LIVE IN TAIWAN 1: Chinese language Democracy

published on July 3, 2020

a lot welcome to China uncensored I'm

Chris Chappell

I'm Shelley job and we are in Taipei

Taiwan at a sports game no this is

Chinese democracy in action we're at a

political rally for the KMT candidate

honk oh you yes and we've actually had

to back away from the main rally several

hundred feet so that we could even get

internet so while it doesn't look that

busy behind us right now there are tens

of thousands of people right over there

and they're incredibly passionate so I'm

sure it's only a matter of time before

this rally is gonna you know grab hold

of Chiang kai-shek scream and we're

gonna go industrial city with the port

so it got really kind of economically

hollowed out and he was he was promising

to bring kind of wealth and prosperity

back to go see Tony and he got elected

last year in a stunning upset because

this city had been held by the other

party the DPP for the twenty years so it

would be as if a was gonna say a

Republican got elected to be the mayor

of San Francisco or something like that

right I was like I was like New York but

we've had Republican mayor's in New York

too so it's important to understand that

in Taiwan the difference between the KMT

and the DPP it's not really like

Republican and Democrats in the US the

main difference between the parties

really seems to be their views of how

China policy should be handled so the

KMT was the party that actually fled

from they lost the Civil War

behind there is so much democracy around

me is this democracy or is this just

like the native like the way people

behave when they see cameras happening

she's got the Taiwan flag in her hair

that's democracy so the KMT was the

party the Nationalist Party that lost

the Civil War to the Communist Party the

old republic of china and they fled to

Taiwan in 1949 and established their

government here so Tai wasn't was under

martial law for like 37 years and only

in the 90s did it kind of transition to

this democracy I still like to think of

this as a government in exile okay well

I think the KMT also likes to think of

themselves as a government of extreme

you know there's this whole like

thorough unification or pro-independence

type of debate so the KMT is more kind

of like closer ties with mainland China

so not necessarily like wanting to be

part of the current mainland China under

the Communist Party but definitely

wanting closer economic ties no one

likes to be a Province of China yeah not

exactly but a lot of people are kind of

like oh well you know China's economy is

doing well we should be closer to China

economically so that our economy does

better and there is also the element of

it that some people do see this not as

an independent Taiwan country but rather

still the Republic of China carrying on

from this history although I have to say

both parties running do not like nobody

is saying independence including the

other party the DPP saying when the

current president she's made it very

clear that she's the leader of the

Republic of China not the leader of like

an independent Taiwan so which is the

whole confusing thing about Taiwan it's

obviously like from an outsider would

say like oh yes this is an independent

country its doctors it's a country now

to read

but that even saying that that or

marketing Taiwan as a country on a map

or whatever can be very controversial

when you deal with the Communist Party

of China but and so the DPP the other

party the Democratic Progressive Party

they tend to be very more suspicious of

ties with China they're more Pro Taiwan

sovereignty there are elements within

the DPP that are more Pro independence

but like you know this is there's a

spectrum basically so that's kind of the

the political situation in Taiwan and so

the big part about this is obviously the

Chinese Communist Party is very

interested in how this election goes and

so there's been four months actually

years even talk about how the Chinese

Communist Party is trying to infiltrate

Taiwanese society to have an impact in

this election but so you have these two

people facing off tiny when the current

president from the democracy Chinese

democracy and the Congo youth they may

are watching who's running as the camp –

candidate and how about you is kind of

like he's like wild he's a character

that's the character Shelli is very

diplomatic yes I am very diplomatic in

this particular situation as we are

surrounded surrounded by I'm going

supporters so he's he's like he's kind

of been called a populist he's like his

a lot of the what he's talking about is

about like economic prosperity getting

rich you know let's let's win and make

money you know and so like when he was

elected mayor of Gaussian he was kind of

promising to return some prosperity to

the city by pursuing closer ties with

China so he actually went to Hong Kong

he went to Macau he went to mainland

China to pursuing economic deals

signed like 52 billion new Taiwan

dollars worth of economic deals with

China during this trip but then you know

Hong Kong happened and people started to

get a little more afraid of what it

would mean to have closer ties with

mainland China so there's this is the

debate it's impossible to have closer

economic ties without being influenced

politically actually it's interesting

we've been talking some people here

about the effects of the us-china trade

war on the Taiwan economy and a lot of

people see the trade war is actually

very beneficial to the Taiwanese economy

that it can give Taiwan an opportunity

to kind of stand out especially as a

tech power since there's gonna be these

tariffs on Chinese goods they're hoping

that Taiwan can maybe be bring

manufacturing back to Taiwan essentially

so we'll have some episodes about that

coming out so stay tuned but should we

take some questions take some questions

should do you want to where's my phone

it's very difficult I think I can yell

with questions let's not do that all

Chris is going to okay while in the

meantime we'll show you there's a lot of

people around here we draw a crowd like

I said most of the people are there

saying you know don't have the way I am

T candidate and most of the people are

way behind us they're saying for telling

when to step down the current president

all right so I got this mo I'm looking

at myself I'm looking this is weird

gingersnap gave a super sticker awesome

and oh I – super stickers from ginger

addict I don't know what super stickers

are oh wow awesome thank you

all right so when let's see let's go Oh

somebody asked why the face mask that's

pretty typical in Asia it's not like in

Hong Kong where it's to protect people's

identities it's just a way to kind of

it's hygienic yeah yeah so now you know

yeah bring on the questions Jeff Ward

says I love you Chris thank you oh it's

happening fast where are – Switzerland

yeah hello to all the viewers from

around the world

well what does the poll say who's like

ting to it okay

oh that's is asking who is likely to win

so there's actually a 10-day a polling

blackout ahead of the election according

to Taiwan law so nobody can pull or talk

about the polls for 10 days before the

election however since Shelli did say

Hong call you is kind of a character

this is a good example of it before the

polls shut down he actually told his

supporters to say they were in favor of

time when to skew the polls

yeah he told them to lie to the

pollsters to like make the DPP think

that they were going to win in a

landslide and trying to make them lacks

and not come after and as we were

interviewing a an expert who's

researching the Taiwan political scene

left Nachman he was like all the social

scientists winced when that happened

because you know then like they can't

use any in the data anymore after he

says something like that I mean it's not

clear if that influenced a lot of his

supporters to lie to pollsters but now

you don't know so yeah we the latest

polls before the 10-day blackout period

began seem to say that tying when looked

to be to win by a pretty safe margin but

again 10 days a lot can happen in 10

days and there's this polling blackout

which makes a lot of people nervous and

you know and as anyone watching in

America because should remember polls

are not always the best indication of

who wins an election Zirin do donated 5

New Zealand Dollars no greeting from the

Democratic People's Republic of New

Zealand that's a I see you're very

optimistic about your country let's see

still out there ask what is the feeling

behind the one China policy these days

in Taiwan what kind of as Shelley

mentioned there's a big spectrum of how

people view relations with Taiwan

definitely no one is arguing that one

country two systems is a viable option

anymore after dangan protests although

that is how shooting King would like to

unify China and Taiwan he made a speech

about exactly a year ago almost that

Taiwan needs to unify with the mainland

and it needs to be through one country

two systems just like how successful

it's been through Hong Kong and Macau I

was of course before it started you can

come increasingly less successful here's

a question from Dede will China invade

Taiwan in 2020 and that was something

the Communist Party has long said they

would do but it's I thinking I mean the

years just beginning but it seems

unlikely that this year will be the year

that they were supposed to be militarily

ready to invade Taiwan by 2020 so

there's a lot of caveats in there

earlier this at the end of last year of

Chris when you interviewed he and Easton

who's an expert on like he wrote the

book China's in

taijuan coming invasion of Taiwan she's

single thing not yet right they're not

well yeah I think we also interviewed a

guy at Jim Finnell former intelligence

officer at the US military and he had

this idea of the decade of concern where

sometime in this decade you will see

China economies party making some kind

of step to actually conquer Taiwan I

mean if they can't get closer ties in

some other way either economically or

politically another donation from David

Wilson Johnny at $10 thank you

he's Taiwan for sale the Greenland deal

seems to be on hold we in the USA need a

new friend

I know it's as a new island Oh a new

island I don't know why maybe Freudian

slip of Samaria

I want a friend well definitely a big

topic of conversation is how US Taiwan

relations should be like how you're

taking this question very seriously and

so I know

well hey he gave $10 so I'm giving him

his money's worth

so there's a big range of what people

would like to see the us do everything

from more official diplomatic record a

recognization to actually sending in

different ships to dock in Taiwanese


having Taiwan join military drills in

the Pacific everything add to that show

so I don't think the years is gonna be

able to buy Taiwan no I don't think

that's probably an option economic

closer economic ties between the us

and Taiwan or between China and Taiwan

could have a lot of influence that

all right let's see what else we have


is their pronounced urban-rural divide

from act to move LOL Johnny a $3 thank

you there is somewhat of an urban rural

divide but I would say there's more of a

generational divide KMT does kind of

skew a little older I feel like I got my

wish for a new friend

so there's actually an interesting

phenomena that's been happening in

Taiwan politics over the last four years

which was like a lot of these third

party parties they're called third

fourth parties in Taiwan just a quick

heads-up matt is absolutely surrounded

by people gawking and we can see like

there's a lot of people that have

gathered again Chinese Democracy we're

an American show China uncensored a lot

of the younger people have been

attracted to these like third party like

the new people new power party and

different parties unlike the us Taiwan

has functional third parties they're

pretty new though they've only been

functional for the last like like

they've only you only see a third

parties being elected to the legislature

in the last four years or so yeah

there's actually an effort to these

third parties kind of want to make it a

two-party system again just without the

KMT well depends there are also third

parties that are more on the KMT side

that is true so rainmaker donated $10

Canadian Chris Kelly do awesome work

thank you vote from Canada and the Lucas

army oh hey yeah let's stay free from

the CCP ideally ideally I would say

wait let me just check this got that got

that no no that's the wrong button okay

no green from the Philippines from scrap

goes live it's a dog life I missed the

Philippines I'd like to go back living

so ask greetings from Singapore do you

think that Putin would bolster Taiwan

also is Chris functional I'm super

jet-lagged so I'll answer that I

probably am not super functional we were

we were a little sleep deprived and we

were reading an article on the way here

about how things sleep-deprived just

like makes you function worse I worked

on being drunk so I mean just just think

of what high quality content we're

putting out in the sleep deprived State

imagine what would happen if we were

actually getting sleep it's unbelievable

I don't know what what do you think

Putin would do I don't think there's

really much of a Taiwan Russia

relationship and I'm aware

I don't think so since Putin has been

given the friendship medal like from the

sea Jing ping yeah I don't think that

leaves a lot of room for him to also be

friends with Taiwan now you know it's

like elementary school you can't have

two best friends you know that got me

into trouble

let's see when will we get election

results that's from Andrew Cheng the

elections elections are Saturday the

11th in yes okay it's definitely the

11th are you sure I am positive not the


we will do alive oh so we'll do another

life tomorrow night or tomorrow morning

America time for tomorrow there's going

to be a rally for the DPP the other

party where we are right yeah with the

current president where we are today and

then on Saturday there will be election

results coming in also in the evening

and there will probably be another rally

of some sort so we'll be live we do a

live on Saturday let you know who want

oh come on

D says Taiwan number one what about the

us hello from Germany Wow people from

everywhere it's really cool to see how

much people around the world are

interested in seeing what happens in

Taiwan because really Taiwan is on the

front lines of a battle with the CCP and

what happens here definitely has global

ramifications so someone's saying

Taiwanese democracy not Chinese

democracy I know but I'm making an

ironic statement because the CCP always

says the Chinese people aren't ready for

democracy and I thought you were just

talking about the somewhat mediocre

no that was not but that is an

interesting thing that bring up because

the identity issue between being Chinese

versus Taiwanese increasingly more and

more people more more younger people

especially identify as Taiwanese and not

Chinese and that's another divide

between sort of KMT and one of the

campaign's policy platforms is you know

loving Chinese culture so they

definitely want to use that like shared

Chinese culture to feel closer to the

mainland and also to they feel like it's

part of the KMT identity too so act on

the LOL donate another $5 asks are there

any wet are there any wedge issues non

CCP related that are being debated a lot

of economic stuff I think yeah the DPP

that the current party in power had

tried to pass some like labor reform

laws and they were getting kind of

slammed for kind of like a slowing

economy although if you look at the

actual statistics the economy's done

better than the last four years and it

had been previously under the KMT

president but there's a perception that

the economy's not doing as well so

that's definitely one another one is

kind of gay marriage when yeah and this

is an example where the two parties are

not like left and right in the US so the

DPP passed game gay marriage law and was

the first one in Asia to legalize gay

marriage here in Taiwan and but there's

been a lot of opposition from that from

both the KMT which like a lot of the

candidates are saying they would repeal

the law or and but also within the DPP

like some of the older DPP

members are more conservative so they

don't like the gay marriage law either

so there's that doesn't break down

cleanly between parties it makes it more

compliment him he has been trying to use

gay marriage as like a wedge issue res


donated $5 newzealand still waiting on

those chris chappell action figures

promised last year in the Hong Kong

protesters video I'm still waiting for

those action figures as well I hope they

come soon are you just thinking that

like they will magically appear yeah I

kind of am thinking back okay I think I

missed some okay but Zurich he donated

$5 Australian I'm guessing why isn't the

Hong Kong situation scaring off the KMT

voters slash Pro CCP ties will

definitely change the way KMT candidates

talked about China you know again there

was a time when one country two systems

or something people some people in

Taiwan were saying is a option no one is

saying that now the hug well you had to

come out and specifically say that there

will be no one party one country two

systems' something about over my dead

body so in the rhetoric they don't

really like both the DPP n came TR

saying no one country two systems but

it's just that the KMT is more like well

we can have closer economic ties without

jeopardizing ourselves the Hong Kong

protests kind of put them in an awkward

situation because they don't want to

come out too hard against the CCP and

what's happening in Hong Kong cuz they

want to have the size but politically

they can't be like hey everything's cool

in Hong Kong

but the DCP has very specifically been

using the Hong Kong protests as like you

know hey this is what we don't want to

be you know they've released campaign

videos and things like calling out the

Hong Kong protesters and saying we need

to preserve our way of life for our

future and our kids specifically trying

to target younger voters and actually

young voters I think it was like a 60%

young voter turnout last election which

is high for the US but look here we

chairs you know some of the older voter

groups can have like over 80% turnout in

Taiwan Oh Bret rebel son donated $999

thank you but he asked do you guys have

any thoughts on the events in Iran over

the last week and I unfortunately I'm

gonna have to say let's save that for

our other show Americans covered some of

you don't actually know we have a sister

channel called America uncover if that

is you and you were surprised here we

have another channel check it out

America uncovered we do cover we're not

gonna be really singing around video

just because we're busy here at the

moment but we will we will be covering

that topic more in-depth I'm sure at

some point soon knocks yes right donated

two euros KMT win equals higher risk of

unification question marks thoughts will

again that whole unification there's a

spectrum of what that means I think the

question though is is that a higher risk

that the CCP will try to forcibly unify

the country

is what I'm getting from quota

unification Oh possibly so so during the

last KMT president but they were kind of

focusing on closer economic ties and

using like the kind of soft power stuff

to convince Taiwan to like that closer

to mainland China so that's probably

what they would do again if there was

another kmt's president so kind of

emphasized like two softer stuff the

Taiwan was about to sign a trade pact

with mainland China and then a lot of

especially young people came out and

protested and occupied the legislature

back in 2014

Sunfire which was called the sunflower

movement which led to a lot of these

like new third parties running in the

election and stuff like that so it's

successful yeah so that's been really

controversial in the past so there's

like only so far they can push it it's

also going to remember that we've seen

the Communist Party's MO and any time

any country gets more involved even just

economically the CCP uses that as a

window to subvert liberal democracies

around the world yeah we see it

happening in you know Western countries

like Australia the US Canada you see it

happening in Africa it's not really

something that like I mean I personally

don't think it's really possible to have

closer economic ties without the

political involvement when it comes to

the CCP but yeah they use democracy to

undermine democracy oh NP is saying I'm

watching you instead of paying attention

to my 8:00 am class good for you you

learn more on on YouTube than in these

classes did that good message for the

kids if you get caught by your professor

it wasn't our fault yeah definitely

all right

the time I just got rabbit here – I

missed that I'll have to watch that

again oh we got some more fly questions

questions try timings McDonald we have

and there was much regret food in Taiwan

is great we went to Thailand today

what's your like by the way you can go

from the top to the bottom of the

country in an hour and a half on the

high-speed rail fee to take four hours

driving so we love the high-speed rail

and we want to do an interview with a

legislator there but we also went and

had the best peacock pot and of our

entire lives

yeah they grow all their beef there

locally they grow their beef yeah the

feels raised yeah speaking of Jose

Manuel me know that they said salutes

from Colombia salutes back to Colombia

oh hey bunny Bungie Studios has no fire

here in Brisbane that's great and the

fires in Australia have been insane I'm

very sorry to hear that

oh yes I am drinking my ph9 water I'm

trying to really stay hydrated the whole

world have to unite to defeat those

monsters in Beijing that's from the

fighter boy well of course that would be

the opinion of the fighter boy the whole

world has to get together and fight

somebody asks you're likely to win well

so as we mentioned earlier polling data

there's a 10-day blackout and polls

before the election but previous polls

did seem to say that sighing when was

the favorite candidate but you also

never really know until because you

don't know how many people are gonna

turn out to vote so there's a lot of

anxiety around this election let's say

in fact one of new things that has been

trending is the some term in Chinese

like kind of translates into like

feeling of doom like a feeling of doom

about the future of the country which is

you know it's always good to hear which

is also why it's like kind of this

election is kind of dividing families

especially between the young younger the

youngsters the younglings and the old

folk well you are not doing well okay

what do you mean the younglings have you

ever seen Star Wars I'm from Pittsburgh

so Yuengling is a beer really yeah all

right I think we have time for just one

more question unless he who's a lucky

person gonna be sexy

what what is gonna be a good final one


let's see come on I feel like what's

happening does anybody have a question

is it scary their questions somebody's

asking if I feel feel chilly know I'm

hot blooded American what did you see

there was something about Hong Kong

refugees Oh what about the Hong Kong

refugees being smuggled into Taiwan is

it considered smuggling well I guess

they don't want to get in Hong Kong they

don't want the protesters getting out so

in a way it is smuggling

there are people who have like fledged

Hong Kong to Taiwan protesters they're

pretty worried about the election

there's been some criticism that like

the DPP despite supporting Hong Kong

protesters hasn't done enough to kind of

help them legally you know be able to

like come here and have refugee status

whatever I'm not completely short of the

details but like that is that is an

issue that people are talking about

during the election so obviously Hong

Kong protesters who are coming here

would be on the side of the DPP and not

the KMT because they don't want to worry

about being taken from Taiwan yeah all

right so I think we're gonna wrap up

this live remember we're gonna be doing

another one tomorrow at the Democratic

Progressive Party rally for tying win

and then we're gonna do another live on

Saturday for the elections and we'll let

you know who who won well hopefully

we'll know by that hopefully we'll know

by then I think either way we're the

winners and you're the winners because

you get to walk okay I think Chris needs

to go now good night thanks for watching

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