LIVE Crypto News – Wall Street Waking Up To Crypto

published on August 2, 2020

What's going on ladies and gentlemen it is 4 17 pm eastern standard time i just enjoyed my first day back to the gym after many months and uh i'm gonna wait just kind of a second or two

Just to make sure that this is all working i am live i'm seeing people starting to pop and chat good deal i have had some issues what's up cincinnati todd

Todd dietering uh i've had some issues obviously with audio and all sorts of things i've completely changed everything in my soul-searching effort to find how i kind of wanted to format this channel moving

Forward and i figure it's going to be a blend it's going to be a blend of me going live and um and me and then some edited videos like more ver

You know more specific videos are gonna be edited to try and keep them really clean um to make sure that i'm relaying the information i'm i'm working on projecting uh properly and uh

What's up melanie straight for crow what's up what's up uh we can hear you in dublin ireland well that's good uh give us some good news good evening hola paul what's going on so

Uh just taking a quick look at bitcoin price we're seeing pretty much the same thing that we've been expecting for quite some time we're way below uh you know it's just this to me is still just a

Very no trade kind of market um and and it's just until this really breaks up and out uh you know i'm basically just sitting i'm not i'm not uh

I'm not i'm not doing anything on buy bit at the moment um you know i am an affiliate for them but i'm not trading anything right now it just it's just too it's just too uncertain

There there's no real trend to follow right now other than sideways trade activity and uh it's just too it's just too dangerous to me in my opinion so um you know when things are hot and

And you know we're in a solid trend in one direction or another where i could either short it or long it um then then you know i'll be happy to you know kind of show you guys what i'm doing but right now i'm not doing

Anything i haven't been doing anything in quite a while we did get some winners on the um on the buy bit contest and i'm currently waiting

Uh i'm trying to see about getting crypto face and um you know one or two of the winners of the buy bit trading contest on the channel live because i know that one sent an email said he really loved

Market cipher it really helped him a lot i think he won first place uh so i want to get him talking and kind of explaining like how he used that indicator

And uh so yeah that'll be a good time but i'm not 100 sure i've also i got access to something you don't have i've been looking at the celsius network

20 version that i can't even really talk about yet i'm basically not really supposed to be doing anything about it for another two or three weeks based on their schedule but know that

It's coming uh and it's it looks pretty sharp and um yeah so let's take a quick look at uh the crypto space this is these are the top gainers right now over the last 24 hours

Ontology ontology's upset to 77 cents up almost 14 uh which is pretty good chain link you know i mean i don't know what the future is for chain link but man this thing's already doubled in you

Know not that much time i don't even know uh when was it like four bucks it wasn't that long ago chain you know the thing about chain link to me i just i don't uh i don't know there's

Something unsettling about chain links growth to me right now and and i could be completely way off and it's really nothing more than a gut uh

Just kind of a gut feeling about it i could be so wrong and then i'm misinterpreting my gut but something just doesn't set right with me with chain link the price has grown so

High so quickly and i know they have a lot of partnerships and a lot of stuff going on um the on-chain activity has been really growing i mean all the signs are pointing to it being an

Amazing very potentially lucrative project for those that now have you know eight bucks a coin to throw into the market cava is up over a it's up a dollar since i talked about it

Um and i know that they they did some a lot of different paid promotions on different channels and things like that so they did have a bit of a social campaign um and uh apparently it worked well

They're up 1166 percent cutem is up 93 that's looking pretty good uh i'd like to see that much much higher moving forward and divvy token folks

I was talking about divi token um shoot what i forget the price it was when i first started really talking about it they gave me a bunch of coins were they like a penny a piece

If i'm not mistaken i'm pretty sure they're like a penny a piece they're already up 7x they're up 7x over where they were when i first started like when i first set up my masternodes and um i'm just loving me some divvy

Uh and i mean look they're growing at the rate they're growing right now before any real stuff has taken off their volume is not that high though 756 thousand dollars a day in daily trade volume

It's growing and interest is growing and more and more people are picking up some divi tokens and staking them because the the way that the masternode is structured um it's very lucrative i mean it's a it's a

It's a cool project and with what these guys have going on with you know their their banking relationships and their competitive uh efforts against like western union and all their plans for that

I think these guys are going to do very well and then over the course of the next bull market so we'll see but i'm definitely keeping my eyes on them um elrond which has been uh popping up

On people's uh mouths lately i'm a little tired i like i i literally today's my first day back in the gym and i you know i've got to get down to 250

I just did a full blood panel uh for my endocrinologist and i was a little nervous i i really was i knew they were going to be checking my glucose to make sure i wasn't like pre-diabetic

I mean just everything and everything was normal and i donate blood very frequently uh i do a lot of different stuff and um you know it it

Everything looked good so i'm like i'm go i'm getting back into the gym so you know i my mom recently broke her foot in three places because she missed a step and uh i'm just like you know what i can't i can't let that ever

Be me i've got to keep myself in check and it's scary it's really scary when you see how fragile your body can get if you don't use it and as much as i want to sit around reading

This stuff and and researching and trying to really focus on youtube i i have to start really focusing on my health and and i uh i've neglected it now for like

Two and a half three years and um it's time to turn things around so uh neo back up to eleven dollars up uh just under two percent over the day and 13 cents for cardano it hit

15 cents at one point dropped a bit starting to come back up um you know i was just talking i was talking to some neighbors recently pretty sure when i first started talking to my neighbors about cardano it was at

Nine cents and i'm explaining to them why i'm bullish on it why i love the project what i expected to do for the crypto space and and you know the economies of many

Developing countries and things like that and you know here it is now it's up to 13 cents it's on its way up and you know i i i legitimately and i know i say this but

I can't stress enough how badly i want to see a lot of people really do well over the next couple years i mean i i legitimately would love to see some people

Find uh just new wealth over them over the coming couple years and and i'm really trying to focus my energies and my channel on here's the thing i'll be real honest

With you guys you know a lot of youtubers out there make a lot of freaking money and they're doing it in a variety of different ways and while that's all good i know that you know during the bear market it got

Really challenging to put out content on a regular basis and when i first got into youtube a lot of my videos were me um really trying to really trying to understand the space

And you know how are people making money how can i make money how can i teach people to make money and during the bear market a lot of that a lot of that interest kind of waned because it's like okay now we're just

Sitting around waiting for the market to come back and i'm trying to get back into that mindset of okay let's explore all these different avenues

That people can utilize to generate some serious wealth over the next couple years and get back to really educating people on what's possible how to do things um even going back to the basics

Uh of you know the crypto market so expect more of that kind of content coming and i know that a lot of you guys that have been following me now since like 2017 you're gonna hear a lot of the same stuff

Again but i be i but you know there's i've learned a lot more as well so even some of the basic uh educational content that i put out they're gonna be some new bits of information so and i'm counting

On all of you guys to really share those videos like the video that i put out yesterday i'm counting on you guys to share that stuff like like it comment um and and spread

That message because i i really believe that now is the time uh now is the time for people to get in um before things really really really start

To heat up and when they do they're gonna heat up quickly as we all know and i don't want anybody left out so looking at an article on magazine this is coin telegraph magazine

As money printers go wall street loses its fear of bitcoin which is very true uh this year will go down an infinite infamy is one of the worst in living memory but wall street veteran johnny cute

Tall says there's been at least one bright spot 2020 has marked a big shift in attitudes towards cryptocurrency from the wall street participants who once eyed the asset class with distrust

The year began with australia burning down and moved into a worldwide pandemic that sparked a financial crisis and an unprecedented phase of economic stimulus before morphing into the biggest wave of global protests in decades over racial

Injustice following the death of george floyd and many others let's not forget and when it comes to the us dollar the apocalyptic vibe has shaken the faith of the most

Faithful and turn the bitcoin fearful into the crypto fearless and this this article is rather long i would suggest going into it and reading the entire thing um but the the interest in the sentiment

In the overall crypto market is definitely changing and has been for some time now they literally left finance traditional markets selling equity and they bought bitcoin

Many of them did and it's doubled and we've seen wall street double the difference between the two is that what my traditional finance friends have been telling me is that wall street went up based on

Fake money from the fed pumping it into the market but they know bitcoin has a fixed 21 million tokens and it's based on demand and supply they now believe

It could be 50 to even a hundred thousand dollars i believe it will be just in the next couple of years ta author of wall street cinderella said the nationwide wave of protests and

Riots also focused minds on wealth preservation more and more of my baby boomer friends actually called around and said let's pull money out of the bank right because banks can shut down any

Time and you can't go without you can't go withdraw your money they're beginning to feel that digital currency is more effective peer-to-peer is more effective decentralization and censorship

Resistance is extremely important and it goes on to discuss a lot of the stories of people who have been extremely bullish on traditional markets

And they're they're they're changing their minds they're seeing exactly why bitcoin was created and the more they learned the fundamentals behind bitcoin and the very nature of it they're understanding why cryptocurrency

Is so important moving forward and i believe dare i say those not in crypto to some degree over the coming couple of years are going to find it

Exceedingly more difficult to enter the space effectively because you know while we look at cryptocurrency currently in a as a bit of a four-year cycle i believe there's going to come a point

Likely at the peak of this next market where we don't have necessarily as significant a drop-off as we're used to seeing and because and by that i mean there's going to be so much money going

Into the space and so many new people being educated about what's happening in the crypto space that either one the drop-off is going to be much quicker with less room to question what's

Happening or a lot of the big whales a lot of the institutional money a lot of these big players that are investing in the space are going to hold through and so we're going to have less people

Dumping on that market uh i don't know exactly what to expect but um you know the sentiment is definitely changing and and here's the thing i posted this meme

A while on twitter a while ago with you know morpheus from neo you know and he's holding you know like bitcoin or the us dollar and and the caption was so you're

Telling me that you know i'm gonna i can buy bitcoin now and then someday sell it for twice as much uh usd and then morpheus response is what i'm telling you is at the right you know when things go

Well uh you won't have to you know basically you're going to use your bitcoin you're going to use crypto you're not going to use usd unless of course the us

ends up kicking tether off the market um and and you know just steamrolling everybody associated with tether to get rid of them and then launches their own us digital

Dollar which is ultimately what i see happening now i mean the the foundation for that the groundwork has been laid um and you know tether is obviously the biggest competitor the us would have

Uh not just the us but you know on an international level tether is insanely uh competitive with anything a lot of these foreign governments or domestic governments want to do

With the us digital dollar or you know any sort of um currency dollar or for a foreign dollar so we'll see how that plays out but overall i mean people are

Really recognizing that you know the us dollars is being debased it's being devalued consistently every second of every day and you know uh what's a better hedge than something that's in finite supply

And you know half of half of what is entering the the market um are it's cut in half basically every four years uh like clockwork so the supply is cut in half so yeah hard evidence on bitcoin

Acceptance the increasing interest from the top end of town is not just anecdotal institution focus crypto asset manager grayscale investments

Has seen assets under management grow by 250 percent this year to 41 billion dollars and a fidelity survey of 774 institutional investors including pension funds

Family offices investment consultants and hedge funds across the five months to march found that 30 36 percent already had exposure to cryptocurrency europe leads the way with 45 percent

Invested while in the us the number grew from 22 last year to 27 today and remember i did a video quite a long time ago where i showed if just five percent of the global pension market

Went into the bitcoin it would raise bitcoin to something astronomical like 12 or 13 million dollars per bitcoin right um now granted a lot of this money is likely going

If when it goes into the market they're going in over the counter so that it's not affecting the um the price on the upswing right it's not it's there's no slippage in price if you're buying it over the counter

And if anything if it's eight thousand dollars you buy it over the counter you're buying a thousand bitcoin or two thousand bitcoin over the counter you're gonna get two or three points knocked off

Because you're doing a bulk deal so you're gonna get it even a little cheaper than what's going on in the market and that's just how that works even though the vast majority of these

Over-the-counter deals uh are nonsense um you know i don't i don't know what some of these people are attempting to do but so there's so many scammers out there trying to scam

Uh you know major buyers uh on the over-the-counter market so um so yeah i mean look that's good news now this is uh an article i'll touch on just a little bit data shows the cheaper altcoins make

Higher returns myth is flawed many investors believe that buying the cheapest altcoins produces greater returns during rallies but is this true and then it goes in to support kind of the claims either way

Um and it shows the way the altcoin markets grow you know i'm gonna give just my take on this look if you've got a cryptocurrency with strong fundamentals and a strong team

And you're able to buy it at a penny at the you know the bottom of a downturn it's likely going to do very well for you and the gains on that particular project are going to be much more significant than bitcoin in the same

Time frame so you know overall it's not a matter of oh let me go find the absolute cheapest altcoin because i could go right now and i could say well what's

Dent priced at right um dent is 000213 cents and it's about as close to nothing as you can get at the moment and i don't see it really going up i

Don't see it doing much every time i look at it it's just going down even further um and and i was i used to be extremely bullish on den and sadly it just has not been

Performing even with growing use case um you know they're doing a lot of stuff but for whatever reason the token is just not performing and from what i hear it's because the the debt owners are constantly dumping

Debt tokens onto the market lowering their own price i don't know if they're doing this on purpose or what um i do plan on doing a deeper dive into debt in the community and what's going

On because i honestly haven't as late but i do plan on it dent exchange dent voice dent teams i mean they're building a lot of fun stuff and it all looks good but the token itself has just been

Tanking and it's not doing very well now some people may say well it's the cheapest coin on the market right now and you're right if debt were to just go to one penny from here you're probably rich

Right but the the chances are and and the other thing too it's trading with over a million dollars a day in trade volume but it's circulating supply is redonkulous

82 billion tokens are being traded right now the total supply is a hundred billion dent so it's it's pretty close the market cap is only 17 and a half million dollars that's really nothing

So if i'm if i'm thinking about it in terms of well if i just invest in the cheapest altcoin out there i'm going to make a fortune look its all-time high was let's see where was it seven

Eight cents about seven cent oh eight and a half cents so dense all-time high back in january 2018 was eight and a half cents if it just got to a penny from here you're making a killing so and the thing

Of it is is you could go into a project like this with a hundred bucks and you could turn that hundred bucks into i don't know i haven't calculated it out but a decent chunk of money um but

And i will need to do some deep uh deeper research my nose is killing me right now um i will need to be doing some deeper research into dent because it's just i would like to see it do well but so

Far it's been very very uh frustrating to see that it's done nothing coinbase ceo explains why they sell your crypto data to the irs uh coinbase is in the crosshairs over

The weekend after sec filings revealed the business licensed transactional information software to regulators for most this was contrary to the ethos of decentralization and cryptocurrencies

The firm's analytics software won a four-year contract offered by the secret service this year pegged it over 180 000 and ending in may of 2024 um yeah i

You know coinbase has been getting so much fun and um and look i i kind of understand some of it but some of it just seems to be like group think uh led by

I don't know who i don't know call me crazy but i don't really care i i still don't care um i don't care if the secret service knows i i own bitcoin i don't care if the government knows i own bitcoin

I have to report it anyway and i don't here's the thing i think a lot of people just don't seem to understand um the ethos for cryptocurrency at least to me is not necessarily that of

Down with government uh i need everything i do to remain secret i don't want anybody to know anything that i have going on yadda yadda i believe that the ethos of

Cryptocurrency is to eliminate the middlemen who could screw up your finances it's to eliminate those that have the power to debase the value of what i hold and what i work for that to me is what

Cryptocurrency is about and right now and over the past several years for me it's been about empowering those with very little to accomplish great things financially so that they have the means

Of changing their lives without the government's involvement because everything the government touches they turn to so i don't care if they know what's happening i care if they try to

Get overly involved and ruin it that's what i care about so you know if they just if they said you know what and a lot of this is all about taxes folks it's about tax dodgers it's about people

Who are they're not claiming their crypto they're not paying taxes on their crypto and look they know crypto's a huge cash cow for them which to me does it still doesn't make sense

When they're printing an endless amount of money to keep the traditional markets afloat but then they're looking at cryptocurrency as the cash cow that's going to help pay those bills to

Me that further validates that what cryptocurrency is and has to offer actually means something much more significant and to me it's the government saying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

Is the most powerful thing there is right now and we need the profits from that to boost up our weak declining terrible soon-to-end economy our soon-to-end

System and that's what i think and i think that that's why they're so hard-nosed about taxing it i think that's why they were so hard-nosed about you know they're trying to make sure

That they know they're using you know groups like chain analysis and all these other groups to try and track everything because they need that money they need that money to pay for the

Weakness that is the traditional market the weakness that is our current economic structure because that's cryptocurrency in my opinion right now is the it's the trust the trust that's holding

Up the structure for something that should have fallen a long time ago and i don't think they want that market to fall until more people in the traditional

Space are further embedded in the cryptocurrency sphere that's just my guess so uh and i'm really redlining a lot let me turn this mic down a little bit

So i mean and again that's all just my opinion but that's what i think is happening and i don't necessarily care look do we want a us-based um exchange that is regulated

That the government has their hands in making sure that everything is on the up and up or do we want mountain gox i mean pick and choose your battles folks you know you can't have at all if you if you want somebody if you want

An exchange that has absolutely nothing to do with the government but they can just shut down and take your and bail well then go use those exchanges i

Personally would feel safer using somebody like a coinbase or a kraken or something like that um where i know that the us government has their hands in it look here's the thing

I i am very critical of the government a lot of ways but i also don't believe that everything they do is intentionally for the i don't believe that everything they do is meant to suppress us

And keep us down i think that there are some people within different divisions and departments and so forth like pretty much everything else you know we could say well hey i love this college

But there are several professors at this college that are outright terrible it doesn't mean the college is bad it just means that some of the professors within it are bad and i sure hope my kids don't get

Wrapped up with those particular professors so i have my criticisms of the way government handles a lot of things but the way that the climate is personally right now

For me you know between the the racism and the uh the financial corruption and the wars and now all of this pedo stuff going on i mean that's a whole other thing i saw this whole uh jd

Surfing his girlfriend sent me a video about wayfair and i about just started bawling i couldn't believe it i was telling my wife about it last night and i'm like i don't know do they know

This is happening on their site are they aware that this is what's going on how would they not know how are they not a part of this i don't know i don't there's so many questions

But you've got now you've got like epstein's girlfriend in custody and she's been put on suicide watch now you know is she gonna survive the situation uh before you know is she gonna be uh

Able to talk about what's happening you know or is she gonna suddenly like like how are they gonna concoct maybe they'll give her coven you know like i don't know how are they gonna do this with this one now

You know the story didn't end with epstein now his girlfriend knows some stuff what's going to happen to her and that's the kind of corruption that i have major issues with it's the government being able to

Basically pick and choose who they want to go to war with or delete because they create too many problems for other people of power and and i think that you know cryptocurrency to some degree

Is kind of a hedge against a lot of that because it it empowers the individual uh to a large extent and i think that is what makes it so attractive and so you know look as we

Move forward into the into this bull market i want to see more and more people changing their lives in the blockchain space because i believe it's absolutely possible and i've honestly i believe

That the next bull run that we see is going to make 2017 look like small potatoes um so we shall see 31 minutes i'm gonna stop it right here uh i feel like i've rambled long enough and normally i would

Answer some questions but i want to keep these lives a little shorter for right now so until next time guys thanks for joining me grow your coins and i'll see you again soon have a good one

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