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published on July 3, 2020

I've and GDP and this would put GDP

above its 2019 peak that's right so pre

coronavirus numbers should those

predictions pan outs we are back and we

will be booming

finally well second to finally we are

encouraged that we continue to gather

positive data on a number of

therapeutics heparin dexamethasone or

steroids is as it's more commonly known

convalescent plasma and REM des aveer

have all shown promise in treating

coronavirus preliminary findings in a

large UK based recovery trial found that

when steroids were used there was a 30%

reduction in death for coronavirus

patients on ventilators the FDA is

reviewing this recovery trial data now

additionally on convalescent plasma

there is more encouraging news in

partnership with Mayo Clinic the Trump

administration moved very quickly on

this therapy and its earliest days

recognizing that it showed promise

though the met through the through the

FDA Mayo Clinic in the administration's

work in our hand-in-hand partnership

we've found that this treatment is very


this has shown that the administration

has left no stone unturned and looking

at every possible treatment at the very

earliest stages the lead investigator of

this Mayo Clinic study dr Michael

joiner summed up his work and saying

that convalescent plasma quote continues

to look promising and quote noting the

quote excellent news of this study which

covered a diverse population of patients

about 20% were african-american nearly

35 percent Hispanic 5% Asian and 40%

women prior experience with respiratory

viruses and some data that have emerged

globally suggests that convalescent

plasma has the potential to lessen the

severity or shorten the length of the

illness caused by kovin 19 the results

for Mayo underscore that promise as you

can see the Trump administration of FDA

led on identifying convalescent plasma

as a therapeutic and the results are

encouraging finally I wanted to share

some words from President Trump

Juneteenth reminds us of both the

unimaginable injustice of slavery and

the incomparable and

Birbal joy that must have attended

emancipation it is both a remembrance of

a blight on our history and a

celebration of our nation's unsurpassed

ability to triumph over darkness that

ability is rooted in the fundamental

goodness of America and the truths upon

which we as a nation declared and into

our status as the subjects of a monarch

and emerged as a free and independent

people those truths that all men are

created equal by the hand of God endowed

by our creator with the right to life

liberty and the pursuit of happiness and

with that I'll take questions

Mario Halley wondering given what we're

saying and markets and they're a little

bit jittery given a rise in cases any

reason why the coronavirus task force

hasn't been coming out to update us will

day and then also have they been

consulted on the rally for tomorrow

so the coronavirus task force meets

regularly they're constantly reviewing

data they're constantly working with

governor's to ensure that we have safe

free openings across the nation as for

coronavirus task force briefings those

happen in the very early days of Kovan

19 and the pandemic we were making major

decisions on travel bans major decisions

on supplies and PPE and therapeutics it

was very important that those decisions

be shared with the nation now we're in a

more regular routine where when we see a

spike or an ember as the president calls

them were able to quickly go and put it

out and we have that system in place we

don't have regular updates for you other

than the updates I give you as news

merits and I'm regularly in consultation

with dr Burks and the others yes two

questions for you first on the

president's tweet this morning that I've

heard Tulsa rally

what did you mean but we said that any

protesters wouldn't be treated like they

were in New York City Atlas it's the

president indicated the rice the right

to peaceably assemble she'd not apply to

his rally

no that's not at all what he was saying

what the president was noting is that

they were inexcusable scenes that we saw

play out in New York and Seattle and

Minneapolis and that we would not see

Tulsa Oklahoma look that way as the

mayor mayor Bynum noted on individuals

from organized groups who have been

involved in destructive and violent

behavior and other states are planning

to travel to the city of Tulsa for the

purposes of causing unrest in and around

the rally and that was an unacceptable

proposition we will not see things like

what we saw in Minna's Minnesota where

rioters lit an autozone on fire or also

in Minnesota where protesters torched a

police precinct or in Seattle where

they've now set up a place called chop

they've taken over a part of the city

anarchist have or the pillow gene or the

ambushing of two NYPD police officers

who are on looting watched one was

stabbed in the neck and then shot two

other officers who later arrived on the

scene so those kinds of scenes are

unacceptable and we will not see that in

Tulsa Okla know when he was meeting our

violent protesters anarchist looters are

the kind of lawlessness that we saw play

out before President Trump came in with

the National Guard and calmed our

streets with law and order and just a

second sorry I'm not I'm doc of the game

tweeted this morning he was going to

leave ahead with trying to end that

program what is the time frame on that

when should we expect to see something

from the apartment all that's hearing on

that and why is the president doing that

even yeah what he has conceded that he

believes that the immigrants who were

brought here as children and goes off of

their own should be taken care of so

first one note on daca one thing I would

say about yesterday's ruling is that

really this was a situation where you

had all of the justices saying that

President Trump was essentially right on

the law on doc I you had the majority in

the majority opinion quote the dispute

before the court is not whether

DHS may worsen daca all parties agree

that it may be rescinded the dispute is

instead primarily about the

seizure the agency followed in doing so

so in other words I'm president Trump

was right on the law here it was

unlawful the way President Obama went

about this but as for the way forward I

just was in and was speaking with the

president and the chief of staff about

this and we're looking at documents

currently and we're going to move

forward in a responsible way and cure

some of the remedies and unlawfulness

that we see it with the previous memo

that brought daca into place but we want

to find a compassionate way to do this

so that's the notes I have as to how

we'll be moving forward Christmas Thank

You Kaylee now that we're about 24 hours

away from this rally tomorrow in Tulsa

you have the World Health Organization

director saying that the world is in a

new and dangerous phase in terms of

Kovach cases you have cases rising in

Oklahoma at the Tulsa men are declaring

a civil emergency given all of this

together are there any discussions any

reservations within the West Wing about

going forward with this indoor rally

tomorrow in a state where Kovach cases

are on the rise well first let me note

about the civil emergency binem declared

a civil emergency after law enforcement

informed the mayor about the individuals

from the organized groups that I just

noted who are intent on engaging in

destruction but with regard to Oklahoma

I would refer you to governor snips

comments he said yesterday we went to

Phase three on June 1st so we're 56 days

into our reopening plan and currently we

have under 200 people in the hospital

across Oklahoma and he welcomed the

president and his supporters for coming

I guess my question is behind the scenes

are there any White House officials

you know just expressing a bit of

reservation about going forward 24 hours

out so we are all on board with going to

Oklahoma we're taking appropriate

measures like hand sanitizing and

temperature checks and mass being

provided at the door but I'd also note

to you from the governor of Oklahoma

that he says that most of the cases he's

seeing are in the 18 to 35 group where

they're seeing a slight increase and

they are asymptomatic individuals a lot

of what they're seeing and in addition

to that I would also just note that he

said that this slight increase was

expected as they began to safely reopen

56 days

prior yes hopefully I'll let me get your

20 questions today how about that thanks

Kaylee uh will any White House officials

be at the rally tomorrow there will be

several White House officials at the

rally those officials are will you to be

there for example I will be there you

and other White House officials be

wearing masks at the rally it's a

personal choice I won't be wearing a

mask on I can't speak for my colleagues

and why won't you wear a mask is it sort

of a personal political statement is it

because the president would be

disappointed in you if you don't wear a

mask it's personal it's a personal

decision I'm tested regularly I feel

that it's safe for me not to be wearing

a mask and I'm in compliance with CDC

guidelines which are recommended but not

required if I can ask you about last

night the president tweeted out some

fake videos one of which was labeled

manipulated media by Twitter why is the

president sharing fake videos on Twitter

about two toddlers who are obviously

showing a lot of love for one another it

seems as though he's exploiting children

to make some sort of crass political


why is he sharing fake videos he was

making a point about CNN specifically he

was making a point that CNN has

regularly taken him out of context that

in 2019 CNN misleadingly aired a clip

from one viewpoint repeatedly to falsely

accuse the Covington boys of being quote

students in maggie gear harassing a

Native American elder that's a harassing

video a misleading video about children

I had really great consequences for

their future – so you're saying it's

okay to exploit two toddlers hugging one

another on a sidewalk to make some sort

of political point

you mean as you know the president has

described members of the press as fake

news during the course of this

administration when you share fake

videos like that doesn't that make you

fake news I think the president was

making a satirical point that was quite

funny if you go and actually watch the

video I think he was making some talk

making us secure that the point is it

was a play on CNN repeatedly taking the

president out of context like the time

when you guys had a a Chiron that read

Trump slammed some illegal immigrants

they're animals

well guess what the people we caught

animals were ms-13 illegal immigrants

who regularly mutilate people in this

country those things are kintyre ly

misleading refer to some Mexican River

instance breakfast he is trying to pass

a Muslim ban in this country he has

described black NFL players of sons of

bitches if they attempt to justify the

misleading headlines that are regularly

on your network like I was just walking

in watching scene and as they lauded the

quote rallies in the streets you gotta

let me finish Jim this isn't a cable

news segment I'm answering your question

right now from the White House podium

when I walk out of here when I when I

walk out here Jim when I walk out here

Jim and I see on your when I see on your

network celebratory headlines about the

rallies and the protest outside you

actually said protests and rallies so in

light of the protest if these gatherings

happen in light of a protest or a rally

as you say that rally is to be condoned

but not the president's rally I mean

it's appalling you have one person on

your network saying that this is a

celebration in the streets a

carnival-like atmosphere there's a guy

with a sign that says free hugs

it's beautiful what's happening in the

streets there is music people are

hugging you celebrate hugging in the

context of a protest but in a trump

rally where we celebrate historic low

african-american unemployment criminal

justice reform HBCUs that rallies not

allowed because guess what Jim it

doesn't fit the ideological agenda of

CNN Peter Alexander let me ask you if I

can kidding why does the president keep

hiring people who are dumb as a rock

overrated way over their heads wacko and

incompetence so the president makes

hiring decisions based on the fact that

he likes to have countervailing

viewpoints I spoke to him this morning

about the hiring of john bolton in

particular and he said I like to

counterbalance my own opinion with

individuals that oftentimes have the

very opposite opinion of my own

he likes the model of having a team of

rivals like what we saw in President

Lincoln's administration I've been a

part of that I often see rigorous debate

and the president uses his gut and makes

the best decision as to how to move

forward so that's

goes into his hiring practices and I

think the team of rivals was President

Lincoln worked quite well it's obviously

value in hiring a team of rivals it's

worked well in the past but then if

you're gonna hire rivals why hire rivals

who were dumb as a rock overrated way

over their heads wacko and incompetent

how does that help prove those labels to

be true and that's particularly true and

that's purely true in the case of John

Bolton um who repeatedly praised the

president then turned he's been widely

criticized by the New York Times for his

book I think John proven john bolton has

proven himself to have those labels as

true 20 question rule applies to

everyone yes so I'll take the 20

questions if it applies to everyone then

I've only done two so far that for my

third one I'd like to ask does the

president support Juneteenth as a

federal holiday and yesterday in an

interview with The Wall Street Journal

this week the president was speaking

about Juneteenth and he said that nobody

had ever heard of Jim team what does

that say about the president's

relationship to the black community if

he would say that when millions of

african-americans in this country

commemorated each year well look what I

would say is his presidents routinely

commemorated Juneteenth the president

what he said is what the no he did not

say that as secretary Carson emphasized

I talked to the president about the

Juneteenth event I was pleasantly

surprised about how much he knew about

it the whole history of it he did not

just learn about Juneteenth that this

week that's simply not true and asked to

Juneteenth there were a lot of people

who didn't know what Juneteenth was and

Google searches prove that and you can

see I looked at the chart on Google

searches on Juneteenth and this year

they went like this and that's thanks to

President Trump to ask if the White

House is planning to issue an

Zek youtube order in the coming day to

suspend visas for foreign workers and

any detail you can provide in terms of

what types of visas for how long that

would last

etc so I have no announcements on that

front today I'm aware of their reporting

but no announcements hey could I follow

up quickly and ask if the president

plans to take any health precautions at

the rally tomorrow we are administering

hand sanitizer masks to those who are in

attendance do they decide to wear them

and we are taking temperature checks yes

okay we um Arizona's scene searching

coronavirus cases as well as Texas and

Florida does the president think that

they should all keep doing what they're

doing or is he concerned about you know

this rise in cases of how to stop that

this is a state-led reopening with the

assistance of the federal government and

our medical experts so we're regularly

consulting with each state it's their

decision as to whether they remain there

reopening processes but we're very

confident that they will be able to get

it under control we've had CDC deploy

teams to four states and when we see

these spikes and cases a lot of times

and were able to isolate them and stop

the spread further so at the help of the

federal government these states um

should be able to safely continue

reopening though it is their decision

whether to do so yeah so on the mary

trump book what I would say is this um I

haven't seen the book the president

hasn't seen the book so I'm not going to

sit here and speculate about what it may

say or what it may not say they call it

who how over Tulsa I mean isn't the

president taking a big risk this weekend

because if things go south on Saturday

isn't that gonna make it harder for him

to schedule rallies in the future look I

think that we are confident that we can

operate safely in Tulsa there are active

as I noted at the beginning of this

governor stit said under 200 people are

in hospitals across Oklahoma most of

those a lot of those between the ages of

18 and 35 so we're confident that we can

do this safely and we're very much

looking forward to going to Oklahoma why

don't schedule more rallies are y'all

waiting to see how things turn out

that would be a question for the

campaign yes yes Thank You Kaylee two

quick questions in an interview on NPR

on Tuesday dr Fauci said he hasn't

spoken to the president and quote two


why have they gone so long without

talking and is this still a priority

absolutely it's still a priority it's

why the task force meets regularly the

president has given that information the

vice president has been leading on the

task force and the president ultimately

makes the decision it's decision that is

constantly kept up to date with the

latest numbers and then the second

question obviously you know the

president is very against violent

protests he spoke out specifically

against empty fascists who've been

responsible for some of this violence

but in terms of his personal ideology is

the president and anti fascist the

president is absolutely anti fascist

what he's against also is lawlessness

he's against Anarchy he's against what

we've seen in our streets he's against

the fact that you have in a city block

in Seattle multiple city blocks taken

over by anarchist

it's amazing you have the Seattle police

chief Carmen best saying quote our 9-1-1

response times have tripled in the area

they've gone from just over five minutes

to about 18 minutes there have been

rapes robberies and all sorts of violent

acts that have been occurring he's

against fascism he's against anarchism

and he is for rule of law in the

American Way

rolling back

the president knows that the travel

restrictions were a very important

component to saving lives almost three

million could have been could have

perished and those travel restrictions

were instrumental in taking early action

and saving American lives he monitors

the data constantly no plans now as to

lifting those but it's ultimately the

decision of the president he's guided by

data and the safety and health of the

American people during the negotiations

accelerate their advice does this mean

anything for a potential Phase two deal

the plan now since I'm not FRA haven't

spoken to the President on that specific

matter yes back to daca that he would

please after the Supreme Court decision

the other day the US Conference of

Catholic Bishops issued a statement I

was reading briefly next week urge the

president president Trump to strongly

reconsider terminating daca immigrant

communities are really hurting now mr

Kovic 19 moving forward with this action

needlessly places many families into

further anxiety and chaos well the

president considered the bishops appeal

this well the president said to me I'm

going to take care of daca far better

than the Democrats ever did Democrats

had two and a half years to make a deal

on daca they didn't do it he wants to

take care of these individuals but it

needs to be done in a lawful way and it

needs to be done in accordance with

assuring that our border is safe

that it's protected that we have an end

to lawless immigration and in US 13 and

the havoc that we've seen wreaked in

this country so he's for a measured

response and he's offered deals to

Democrats previously that have been

rejected so Democrats really seem to be

using the daca recipients as pawns and

that is despicable Emily

Haylee given that the campaign I had

attendees at the rally on Saturday sign

a waiver to identify the campaign that

they should get sick with the

coronavirus with the president considers

starting or contributing to up fund for

the sick or the bereaved if we see a

spike in cases come out of the rally

side net I think that's a hypothetical

and that's the speculative question yes

thank you clearly I'm looking towards

the election we know that the bimah

campaign is pushing back on adding any

additional debates to this schedule how

many debates would the president be

willing to participate yes so the

president talked about this yesterday

the president is happy to debate when

given the opportunity right now there

are three debates and he's happy with

that but certainly if others were

proposed he'd be willing to look at them

and he very much looks forward to those

debates one thing I would note and I

think it's just very important

especially as we go into the weekend and

we began to look at some of the news

coverage out there is that I would

encourage all of you to cover the

protests in the same way that you

covered the rally goers it's really

quite something when you look at this

extraordinary video by media Research

Center in News Buster's where you have

multiple host on MSNBC CNN and CBS

boasting about the quote massive crowd I

mean massive tens of thousands of people

thousands and thousands up to two

hundred thousand people they exuberantly

exclaim but then they have grave

concerns about the size of the Trump

rallies you have MS CNBC contributor

saying social justice over social

distancing but when the president looks

to celebrate the accomplishments for

minority and communities in this country

our rallies are derided as breeding

grounds for coronavirus while lawrence

o'donnell celebrates arm-in-arm protests

so I really think that we should have

internal consistency here in the way we

cover large crowds we should be guided

by science not cherry-picking science as

I see it all too often on the airwaves

especially from Shannon

and help


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