Live Crypto News – Will STO’s Be The Next Big Thing?

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

what's going on ladies and gentlemen it is 6:18 of 2020 it's almost 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time almost Friday but not quite there nice finally caught alive what's up Adam are just to let

Everybody know I am about to get some teeth pulled I've got a couple wisdom teeth that are getting pulled tomorrow so I doubt I'm gonna be on the interwebs doing live videos so yeah there's there's there's some stuff going on but

I'm really today I really just kind of wanted to share a bit of an idea or a couple of ideas and share a little information with everybody you know just so you guys know also I what welcome Big Sky Krypto glad you glad you found it I

Get a lot of people asking me crow what when are you gonna talk about go chain what's going on with go chain and I just reached out to them letting them know like hey what's going on what's the latest last I talked to you guys I

Talked to Jason Decker who you know I know they have a new CEO now there's a lot of big changes going on over there but I'm not privy to any of it anymore and I want to know what's happening so you know I sent an email to their do you

Know director of marketing or what have you and I'll be waiting for a response and once I have an idea as to what's going on I'll definitely share it so I'll let you guys know as soon as I know crow have you checked out no I have not

Playing ancestor on ps4 and listening to crow good times I've never heard of that game I've been honestly I've been playing the hunter call of the wild I'm not a hunter at all I actually hate it but PlayStation had this big deal you

Know or so many different games or like 70% off so I bought a couple of them I bought like a lego game I got like just different stuff as I play it late at night and just to help me wind down and go to

Sleep my tooth is throbbing just so you know like I didn't want to do a video today I was that's why I didn't do a video yesterday but I'm like I cannot go two days and not do a video go chain fell into a coma that the thing of it is

Is they've been active they've been very they have a lot of stuff going on they're just not doing a very good job of letting people know including me so we'll find out what happens looking at Bitcoin right now you know I

Think we're still working our way down this this a wave and I was watching was it Eliseo roost on E I think that's his name I'd have to check I can't remember but anyway he gives some pretty decent trading information and he was talking

About this indicator and how I don't remember what it's called a mo AMA ATX the ATX indicator and I still use market cypher don't get me wrong but the way the market is right now I'm not actively trading anything so if I'm not actively

Trading I'm not utilizing market cypher as often especially on these larger timeframes like the day chart or the weekly but on a daily chart you know I've got this Elliott Wave mapped out and I've got a bunch of different stuff

Going on and I think we are I think we're heading further down during this e way if I just do and originally you know a while back I said you know I don't expect anything to turn around until we've had at least 8800 now we've

Whipped down to 88 86 so we kind of pseudo hit that mark but I still don't know I don't think we're necessarily over that and if I look at if I look at market site for you know from what I'm seeing here it looks like we like if if

Mile you can't even see it so if I'm looking at these the blue double blue wave trigger we've got one we've got two this is perfect for an uptrend so we could be moving up from here we'll see what happens but if I

Were trading I would be probably longing right now but I just haven't and and the reason is because it's so choppy and you know when this ATX indicator Eliseo had pointed out when it's when

When this is under the twenty line this is basically is it's almost like no trade territory because it's so choppy up and down there's no real trend that the price is following there's no real predictability as to what's happening or

What any of it means and so I figure you know what he's probably right I mean but this whole thing here is just it's consolidation to a big degree but this goes into the question like who's actually controlling the market and so

You know I found this article the Bitcoin market is totally dominated by a tiny number of pro trader z– and I was reading through this and I'm like I absolutely believed this I mean basically saying so the Bitcoin price up

Some thirty percent since the beginning of the year has faltered recently but many Bitcoin bulls expected to continue climbing with trading volumes rising during the coronavirus crisis don't bring this microphone a little closer

Now it's been revealed professional traders are firmly in control of Bitcoin market liquidity accounting for eighty five percent of all US dollar value of bitcoins into exchanges with most Bitcoin buyers treating it as digital

Gold for the long term now you're gonna see a lot of different reports all over the internet talking about how you know institutional investments or you know like 13 percent of institutions are into Bitcoin I might even be more than that I

Might have been like 32 percent and I think only 11 percent are into aetherium and so forth and so on and you know for those of you that don't really understand what's happening right now when you're looking at the market

You're looking at people accumulating you're looking at a people accumulating driving up interest and then you're looking at some of these in these major players who hold a significant amount of Bitcoin basically trading against

And so when there are FOMO articles or there's some sort of FUD a lot of these guys who were originally controlling the market price action right now are they're trading against that and they're making a lot of money doing it and you

Know and there's another there's another note recently about Donald Trump you know this guy that he fired writing this big hate book about how Donald Trump zeroed in on Bitcoin and and has done all kinds of stuff to try and stop it

You know Donald coming out and tweets basically saying this guy's a moron like he's his whole book is basically a bunch of Lies and made-up stories now Donald has come out publicly on Twitter basically saying you know I don't like

Bitcoin people use it for bad stuff well that I mean he's the President of the United States and ultimately the leader of the free world we want the US dollar to be paramount over all other currencies we're just doing a horrible

Job at maintaining that and I think when it comes to our government our government at this point is just so it's so old-school we just need a complete regime change in my opinion I mean we need some new blood

Some smart people we need but smart people who really care about the public not just people who have been lifelong politicians lifelong crooks doing whatever they want to do to fatten their pockets and further their careers at the

Expense of the public to put them there the entire system today honestly does make me sick to the core and I the the but the thing that is is you know you you have to play by their rules I mean you're you know as individuals you know

I see a lot of people trying to take stands against this and stands against that well at your own peril because you know the reality is is like I've said in previous videos there's a right and wrong way to go about challenging the

The tyranny that I believe that we currently live in and you know I just don't see that changing anything I don't see anything happening anytime soon and a part of that rebellion obviously is the interest in crypto currencies and

Blockchain technology utilizing these crypto currencies for the better of the people you know getting rid of this deflationary or inflationary system and in replacing it with a deflationary

System being able to start mean if you put money in your bank right now the devaluation of that value our that currency sitting in the bank is not going to grow if anything you could be at a deficit over a long period of time

You could have less value because of the way the dollar is being devalued the opposite is true for Bitcoin and and so that's what's driving a lot of the interest in Bitcoin is these long-term investors now what some people don't

Seem to understand is during this accumulation phase you know we're seeing let's put it this way when we're looking at market value and we're looking at price action what's happening is is we've got the typical supply versus

Demand how many people are wanting to buy and accumulate over how many people are willing to sell it and ultimately that's dictated by the number of people who are not actively Harling the more people we have holding an asset long

Term and not making it available on the market the quicker the price goes up as more people want it so let's just say there's let's just say all 21 million Bitcoin or all all of any asset we're freely available all over the

World okay but let's just use Bitcoin as an example let's just say 20 million Bitcoin were locked up in people's wallets who've been holding long term and the entire world is only trading 1 million Bitcoin well if there are 5

Million people wanting to buy that Bitcoin and there are only a million available or being actively traded that means that there's a much greater demand than there is supply which is going to push the price up on that million

Bitcoin right wrong that's this the demand is gonna push it up the price value of that million Bitcoin and everything else being held so that's that that's why this buy-and-hold mentality is much strong

Than people actively wanting to trade anything especially in these choppier markets and there are more people now I mean records have been broken in terms of the number of people holding digital assets long-term over even a year ago

Two years ago three years ago those holding numbers just continue to grow and get larger over time which means as demand continues to increase as we move further into this bull market the value of these assets are going to rise much

Quicker than they likely did in 2016 2017 2018 you see where I'm going with this because people are getting more and more educated about what's coming and what's happening and what blockchain technology

Is and what it means and how it stands to change the world so people are buying into projects that they appreciate fundamentally and they're locking them away and they're saying you know what if it does well great I'll make a lot of

Money if it doesn't I didn't invest more than I can afford to lose it's a risky investment cryptocurrency is risky another note that I wanted to make is when it comes to leveraged trading you know yeah I'm cool with

Promoting it at this point because I believe you know anybody that trades period if you're buying and selling any asset it's already an insane risk I mean trading cryptocurrency in general is insanely risky anything could happen

In the market and a part of that risk is you know to offset some of that risk obviously a part of your risk management is your own self education and you know leveraged trading is a very valuable tool but it racks a lot of people

There's no questions about it leveraged trading is so dangerous I do not encourage anybody whether you're in the u.s. or not I do not encourage anybody who's new to derivatives or options or any of that kind of stuff to

Get into leveraged trading you're gonna lose all your money like there's just no question about it you're gonna make so many stupid mistakes and you're gonna lose what you put up ok and and so but at the same time I believe in freedom of

Choice you know everybody has the choice to do what they want if you want to get into something more risky than the already risky crypto market and roll the dice and take the chance that you know what you're doing or that

You know your big gut instinct is gonna pay off everybody has the right to do that you know people millions and millions of people have the right to go out and shell out so much money on lottery tickets at the local cashier or

Your local convenience store and ultimately you're just giving that money away the likelihood that you're gonna win anything at all it's very very very slim the numbers are automatically stacked against you and already

Predetermined and people throw their money at that stuff all day so if somebody wants the option to make a decision and have a chance of doing better or maybe making a really solid trade making some profit

Okay fine as long as you completely and fully understand the risks associated with what you're getting involved with as long as you're an educated adult to each their own have your fun my words does not make sense well explain to me

How that's the case and I'll be more than happy to explain things further so anyway we know that in reading this article the Bitcoin market is totally dominated by a tiny number of pro traders so that in essence is a part of

The reason why the markets are so volatile as it is because very few people control so much more now this is the big question security token exchanges maybe the next phase in the finance revolution I've said this now

For over two years that this was gonna be the next phase that I CEOs are gonna get phased out and that it's gonna be all about security token operations from there because even with the FCC coming out and saying you know they're working

On a way they're looking at ideas associated with look if you run an IC o—- you've got two years to make good on your promises and that IC o—- or we come after you and if you do make good believe you alone plain and simple

Makes sense to me leverage training is basically gambling on the over-under I don't know if I would say that exactly but close I sold my one Bitcoin for card ah no I think I made a better investment uh you

Know to each their own I've done it too so you know we'll see how that turns out I think cardano's gonna do very well yo crow gonna be on the discovery documentary for Dragon yes I'm in that I've actually seen myself on tick-tock a

Few times now from little eclipses from that docu-series so security token exchanges could prove to be an option for companies that are seeking public funding but can't partake in the current IPO process in 1996 there were over

8,000 public companies listed on exchanges in the United States fast forward to 2020 and there are only approximately 4400 a drop of 46 percent despite the fact that the S&P 500 quadrupled in value hmm wonder how that

Happened conventional wisdom would lead readers to think that they are looking at a misprint this paradox has led to efforts from both the public and private sectors to help jump-start initial public offerings

Unfortunately legislation like the JumpStart our business startups act or Jobs has not had the desired impact and companies have instead elected to stay private longer than they once did while we could chop this up to capital being

Freely available via private equity and venture funds the simple fact is that for smaller companies the benefits do not currently outweigh the burden and expense of going public because it cost you like a million bucks

For a company to go public with a traditional stock or a traditional IPO stock offering akashi like at least a million bucks and you have to already have reached a certain point of profitability before you'll even get

That far for the most part unless you've legitimately got the funds to really push it is it time to consider the benefits of security token exchanges so and why am I even reading this because honestly when I was working

Crows Nest and I was really thinking you know what I want to have an exchange I want an exchange that's transparent we grow organically over time we do things the way I felt would be the proper way between the regulation uncertainty not

Knowing really I don't believe anybody really has a clue at this point what's the security what's not I really don't I think it's all vague for a reason and I think that it's all it's all up in the air to give lawyers something to argue

About in court so that they make the money I mean I really do I think that the whole so much of this stuff is such a game it's a it's a legal game of who has the funds to fight the system and you know who who can afford the best

Lawyers to propose the best arguments and you know it's like uh uh it's so it all just feels so dirty to me on so many levels but that's just the way things are and I just didn't like it I don't like it and I don't you know there are

There are a lot of reasons I mean the the the the group that we had working on this developing it I just lost confidence in you know after working on it for over a year something that was supposed to be up and ready in a matter

Of like a few months you know just so many issues and I'm like you know what I don't feel comfortable with any of this from the ground up I do not end with and I just didn't feel good about it so I pulled the plug I'm like I'm not doing

This and it just felt like liability City all over the place and I was just I just I just I was like there's no way there's no way I'm launching this to me it felt like trying to launch a you know a Honda Civic from 1980 in in a Ferrari

Drag race you know it just it's just I anyway I'm rambling sorry however and if I ever did which I doubt I'm ever going to but if I ever did try to launch another exchange I would do so differently with a

Completely different group and and I it would be a security token exchange because I believe that the security token exchanges are gonna be the new thing it's gonna be the new I think we're gonna start seeing a lot of these

Pop up I really do and and the thing of it is is that these are gonna be highly regulated and the way that they're going to work I'm I'm going to assume is you're not gonna get access to these exchanges without a complete AML kyc and

Likely accredited investor status and so you might even have to pay a fee to get access to some of these security token exchanges that's just my guess but one because the costs associated with verifying who you are your investment

Status all of that stuff it costs money and so you might have to pay 50 bucks or a hundred bucks or whatever just to cover those upfront expenses on verifying that you are who you say you are and you can legally and participate

In any of these stos and so forth and so on which is a good thing to a certain extent because well it will very much help security but new token exchanges would comply with traditional regulated public exchange processes but have the

Benefits of the computer program ability features of smart contracts compliance processes of which there are many ownership restrictions contractual terms and conditions would be automatically implemented and embedded via distributed

Network of computers that maintain a shared source of immutable information issuers choice for going public is limited in the United States in Canada and Europe there are options namely the TSX Venture Exchange in the aim market

Respectively for small to mid-sized companies to access public markets currently there is no us venture market equivalent go in the u.s. of a company is considering public routes for capital raising and

Attracting new investors their options are limited to traditional IPOs which are expensive requires outside expertise risk of poor trading quality over-the-counter markets limited number of institutional investors negative

Public opinion non-compliance with US accounting standards low liquidity and price discovery or crypto exchange icos negative investor and regulatory sentiment for the 2018 crash which I'm not too concerned with there few

Investors and little in the way of corporate governance and investor protection doctrine alternative trading systems regulation a offering which is like super difficult regulated but only reaches a fraction of the investor pool

The companies would otherwise have access to within a traditional listing all of these options need improvement one way or another however regulated security token exchanges have the potential will

Improve on all the current incumbent options and offer price discovery corporate governance and investor protection in addition security token exchanges can also offer a less complex path to an IPO these are the central

Functions that regulated exchanges do well for large cap issuers furthermore a security token exchange is not limited to just accredited and institutional investors but is open to all participants now this is new to me I

Didn't know this and I'm not even sure how that's possible thereby providing issuers exposure to a greater number of variety and variety of investors so overall overall I think that security security exchanges security token

Exchanges are going to be the wave of the future but we'll have to see let's see cool I caught crow live for a change with sub Dylan's world polymath is pushing to be a giant in the sto market with Charles

Hoskinson's help they could pull it off yeah polymath is doing stuff t0 is another one I know t0 is who has been working with the Atari token or coin I think they're calling it

So yeah I'm curios are two of the big players t0 and polymath wonder if crow is gonna get in on the equity stake being offered in Celsius Network that news is coming that news is coming I am working some things out with them and so

We'll see we'll see what happens III wouldn't mind it but I ain't gonna be I am planing on doing a video about a lot of that stuff coming soon it will likely be next week but we'll see how that all pans out you

Know tomorrow is Friday which means it's the start of the weekend sort of and I'm I I don't even know if they're gonna like knock me out to pull these teeth these wisdom teeth man or just killing me

I mean absolutely killing me so I like my tooth is throbbing the more I talk right now so I'm gonna just but I just wanted to come on and say hello and just share some thoughts you know look guys I think we're ultimately heading in the

Right direction I think the old Queen market is heading in the right direction we're seeing a lot of activity but I still think bitcoins gonna go down a little bit and you know if you are you know I'm still I'm running crow trader

Bot things are going well I say you yesterday's not yesterday's video the day before my last video card on Oh could change name to postpone pwned coin that's silly because it's like crushing it right now so you're like trying to

Regurgitate old FUD it doesn't even apply anymore sorry you're late you're late with the fudge fudge stir this this contest ends July 16th so if you're currently using crow trader and you want a chance to win $500 in Bitcoin get to

Backtest and get to paper trading you know check out that stuff and see what kind of strategies you can discover that are profitable with different pairs and share those in the comments of not this video but the video from a couple days

Ago and let the public vote on which hour the best the best one the best strategy our our the best strategy is gonna win 500 bucks in Bitcoin and if you don't have crow crow trader yet you can get it

Now at thirty percent off using this code save 30 percent using promo code 30 a and and that's it so you know check it out have some fun with it maybe you can win and yeah that's about all just joking haha don't be mad where's

Your sense of humor haha so funny my tooth is throbbing yeah there's definitely some stuff going on there's some there's some stuff coming and I've got some videos kind of planned in the works but those are gonna be next week

What's your opinion on Trump reported comment to minuchin to go after Bitcoin who knows you know they already did I mean they they basically you know between the futures market I mean the futures market definitely played a role

And like kind of push them things down or did it that's the question you know you can try you know you can try but it's it's I don't see that did it play a role in to how fast the market crashed possibly but at the same time every

Other asset out there that they have all the same investment instruments that Bitcoin is gaining and you know the same things happen in the market but I also believe that you know if the if the majority of Bitcoin is being held in

Controlled by power players up throughout the world it's gonna be difficult to keep them down right because they can ultimately come if they can control the market then oh I didn't even notice that that touched right on

There oh that's interesting this is on the daily chart so that we touched on that and and kind of went back up so we'll see how this transpires but I still think we're gonna come down below it I think this weekend I think

One of two things might happen this weekend either a we're gonna come down and we're see some serious pull but listen to me I'm about to say we're either gonna come down we're gonna do some serious

Pullback or it's gonna break through this and start really buzzing in other words it's either gonna go up or down this weekend folks I'm an idiot but that's honestly like that's the thing anything could happen right now and with

Everything being so choppy during this period there's no there's no sense to what's happening so we'll just have to wait and see I'm not even gonna really gonna have to look that up crow trader is the best I really love micro trader

Bot it's still it's still crow trader to me is still not the best spot on the market it's not I'm not gonna bullshit you it's not the best bot on the market but it's a pretty badass bot and when the mark and the only reason I say that

Is because they're still currently no dca features which for whatever reason I cannot I've not been able to convince the developer and the other partners in the bot to like put it in there which to me is mind-blowing

I'm absolutely mind-blowing and the arguments against putting it in are absolutely stupid in my opinion just flat-out stupid dca just helps people acquire more bags than they started with and it's like duh you're averaging your

Price down so you can get out of the original bag faster at profit I don't know some people don't make much sense but I'm still fighting I'm still fighting because I believe that in order for that bot to be a hundred percent we

Need to be able to trade trading view signals and we need dca functionality without those two things I think the bot you know the the bot is price especially with this 30% coupon code the bot is priced extremely fairly for what it

Offers and what it's capable of right now so but use it use it at your own risk I mean there's still bugs there are still little things that pop up little things that people don't understand they come into the telegram community they

Get support there the community is great but you know yeah I my tooth is throbbing guys I've got to get off I only I need to go pop some ibuprofen and just chill out but I do I did want to come on board and

I come on line and say hello to everybody and just kind of talk for a little while let you know I'm still here so I may or may not do a video later tomorrow evening but we'll see you remind me of negan from the walking dead

Bro you know what I heard that so many times I've heard that so many times yeah I don't know I I I wouldn't mind being negan and walking dead how about throwing me on there as an adversary to negan I could have some fun with that

I'm actually pretty good actor believe it or not I I think I could do pretty well with a Ledge or legit roll I DC aid ADA down to zero or point zero six from 30 cents Ava you're probably doing pretty well

Right now then that's that's a beautiful thing so alright guys take care of yourselves have fun if I don't see a tomorrow have a really good weekend trade save trade responsibilities continue to educate

Yourself don't invest what you can't afford to lose things are crazy right now things are absolutely crazy but I think that this may be this may be the good kind of crazy that we need before things will really start taking off so a

Lot of these altcoin projects are doing well I'm gonna be doing some recaps on a lot of these all coins here very soon and until then I'll see you soon Crowe your coins folks thanks for joining me

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