Look What They’ve Managed To Hide In Here…

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

so this unusual package showed up you can see it as a pikachu pokemon situation and the razer logo going on over there these two products showed up together the hammerhead true wireless earbuds but

Then this one is the one that caught my attention because it's got a pokeball on it and has the same hammerhead wireless earbuds but in yellow so i did a little bit of research this

Unit on the right is a china exclusive limited edition collaboration between razer and pokemon and it it lets your full wireless earbuds charge up inside of the pokeball

That's some next level stuff for the pokemon fans out there certainly but it's also just a unique implementation and so many wireless fully wireless headsets out there and this is a unique way of doing it

And since i wanted to evaluate the hammerhead true wireless anyways they say ultra low latency you know they're trying to act like this in-ear earbud could be a replacement for a gaming headset a

Wireless gaming headset i mean they don't say it in those terms but they're razer after all there has to be some sort of gaming angle all the time so anyways the pokemon version is the

One i want to crack into because it's just a little more fun well maybe i'll compare to both of them always with the missing knife yeah you know what why don't we just compare the two of them

I'm only going to do one sound test obviously because they are the same earbuds but i mean i never thought i'd see the day you probably didn't either ultra low latency for seamless immersive sound touch

Enabled voice assistant compatible water resistant design for an active lifestyle they could look at they got the pikachu on the side they're yellow bluetooth 5.0 and auto pairing sound isolation silicone

Earbud sleeves and custom tuned 13 millimeter drivers but it's really i guess it's all about the pokeball oh they also put out some other accessories again china exclusive pikachu themed

Situation now i understand that this pokemon style is not going to be for everyone but the evaluation rings true in general especially since the hammerhead earbud that's

Inside of here is the same one they sell if you just want the typical black version if you don't feel that you can pull off the pikachu stylings oh that's nice look at that little unbox

That's nice little unboxing experience right there razor what do we do oh that's kind of cool you gotta admit that's kind of cool look at this perfect little ball there it's a look at

That it's cute do you call that cute would you call that cute i don't know the packaging here is definitely an upgrade and i think it's because they consider this probably to

Be some sort of a collector's item okay so we pop this open is it a oh we don't do that what do we do oh we just you just lift it up okay you just you lift it up and there is your headset

Now it beeped it gave me a beep and there's a light on the front flashing so the earbuds obviously fit in like this is not the most portable version of this case i don't

Even know if you could call it pocketable unless you have big pockets type c connector on the back did you hear that it says pika very quietly though you got to listen for it okay let's just

Do a quick before i put these in my ears let's do a quick comparison to the other unit and how their standard hammerhead headset is packaged and what the case looks like all the specs appear to be the same you

Get a different razor themed piece of paperwork yeah so the case is much smaller here this is definitely pocketable comparatively but that's that's not the point you know the point

Here it's pokemon fans worldwide they got their own headset now to support they wear it on the wrist that's where your earbuds fit and this is what the black version of the hammerhead looks like

They're quite lightweight the ear tip is a sort of an in the ear style it goes in your ear but not too far there is a magnetic grip to it and then that's what your package

Looks like at the end of it but you seen that one before that's been out for a while that's this is the limited edition one so i might as well pair up to these guys to do my evaluation look at these little

Friendly things the material is quite a bit different so this is a matte finish on this earbud whereas this one is glossy this is this bugs me how this thing does this you can't shouldn't it stand up

Straight i mean it does but it's eventually this would drop that would drive me crazy eventually this is the type of activity that you do all day you put them in and out of the charge cases

I'm dying oh it just it just screamed pikachu in my ears very loud in fact okay hold up these go way louder for some reason these go way louder

I feel like they don't have the same limiter on them i can usually crank the volume full blast right away on any true wireless earbud i don't even wanna go i'm like more like three

Quarters on these can i pull that off or what bright yellow earbud let me get something with a little bit of bass on it um they're loud but it's not uh

They're loud in the treble region they're not loud in the base region uh sometimes it just has to do with the seal because you have a lot of sound bleeding with something that doesn't

Fit in your ear super tightly so i'm gonna try these out might as well and then i think i might as well try the other ones just to see if there's any sound difference i don't expect it i think that the same

Product ah that's not gonna change it too much i'll leave one in one so i can see the difference this screaming pika because i triggered the assistant oh from for me it definitely sounds worse with these

Things on substantially worse i'm losing even more low end i suppose maybe because of the fit it doesn't it's it's sitting even further on the outside of my ear canal

With those on i mean they're sort of in airpods territory they can't nothing that sits on the outside of your ear canal can really compete with something that has a dedicated ear tip and sits inside

Obviously it gets closer to your eardrum you have a better seal it can create more pressure within the ear canal maybe i should just boot up a video real quick and see if there's any lag or if the audio

Matches the lips it works i don't notice any lag i don't notice any problems with it so okay so there's your limited edition china exclusive i don't know what you're gonna have to pay to try to track one of

These down particularly if you want to import it to north america is it a real product is it a collector's item well it's a bit of both they do really sell this set of earbuds

But what's the practicality of sticking this thing in your pocket unless you're some sort of super fan let's try and pair up to these ones since we have them both here we might as well just give it a shot

If you have other razer products it's just some cohesiveness maybe a razor laptop let's do the same song loud they go loud man so 100 bucks by the looks of it 100 bucks for the stock ones i mean we're not talking of

Course about the super limited pokemon version that's interesting because i just tested those anchor earbuds i want to refresh myself right now real quick yeah it was these guys right here now the container the package is

Well shaped differently but it's roughly the same size this one has an indicator on the front for battery life i've probably explained this in the past but these ones have

The interchangeable ear tip which sits further in the ear canal and of course there's other products like this more expensive ones samsung makes the galaxy buds apple has the airpods pro this is a more

Affordable version of a pro model sound core liberty air 2. that's that one so this is discounted 20 bucks to 79. now one thing to note it's not all bonus it's not all positive when you go with

An in-ear style it does isolate you more from your surroundings so it's a benefit drawback same track yeah it's not even close yeah i mean look if you

Are a bass head if you appreciate bass if you listen to music where bass is really important uh if it's a key component for you go with any headset that's going to sit further in the ear canal and give you

The interchangeable ear tips they're a little less convenient like i said because you can't hear your surroundings easily for like electronic music it's night and day the difference so it is a bit

Curious that razer has gone for this particular design considering their emphasis on gaming and the electronic edginess but maybe that has to do with the fact that razer makes

So many gaming specific headsets uh over-the-ear style headsets yeah those are 20 bucks more on amazon than these are and i would probably go for these but if you're a super pokemon fan and you

Want to try to get your hands on this limited edition well i can't find you another substitute for that if you want to carry your headphones in a pokeball then i think you have one option


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