fire and then the scientist takes a a uh a bowl of cool water and put the frog in the water and the frog stop chilling he's swimming

He's cooling out having a good time and then the scientist puts a very low flame under the pot and the water slowly ever so slowly begins

To heat up that frog stayed in the water until it died and the reason is because it couldn't distinguish the subtle changes our children are like that they're

Listening to influences they start reading the quran they're reading other people's stuff and they're losing faith and it's a slow leak and all of a sudden this wednesday i'm at my masjid after

Salatu a brother comes to me said imam i need your help i'm losing my son he's 22 years old i want you to make dua i was in the newark airport one day

And i'm standing at the terminal i'm in the wrong terminal so man comes by he said sir do you need help i said yes he said get in the car i have to go to sunset's a terminal he said to me assalamu alaikum

I'm a muslim from saudi and you don't know imam saraj but i look like a muslim he said me and my wife been married for years and we have no children please make dua for me

A complete stranger your lord call upon me our answer allah is my witness i made dua for this brother and his wife over a week every day all day long a stranger because this is where the

Ummah is a stranger i'm driving my car i drive from new york city to atlanta georgia 900 miles and i stop at north carolina to rest to get some

Some some fuel and to make my salad and there i go i went to the side and i making my salad and when i finish the salad i see 13 strange muslims who are joined in the salah they don't know me

We're muslims and we're praying to allah to the qibla so they join me so we have to make dua allah is telling us to ask him you every one of you know right now people who used to practice

No longer practice everyone could be in your family family members son your daughter your mother your father your uncle your grandfather your friend your best friend many of

Them leaving the fold of islam why and the prophet peace and blessing be upon him gave us a clue a person will begin in the morning believing

And by the end of the day disbelief person believe in night and by the morning they disbelief what is it it's not a slow leak it's a blowout and the blowout is the trials you see these tests will reveal you can

Be an imam you can be an honorable you can be this and you can be that but when that test comes one day a man said to the prophet elise all the best of creation our prophet

Peace and blessing be upon him was unbelievable and if you study him allah he's always deferring to other prophets here's a couple examples he said ibrahim the best of creation

Is abraham you prophet peace and blessing be upon him said every human being that is born is touched by shaytan at birth except who huh

Jesus and mary someone asked the prophet who is the most honorable of people he said yusuf a prophet the son of a prophet the grandson of a prophet the great grandson

Of a prophet the best prayer to elijah prayer of david the best fastest the fastest day he's always given some preference so i give you more i go all day long so he

Said ibrahim asked myself the question why what is he trying to teach us what lessons should we learn from that shabir in the bible is very very similar to the quran allah

Did take abraham as a khalil that's in the bible the prophet peace and blessing be upon him said one prayer in my masjid is better than a thousand prayers in any other

Masjid that abraham built is better than 100 000 prayers in the other master tell me if you agree with me

You agree if the soul shall taste of death and when we resurrect it will be resurrected naked and the prophet said ibrahim alayhi salaq wasalaam will be the first

One dressed on yom kiyama um there is a name john hagee televangelist he was given a speech and i listened to other people by the way i listen to christians and jews and other

Scholars of their religion i want to hear what they're saying and he gave a speech and he said he was quoting the bible god said in genesis the 12th chapter and the third verse

Whoever curses israel god will curse and whoever blesses israel god will bless and it's in his book jerusalem countdown chapter 18. so you know me i'm like this if you said

I'm gonna check it out so i gotta hope because i don't remember reading it so i got a hold of the bible i went to the genesis the 12th chapter and the third verse you know what he said

Abraham whoever curses them god will curse and whoever blesses him god will bless why are you changing why are you changing you pray every day

Muhammad ali muhammad there's not a prayer that muslims make except we mentioned ibrahim ali said he's special and i asked myself the question why i found the answer in the quran i'm

Going to quote this ayat say a few things and then we close i'm almost finished that's it and when we tested abraham with tests he passed every test

He passed every test you go along the line and you see the test one of them the most remarkable to me seems to me a a conversation a private conversation abraham have his wife sarah

No one is there except allah yes the oh sarah there is not one believer on the face of the earth other than you and me who you think you are you want to leave allah's dean

Because you sophisticated now you know allah knows and you don't know you think now you bitch you went to the university now you bitch shot you know better now than what allah has revealed

And better than the prophet peace and blessing be upon him and you're going to leave islam are you crazy i can't see myself leaving islam i don't i don't

I i it's do you do you do you see yourself leaving islam how how is it possible but the key is the test you i there there's a there's a young muslim used to pray all the time

Couldn't get a job a lot of blessing with a job he stopped praying it's a test so brothers and sisters every day we're going to be tested don't lose your faith

Do you know that every once in a while when you read the quran in the sunnah you will see that the people in jannah can see the people in hell and the people in hell can see the people in jannah a lot of examples i

Give you one the muslims will look down the hell fire and recognize the people in the hellfire oh allah our brothers they used to fast with us they used to pray with us

They made hearts with us now i'm saying i know what allah gonna say you don't know what they did after that but instead of allah saying that when the believers make the you know calling on allah allah said

Take out of the hellfire all that you recognize you see we don't know allah we think we know him we don't know him so we ask allah to forgive us our sins save us and our family from the fire


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