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published on July 20, 2020

Hello and welcome back to eru where we round up the biggest talking points and results from around the continent joining me for his first appearance for a while on this show is sam abasagi how are you mate i'm good bro i'm good i'm buzzing off of

The win yesterday yes it was a big win big win but yeah let's let's get straight into it man oh wait i'm i'm kind of sorry i'm kind of sorry i should've asked you how you're doing oh yeah no i'm good i'm good

Thanks man i also enjoyed uh chelsea's victory over man united didn't see that coming whatsoever but united pretty limp etcetera but if you want to hear all the review of that head over to winners and losers because we

Are face focusing sorry on europe and we're kicking off with ac milan at the suggestion of joe d shepard yeah yes yes the rossoneri closed in on the europa league places

With a convincing win against bologna 5-1 to put them level on points with sixth place napoli and just two points behind roma it was dominant performance they had most of the ball with 53

Possession taken 23 shots 16 of which were inside of the penalty box with 13 on target and i must say i just watched the highlights and they were literally all over the place they had an xg of

314 to bologna 053 it's no wonder the scoreline was so big alexis alamaca opened a scoring after the 10 minute mark as the 21 year old became the second

Belgian to score for milan in syria colonel glue and venison netted before rebic continued his great form since the restart his goal in the 57th minute made that 11 he's 11th of the season

He's only played a hunt 1 200 minutes this campaign too only helen and lewandowski have scored more non-penalty goals than the croatian in europe's top five leagues not just a pure score

However he has led with six key passes during the game obviously a match high despite only 17 passes during the 90 minutes 61 success wow goodness that's a that's a lot of efficiency with not very

Not very many passes well done to rebic and he did look sharp down that left wing playing in town and as then crossed the salamancas for that opener as well but it continues milan's great form

Since the restart since the restart they are unbeaten in all competitions winning six of their eight league matches thus far uh they've also scored the most goals in the league

Uh upon syria's return with 25 and considering that atalanta have been absolutely incredible going forward that really is quite some record and apparently uh the fact that they're

Playing this well under silvio pioli has been deemed so impressive that the elliott group are reconsidering their options with ralph ragnick uh with reports from correra de la serra claiming that pioneer may stay he'll

Stay on as head coach next year with ragneck just coming in as technical director which should be quite a u-turn from a couple of weeks ago uh but fair play to him he really has got this ac milan team playing

A hell of a lot better than they were a few years ago under jam paolo a few months ago under jam parallel and not just so reliant on zlatan as well there's options from all over the park kessie has come in to form benesir as

Well tear hernandez continues to just charge up and down that left-hand flank uh and salamakas as well only joined in january but has you know popped up with some

Useful contributions from right wing back as well uh the next two fixtures though will really test purely's metal an away tie against eighth placer suolo who have lost just once since the

Restart and drew thrill with juventus last week and then a game against atalanta just three days later who like milan are also unbeaten since syria resumed and are looking forward to that tie

Against psg in the champions league so really promising signs for milan there's everything seems to be falling into place for them at the moment and you really wouldn't bet against them finishing above roma

And napoli if they continue this form so well done to ac milan you're our winners for this week and let's head over to our losers before we move on to losers here's a reminder to subscribe to efd

And press the notification bell to never miss a video and here's a message from pat to let you all know about our new podcast channel hello it's patrick van strassen just

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Audio download on your favorite podcast app we hope to see you there bye and our losers for this week is leganes and that was sent in from a n mac brass yeah disappointing because

Despite a fifth game without defeat leganes's la liga relegation was confirmed yesterday following a 2-2 draw with newly crowned champions real madrid so they finished 18th with 36 points and it actually

Turns out that a win would have done the job celta vigo drew nil nil with espanol finishing at just a point ahead of leger and really disappointed because they did have some good chances towards the end

Of the game as well areola made some good saves stepping in for courtois who was rested and it was a good comeback because madrid actually opened the scoring with sergio ramos scoring his

13th goal of the season completely unmarked from an isco free kick a career high and he needs just three more goals for a century of goals for los blancos for a centre-back that is quite ridiculous well done sergio what a

Season uh brienne gill or hill sorry equalized on the stroke of half time a player on loan from sevilla before asensio restored madrid's lead just after the restart roger asalee who

Played very well in a little cameo made it 2-2 on 78-minute mark as well before the home side appealed for a penalty for a yovich handball but neither the ref nor var awarded one and

It was one of those where you've seen them given particularly in recent weeks in syria there's been some really tight uh handball calls uh darune in particular i remember that game against atlanta and juventus quite

Controversially it was one of those so it could well have gone their way and you wonder how they would have fed if they'd kept hold of martin brathwaite as well the dane played just 403 minutes of football

Following his controversial move to barcelona in february of course went there you know looked very good in his opening few games came on you know was pretty much a starter and

He's been on the bench in recent games as well and it's especially difficult for legannas because celta vigo who survived at their expense as we said were able to sign nolito in june after

His contract expired at sevilla after their goalkeeper sergio alvarez got injured so there's a rule in spain that if your goalkeeper gets injured you can sign a new player but rather than use that to to bring in

Another keeper celta vigo just go and sign their former player nalito and he ended up with two goals and one assist in eight appearances for celta vigo so doesn't feel completely fair uh in the

La liga rules that you're allowed to do that and legannas can rightly feel pretty aggrieved but alba what went down in the game itself yeah lagana surprisingly outshot major 15 shots to 7 but xc only just had

It in their favor with 12 to 11 even though madrid had effectively two-thirds of the possession isco was unsurprisingly the man of the match with 85 passes

90 past accuracy three dribbles one tackle one interception three key passes and two assists it was not like los blancos really cared the league title was confirmed last week

After their 12 wins from their last 30 matches finishing five points ahead of an upset barcelona and lionel messi that's majid's first tattoo in three years and only their third since 2009 and it's got

Some people speculating dudes i can't lie is barcelona's dominance over what do you reckon i mean they definitely deserve this title they definitely haven't been at

Their their most uh exciting going forward this year they've been heavily heavily reliant on karen benzema and sergio ramos really providing the goals but it's been a real team effort i

Think i saw the other day that 21 of their squad have scored in la liga um zidane has really cleverly used his resources after the break and and they've clearly been the better side uh courtois has been immense in goal

Casemiro as well deserves a shout out rodrigo and vinicius have developed really nicely and you think with their young players coming through and their young players out on loan like kubo and odergaard they're pretty well

Set to dominate for a good few years to come and they've cleverly used luca modric he's he's sort of aging out gradually and and they've sort of uh sort of eased that transition quite

Effectively this year uh and ramos and varane courtois at the back fulham mendy's made a massive difference at left back so it really does look pretty promising for real madrid and i think

You know people won't be overly surprised if they managed to overturn that 2-1 deficit to man city in the champions league as well because i can comfortably see real madrid winning two-nil

And going through um what do you reckon on that other do you think that they've got a chance against city showing a bit of weakness city aren't they yeah um ceo looking strong and zidane just seems like he is the man

With the plan like he's literally won 11 trophies as manager of the club and has managed only 210 games meaning he wins a trophy every 19 games he seems like he's just the man with the plan and also

Seems like the club is backing him the players are are kind of buying into the philosophy as well so it might be a bit too soon but we're going to ask you anyway who do you think will win the league

Next season let us know in the comments below and we'll move on to our next section so i know that the last couple of weeks we haven't done star of the week but with so much transfer gossip now flying

Around we wanted to do a little transfer update but albert if we had done star of the week who probably would have got it ricky pooge he was dominant and played very well in barcelona's battering of alevez when they won

Five nil but as you said instead of talking about a star of a week there's been some transfer news that has been that's been quite exciting for for liverpool fans let's see build a reporting that jurgen klopp has

Given the green light for liverpool to move for bayern thiago the two clubs of now to agree a fee tiago has a contract up until 2021 but bayern obviously

Don't want him to run down these contracts where they have to sell him for free next season so they're supposedly holding out for 40 million euros but liverpool value him at close to 25 million euros

Supposedly club ceo karl heinz rumor nigga isn't best pleased he stated that the club met all the 29 year old's demands but he abruptly pulled out of the bill so i don't know

I don't know i'm excited about this what about you yeah i'm absolutely i'm absolutely buzzing about the potential of tiago being in the prem i think he's been one of the most underrated players in

Europe for quite some time but yeah apparently barn really aren't happy with him at all they met all his contract demands as you say and supposedly according to christian falcon on a podcast i listened to last week

Thiago didn't act very gentlemanly whatsoever so barna resigned to losing him it's just whether liverpool stamp up the required fee but as as we say it is pretty exciting so

The 37 cap spain international is a proven performer he won 12 trophies including seven league titles across his seven-year spell in bavaria following his 25 million euro move from barcelona in july 2013

What a bargain that turned out to be particularly when he's on the pitch though because he does have a reputation for being pretty injury prone so he missed 128 games

Across his time in germany but the good news for liverpool fans is 64 of those games missed came in his first two seasons and he's been fit enough to play at least 40 games in all competitions

In three of the last four completed seasons so the fitness is definitely there um at point and when he is on the pitch he makes such a difference so this year he's averaged

46 taxes inceptions per 90 and a side that dominate possession that's quite incredible one key pass 36 dribbles per 90 that's sort of just below sort of wolf zahar in the

Premier league 75 passes a game 91 pass accuracy really controls the ball well can you be used across a midfield three can be used as a holding player can be used as a number 10 i think he really would add a lot to

This liverpool livable midfield and at 29 it's you know if they get his contract right and he's not paying too much because in in three years he won't really have a sell-on value but

For 25 million euros if the contract's not extortionate i think this is a great pickup from liverpool although some liverpool fans will be like why didn't we just pay 50 and get teemo werner

Probably more needed in terms of adding depth to that front line than adding a bit of star quality to midfield but albert you saw first hand thiago's abilities in that in that

Three-nil battering over chelsea i'm sorry i had to bring it up but what what do you make about this move nah it genuinely makes sense um you can kind of see that that's an

Area that they've been lacking in liverpool this season they've got all the runners in the team but they're lacking that that quality on the ball um one adam's getting older as well

Um katar is getting into the game but you can never have enough experience at a play like thiago that's won everything at international and club level there's not much more you can ask for as a center midfielder

And if he does stay fit he'll add a lot to that squad so i think if liverpool really want to challenge for the premier league again and want to be in the the the last few in the champions league again next

Season then they're going to have to stump up the money because as you said chelsea have got verna we've got zia coming in we're looking to get kai havoc we've got a few other players that i can

I could mention and you could probably tell i'm quite excited yeah you're better yeah if liverpool want to want to be up there again next season i think that that will be a quality signing for them yeah for

Sure we keep on hearing about man city's 200 million plus war chest as well it's gonna be an absolutely fascinating summer and you imagine that if united secure fourth place they'll go hard for sancho

As well so after all those fears about whether the clubs will spend big in a coronavirus pandemic uh actually it looks like it could be an absolutely fascinating summer but

Liverpool fans we want to hear from you how excited are you about the potential signing of tiago get your thoughts in the comments down below and who would drop out of your current midfield three to make space for them as well

Probably genie vine aldum and then henderson genie uh henderson thiago fabinho what a midfield three that'd be awesome but guys that's all we've got time for on eru for this week thank you so much for watching let us

Know what you guys made of our thoughts in the comments section down below and alba what should they go and do now they should go and check out winners and losers um the mighty blues are probably in the

Winners yeah or united are in the losers so go check that out and go check out the podcast channel make sure you subscribe i'm doogie's featured on the last episode i believe i did last wednesday me and

Pat yeah so make sure you go check that out and yeah apart from that just subscribe to everything that we have nice lovely work see you later bye

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