LIVE: Google Pixel 4a Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

hey everyone digital david here welcome welcome welcome to my amazon live stream thank you guys so much for being here and stopping by give us a follow if you haven't already on amazon live i'm gonna go ahead pull up the live stream really quick i want to make sure that everything is healthy and today we have some exciting news we're gonna be going over the google pixel 4a guys yeah you heard that right google pixel 4a i got the chat

Pulled up can't wait to hear from you guys we have it right here in the studio i already went ahead and i got an unboxing video on the youtube channel and i have an unboxing video on the amazon product page that should come online soon anytime now so you can check out those videos in case you missed something in the stream but i'm just so honored to have you guys here tonight in the studio you may notice my camera right here that's just gonna be so i can cut to some up close shots for you all with

The phone and i can't wait to just make this stream awesome for you guys so we got sean in the chat welcome sean thank you for being here guys i might be on instagram right now too i'm not sure it's a little confusing but it might be live on instagram so we will have to see i want to see if that's working but welcome whatever platform you're watching us on guys thank you so much for being here my main daily driver is the google pixel 3a

So it's really exciting that we have um the pixel 4a here in the studio yeah sweet the video's live so yes joe minx in the chat for instagram so i got that up there too this is so cool it's so fun so i'll see if i can leave that chat up for you guys for a little while but find me on amazon live if you want to talk so this is awesome we got pandas panda squad i don't know if that would say that panda squid how do you spell no that's not squid panda squad isaiah here

Joe on instagram sean holding down the youtube for two welcome everybody this is a great fantastic stream i love having you guys here so in this video too i want to point out i got the iphone sc 2020 in the samsung galaxy a51 so we can kind of talk about all three of the devices if you want this is really cool guys i love that i'm live on all of the platforms so that's that's really neat so welcome this is so cool this is really fun

So yeah we'll try to leave that up for a little bit but guys thank you thank you thank you the products are linked below so if you're on amazon live go ahead and click those links below please give us a follow on there so yeah uh mine for pixel 4 that's awesome we're looking at the pixel 4a it was just announced officially yesterday and it ships august 20th so this is what we got right here so i can't wait to show you guys this

First up i want to thank google for sending me this phone i did receive this as a gift from google but there were no expectations no strings attached nothing along those lines guys for me to be able to you know say something or have to have a script or anything like that that is not the case at all so just know that anything expressed in this video is of my own opinion beliefs nothing in

Regards to google but thank you google for sending me this phone hopefully i do you guys proud in this live stream tonight in all the future videos i release on this phone i'm wrapping up my full review i spent the full day with it hopefully i'll publish that review video tomorrow and upload it on amazon as well for you guys i just need to go out and test the night mode so i can't wait to test that out so i'm really excited guys this has just been an

Awesome day spending some time with my new phone that i'll be using um going forward in the future to replace my pixel 3a so that's what we're doing thank you google for sending me this again no um script nothing like that that i have to say or do every opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own if you're on amazon go ahead check it out it's linked below this is where the link will take you right there guys

There's the product listing on amazon google pixel 4a new unlocked android smartphone it comes with 128 gigabytes of storage six gigs of ram up to 24 hour battery and the color is just black so here we go okay guys this is awesome if you're in the chat let me know right now what phones you have sean says he has the samsung galaxy a70 that is an awesome phone panda what do you have isaiah what phone do you have let me know you said oh you have the pixel 4. sorry you said that so we have isaiah in the chat he has the

Pixel 4. sean has the galaxy a7 we have um wait whoops wait oh you're getting the iphone 12 pro that's awesome rp3 my man how's it going how you doing i just saw you got the pic you got the gift from google too right what's up yeah that's awesome so i can't wait to see your content guys thank you all for being here rp3 what's your daily driver right now what's your main phone you use um and then we got good username in the chat hello to you you don't have one that's okay what

Phone would you want to get let me know in the chat but yes what a great day for rp3 and myself thank you google for sending us these devices so we just want to do you proud with how we can promote it and market it for you guys so rp3 though what is your um what's your uh what's your daily driver right now for a phone i'd love to hear what your daily driver is um and then good username yeah in the future maybe maybe you'll get maybe you'll get a

Phone so we got again to recap we have a pixel 4 user in the chat we have uh a future iphone 12 pro wait but iphone 12 okay all right that's just okay we got a pixel 4 user in the chat we got a galaxy a 70 in the chat and um we have okay oh iphone 12 pro max in pixel 3 xl for work all right he's driving some sweet phones right now so oh pixel 3 xl i can't wait to hear your take on this one then so this is my main daily driver i'm kind of reverse so

My main phone is my pixel 3a has been for over a year now i think when i bought it my work phone is the iphone sc 2020 um and then i just have some other phones like the tcl 10 pro and um i know what you meant 12. i kept saying 12 too somebody said 12 earlier in the chat but yeah iphone 11 pro max so that's a legit phone that's the top of the line top dog but then i have um the uh a51 um just kind of keeping around my studio for now i want to make some more content on it the tcl

10 pro so those are some fun phones that i have anyways guys so we got back we got back tcr in the chat what's up thank you for being here back tcr what is your phone right now what's the current phone you use so i'm doing great guys how are you doing let us know in the chat i love seeing you guys talk with each other good usernames in the chat chatting with beck right now so that's awesome you guys are fantastic for being here

Like comment subscribe make it a clean sweep please go ahead find us on amazon right now yes amazon has live streaming you can find us on there come reach out to us on there because here's the thing i'm seeing a tremendous chat on youtube twitch and then i have some people live on instagram right now but here's what i hear when i go over to amazon live and see the chat crickets crickets that's what i hear crickets

Crickets chirping that's what we get thank you good username for the follow on amazon live that means a lot to me guys i stream five times a week on there and i'm working on spinning up live streaming everywhere all that to say hold me accountable but my main goal and focus is to talk to you guys in the chat that's the only reason i'm doing a live stream because if i wanted to not answer questions or just not engage with you guys i could just post my videos on demand but i want to talk with you all so

Great question so would you pick the iphone se or the iphone 11 pro or 4a pixel pixel xl whoo that's tough i personally am just not an apple guy so i think my gut reacts but here's the thing i don't know i don't know i don't know that's tough if i just for me personally i would pick the pixel 4 xl just because i am just not an apple user i have the iphone se 20 20 i'm just not for me i love love love everything i have is google i got gmail

I got google drive i have all that stuff linked to google so it just makes more sense to have the google phone but i i hear you on wanting you know somebody to pick maybe that iphone 11 pro because right you use everything apple you got your imessages whatever like you just use apple i personally just use all google products so i would pick that for xl personally but let me know what you guys think in the chat which one would you pick so love to hear from you guys so anyways

Right now here's what we're doing we're going to unbox this bad boy in real time well first let's go ahead let's talk about some more tech specs really quick so we can see some cool pictures too there's one color so you can pick whatever color you want if it's black currently guys it's 349.99 so it's a screaming deal if you ask me already it competes with the iphone se the samsung galaxy a51 um yeah so just really exciting i'm

Really happy that they came in under 3.99 thank you apple for that from letting google come in cheaper way to go very happy love love love everything about it we get six gigs of ram the 12 megapixel camera on the back eight megapixel camera on the front google will give you the latest security updates for three years which is huge so yeah it works with your major carriers comes unlocked so verizon t-mobile sprint att and other major carriers just check

With your specific carrier so panda panda squad isaiah's question is the iphone 12 which hasn't launched yet or the pixel 4a the iphone 12 hasn't launched yet so you know without seeing it or really seeing leaks and stuff on it i'm not sure i can't pick that one so i picked the pixel 4a but they're going to be completely different the iphone 12 is going to come in at a much higher price point and have different features and specs that you don't get on the budget end so

The real question has to be like the next version of the iphone se 3 or whatever you want to call it 2021 that would be the competitor to this not necessarily the base iphone you know just just kind of depends so that's my take on that but great question so i'm so glad you guys are here i'm glad you're doing really well good username thank you guys for being here chatting love seeing you guys there you can find us on all the platforms right now so

Here we go guys you can see 349 on amazon it will be released on august 20th 2020 up to 24 hours battery life three years of software um security updates which is fantastic you can buy it on amazon i have it linked below please go ahead and check out that link we got hdr plus night sight portrait mode and snap then share adaptive battery guys so this can help make your battery last up to 24 hours call screening i love call screening

That's one of my favorite features i need to write that down make a mental note so when i finish my review i can share that pixel recorder security we also have a really cool music mode that can listen in in the background and identify songs for you which is cool here's the current pixel lineup we got the 4 the 4a and the 4xl you can see the differences right there we got a 5.8 inch full hd it's an oled display it's 1080 by 2340 pixels

443 ppi for that in case you're keeping tabs on that six gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage which is perfect no water resistance no motion sense and there's no um squeeze for google assistant anymore so i like that feature sometimes on the 3a but i can live without it too so that's what we got there we have an interactive chart we can see so we can click on stuff 12 megapixel rear camera fingerprint sensor 8 megapixel selfie cam

And it's notched into the display which i'll show you in a minute all day battery life we have and that's a 3 000 maybe 1100 or so milliamp hour battery so they can use that adaptive battery to learn your favorite apps and reduce power to the ones that you rarely use which will help you achieve that great battery life oh we got more people in the chat wait let's see true i okay yeah i don't really like it but that's fine yeah that's just that's that's my truth so that's that's my truth i hate that's a

Stupid line that's just my opinion too i wouldn't say i hate them i just like google products better which is why i've been using the pixels since day one i switched from an iphone what did i have an iphone 6 to the pixel and i haven't looked back since i had the pixel the pixel 2 and i had um the pixel 3a now and now thanks to google with their nice gift to me the pixel 4a so really pumped for that so we can learn more about the phone right here too they're clicking that one

Yep and what's this one 120 gigabyte storage and fast charging enjoy up to seven hours of use on a 15 minute charge with the included adapter so i have a video published it will show up right here it's still processing so give it a day but then check out my video there i plan to have a couple here's some questions people have answered already no reviews yet because it hasn't shipped to anybody in the public but there's a brief overview of it guys thank you for being here this is so

So fun i just love that you guys are here in the stream i love that you're chatting with each other i love that you're building a community that's what i want i want to answer your questions i want to engage with you guys i want to try to provide some helpful insight and info when i can which isn't all the time but this is cool i'm just glad you guys are here and watching really awesome just so beyond awesome so yeah just glad you guys here if you're watching this reach out to us i can see the chat if

You're on youtube twitch twitter i believe and definitely amazon live so be sure to answer your questions on there we are streaming on instagram right now but that stream's a little wonky anyways because it's portrait mode so it is what it is but yeah reach out here oh twitch i can see your twitch comments too so yeah guys this is it it's showtime 349 available august 20th you can order it now on amazon the link is below go ahead and check it out it's

The google pixel i want to keep saying 3a 4 a thank you google for sending me this let's go ahead let's fire it up you want to go to the overhead camera at the top so you can see the product packaging right here pixel 4a nice product cut out you can see the camera sensor module you can see the power buttons and the up and down you can see the side right here same thing volume up and down power button google logo at the top google on the side

More product information on the back side for you we have 5.8 inches 128 gigs just black is the color model number is g025j so hey i'm so glad you love our videos hey it doesn't matter how old or young you are i'm so glad you're here and just thank you for being here and engaging with us isaiah this is awesome so all right guys let's get back to this but i'm always going to read the chat and talk to you all so here we go pixel 4a let's open it up you ready for it there it is oh she beautiful

She beautiful let's go so what do we get for that do we get anything good let's see we are going to where is it that's what we get yep that's what i'm talking about round of applause for the google pixel 4a we just unboxed it guys right here check her out she's beautiful love the little contrast they have with i keep calling it seafoam green right here for the power button there's the notch for the camera if you can maybe see if i can reflect it again see the notch right there for the camera

Pretty sweet tada what do you guys think about it anybody what do you think google pixel 4 a are you happy with it i'm happy with it drum roll it's time all right you want um where is it i don't have drum roll this is what this is the best i got i know that'd be awesome though i need to get a drum roll i need to put that yes it does look pretty awesome i agree so let's go let's look at some more of the package contents

So we have your documents right here we got your sim removal tool we have your warranty safety and compliance regulatory manual we have your quick start guide right here very simple and straightforward meet your new pixel set up your new pixel so you can see we got our sim card tray 3.5 millimeter audio jack power button volume up and down usb type c port pixel imprint so your fingerprint sensor on the back then they show you how to set it up you

Can connect your old phone like an iphone to it and they give the adapter that you need so we can see everything else in the box power supply so it's a usb type-c power brick see that right there then we got our usb type c to usb type c cable and then we have the little usb adapter if you need to plug a usb cable like from your iphone and a lightning to usb end into usb type c that you can plug right into the phone so that's all the specs we get right out of

The box so one side is in english the other side is in other languages so you will be taken care of whatever language you understand so that's all the package contents pretty sweet right guys let me know what you think love seeing you guys here this is awesome see if i can put this back together at all probably not but maybe maybe maybe all right there we go let's get it on there we go and it's back on

So that's it for the package contents we don't need the charger or anything else out of the box oh man well i tried so there's that i like to keep stuff like pretty pretty pristine if i can so that's the package contents now let's get to the good stuff let's power on the phone so i'm powering on the device right now ooh check it let's switch to the up close can so there it is right there let's go ahead let's open it up make sure we're good guys i got some benchmarking apps

Installed and stuff got some benchmarking apps installed we'll go over all that here so that's what we're gonna do great britain hello hello welcome welcome everybody thank you so much for being here guys it means so much to me you guys are just so fantastic for watching and being here love seeing you all in the chat we're going to be live till around 9 50 tonight so another 40 minutes or so we'll be spending our time with the google pixel

4a if we have any extra time at the end we can talk about some of the other devices i linked to on the amazon live stream they got the google pixel 4 and the 4xl so let's go ahead i might want to i want to darken it up a little to show you guys the phone so here's the phone check it out how cool is that try to keep it like that maybe so you can not see um the camera reflection as much but here we can go ahead we can adjust the brightness we got max brightness right there

All right let's see so i gotta say that's one good-looking phone i agree rp3 hey david about to cut out gotta go sleep yes dude i don't know how you do that hang in there take that enjoy that grind man that's insane i think you work at ford right did i make that up rp3 roof ford ford employee anyways have a great rest of your shift hope you stay healthy and can't wait to see your content on this phone in the next couple of days so thank you rp3 have a great rest of your

Day good username i agree it is a good looking phone so here you go look check it out you can see the whole display there's the hole punch right there our task bar everything from the top so see how the cutout works no big deal really cool really happy with everything that we get and can see right here it's a beautiful device i'm very happy with it let me see if i can i want to just

Is that any better i might leave it there oh that's what i did because i was adjusting this the wrong way it's probably too dark now so all right i'll just leave like that that's good enough so here we go guys you can see we have everything pulled up right here what i love about the pixel phones they come with stock android this is pure android and it's all of its glory what it's made to be that's what we get right here no ui no

Skin no nothing added to it this is android from google the way it's meant to be so hey good question looks kind of small i'll show you that in a sec whoops google assistant's triggered stop it there we go so i'll show you that in a second we'll compare it to the pixel 3a and the a51 and um the iphone se 20 iphone se 2020 so anyways here's how it comes to you obviously during setup you can change the background i picked this background that's supposed

To change with the battery and stuff so not my favorite but i can swap it out if i need to i downloaded all the apps you see on this page just to show you guys during the stream we can go over some of those tests games benchmarks we can see everything there then one of my favorite features of all the pixel phones and a lot of android devices just google news this is what's kept me hooked on the pixel phones it's just so much better than what you can you know experience on an iphone and google does do a decent

Job curating this for you a lot of times like it gets it wrong but i'd still say it does have most of the things i want to read about so it's good enough pretty cool very happy that then we can update it all the time so you can see that right there it's really neat super responsive too with the display if you see that right there very responsive we can exit out of some stuff because i have a lot of apps open right

There but yeah pretty cool we can look at some of the settings right here so let's go ahead let's look at some of the settings i'll show you some of my favorite features um yes here we go it is one of them is under sound it's now playing this is a great feature guys so if there's music in the background it will show up on here so it'll show up on your lock screen it'll say like you know intentions by justin bieber something like that you'll see that right there

Then you can see your history too so if you want to look back and see what songs you're listening to maybe you couldn't remember one if it came on the radio something like that you can do that right there and find it so i like the now playing feature that's not specific just to the pixel 4a you can do that on the 3a and other pixel devices but that's a cool feature here's the battery mode as they were talking about so we have adaptive battery right here

So it extends battery life based on your phone use to extend battery life adaptive battery can turn off or restrict background activity notifications for some apps may be delayed so that's nice too yes sean robinson says i use google news on my phone every day me too that's the most addicting feature that i have on the pixel if you ask me i use that more than the camera and it's just so nice to have google news i just can't explain to anybody when i got my wife to switch over from

The iphone she loves that feature as well too and uses it all the time and then it's fun because we just both see the same stories throughout the day and like did you know blah blah blah happened and she's like yeah you know we we do all that so that's cool but anyways awesome awesome awesome glad you do i'm glad you guys like that feature because it's really nice um and then so we got that uh battery mode we have the background music identification which is cool um

Other than that though this phone's very simple what you're getting that's people are just you know giving a lot of buzz for is the camera so they just do so much with so little but it's those little features i just talked about google news just works it's nice um the background music's just a cool feature um it's just a really well-rounded phone so oh i want to show you guys too in the storage settings we can look at storage so here

We go guys out of the box you're going to get at least 100 gigabytes of usable space i have 108 gigs right now and that includes three gigs of stuff i've downloaded and then three gigs of other stuff i downloaded as well too so my other apps almost four gigs so i have seven gigs just between a game and some stuff i downloaded so that would really push us closer to 120 gigabytes or so out of the box but the system taking up 12 gigs right there if you guys can see that i'm still a

Little uh not sold on how i have this configured for you guys is that any better i'm gonna do it like that hopefully that's better so i want to make sure that you guys can see it i like having it lit up a little more but i want you guys to really be able to see the phone so you can get a feel for this yourself welcome to everybody on amazon live please go ahead and check us out my name is digital david i unbox

And review amazon products on my youtube channel today we're going over the google pixel 4a thank you to google for sending me this phone you guys are awesome awesome awesome for doing that thank you it just means a lot to me i'm so glad and honored and grateful to be able to um uh be able to stream and feature your product on amazon live tonight guys it's linked below 349.99 available august 20th is when it will be released it was just announced yesterday

Officially we're looking at some of the settings and features right now so let's go ahead let's dive back in to some more of the features that we have so we're looking at storage right here so like i said out of the box it comes with 128 gigabytes 12 is used for um system stuff so i i can't do math today but i was saying that wrong so you'd have like 116 115 usable if that's all you have you can see though i have a game installed so that's three gigs and other apps 3.8 gigs so we

Already have seven more gigs installed right there bringing us around like 108 or so gigabytes left that we can use which is not bad if you ask me so just so glad to have you guys here thank you for being here i watched the chat too so please reach out if you're on amazon live click the links below and give us a follow i need you to give me a follow on here and click those links and you'll see the product show up on the screen it's really fun to have you guys do that also kind of bothers me sometimes the

Mouse pad is still right there there got it most out of the way i'm going to end up losing stuff over there but anyways so here we go whoops i clicked on something i didn't want to so let's go back here we just looked at storage now let's look at some benchmarks this is really important guys you can download these apps for your phone so this is the antutu benchmark you should download it from their website it's no longer on the google play store but here it is

Guys here's our score compare this to your phone this is important we got 26 15 83 for the google pixel 4a we can see our test results right here more specifically we defeated 22 percent of the users for the whole test all right good username my tablet has eight gigs and two gigs are used for things i cannot delete yep that's pretty typical most will have space like that used up for the os and other stuff that you just are unable to delete unfortunately

So yeah that's what we got though right here guys you can see then for the cpu we defeated 28 of users you can see our individual scores and the breakdown right there for the gpu you can see we defeated 22 percent of users you can see the breakdown right there just to make this less confusing now we can look at the memory defeated 37 of users so you can see what we got right there and then you can see the ux defeated 29 of users android 10. it is

Android 10 on the box i'm glad i saw that i wanted to mention that to you all right there so not bad guys i think those are decent results you can see the battery capacity over 3000 milliamp hours 12.2 megapixels 8.1 for the front facing 12.2 for the rear camera 5.81 inches for the screen size it is an oled display so i think it looks pretty good too so that's the benchmarking results now let me show you what the results are

On the google pixel 3a which is my current daily driver so let's go ahead let's pull it back up let's see all right here is the results for the pixel 3a so you can see the two different scores i can show them side by side here's the pixel 3a 17 2372 defeated did it even tell me doesn't tell anymore defeated seven percent of users so you can see the difference right there

Between the two devices so pretty substantial change if you ask me so didn't double the score but it's it's pretty good all right hi madness madness and good username i will see you later thank you so much for being here so guys that's what you can see right here the two options we have then you can see our cpu for the 3a gpu memory in ux and none of those beat out the 4a so it's definitely an upgrade but i think the biggest difference is the screen so look at how much bigger the 3a is

Than the 4a and look at how much more screen we get out of the 4a so it's just a lot nicer looks a lot better that way so there's the results for the 3a so it definitely beats the 3a now i can show you guys the results if you want for the iphone se 2020 i'll show you those results right here too for the benchmark all right so it's uh

It's different different so and the key difference between these two it's going to come down to a couple things but we're just going from benchmarks alone oops i should probably do it this way you can see the iphone se 2 score iphone sc 2020 verse interesting i don't know what that is we're not going to click it so you can see the score differences right here so the iphone se 2 has a huge score compared to the pixel 4a it's

Got 48 50 33 versus 26 15 83 the key differences come down to the cpu and gpu that are included the iphone sc 2020 has the top of the line um processor in it from apple the best processor there is basically the date is in this phone for and a mid tier not google designed processor is in the 4a so they're in a different boat in regards to the processor and the gpu so that's why you see drastically different scores right here

So pretty big score changes if you're just going by benchmarks alone honestly guys if you ask me none of this makes that big of a deal what people are worried about is the longevity so you know this iphone se should last three years easy three or four years and be just fine thanks to that processor people aren't sure how long this phone will still last maybe it gets you two years you know a year and a half i don't know could you make it three years with this now google what's the

Good news is google will give you security and software updates for three years so you know it's got to be good enough for google to be able to do that for you so you should be fine most people i know don't even keep a phone for three years so that's why i kind of think it's a moot point but it is cool if you want the best processor today you can get it in the cheapest apple iphone so have a good night good username thank you beck for being here in the chat tcr07

For holding down the fort and using the awesome emotes then we also have isaiah i'm about to go love the vids keep posting will do isaiah thanks for being here and watching all right so anyways that's the key differences right there you can see ux verse versus memories pretty close right there so similar ram not too bad but gpu and cpu just blow it out of the water so keep that in mind that's the iphone se so from benchmarks alone this one

Wins hands down but i think for most average users that won't matter and you don't get this has the best processor but everything else is from you know the iphone 8 which is so long ago verse you actually get a beautiful screen look how much better and better looking the 4a is with the screen then the iphone sc 2020 really is a dump with the screen right there even though they give you a killer processor so that's kind of my take on that

Benchmarks alone you know i don't think matter as much they're just a good indicator roughly of what you can expect performance wise now they can go head-to-head we can take it head-to-head with the samsung galaxy a51 which ooh every time i look at this phone i love the screen the screen is so good guys i just can't even get over it so i love the look and feel of this phone i when i first got it to review i was like

Oh man this is awesome and i said this is everything i want the pixel 4a to be from my 3a so here's the a51 gotta bring them closer to you guys we can see the scores right here so the a51 is definitely strikes out compared to the 4a just from specs so it got 17 77.89 versus 26 15 83. you'll see the differences so cpu and gpu big time gpu on this one and cpu kind of hold it back but the screen's beautiful the camera's fantastic

It is an awesome device you can see memory similar ux similar as well but only defeated eight percent of users verse 22 so again it's kind of hard it's not apples apples but if you ask me i just love the screen i love the size of this phone i think the pixel 4a runs a little bit small in my honest opinion so but again not bad you get so much extra screen size it's smaller than the 3a but you have more screen real estate

I just love this i think this is right i think they did it right with their screen size i think it's awesome we can see it from the back too so you pick up some extra camera sensors and stuff on the samsung one which i like as well even though i will tell you the pixel has much better camera quality if you ask me so that's what i feel like we're dealing with there let's see if i can try to bump up some of the brightness again as things change but there we go

Just for fun too we can look at both of them maybe we'll do the overhead camera oops i'm getting a notification let's go so we can look at both of the devices together so to my left pixel 4a to my right samsung galaxy a51 so similar sizes but the a51 is a lot taller uh pixel 4a is not as wide pixel 4a only has one camera on the back we got three cameras with the a51 we can see the screens on the front the a51 has a beautiful display man i don't know i love it i love it i like the whole punch cut out on both so i'm

Happy with that i'm kind of indifferent i think i maybe like it aesthetically in the center a little bit better but i don't know i don't know maybe to the left actually it's kind of more out of the way to the left less noticeable so there's that similar android experiences so but here here's what i got like for me here's why the the pixel wins it's got pure android it has a better camera and i've been using the pixels longer well my first one was the samsung galaxy well my first smartphone was the s4

Here's where this one wins the size screen size and the cameras on the back i really wish this had an ultra wide lens i'm sad they didn't put it on and the performance is good enough so that's kind of what i'm thinking about both those phones very similar guys in the price points but i'm happy to have all of them in the studio same with the iphone sc 2020 design wise this is my least favorite screens not good screen's not good camera so so

Um but 4a i think wins it's really hard though guys this is tough so 3a is my daily driver i'll probably switch to the 4a just because i'm a fanboy but the a51 is a good phone it's a good solid choice headphone jack usb type c ultra wide camera with some video stabilization too which is cool 4a 4k no ultra wide no macro mode so yeah i don't know best camera though just for pictures is this one

But you know best cameras would be this guy this guy just wins for best processor and performance if you're just looking for computing power that's why i'd pick the se 2020 if you're like doing some hardcore gaming that sort of thing that's kind of where i'm at with it other than that i wouldn't pick it for design i wouldn't pick it the battery life's poo battery life's really a dud um so i just pick it if you want the cheapest iphone and it's new but the screen's terrible oh my gosh the

A51 blows it out of the water the 4a is a good compromise between the two i still think the a51 leaves some of the competitors in the dust but that's my own opinion i'd love to hear from you guys if you're watching right now in the chat go ahead reach out let me know what phone you have i'd love to hear from you guys please and thank you currently we're talking about the google pixel 4 a 4a

That's what we're talking about right now guys we're live on amazon let us know reach out with any questions comments or concerns i want to hear from you guys also on that note i need to make sure i didn't even publish then i'm live so whoops now i did but yeah guys welcome we're gonna be here for a couple more minutes probably about 20 more minutes streaming so reach out with any questions comments or concerns so we got president donald trump in the

Chat how did you get the 4a what a great question great question google sent me one i got a gift from google to promote this on my platforms thank you donald trump please don't ban tick-tock so anyways great question google sent me this device to be able to promote to you all on amazon live on youtube on twitch twitter instagram all those platforms give us a follow make it a clean

Sweep guys we're going over all the different phones today that kind of compete with the 4a we got the a51 here in the studio and we got the iphone se 2020 but we had real not real president but just president donald trump in the chat here wondering how we got the 4a guys give us a follow on amazon oh here's here's a visitor too hi buddy so doug a visitor yes nando it is the new pixel here's my buddy too this is dougie the doggy i'll show you some pictures i took

Of him in a minute from the phone so he's over on twitch nando president donald president underscore donald underscore trump is on twitch right now commenting so that's where he's at he was wondering how we got the 4a but yes nando that is the new new new pixel that's what we got up in here in the studio it's right here in all of its glory been using it all day today very happy and impressed with it so far

We looked at the benchmarks in this stream sean saw my dog doug he said ah so that's what we got going on here so we look at the benchmarks i want to show you guys next some of the tests i did i'm currently using the visible network so we used a mobile network to conduct this test just right outside my house pretty residential neighborhood here are the results that we got you can see with a 4g lte mobile network this is not a 5g phone so you can see that right here

Yes i am we're streaming on all the platforms you can find us on all the platforms right now digital david digital david reviews so you can see the speed test we got on the visible network outside of cincinnati ohio you can see it's going to work great on the visible network no issues at all very happy with those speeds for where i live that will just fluctuate depending on your network carrier and all of those goodies right there so then we also

Conducted one we could do it right now on our wi-fi how do i get back here we go so let's do one right now boom we're gonna conduct a speed test in real time on our wi-fi while we're streaming amazon live's the best place to chat doesn't matter though i can see it on all of them love having you on amazon live thanks nando for clicking all those links too really nice to have you guys click those links really helps so i read the chat on all the platforms

Amazon live that was my main one what's my wi-fi password it depends sometimes it's one two three four so here we go though so you can see our download upload and ping for our home wi-fi right there so there you go you can see that well if you didn't that's fine too but if you click on the product links below they show up on stream so keep doing your clicking everybody so it's fun to have you guys here and watching but yeah we just did a speed test no

Issues there now we can go ahead you want to do we can look at uh instagram so here's some instagram right now guys so you can see everything works just fine to browse hey look there's somebody on amazon live right now let's give him a like so i just posted that because i forgot so rp3 tech was in the chat earlier he's got his hands on the pixel 4a as well too yes we have somebody watching us from honduras

Yes welcome from honduras thank you for watching welcome to the pixel 4a hype david is digital david on tick tock i'm a savage oh no i haven't done that tick tock song yet so rp3's in the chat earlier though we can give him a like for his stuff this awesome content he's got producing coming up on the pixel 4a thank you google for helping us hector got to give him a like too he's got the 4a coming up gadgetbeard with some stuff

Too which is awesome awesome awesome so yeah guys you can see instagram no issues right here super responsive love seeing all the creators that got the device we could watch stories if we wanted right there super simple straightforward instagram works just fine on that note let's go ahead let's pull up youtube so here we go we got youtube pulling up right now check it out so last time i did this we actually had one of our own videos show up here let's go find one

Let's see hey there he is he's live right now and look at that what would you know got a pixel 4a unboxing video already on his channel that dude's pretty cool so you can see no issues with the video right there do we have the i don't have screen rotate on yet so there's auto rotate now you can see there's the video playing just fine why do you play angry birds i don't play angry birds i played angry birds in the past though great question

Hi maria thank you for being here guys we're just looking at a youtube video right now works just fine so all that works great you can see we have it in the corner and we can just hit the x and the video is done but we could resume it we could cast it to our tv which is nice too so asphalt 9. we can try that game i just downloaded a quick free game so we can we can do that right now we can try to load it i want to make sure that there's no music playing or anything so i don't get any copyright

Info or any trouble but guys the pixel 4a is available to order on amazon the link is below go ahead click on it do your shopping from there thank you for being here it's linked below if you're watching on other platforms too so let's go ahead let's do our race we could pick a different car sure all right let's go i don't even know how to do all this let's just play i want you guys to be able to see how it looks

How it performs let's go check out the quality for gaming let's go let's jump let's go so far so good though look at how smooth the gameplay is all right let's do another one let's do another one let's go but how do you guys what do you guys think all right nando you can stop those comments thank you though appreciate it but

Not appropriate for the chat on amazon live guys let's look at the quality right here pretty sweet right let's go yeah maria it is a great phone so far so good what do you guys think about that for gaming not bad huh use perfect nitro to gain long acceleration i like to use it right away let's go let's keep using it can we make it to the jump oh yeah check that out pretty sweet

One more guys just so you can see we can see how responsive it is but no issues at all gaming on it really smooth footage and gameplay honestly in case you're wondering too the phone is a little bit warmer up here but not really not what you'd expect i think for all this that it's cranking out not bad though right i'm impressed let's go we got one more all right perfect boost shock waves give you a boost of speed

Let's go to the ramp sweet let's go so nice isn't it let's go bingo so that's it for gaming i think that's good enough you guys get the feel for it pretty sweet right not too shabby if you ask me let me know what you guys think if you're just joining us too what phones do you guys have let me know what phones you guys have in that chat below i'd love to hear from you guys

What you have let me know and what are you interested in what phone do you want in the future so we're looking at the google pixel 4a right now guys go ahead on amazon click the link below it will show up on the stream and that's just cool so go ahead click it below if you're interested google pixel 4a you can find out more about it currently it's 349 at the time of the stream and of the release which is august 20th click on it below maria says she has a samsung we got one here too we got a samsung a51

We're trying to compare two earlier on in the stream i hope to do some videos in the future comparing it to the a 51 but here it is guys in person right here google pixel 4a you can see it here no issues at all with it so far it's been a great full day really putting it through the ringer i'm glad you guys are here and watching right now thank you so much just means so so much to me to have you guys here and in the chat it's awesome awesome

Awesome and if you're just joining us go ahead please give me a follow on amazon live i stream five times a week so be sure to go ahead and give us a follow so you can check us out and not miss any of our content going forward but here it is guys google pixel 4a it's beautiful simple lightweight made of plastic not too shabby if you ask me six gigs of ram 128 gigabytes built-in storage usb type-c we got the

Beloved headphone jack still 12 megapixel rear facing camera 8 megapixel front-facing camera let's go ahead let's do some photos let's look at some of the photos that we took earlier today i wanted to show you guys some of the camera pictures and then for my review i got to finish up after the stream it's dark outside now so i can go ahead and um take some night photos so here we go what do we got there oh

Gotta mess up all right guys so let me show you the pictures that we have this is fun love these pictures these are of my succulents so there we go got an aloe vera couple succulents just regular photo mode they're beautiful photos then we have portrait mode love how it looks so cool so you can see the difference right there look how beautiful that is there's my dog dog regular photo

Portrait regular portrait knocks it out of the park look at him he's such a good boy such a good boy there's a video i took video here's a regular photo or is that now i can't remember so let's see regular i don't know now regular portrait portrait ray oh man i can't tell just some great photos that i took so you can see them right there there's my pixel 3a i had the purplish

Color i love that phone i'm sad this isn't in those fun colors but black's not bad but check out those portraits it's legit i love that look at that picture of him oh my goodness so cool very happy guys great camera let me know what you guys think about it in the comment section below very happy the video is decent um oops i don't want that let me try to go back i don't want to access my not right now oops

Let me not trying to select anything oh yeah so here i can see now regular portrait so good so pretty sweet guys i'm happy with that i do want to see i don't know what i did let me look if i flip camera around if i just take a portrait okay so that was just yeah cool all right so the first two photos i took were just just regular not too shabby so

Yeah that's impressive just regular photos portrait looks good and then here's the one i just took down here in the studio portrait regular so there we go pretty cool guys the camera's awesome now i'll be able to check out the night mode in a minute on it so very happy and pleased with this device again thank you google for sending me it i hope this stream makes you proud guys if you're

Interested in this product don't forget the link to it is below please go ahead check it out do your shopping from that link guys you can order today it's released on august 20th 8 20. 16 days from now it's release so go ahead get your order it's a prime eligible item 349.99 on amazon you can check it out in that link below here it is right here you can see it guys pixel 4a definitely a winner in the

Budget category if you ask me for a really nice and competitively priced phone so it's really cool very happy and impressed with all the features that we get from it let me know guys in the future if you want to see more streams on this phone like comment share subscribe follow us on all of the platforms please please please reach out with any questions comments or concerns i'm so glad you're back isaiah we're about to wrap up the stream

So grateful for each and every one of you being here and watching you guys are awesome so thank you thank you thank you thank you to google check out the pixel 4a if that's not your cup of tea then go ahead check out the pixel 4 and the 4xl or stay tuned for the future pixel 5 or the 4a 5g and everything else that's coming around from made by google don't forget to use hashtag team pixel as well if you get this pixel phone and share your content online so

Other people can find it and enjoy it with you google assistant works just fine on this device too very simple straightforward um yeah it's just really really just easy to use navigate it's a nice upgrade from the 3a maybe i should show you that really quick before we wrap it up too but there is a size difference between the two i'll take it out of the case you can really see but the 3a is a lot larger and um

Yeah so you can oops you can kind of see the differences right there maybe of the two side by side so yeah and then screen size wise let me see if i can get some of my messages off there it's hard to tell but the 4a actually has a larger screen even though it takes up a smaller footprint which is cool so yeah really neat guys yep so glad you're here thank you all for watching have a great rest of your night guys be sure to check

That link below give us a follow make it a clean sweep across all platforms let google know how much you love digital david reviews talking about their products and that you want to see more content from us please and thank you so go ahead guys let me know in the comment section below if you have any other questions comments or concerns feel free to reach out and contact us we got kevin brees in the chat

We got kevin brees in the chat we have to stay online for another minute with kevin breeze in the chat the phone authority if you ask me hello kevin welcome guys kevin breeze honored to have him in the chat fellow friend content creator and um yeah he also has the pixel 4a and he's producing content on it so that's that he says hold on we're gonna wait a second then yes shoot kevin this is not that's awesome kevin tipped two bucks

Kevin that's fantastic oh i mean i'm so bummed um well is that a super that's probably a super chat isn't it okay well i don't feel as bad then but um i have a tip alerts and notifications turned on but for my other gaming streaming setup not this one but i love that i can see it from the chat still so kevin is the super chat stud right there let me see if i can pull up the stream myself and see if i can uh see yes there it is love that there's

Kevin breeze two dollar super chat so fun kevin thanks for doing that that's awesome um but yeah guys go ahead give kevin a fall if you haven't already he streams live occasionally he's an amazon live influencer as well and he's on youtube doing it day in and day out grinding producing incredible phone content he's inspired me to get more into the phone game so i'm really grateful for his friendship and his creative

Expertise and his knowledge on all things affordable budget mobile phones so yeah kevin i got uh once this video wraps up i gotta do some night videos and photos of this and then uh hopefully i will have my first review video tomorrow kind of a first impressions review and then probably like you i'm gonna do some content like the 4a maybe verse the a51 the 4a verse the se 2020 um just some simple videos i'd love to push them 10 minutes or beyond i'm not sure i'll be able to have enough content

For that but i'm just going to do a couple of videos maybe ideally i'd love to get like five 4a videos done about it in the next couple of days especially while we have the phone before everybody else does so i want them to see all the content that we can but i can't wait to see what you come up with too guys be sure to check out kevin's opinions his channels and everything else watch both of our videos see our takes on it let us know what you think on it

Too and uh just so glad to have you guys here and watching like i said give kevin a follow online to youtube make the clean sweep he's on amazon live too so go ahead check him out on those platforms and again thank you guys for being here and watching this stream i can't wait to see you guys in my next stream which will be tomorrow so sometime tomorrow i'll be doing another stream on amazon live thanks kevin for the two dollar tip you guys can always super chat me i will

Never say no to the super chats on here so thank you guys for being here and watching have a great rest of your night click the links below um click the links below if you have um uh any interest in this device it's on amazon it's linked below okay last comment we got kaden saying anybody know why the ice cube i swallowed last week hasn't come out yet caden i'm so sorry but until you can figure that out you're on your own

With that buddy so uh anyways thanks for the comment guys click the links below this stream is coming to an end and i can't wait to see you in my next stream which will be tomorrow thank you google for the lovely pixel 4a i can't wait to keep using it and make it my main daily driver guys until then have a great rest of the night and thank you thank you thank you thank you yeah thank you keep it coming thank you all right see you later you

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