LIVE IN TAIWAN 3: The Huge Vote

published on July 3, 2020

and it exciting when the incumbent

president is doing Barry

it just so you know in Taiwan the

president is chosen by a popular vote

unlike in the United States where have

an electoral college so on

need to kind of get


bird seed ifs I win

how much how much she wins by I think

she's definitely gonna win at this point

it's gonna be a significant margin it

looks like which will cream


I don't




and a very


like the man here



third parties like the new power party

like the politician

Huang Bo Chung that we interviewed

earlier this week it looks like the

Taipei mayoral race has been won by the


it previously was the KMT the DPP seems

to be doing a little bit better that was

expected earlier today we were at a

ballot counting at the at the polling

station so the way it works in Taiwan is

you can actually go to the polling

stations after they close and watch them

count the ballots by hand you should

check out Shelley's Twitter at Shell

Jong to see the process of how it's

going he's also got great coverage in

general but it was really really

fascinating to take a look at because

the way that they do it is they like you

stamp a paper




is it gonna reconnect to the same way

sorry about that we met

I'll be there to watch

the media or person who won't just wants

to come by and watch the count for the

presidential election and a lot of

people do do this but in democracy isn't

everybody can official or anything I

guess I just have a higher opinion of

the Taiwanese people though I don't get

it anyway

mark it and announce it again so like

every there's like a like a double

failsafe system the whole time it's all

very low-tech but very efficient get

results quick and very transparent so if

somebody makes a mistake it can be

corrected right away

there's no worries about like ballot

fraud after they're done counting all

the ballots in the box they show that

knocking yeah they show them he brought

to everybody so everybody knows that

there are no more I wish they were doing

the US before voting if you could go

like what some counties

we have a low voter turnout rate more

you better than like the best turnout in

the us so imagine how that would work

if you could actually you know and so if

you're just joining an president a lot

of concerns on our videos or they're

really surprised that the KMT is the RO

China party right now in Taiwan because

a lot of that you know wasn't was in

charge of China the Republic of China

driven out to Taiwan so people were

surprised that the KMT is now the more

Pro China palace party but that that is

what's happened the DPP the Green Party

they're more like pro-independence Pro

sovereignty just like Taiwan is a

country functionally right now that the

KMT does the KMT is like oh we're all

Chinese people just like in China and

here we should have closer relations

where one family we should have closer

economic ties and of course the original

hope was to one day

till some like unification talk not

necessarily with the communist party but

you know maybe some conservative how I

treat China yeah and so on social issues

you actually see kind of a big divide

between the two parties like worried

because the KMT Canada Hangul you he was

promote trying to ties especially closer

economic ties hey they're like boost hi

he did this whole and it was he did this

whole and it was value the Independence

Party had been for like 20-some years

and suddenly they picked the camped here

it was sort of a the DPP won big in the

2016 election also because of fears

about the relationship with China but

then over the past couple of years the

KMT saw a resurgence and in the 2018

regional elections that Shelley was

talking about the KMT actually dick and

in fact saying win the Hat to step down

as a chairwoman of the DPP which made a

lot of people think she wouldn't even be

the candidate in this election but she

has managed a remarkable turnaround both

of the DPP political image appealing to

the youth vote especially anime drawings

of tangle and let's check out the Weibo

voters oh this is the timing when

stuffed doll do you think they have hung

who you put yourself dolls that one well

we're in the wrong we're at the DPP

election party they're probably not

really selling uncle you to swag I

wonder after tomorrow you might be able

to get that at a deep discount yeah I

wonder where you'll find us what would

you do I bet the people selling all the

swag here really hoped is winning right

yeah and like


it's too busy over there we had to leave

but it's paddling like a night market

over there

people selling like little showers like

little snack food it's I mean this is

the winning side here currently

first of all Matt for doing all the

organization and holding the cameras and

the light and then also in particular a

huge thank you to everyone has to be the

patron yeah I mean this was kind of a

last minute trip for us yeah we were

originally planning on coming here but

then we were kind of like you know what

we can do it and it wouldn't be possible

without without your help really and

this is a historic election and you know

Taiwan has been struggling to get

international recognition and this is

like a big moment for them because sort

of the whole world is kind of watching

what happens in these elections because

it does have a big global impact you

know Twitter even made a special

election emotive emoji for those who do

not know it's it's like a little like

Taiwanese ballot that's the Twitter

emoji oh well the elections if you

hashtag Taiwan election or Taiwan 2020

or Taiwan votes yeah the emoji will

appear the hashtag well there you go

Twitter is supporting the Taiwan

election all right we're gonna see if we

can get a little closer I'm from a not

by some little foods and then you can

enjoy some

mukbang and amar we kind of had to leave

the immediate area and come out


as you can see I'm holding like what do

I do with the bike man


so there's no way we can get over there

what's the internet the way it is got a

little hungry so he's back there getting

a snack that it distracted cause like

there's a big like life in the back so

it looks like it's almost like we're in

AI or right now do you feel like we're

in Iowa yeah where's the butter cow all

right so yeah this is very exciting like

I personally feel very inspired by the

display of democracy in Taiwan just how

excited people are how much they came

out to vote is how well the system here

works what was really interesting is

that like we actually went to lots of

Motown and a pretty blue district of

Taipei like that music that means it's

like a tend to be a pro KMT area of

Taipei and last election the DPP didn't

even run a legislative candidate in

viola in this district

they can't see running another against

another similar blue party so this time

the DPP ran like a really competitive

race in this direction showing how

different it was so when we got to the

ballot counting and they started

counting the ballots at first they were

just pulling out like humble you hang

well you hung with you like all of them

were for the KMT and I was like oh I

guess it's still kind of and then slowly

it was like more more more for the DPP

legislative candidate and so they were

like a few hundred ahead so it was

really interesting to see that even in

this pretty historically blue area of

Taipei Pro KMT that the DPP was actually

doing really well so not sure if that's

going to be an indication for the entire

country but it's I think it does show

that like people were worried about what

to be what would happen with the DPP it

seems to be doing better than it is than

they thought

you know I just got to say after

holidays eating with the family and

coming to Taiwan and having all the good

food here I feel like I'm becoming a

before picture what the absolutely I

hope it comes

meanwhile is the really beautiful

behind us let's let's get some b-roll

tamati oh this joy


and I want is such a cute country you

stop can you give a translation Shelley

something about hope


taijuan sorry it could be really hard

for me because we're really far away and

also there's an echo because it's

playing through two sentences this is a

beautiful song something about hope


birds in the sky right now they're

freaking out

know what to make


about sorry we're not really able to get

closer than this

without who's waging

somebody else who's right


I wanted a mosh pit kinda country


talk about Freddy Lynn Smith

I bought them

just everyone just joining us here in

Taiwan during the 11 this is a DPP rally

their candidate scientist was winning

the election right now

yes but looking very likely she's gonna

see you take a look



usually don't break into thought





that song strikes again



a party had been funny

I can eat it

the trees

all right somebody's asking us I'm just

going and exactly what think about we

are in Taiwan for the election


in Taiwan parties and aw man at this

point he's not gonna win I I think it's

what I want president to like more

closer ties and how it stopped come

between the um will there be steak this

tigress in the asia-pacific region join

in on these would all be unprecedented

changes that would piss off the Chinese

Communist Party so I hope it happens of

course the other big factor to this will

be what happens in the us presidential

elections later this year in terms of

how Taiwan is handle so I'm just looking

at some stuff Thai is now one point six

million votes versus huh he has three

point two three million votes

so there's 13 million difference she's

a kobold like Pam blue and he actually

I don't want to lose my point exactly


they came Hong Kong Hong Kong and I'm

widowed and she is hot and I like cats

unfortunately I have not been able to

get in contact with her

I want that election sigh if you're

watching and I know you are is only a

number Shelley 3163

yeah she's 63 of course the anime

versions of side yeah she owns like a

couple of cats and then I'm a dog and so

they're like the big main hamp I made

versions of her and they give her cat

ears there's like general a collection

somebody gave her cat ears during a

rally and she actually kind of briefly

put them off so they became

they were

people like withdraw

had here and things like that Sasha went

on donate $2 Australian these guys were

missing what you're saying sorry if you

need these issues how loud it is but

maybe we'll back up

thanks for letting me know but yeah

she'll carry on with it

Oh story man


this is so nice feel the love this is

democracy that they thought so hard to

get actually they did fight really hard

to get democracy here what is a it was a

collossal law enjoyed until 1987 so from

1949 19 1987 38 years or martial law and

and you know the there weren't

presidential elections the first

presidential elections or at 1996 yeah

so like you can really beat here you

really get a sense of people still

remember this and really cherish their

democracy I imagine you'd see something

like this if Taiwan ever sorry if Hong

Kong ever actually got the right to vote

they know what it means so Americans

listening it's Furley cherish your

freedoms and democracy 2020 there was an

interesting story I saw today a woman

was a kind of a on Twitter she lived

life but she was so funny in Chinese but

Kim wrote in Taiwan but her parents

after living in Taiwan for 40 years

that's highway

you saw the anti-poverty

we're not as hungry rally because we

have juice also hungry use rally it's um

like how hungry you face on the flag not

doesn't have swag I'm gonna feel your

swell yeah


see my swag showing some Cheyenne

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