LIVE IN TAIWAN 4: Election Protection & Domino’s Boba Pizza

published on July 3, 2020

I welcome to China uncensored live in

Taipei Taiwan I'm Chris Chappell

I'm Shelley Jeong and so you know I know

our last live was kind of messed up

because of bad internet quality that was

on the night the election so this live

will kind of talk a little bit about

what happened that night during the

elections we'll also have a chance to

answer some Q&A and then we have a

little special treat here first of all

the cutest Domino's box ever but Shelley

why don't you tell them what's inside of

this it is Domino's famous slash

interest boba pizza if you don't know

what boba is it is the bubble tea pearls

from Taiwan's famous invention bubble or

boba tea so but before we get into that

don't we have a special guest joining us

we do have a special guest on our live

broadcast we're very excited to have

Taiwan president tying win she's shorter

in real life yes shorter and plushy

I think in real life joining us for the

broadcast so I'm not sharing my boba tea

pizza with her right here in the back

all right okay

well to this okay I think we have to

unbox the pizza okay well first for the

people who don't know this is this is

bubble tea this is an officially

licensed Powerpuff Girls boba tea

essentially what bubble or boba tea is

it's milk tapioca pearls that's the

black things floating around there and

tea and and lots and lots of sugar it's

a pretty popular thing that Taiwan gave

to the world one of the greatest gifts

this country has given and you know he's

reason enough to formally recognize it

diplomatically I say so for the bubble

tea we

formerly actually this is the scariest

part about these oh man what oh okay so

with any bubble – you get a special

little straw like this so you can sip up

the little tapioca pearls so we just got

these so you know Oh Chris mmm wonderful

so now you know what that is I had to

feel a little bad for stabbing this

little creature through the eye like

that's the dark side of time when these

cuteness all right let's do this

what you're gonna cut it hi yes we don't

need to use the night okay no we do all

right all right

show the pizza box yeah so it says this

this is not the kind of pizza box we

have on everything in Taiwan has to be

true I just got this like like the smell

of the sugar and the bubble in the pizza

I don't know how they're gonna do this

it's how to make a salty pizza into a

sweet bubble tea treats oh gosh okay all

right okay to be fair the other spats is

just reaching in with his knife while

holding the camera Matt is a man's man

we said that do you want to be on the

livestream – not if I'm not eating this

yeah all right okay are you ready guys

whoa oh oh wow it smells like a sweet

boba tea but it is a cheesy Domino's

Pizza I yeah you don't know what to say

do you

I wore the record a little worried for

the record this was Shelly's idea yeah

it seemed like a good idea at the time I

was inspired by the fact that you know

China Taiwanese election sometimes after

the elections the losing candidates will

go around to their districts and like

apologize for not working hard enough so

I thought you know this could be our

apology tour

the quality of our last election live

stream yeah well believe me we are going

to be suffering for our apology let me

just fold this under and hopefully not

spilled is everywhere I mean I typically

don't eat like this I am a gluten free

vegan carnivore a gluten free vegan

paleo keto all right wait I guess I

shouldn't I realize we won't be able to

wash the bubble tea flavor out of our

mouth with the bubble team they'll just

compound endlessly well don't was to be

the special bubble tea bubbles that are

like the brown sugar ones I don't know

Lisa's know like tomato sauce

okay so again sorry about the poor

quality of the last live stream oh my

god but hold on I'm just looking at my

pizza and like it is cross-sectionally

about like two-thirds cheese I mean if

you ever had a bubble tea and thought

boy I'd like some cheese in it well I

mean I do like cheese tea I used to use

a thing that's but that's like not like

mozzarella cheese this I first all right

together 100

Shelly I don't like your food ideas you

make us do well what do you think um

look I gotta say this really isn't my

slice of T oh I mean yeah just imagine

somebody took the perfectly good cheese

pizza put tapioca balls on it and

smother didn't in the syrup yep happy ol

balls are like they're like boiled in

brown sugar I will say the quality of

the bubbles are good they're very soft

and tender it would be great if these

were in a bubble tea unfortunately these

are on a pizza

the one thing I'm kind of grateful for

is the fact that like the sweetness is

so overpowering then it's kind of like

the cheesiness of it which I thought

would be the grossest part it kind of

mitigated because there's so much sugar

going on I'm really questioning my life

decisions they have led me here

oh my god hey Cheers Taiwan 2020

democracy now wait democracy now the

thing isn't well now this doesn't even

taste so weak cuz this is so sweet oh

yeah mmm this was a great breakfast uh

it is it is noon here basically I mean

like Matt do you want to try a bite yeah

that's right

come on man Matt everyone grab a slice

I'm not trying to be able to eat an

entire slice judging from you guys maybe

you'll like it

no no face the camera face the camera

let them see this that is weird

I mean it's not terrible we've had these

more terrible things that's true

squid beaks from seven well those were

delicious nose were so good it's no no

wigs have beaks and they just fried the

beaks and you eat those

well they breaded and fried them so they

were crispy and crunchy and salty oh

yeah that was the last time in Taiwan

just thinking of me watching you eat

that last time makes me feel safe they

did look like little beaks though right

you can see the little like bre sticking

up I'm sad because also I haven't found

watermelon milk and I don't know if they

stopped making it if it was a seasonal

thing sadness well you want to talk

about the amazing election we witnessed

because that was way better than this oh

I like dominoes FYI so I've done those

if you'd like to sponsor this show I

will compliment your other pizzas you

have standards I'd yeah no I mean

actually I feel like that's not too bad

mmm like the crust you know coming from

like New York Pizza crust is a little

disappointing but okay so yeah I mean

thank you for joining us for our

coverage of the Taiwan election it

really wasn't credible um I know most of

the last slide we did on election night

didn't go through so we'll just kind of

go over some of that um yeah I mean it's

like the entire country was so wrapped

up in the election and I mean like I

mean it depends who you talk to to

though we saw a lot of the people who

are probably most I guess when you go to

a political rally you will get the

people who are interested in politics

but yeah Taiwan is a super huge voter

turnout 74% the spouse's ton insane

what's like the us I don't know hey

Matt I think I I bought it tea would you


give me 50 have a cheat right there I

want something that doesn't have sugar

oh gosh I feel like I'll turn into a

cutesy Taiwan character if I don't have

something not sweet okay while we're

waiting oh here's your Chi and I also

bought some some juice milk whatever you

guys wants to juice milk why would you

do that we have one of these for you as

well I inside note eat Ont I love this

stuff if they'd like to sponsor the show

I would be over the moon I love this

stuff why would they sponsor you party

basic cuz I was gonna damn it oh well

we're obviously good at this

gosh I'm sure this is disgusting for all

of you to watch I'm sorry I am so sorry

about everything

but yeah yep yep a nerd selling won won

the election

she was the incumbent president for the

DPP the Democratic Progressive Party and

it was a blow to it's just a different I

was laughing because when you said she I

heard cheating ping likes you so I just

yeah it makes it confusing yes yes so

this was definitely like Hong Kong the

Taiwanese people standing up and saying

that we don't want really a lot to do

with the Chinese Communist Party

especially their influence and economies

party launched a massive disinformation

campaign and the influence campaign to

sway the election probably in favor of

simon's rival Hon Wu you of the KMT

party which one which favors closer ties

to cotton gummy as part really take over

here gets critted like a favor closer

ties especially a closer economic ties

the former president before tying when

myungjae know who he was from the KMT

party was in office for eight years and

during his second term he managed to get

meat Xi Jingping in Singapore do you

remember this yeah it was a big

this huge deal was like the first time

the leaders of like the PRC People's

Republic of China and the ROC Republic

of trying to you know okay Taiwan had

ever met since you know one of them

kicked the other out of time civil yeah

in 1949 so they met in Singapore and

then like she was talking about how you

know we're all Chinese people like blood

is thicker than what like we're all the

same blood that stick Joe said to that

we're all one but like she said the

blood is thicker than water thinking my

was kind of like he like yeah you know

like it was like a endorsement like what

you know oh this talk yeah and then like

oh we should be closer together that

kind of stuff that was his whole policy

going on and then the idea like they

wanted like mind your government tried

to sign like a trade agreement with the

PRC and that sparked this entire like

students youth but like not just

students but it was known as the

sunflower movement in Taiwan where they

basically occupied the Taiwanese

legislature this was around the time of

the umbrella movement in Hong Kong it

was it was the same years the umbrella

movement so like the students like

occupied the legislature like protesting

against this trade agreement because

they were afraid of selling out Taiwan

to China basically and that like totally


Taiwanese politics in a lot of ways

because it gave a lot of power to these

odd the kind of more Pro

pro-independence not like we need to

actually fight a war or break officially

break away from the CCP or the PRC but

like we need to actually acknowledge

that Taiwan is a country and do you need

I just need some form of comfort after

this but I know a lot of people in the

comments have been asking like wait like

wait wasn't the KMT party wasn't weren't

they the ones fighting the civil war

against China and I realized this is a

really good example of just how powerful

the Chinese Communist Party's influence

campaigns can be if they can take the

KMT party the want the party that fought

a civil war against China and got kicked

out of the country if they can turn

those guys into CCP supporters that just

shows you how well the Communist Party

is able to subvert an institution from

the inside so that's why everyone in the

US and Australia and Japan South Korea

everyone should be concerned about CCP

influence because it's pretty effective

yeah I just realized that we've been

missing some chat things that don't

we'll have let me pull out my chat box

so I did see sorry we missed a couple of

people I did see somebody who gave us

$1499 and told us to get a couple of

New York slices thank you oh that sounds

so much better than this let's go gosh I

don't want to hear my stuff alright let

me see if I can find those Shelley you

you talk at them for a little bit sorry

my mouth full Bobo pizza what would you

guys try it yeah yeah let us know about

that ound I don't think but someone says

that bet the piece it looks better than

Hayes pizza they have this like

beautiful like it's shiny like they've

like sprayed like a sugar or something

coating on top of it so it like food if

I saw them they like poured something on

top of it like it beautifully catches

the light in the advertisements there

they had anthropomorphize the bubbles so

they were like little bubbles like like

creatures crawling around the pizza

looking cute cartoon bubble creatures so

yeah that it doesn't look good

Oh fill up a Democrat you know while

you're in Taipei you should try the

original General Tso's chicken the

creator has a restaurant there actually

we did go to the original General Tso's

chicken place and Matt and I did not

like it very much I liked it the problem

was like when I think of General Tso's

chicken I think of that like really

greasy fried not very good quality

General Tso's chicken you'll get him

like a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place in

New York that's the flavor I like this

was actually like good yeah and that

made it bad it was like crispy it had

like it wasn't too like drenched in like

a sauce that was too sweet there was not

like broccoli you know on it like it was

much better but if you want like crappy

breaded general toes drenched in sauce

it does not taste the same Hyannis no I

had a line of thought completely forgot

oh yeah if you're just joining us we are

in Taipei Taiwan we are eating a

Domino's bubble tea pizza

they call it boba tea pizza Shelley is

heroically managing to still eat it I

have I've thrown in the towel we also

have actual bubble tea which you know

it's bubble tea bubble tea in Taiwan is

great but keep it off the pizza I wonder

how they came up with this I wonder if

somebody was eating pizza and

accidentally spilled their bubble tea on

the piece I was like hey it's like that

commercial you got peanut butter in my

chocolate you got chocolate my peanut

butter have you seen that I haven't but

that really it's more like it was it

resis Matt yeah Reese's Peanut Butter

Cup and it's this it's like from the 60s

or something it's like a woman walking

down the street holding so there's one

as a guy on one his woman one's like

holding a chocolate and one is holding a

jar of peanut butter and walking down

the street while eating peanut butter

that's what you do Shelley yeah and then

they collide on the street and then you

know nothing Reese's Peanut where is

tying when made that one doesn't save

but my answer yes no I can't reach it

it's gonna be too offering hey vile 23

donated $20 thanks last episode of

transcriptions great thank you we will

have Josh Phillips on again check out

China unscripted our podcast ah this

is a sign when bobblehead we got at the

DPP election event yes and they're

people selling swag I don't think

they're necessarily really DPP people

but like it looked like a bunch of like

vendors selling difference well I mean

it's happened less democracy but the

word took the bubbles right out of my

mouth so speaking of capitalism it's

pretty cute it says like her name is

Xiao Ying which is like little Yin for

Tanglin and it has like the little

bobble head like Taiwanese election swag

is adorable we don't have any election

swag from humble you her opponent but

there was one that I saw that was like a

little plushie like this one and he's

dressed as Captain America but with like

the KMT logo on his shield and like he

like the colors of the Taiwanese like

the ROC that was officially licensed by

Marvel mm-hmm I mean it's a spoof it's

parody they don't have the license that

it's not captain in America it's captain

I receive well yeah imagine with the CCP

would say about that okay so anyway I

have inish it up you were gonna talk

about Oh discovered right well so there

was a little sticker on the back and I

was like what's underneath this blank

white sticker and we peeled it off and I

don't know if you can see this on camera

but I'll try to here you can see right

there what does that say made in China

so yeah so what do you think about them

apples closer economic ties with China

your first TPP is in bed with China

actually what this may me wonder was

what the people in the factory who are

making these things we're thinking

because like everywhere on that you know

it's like light up Taiwan well I think

those light up Thai wah oh well it

Chinese it says Taiwan this one says

Taiwan on the side

interesting nuances well maybe some

quality control issues was made in China

products Oh real quick right curved

donated $30 Thank You says

congratulations Taiwan for winning yeah

it was a huge victory for democracy I

think but um yeah I was just wondering

cuz like so this is tallying when it's

got sure she's got a little Taiwan on

her jacket like the the outline of

Taiwan and it's just I wonder what they

think this is you know I mean like do

they know it's for like the Taiwanese

presidential election I don't know and I

wonder about all the stuff is made in

China's factories like there's a lot of

weird stuff why am I still eating this

it's just right the weirdest thing is we

were in a Cracker Barrel once and it was

before Christmas so they had all their

Christmas ornaments look great and I saw

like this Elvis Presley Christmas

ornament Maiden don't want China and I

was like there's so many cultural things

about that that like you would just not

understand what was going on right I

mean they probably know who Elvis is but

like yeah just like the weirdness of

like why would you put Elvis on a

Christmas ornament like etc etc all

right most people are asking you this

good well as I said it's not my slice of

tea I mean it was kind of growing on me

I kind of wish we had been able to get

it like warmer because I've seen photos

where like you know the whole like

pulling the cheese off um yeah I think

he'd really would've made this much



cozy bond case did you miss my super

chat yeah sorry Shelley really dropped

the ball on this she didn't see it so go

ahead and after question again I brought

the ball yeah cuz you were you were

looking at you head out and so you know

this is this is all this is all her not

me I love you guys it's her um so yeah

if you were one of those I think there

was like two people who did a super chat

question where you donate something and

we missed it so just just ask it

let us let us know I'm let's see but

yeah everyone else can ask those

questions too um uh also quick quick

note later tonight later tonight for I

think early morning for you guys eight

hours from now eight hours from now

we're gonna do another lies livestream

in a market a night market anyway we're

gonna go to store yeah we're gonna go to

hospital and go shopping

yeah this is the end of the trip and

we're all very tired

Oh scroll scroll oh I'm Paula Ramirez

donated twenty five hundred CLP I don't

know what that is says hi guys thanks

for a great coverage it was a long and

great day for the people of Taiwan we're

gonna get those in signing windows well

you can order them from China apparently

no Shelley Shelley is looking that up

Chilean pesos Oh faces um yeah I don't

know where you can get these like we

were at a DPP rally and that's just

where they comes up on some of the beds

you never drop the ball you know I know

it's always mean yeah so we were at a

DPP the election night rally so um you

know there are a lot of vendors selling

stuff Matt got a very interesting

t-shirt that I can't say what it says in

front of the camera but you know there

are also people selling food Chris tried

a corn dog this is all stuff that we did

in the livestream we're working on

figuring out how to get her better in

the in the spirit of the losing

candidates of Taiwan I need to apologize

for the live broadcast uh we had been

told there was going to be Wi-Fi for the

press and registered as press and then

we try to walk onto the Wi-Fi and we're

like what's going on and then we we

message some of the other press and

they're like no one here is getting

Wi-Fi oh so yeah what was not so good

but what we will be

in retrospect because some of you guys

suggested this and I thought it was good

it's like we should record a separate

thing that's just a straight stream in

high quality and then upload that

immediately the downside of course it's

not actually live and you can't chat

with us but and liming this great

conversation yeah so one of the super

chats we missed

they said I just wanted to say Matt did

a great job on the last America

uncovered so yeah actually there'll be

another Matt American I covered coming

out the story behind this is can I tell

like why I ended up doing sure real


destination Lehrer donated two pounds

China will hit Taiwan economically can

the us defend very interesting that's

actually I thought doesn't me a quick

question we'll get to you in a second

Matt sorry I just wanted to get the

saying like that but yes um so why don't

we make room for Matt just so I'll start

answering this question so China has

already been trying to hit Taiwan

economically and it is working to man


I like the tourism industry there's much

less Chinese tourism they've basically

banned after tying winds came into

office they try to like decrease them

out of tourism by a lot and they also

recently banned individual tourism so

China up to Taiwan basically so you can

now only come with a group yeah however

with the trade war happening a lot of

business that was going to China like

manufacturing and tech stuff is coming

back to Taiwan so actually the time

these economy is doing pretty well right

now it's actually been doing about doing

like terrible but it's not you know a

lot of the older people they kind of

remember when this is similar in lot of

ways to the US where they remember when

Taiwan was a manufacturing hub in like

the 70s and 80s and even early 90s

so they feel like oh well like our

economy was doing much better back then

and then like a lot of that

manufacturing went to China because this

was like cheaper manufacturing it wasn't

like now Taiwan is known for a lot of

high-tech stuff like

most of the microchips are made here and

like that kind of thing but back then it

was you know like the kind of stuff that

usually made in China now used to be

made in Taiwan so people kind of

remember oh it was a lot better

economically so when the KMT promises

closer China ties they'll bring back

that economic prosperity that's what

people are thinking about what it was

like 20 years ago not what it was like

10 years ago or something like that so

that's an effective line that they use

that kind of gets older people to be

like oh yeah we need better economic

ties but in particular right now there's

a great window of opportunity for the US

and Taiwan to work together maybe have a

free trade agreement some day soon that

will really make a Taiwan a pretty big

economic powerhouse and I think it is

like what like the eleventh or

thirteenth biggest economy in the world

I do not know Taiwan's no schlub force

grow so we actually interviewed several

people who did talk about the economic

issue how the US should support Taiwan

the doing a kind of trade agreement or

otherwise supporting how one

economically came up several times yeah

we also had a great interview with the

Joe Rogan of Taiwan but before we go

topic Matt tell your story about America

uncover oh yeah the reason I was hosting

in America uncovered is not because I'm

secretly trying to take over the show I

I'm openly trying to take over the show

ah no what happened was Chris was

actually on vacation and he published

we'd scheduled a bunch of episodes to

come out like that you know couple weeks

when Chris was on vacation and then not

we decided the last minute to go to

Taiwan and Chris cut his vacation short

and flew to Taiwan I and Shelley also

flew from New York to meet him but

before we left we realized we didn't

have any like episodes of America

uncovered for the weeks that we were

going to be here and just didn't really

feel we had the capacity so yeah so I

recorded a couple of them

scheduled them to come out one came out

last week and ones going to come out

tomorrow Thursday so we do whenever we

travel we try to do or are going to be

away we do a lot of work up front to

make sure you guys are still getting all

the episodes oh yeah so if we ever take

a vacation it's actually that or a trip

it's actually we have to do all the work

for that amount of time but condensed

ahead of time I'm so tired

double double the work it's double to

work and then but what that men is like

so we get here we've got these America

uncover ins they're like done they're

ready go oh and then no no before we get

here like we before we before we arrive

but after we've already finished all the

taping yeah yeah no like it was like too

late to do anything about it but

suddenly the whole thing

yeah like honestly wouldn't just waited

like two weeks

I don't think one please uh I think you

should be asking or Soleimani to whit

have waited yeah yeah why do you blame

Trump for everything math hey TSL two

five six that's true uh donated $5

announcer you're gonna cover the dispute

between the US and UK over Huawei 5g

Network we've already been talking a lot

about how different countries are

handling Huawei the Chinese telecom

country company that everyone says he's

a national security threat and 2020 is

gonna be a big year for that topic too

so that's definitely on the list of

things we will be well what happened was

Boris Johnson recently said maybe like

today or yesterday like something about

how you know if people don't want us to

use hallway they have to give us an

alternative as if like the only thing

you could do is use Huawei so which is

not true but it's also convenient

narrative right right well I mean the

whole 5g thing is like everyone wants 5g

despite the fact that we've lived for a

while successfully without it but well

he lived for a while successfully

without cars no no we didn't it was it

was terrible to be alive in any of the

you know

before God Mitchum donated a thousand

yen thank you and then someone also

donated or did a super sticker freedom

not free what does a super stick yeah

man go for it no no it's definitely like

not warm Oh koala 1203 donate five

dollars should the us establish a

military base in Taiwan to deter threat

from mainland China that's something

people people we've interviewed I've

talked about the idea of having a

military US military base in Taiwan that

would be a pretty big jump pretty big

escalation there would probably be

things before that happens that would

occur like establishing official

diplomatic relationships maybe having a

real US ambassador having US warship

dock in Taiwan there's many things that

could happen before that story that's a

big one definitely if not having Taiwan

join the big ones that are happening

having a separate us Taiwan military

joint drill which would be very useful

in case of the event of natural

disasters in the region yeah they have

had drills before but um like the us

has a big one in the Pacific all the

every year called RIMPAC and China used

to be a part of it but so there was no

way that Taiwan was gonna get invited

when China was part of these drills with

like South Korea and Japan and other

countries in the US but then the last

time they they have these over two years

and last time the us disinvited China

like we didn't invite China because of

everything that was going on the South

China Sea so now that that's happening

there might be a chance for Taiwan to

get invited instead I don't know some

some people we've talked to like logging

you the legislature that we talked to

from Tainan who actually he won his

re-election but he was saying yeah

that's one thing I want opes for us to

be invited to RIMPAC oh shah bon k

donated $2 in mass could Russia were

trying to moderate between the us and


I don't think that would be in the

United States interests to have either

of them to be a moderator so I don't

think that will happen if we're back

channel negotiations I think I thought

something about Switzerland or somebody

Swiss like so you they're more neutral

parties available probably been that was

Norway it was normally what's not all

Cogan was sorry it's the Bobo pizza talk

okay I think there were the us was

officially holding talks but the

back-channel negotiations were handled

by a Norway that there were kind of

secret negotiations going on that

actually led to the 94 peace talks so no

problems or at least a few months

somebody AnnaLynne asked me I request

during in pizza for next time nope

please tell us where we can get this

durian nope why don't we get 13 pizza

nope Josh koosy ACK sorry I'm bad a name

donated $499 said should Taiwan

continue maintaining their legally china

or become the Republic of Taiwan so

that's an interesting question we

actually have an episode coming out this

Friday I think dealing with some of the

misconceptions people have about Taiwan

and like what what it is in essence so I

think your question will be answered

pretty well by that episode and also

Chris that's coming out you sat down

with William Stanton who's was the

former oh yeah ambassador to the former

US ambassador to Taiwan but he can't be

called an ambassador he's the director

the former director of the American

Institute in Taiwan which is like I am

just really an embassy but I can all

have to call an embassy because that

would make China very yeah actually one

thing that happened recently was that

the Trump administration sent Marines to

guard the American Institute in Taiwan

which is what happens

normal embassies around the world but

this was the first time that they had

elevated that to the American Institute

in Taiwan kind of acknowledging that it

was a formal embassy so that was you

know that's the kind of stuff that we're

talking about when we're talking about

how come the us you know

diplomatically do more for Taiwan it's

like at that level not yet at the level

of like we're gonna establish a military

base here also when we were interviewing

William Stanton one of the things he

said was interesting is that he was the

first us director to fly the American

flag at the American Institute in Taiwan

like that was seen as something that

would be oh maybe touchy so like this is

what happened yeah so this is the level

we're talking about a multi gova donated

$2 trillion and asks how did you three

meet Oh real quick Halliburton donated

$100 thank you and says the iron cat

wins with a heart I don't know what that


yeah can you explain what the iron cat

is yes but thank you for that donation

thank you but to go back to the multi

grow how do we three met I don't really

know I don't remember how we met did we

always know each other we've always

known each other we've always lived in

Taiwan together mm-hmm

you've always eaten ball repeats yeah

we've always lived in Taiwan or Hong

Kong all right you know yeah I actually

met you through my sister that's right

yeah sister also went to anyway yeah for

music and yeah yeah so that was out like

you we can't remember cuz it was more

than seven years ago you're like oh my

god yes you have a sister yeah yeah okay

so that so that's that we work together

a little bit man yeah

we first met but so then I joined the

show two years in so I turned in 2015

well technically 14 for the Umbrella for

watching but yeah I was the field

producer or the umbrella movement when

the protests in Hong Kong were so

innocent yeah you know pepper spray a

little bit of pepper spray was like

exotic gosh well it's the umbrella

movement did start off pretty violent

and then they like scaled back pretty

quickly Hong Kong police were like well

we don't want to get into that violent

when they when Chris was violent when he

means is the police sprayed cured fire

tear gas at people and we're like waving

their batons like nobody's business

but now we just saw some photos from the

Hong Kong International Airport and they

put up barbed wire in front of like the

like the departure terminal and whatever

it's like really they're basically

taking it looks like it's awful Oh

someone says Thai has two or three cats

and that's probably what's meant by the

I own cats yeah I yes we know she

actually it's someone's tax have their

own Wikipedia page and yet I don't my

short we want a Wikipedia page no no

could you imagine the flame wars that

will Wikipedia is like it is a cesspool

for trolls for anything that's

controversial such as the way that you

talk about China you know you know don't

talk bad about cesspools like that's

really giving cesspools a bad name um

but yes tiny'mons cats think think or

Shang Tsung and I tithe they have their

own Wikipedia page you can look it up

they're pretty cute they're pretty

adorable well I think they should have

made election squad swag featuring

Thailand's cats it's very true wacky

Wambach donated 799 Australian ass when

is chris releasing his range of terrific

ties for every occasion I want one well

I'm actually was very inspired by he's

basically the Joe Rogan of Taiwan he was

a former gangster

he was a Marines businessman MMA fighter

he owns a series of gyms and named after

Genghis Khan and yeah so he has like a

podcast and all he also he does

political live streams on YouTube and he

has so much merchandise oh my god like

noodle merchandise actually but there's

an interesting reason for that oh there

is actually he's need yeah sorry he's

not a sellout

but anyways I'm inspired to do this too

but go ahead Oh what job yes yeah yeah

like they spelled G sounds with K's and

Taiwan but they sell these like you know

like 40 different types of merch

so his brand is called in English as

auditory yes he's got he's been a kind

of a controversial figure about him is

he kind of started off doing like

YouTube videos about how to workout and

things like that and then he started

getting his arms are the size of a man's

head there they are large yes and he

started he's also the only man I've seen

wear leggings I make no comment cuz I

don't want him to come and hunt me down

but like he's he started getting in

whole life streaming like talking about

like Taiwan's political situation and

like he became very like anti Chinese

Communist Party and he and Wong gochang

a from the new Power Party they let him

march over the summer against the

infiltration of what they call red media

in Taiwan which is like media or bought

or otherwise influenced by the Chinese

Communist Party which is a big problem

here and like 300,000 people showed up

to this March so that's why we were like

oh he's kind of the Joe Rogan of Taiwan

but after he just make sure it's still

recording started

two minutes after he started criticizing

the Chinese Communist Party then a lot

of like the business he was doing for

his gym like sponsor started pulling out

and all this stuff and then so his

solution was to start making his own

products and his his idea is partly that

he wants to prove to people that you can

have a successful business without

depending on China that it's possible to

kind of like make it on your own so

that's part of the reason that like we

walked in and like there was you know he

was selling like whey protein and just

tea and noodles and t-shirts like there

was a lot going on yeah so I mean that

really inspired me to like do our own

line of procs I mean hey he has nuts

why not uncensored nuts a whole line of

uncensored products yeah what I don't

know why David M donated five dollars

and says pray Prague is establishing a

relationship with Taipei Shanghai is


oh my thanks for your coverage at

election it does seem like the video has

stopped on my thing I don't know oh no I

just had paused it somehow yeah well

first of all thank you for well thanks

to all the 50-cent army the China

uncensored 50-cent army who is

supporting this trip on patreon

like our coverage of the election not

been possible without their support and

thank you to all of you for watching but

yeah it was great news to hear that

Prague is doing that that like you know

around the world cities are like making

sister cities agreements with like China

and it's disgusting but here this guy

from the pirate party said no we're

gonna make a sister city agreement with

Taipei and I was so upset it was

wonderful I was really happy to see that

that was some good news did you see that

Shanghai pulled out of there sister city

agreement was wrong well I mean that

makes sense you can only have one sister

no yep they were upset about the fact

that Taiwan and prototype a and Prague

signed the sister city agreement but

then someone pointed out if Taiwan is a

province of China then what's the


No Oh getting them at their own game

yeah I love it actually the weirdest

thing about so you know that the the

Chinese government has been forcing like

bullying companies and other countries

and all these people Shan whoa Bo booty

pizza is too much I agree anyway they've

been boat they've been bullying people

into calling Taiwan Taiwan's Province of

China and like apparently this can have

some unattended effects I saw on Twitter

somebody talking about how their friend

was supposed to get a credit card from

their bank in the US because it was

labeled Taiwan province of China it got

sent to China and so she never got her

credit card but like there was no way to

not get it sent to China because the

bank's website only had two you know

like two choices one would be China or

Taiwan province of China so someone is

suggesting uncensored underwear we can

have a whole line of products I think I

know so if you're just joining we're in

Taipei Taiwan

eating a Domino's boba tea pizza which

how did we eat over half of it that was

you – I had nothing to do Isis first one

to try it the second one because I was

hungry this is my second slice pizza

uncensored we can have a brand of

uncensored pizzas boba fett Pizza haha

as a Taiwanese I will say both a pizza a

sacrilegious it's I mean I want a Chris

plush toy to wait suddenly I realize

that maybe this is honey on top honey I

think all right well we should probably

begin wrapping this up because we have

some more episodes we need to record and

film today and in about 8 7 8 hours

we're going to be going to one of time

Juan's famous night markets where we'll

be doing another live so you have a

chance there to ask us questions where

we will be forcing Chris to eat more

things yay what's the secret eat stinky

tofu please leave your comments below I

need to eat this and stinky tofu on the

same day yeah you'll have eight hours to

you know recover when I'm going along

fast alright durian Pizza and then oh

jeez no all right well thanks for

watching I have little live yeah thanks

for watching again big thank you to

everyone who supports China censored on

patreon none of this is possible without

you and thank you to Matt and Shelley

for being here with me except for when

they feed me things I don't want to eat

you know being a celebrity is hard Chris

that's true I can't wait for uncensored

nuts but you know nothing will compare

to the Taiwan time on beef hotpot oh my

gosh that was the best that was really

good so you know would you eat another

boba Pizza if that meant you got to have

more the be pop yes a hundred times yes

all right

thanks for joining us yeah stay tuned

we'll have what's today we'll have more

episodes coming out soon and they're

great you'll love them you'll laugh and

you'll learn something too thanks for

watching China uncensored I'm Chris


I'm shining when goodbye our arms don't

move there's sewn onto her body why does

she sound like a witch

I have a very narrow range voiceover bye

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