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published on July 17, 2020

I think the women before me definitely had it harder skateboarding was different the world was different here's Lizzy our motto she's earned a gold in this events got that power and great crowd sides this is where she shines Lizzy's careers definitely

Inspirational to a lot of us first time sing with you I was like this kid's got motivation I could just tell she was like I'm gonna get better I've seen him take some gnarly Slams and just get back up back then we didn't think we'd be

Able to make a career out of it no girl had to her name on the bottom of a board she transcends gating people recognize her name or iconic look she has raised awareness for women and that's usually important for the growth of the sport I

grew up in Santa Monica my mom worked full-time so I pretty much grew up and had to watch my younger brother organized sports it was kind of out of the question for me so my mom signed us

Up for the local skate park and I pretty much took to it and it was the place we'd go after school and the skate park ended up being my outlet when I was growing up there weren't many girls at all and the only ones that I

Knew about were the girls who are skating in like X Games I thought it was really cool when I met Lizzy because then I could hit her up to skate and hang out when I met Alicia I remember watching her skate and she was ripping

And I even like asked her how to do like a frontside air my advice to her was to take turn grab and jump which is like a really crappy explanation of how to do front sledders watching Lizzy skate I always thought that she progressed

Really fast and choose a quick learner she always used to try things that were like out of her comfort zone instead of taking steps to learning a certain trick she just go for it I feel like that's the mentality she's carried

For a long time I heard of the van's combi pool there are other people that skated and I was like oh yeah I want to check that out someday my mom like took me down there

Once and I like didn't really know what I signed up for it's like proving grounds there would be like the most heated sessions shoulder-to-shoulder people sneaking it was organized chaos but still a lot of

Chaos that was like my first taste of like more people from the skateboarding industry a bunch of legends go there Lester coos I have chrishena soy Jeff Grasso

It was cool because we got to skate with all them Barroso is always down with all of us and always sitting in our corner and pushing us to get better I feel like that was the spark for me just to be

Like this is where I want to be and like these other people I want to like hang out with 10 plus years ago you would notice if a new girl or woman came on the scene it was a small handful you know maybe like 10 women that were like

Skating gnarly government lizzy showed up at one of the old protect pool party contest and I was like this kid's got some sort of motivation going on and then yeah obviously like the next year in the next

Year she was starting to refine her scheme she's definitely just goes for it she was doing like stalled inverts and that was really crazy for girls to be doing at the time I saw her as skating in

Practice two things I noticed one she was very young to just be jumping into a pretty hardcore combi pool session and two she was known for dropping in is she belong there I won combi in 2010 I was really stoked because it

Was like a big deal for me and then I was like okay I'm gonna go to all these like contests and then X Games they were gonna debut Park and they were gonna include women's Park and so that was like a huge deal it was in Spain and it

Was just such a crazy event it was one of the first events where it had substantial prize money it was gonna be broadcast on TV it was the first event that I could go and tell my whole family that I was gonna be a part of and they'd

Be like oh you're gonna be on X Games like so cool where's everything else I'd done before that they're just like yeah you've just like skating around doing your little like things nice x-games definitely was like getting a

Verification by my family her like getting the checkmark at that time there wasn't really women on core skateboarding companies and you know there was like girls ripping and there were sponsors but like no one really

Knew how to meet in the middle it wasn't a reality I remember Lizzy was like I'm gonna do this skateboarding thing and really try to make it happen it seemed impossible because there wasn't like that much

Money in women's skateboarding there were very few board brands that would do more than maybe flow a boarder to two women skaters and few would even do that making a living off of skateboarding yeah there's no sure shot back then it

Was scary but at the same time I knew if I didn't try then that seemed scarier Lizzie had this Drive that was very rare she wasn't relying on in fact that she was female that she's good-looking her drive was to just skate

I felt like her whole vibe was very much in line with birdhouse and so I just called her up one day Toni reached out to me and then he was like yeah I want to put you on the team and like I want you to be a part of birdhouse I was kind

Of tripping after Lizzy got on birdhouse I feel like stuff kind of started rolling in for her you know she was doing more demos and traveling all over the world she got really good at skating and

People started to notice it getting on vans was such a big honor the footwear brands getting involved that was probably right when things started going crazy the numbers were going up there were more and more girls skating a lot

Of doors were opening and like the value was there Lizzy was hyper focused on having a career in skating you know she goes out there and competes regularly gets photos

Gets footage I remember her Transworld cover being a huge deal Transworld had never had a woman on the cover I don't think Lizzie definitely showed a lot of the other girls we can

Do it to Lizzie with the chance to win it all she wanted to see how far she could take it for a living I had a lot of respect to that after Transworld I got the cover of Thrasher and my pro board and what more is that like where

To go from here lizzi's pushed a lot of limits first girl to do the loop I think her legacy is progression you know she moved the needle for women's skateboarding in the right direction

There are many girls that have contributed to this movement they had to endure all kinds of bias and stereotypes and unfair treatment and I think that Lizzie was one of the few who rose above that kept doing it and finally girls

Took notice and said I want to do that too in skateboarding if you show up and you give your all that's all you have and I think a lot of skateboarders know that you give your all and that's enough

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