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published on July 2, 2020

for the United States of America would

you give our secretary a big round of

applause so great that he's here in

voltage Valley to Mayor Arno Hill thank

you for your warm welcome for your great

local leadership legendary coach Jim

Tressel and above all my seatmate Steve

Byrnes and the men and women of

Lordstown motors what a great day in the

Buckeye State you know really is an

honor to be here to be able to drive up

and help unveil what will soon be the

first fully electric pickup truck on the

market in the United States of America

ladies and gentlemen I give you the

Lordstown endurance


and I gotta tell you it's a nice ride

and I'm a truck guy

I'm currently between trucks right now

but I'm looking so but this is this is

just a great day it's an exciting day

from the time not too long ago where we

had heartbreaking news today is a new

beginning for Lourdes town and it's a

new day of leadership in electric

vehicles in the United States it really

is great to be with all of you and on my

way here today I got a I got a phone

call as soon as I landed from a friend

of mine he heard I was headed to Ohio

and I think he sounded just a little bit

jealous he's a man who loves the state

of Ohio and he has been the best friend

that automotive manufacturing has ever

had in the Oval Office I bring greetings

from the 45th President of the United

States President Donald Trump


and we just love the Mahoning Valley me

one of the very first campaign stops I

made was that the Canfield fair in 2016

not too far from here we had just a few

people who came out that would be tens

of thousands of people that came out it

was probably the best attended County

Fair ever attended in my life but I saw

the enthusiasm then I knew that people I

knew that people all across the valley

knew that that that in that candidate a

man who would become president in the

United States you'd have someone who

would fight for jobs and fight for

American workers and today is one more

example of president Trump's commitment

to make American manufacturing great



I want to thank all the distinguished

guests who were here with us today you

know the working with Senator Rob

Portman working with your great governor

Governor Mike DeWine and others this

president went to work right after the

people of Ohio said yes three and a half

years ago we cut taxes across the board

for working families and for small

businesses we we roll back more federal

red tape than any Administration in

American history we unleashed American

energy and the kind of energy innovation

that you're going to see in the valley

now for decades to come we fought for

free and fair trade and the values and

ideals that have always made this

country great and on every single


president Trump delivered for the people

of Ohio and the people of America and

you know that's especially true when it

comes to automotive jobs into

manufacturing for the first day of our

administration the president said he was

going to put free and fair trade trade

deals that put American jobs in American

workers first back at the center of

American policy we put China on notice

that the era of economic surrender is

over we stood strong for American jobs

and American workers against China and

thanks to the president's leadership in

just a few weeks it'll be official NAFTA

is gone and the us MCA will soon be

the law of the land


and it puts American manufacturing

American workers first I mean didn't if

you didn't know it under the USMC a 75%

of all automotive parts have to be made

here in North America and 40% of

automotive parts must be made by workers

making an average hourly wage

essentially the average hourly wage of

the United States that's how we're doing

it folks that's how we have taken the

incentive that was in NAFTA to move jobs

south of the border

that's all gone we're gonna keep

automotive jobs growing right here in

Ohio and right here across the United

States and if you think back on it the

first three years of this administration

the results really speak for themselves

we saw businesses large and small create

more than 7 million jobs including

500,000 manufacturing jobs of which

48,000 new automotive jobs were created

in just three years

it was a manufacturing Renaissance that

was underway

and really what was most meaningful to

the president of me was not just the

jobs were being added but wages were

rising and what was most exciting to us

as wages were rising most rapidly for

hard-working blue-collar Americans the

Forgotten men and women of America were

forgotten no more

and the American Dream was working he's

working again for every American the

president I couldn't be more proud that

in our first three years we saw the

lowest unemployment ever recorded for

African Americans and Hispanic Americans

the American Dream came roaring back

under President Donald Trump it's true

our economy was on an incredible roll

the stock market setting records jobs

being created wages rising and then as

we all know then came the worst pandemic

in a hundred years to strike our country

from overseas but in the midst of that

it's the head of the White House

coronavirus task force I can tell you

every step of the way

president Trump exercised the kind of

leadership that every American would

want decisive action I mean literally

before the month of January was out he

stood up a task force bringing a whole

of government response prepared but even

before the first coronavirus case was

transmitted from one American to another

this president suspended all travel from

China into the United States of America

he put the health of America first

and I can tell you firsthand I can tell

you firsthand the president's decisive

action decisive action on that January

day bought us invaluable time to stand

up a national response and in that time

from here in Ohio and all across the

country you saw in the American people

produced and delivered hundreds of

millions of medical supplies to our

incredible health care workers in all 50

states in fact can we just hear it for

our doctors and our nurses and all of

the incredible health care workers that

are working right up to this moment for

those struggling with this

god bless you all and we reinvented

testing literally from a standing start

you know when I was tapped to lead that

coronavirus task force in late February

we were using the old system of testing

where you send samples to a state lab or

you send them to the CDC I mean we'd

only done a few thousand tests by the

end of February but because the

president brought together massive

commercial labs in this country

challenged them to step forward and meet

this moment we're actually testing more

than 500,000 Americans every single day

and will soon have tested 30 million

Americans all across this country we met

the moment we met the moment with

American innovation and I have to tell

you American manufacturing stepped up in

so many ways to meet that moment for

those critical medical supplies but

maybe none more important with the way

that we saw many of our greatest

manufacturing companies step forward

partner with the federal government to

produce ventilators in an unprecedented

rate you know what we'd heard from some

countries overseas early on was that

many people were succumbing to the

corona virus because they didn't have

the equipment like ventilators to see

them through the worst of the disease

well we were to make sure that didn't

happen in America and I couldn't be more

proud to tell you that thanks to the

president's leadership thanks to the way

American manufacturing stepped up no

American who required a ventilator was

ever denied a ventilator in the United

States that's a national


and and we met this moment we met this

moment I believe with compassion and

ingenuity we saw we saw the people

across Ohio and across America put the

health of their family and their

neighbors first in those 45 days to slow

the spread and the people of Ohio have

continued to practice good common sense

and good hygiene and the progress that

you've made because of the foundation

that we laid in this economy in those

first three years I'm proud to report to

you as we stand here today including

Ohio all 50 states have started to open

up our economies again

and while you see in the news over the

past week or so we have rising cases and

outbreaks in several southern states I

want to assure you that our task force

and our entire administration is working

continuously with leaders in those

states to respond I'll be traveling to

Texas and Arizona in just a few days to

meet with the governors and health

officials there but I want you to know

that it's a testament to testament to

the resilience of the American people

that like here in Ohio and beyond in

some 38 states across the country cases

are stable or even declining and I want

to say the people of Ohio and your

governor Mike DeWine have set a standard

for the nation thank you for leading


with well that all the American people

are doing we're putting America back to

work today is one more example of a

great American comeback the truth is

because of the foundation that we laid

in this economy together over the first

three years even as we begin to open up

America in the month of May we actually

saw the largest one-month increase in

jobs in American history three million

jobs created and that was before more

than half of small businesses were even

open yet and a lot of economists

actually predicted that we would lose 8

million jobs that month the unemployment

rate might hit 20% but if you didn't

hear about it not only did we create 3

million jobs last month but but the

unemployment rate didn't go up to 20

percent it actually dropped down from 14

percent to 13 percent and we're

continuing to see unemployment clay

claims steadily decline across the

country America's coming back


we also know the American consumer is

out there rolling and getting this

economy going

retail sales soared just a few days ago

by 177% that was also the largest

monthly increase in sales in history so

the recovery is on which makes it even

more time and more appropriate to be

here at Lordstown motors a part of the

great American comeback


and all of you gathered here today and

all of you with great family histories

in this community know that this

community is a perfect example of the

character and the resilience in the

faith that's driving an American

comeback after all we've been through I

mean when you think about the storied

history of this community and even this


endurance isn't just the name of the

pickup truck

endurance describes the character of the

people of the Mahoning vamp Valley give

yourselves a round of applause I mean in

the Mahoning Valley for more than 50

years this historic building was used to

literally manufacture millions of cars

that were sold and driven all over the


I'm told they made the 66 Impala the

Cavalier and the Cruze right here and

when this facility closed in March of

2019 it was heartbreaking for this

community that's why as you all know

President Donald Trump sprung into

action he reached out to General Motors

see if they could find a way to help

bring jobs back to Lordstown he reached

out to business leaders he reached out

to your governor Mike DeWine to Senator

Rob Portman to your members of Congress

and on may 8th president was delighted

to get the call he called it great news

for Ohio when Steve Byrnes bought this

building and set into motion the plans

to create large town motors thank you



then we hear it one more time for Steve

Burns thanks for stepping up and

starting a new chapter of history here

in Lordstown and they were walking me

through this place and it seems just

incredibly impressive many of you have

history working here you see the

incredible assets but they're retooling

it they're retooling this historic

facility I met with a lot of the

engineers that designed this vehicle and

I met with the team that's retooling

this to manufacture these electric

pickup trucks and soon you're gonna

continue that Mahoning Valley tradition

of world-class auto manufacturers

American workers are going to turn to

American steel with American trucks made

right here in Lordstown you know back

when I was governor the state of Indiana

I used to say out here in the heartland

we do two things well we make things and

we grow things and thanks to the

resilience of this community thanks to

the innovation represented here today

once again Lordstown is going to be back

big time in the make things business and

you're going to make history right here

at Morristown motors

I mean the truth is you all know what

President and I know is that

manufacturing workers are the backbone

of America's economy and here in the

valley you have some of the very best in

the world on the way here I was reading

about a few of them like a man who spent

more than 30 years in the auto industry

after he spent 14 years in the United

States Navy as an electronics technician

he was eight years on a nuclear

submarine and today he's going to be the

director of central maintenance here at

Lordstown motors would you join me in

thanking him for his service to America

and his leadership in this company John

Ritter thank you so much


and thanks for your service John we're

truly grateful in the United States Navy

you know my unworthy son-in-law is a

lieutenant in the United States Navy so

so we're proud of you grateful for you

well I also heard about a man I met just

moments ago came to this country as a

refugee after he heard a speech by my

second-favorite President Ronald Reagan

he spent more than 20 years in the auto

industries worked his way up to the top

management positions in three major

companies he truly loves this country

he's lived the American dream so would

you join me in congratulating John vote

for his great great leadership and his

extraordinary contribution to this



when I mentioned John Ritter and John vu

because they're really emblematic of all

of you all of you in this community and

all of you who are involved with Loras

town motors today and will be involved

in the years ahead the truth is you are

leading a comeback here in Lordstown

you're leading it on the basis of

character and resilience a reputation

for professionalism and you're leading

in on the basis of faith and you all

know and people of the heartland know

that for all that we've been through

that the best days for this community

their stay in this nation lie ahead and

I want to thank you so much for your

example in these challenging times and

there is great opportunity ahead I

actually learned this morning that GM

and LG announced a new battery plant

that's going to be built just across the

street and just a week later Steve

announced that you'll be building your

own batteries right here in this

building so Lordstown motors is just the

start and it's going to continue to grow

and expand jobs in this area and with

the help help of or you can applaud that

I think that's really big


and with the help of coach Jim Tressel I

know you're working with Youngstown

state to provide on-the-job training for

talented engineers and technicians of

tomorrow can we hear it for Coach Jim

Tressel and that great school

thanks for partner Thank You coach and

there's a great promise we only got one

truck here on the stage but Steve

actually told me that they've already

pre-sold 14,000 editions of the

Lordstown endurance truck it's ready to

be made here and shipped out of here

what a great start

so they got a great team here doing the

retooling doing the engineering but I

know in the months they had they're

gonna be ramping up production Steve was

telling me by about this time next year

they plan to hire five six seven eight

hundred people in this community and

turn this Factory all the way back on it

really is gonna be a transition to

greatness back here in Lordstown after a

heartbreaking day in 2019 to see this

kind of a comeback I hope you see it's a

testament to the confidence that the

people of this company having the people

of this community its tribute to state

leadership to a governor and to state

officials that were not gonna leave

Lordstown behind it's a tribute to

president who was not shy about letting

his feelings be known about the future

Lord staff am i right

but ultimately it is a tribute it is a

tribute to a half a century half a

century of craftsmanship a half a

century of integrity a reputation that

has now drawn the investment to this

community not just this company but the

other companies and investments that

have evolved so in a very real sense in

a very real sense to the people of

Lordstown this day of Lordstown motor is

your day and so I thank you for letting

me share it with you the beginning of a

new chapter in the storied history of

this great community in this storage

facility and I know that with your hard

work in the days ahead with the support

of your great governor Mike DeWine with

people like senator rob portman with

leadership at your state house and with

the support of President Donald Trump

and with God's help the best days for

Lordstown and Ohio and America are yet

to come

thank you very much god bless you god

bless oh hi oh and god bless america



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