Live Chat with Chef John

published on July 17, 2020

I'm live hello food wishers uh as you might notice we're in a new location here um i've been told that if i get closer to the internet juice whatever that's called uh the wireless that i will not have as

Much buffering which is i guess when i look like i'm digitizing uh sorry for all the technical terms as you can tell i'm basically an old line cook that's

Trying to figure all this out but anyway we're in our living room um in lieu of any kind of trophies i have some bobble heads in the bookcase here uh and if you know those giants

Uh you've been a fan for a while anyway uh today's theme yes we actually have a theme this time uh is gonna be some of my must-have kind of hand tool kitchen equipment type

Stuff so if you have questions i noticed a few people got up early and clearly nothing going on this morning and already have asked some questions

We're going to get to those i'll answer a few of those first and then we're going to get into this equipment recommendations and then we'll have the usual free-for-all no rhyme or reason stream

Of consciousness um and go from there first question here actually is for you i have a fan on me because it's a hundred degrees in my living room can you hear the fan does everything

Sound good do i sound as bad as usual all right no news is good news as they say in the business so uh actually i want to hit this one question first uh by the way hello to everybody who

Said hello hello uh i think plenty wants to know how pancakes light and fluffy and since we are technically uh still in the morning time here in california one of the greatest tricks ever for

Light and fluffy pancakes since they all call for eggs is actually separate the eggs mix up the batter as directed and then whip the egg whites to a soft meringue in a separate bowl

And then fold everything together be put the batter in the pan and that will give you a lot of rise and a lot of lift and that's how the fancy fancy pancakes are made very difficult to do in a

Restaurant because you know you can't be whipping meringues and then trying to cook eggs benedict and scrambled eggs and stuff but at home when you have time and you're only cooking for a few people

Separate your eggs whip your whites and that will make your pancakes super light and fluffy and uh all right a couple more quick ones now we're going to get into this scintillating

Equipment recommendation part um mead wants to know how come it's okay to use 450 degree temperature for our focaccia recipe because it uses extra virgin olive oil and apparently people are being told

Never use virgin olive oil in a hot hot oven well that's not necessarily true if you're doing something fried in a pan and you're getting it smoking hot maybe extra virgin olive oil is not the best choice but in

On a pizza or on bread um i think we're okay all right the italians have been uh using olive oil on things going in like 700 degree oil 700 degree oven since you know caesar

Was eating uh pizza so anyway i think we're okay there uh and i'm not a scientist i know some people are like well at a certain temperature the free radicals do this and the

Molecules do that that's not my business talk to somebody that knows things uh oh and then the last one here and then we're going to get to the equipment and i'll hit the rest of the

Questions later what do i think enrique wants to know uh rico with two friends are you guys splitting the membership price three ways that's not a bad idea uh enrico with two friends wants to know

What do i think of the jars of chopped garlic in the supermarket that are you know packed in the oil or the water i hate few things as much as that stuff uh i don't think it tastes good i think

It has a weird preserved weird flavor um i don't trust it i think you should never buy it um i i i guess in some kind of large scale like you're feeding you know 300 people at a at some kind of event you just

Literally have no time to chop garlic maybe for some kind of roasted meat thing it would be okay and would not be noticeable but i would hate

To come over to your house for dinner and you would make me something that had preserved garlic in the chopped up in the jar having said that if you use it no offense but i think it's a crime against

Nature and i would not use it personally or recommend it under any circumstances so there you go thanks enrico by the way uh if you're wondering how to answer how to ask a question

Uh or if you're wondering how to answer a question that's a that's a much tougher question but if you're wondering how to ask a question all you have to do is join and become a member

Which just means click on the join button under any video and that makes you an official food wisher and you in the future will get these amazing updates

From the new kitchen and our uh our farm estate in the country that we're trying to build and uh plants which is you know going a little slow uh generally uh i don't think you want

To start these projects right before a pandemic but uh anyway it's getting there uh there's gonna be tons of way way more interesting content coming up so hang tight

In the meantime you do get to ask questions during chats and i do share some uh pictures uh mostly of garlic since that's literally the only thing we planted so far uh

But now the nurseries i think just got permission to open so uh we're gonna be putting a lot more in the ground so anyway uh long story short go hit the join button become a member

And then you can tell your friends you're a member of food wishes and uh they'll be pretty impressed that's what i hear people are saying some people are saying all right here we go let me make sure i didn't miss

Anything crazy all right all right everything sounds okay sounds good everything's okay very good all right and i'm gonna go back and definitely probably missed a

Bunch of these uh questions so i'll do my best to catch up all right first product recommendation uh and this is gonna be fairly random because everything

I do is fairly random but the first thing most people don't have that every chef in professional kitchen has that you need is the spider it's a strainer now i should probably have some way to

Film these things separately but i don't uh this is called a spider because it's short for spider web um and this is what we use to scoop stuff out of boiling water

When we're blanching vegetables or cooking gnocchi or you've got a handful of pasta in the water and you want to scoop it out into the sauce since no one ever should just put plain

Macaroni or pasta or spaghetti in a bowl and then pour sauce over it that is not the way it's done uh so this is something every kitchen needs

And has to have it's called a spider don't ask me about brands brands don't matter for anything i'm about to show you today because they're all the same every spider that looks like this

And is on the kitchen supply site um oh there's one tip you don't need to go to a fancy store order from the fancy store with the french words in the name just find a restaurant supply store near

You and generally they generally they all you know sell to the public uh so find a spider alright so that's the first thing secondly the good old bench scraper

You must have a bench scraper this is i mean obviously it's scrapes so when you're cleaning down your cutting board or your work surface after making any kind of bread or floured material

This just scrapes everything up like a dream no more scrubbing no more rubbing scraping also for chopping up the portions uh for when you chopped up a bunch of

Veggies you've seen me use this in videos where i scoop under and put it in the pot uh now people that use cleavers are like yeah how about just get a cleaver

So that's why a cleaver is useful because it has that big old blade that you can use kind the same way but for doing baking and pastry bread making anything related this is a must-have

If you know someone that cooks like even a little and they don't have one of these i know it's pretty early for christmas shopping but this is what they should get for a gift

Bench scraper also known as pastry cutter i think is that what this is called maybe it's not forget i said that pastry cutter i think is the thing you chop butter into flour

With uh although i've seen this called that bench scraper is the official term get one of these all right oh here we go most people have strainers like the kind you just drain spaghetti with

But you hit but you need some fine mesh sieves or sieves and uh you know i could list a thousand things to use these for but i won't this is very important if you're straining stocks

Or sauces this will give you just the good stuff coming through and all the fibrous materials will be trapped whereas in if you use a you know standard

Um big box you know kitchen section store strainer the holes are much bigger and stuff gets through and then you got big stuff in your little stuff so what you want to

Do is get one of these fine mesh strainers i have about four or five different sizes this is the smallest also we use this too oops also we use this to shake

Powdered sugar on things usually french toast uh and that's what you need that for all right get some of these they're not cheap but they're worth it all right here we go

Very uh common but people are confused about kitchen toms i got two here one with the silicone and or plastic heat proof tip for your non-stick pans good

Old-fashioned metal one these are the only tongs only style that you should ever buy for the kitchen all right if you do a search for kitchen toms you'll see i don't know 20 30 50

Different varieties with handles and different claw pincers and strange flat things don't buy any of those this is the only one approved by line cooks this is the only one you

Will ever see in a restaurant except for those super expensive restaurants where the chefs use those little like tweezer things uh then those are expensive restaurants

Be careful if you if you see a chef if you walk by a restaurant and look in the window and the chef's using tweezers that's gonna be expensive restaurant but anyway for all the other restaurants

You go in the kitchen this will be the only pair of tongs you see maybe it'll be a little longer maybe a little shorter but this super cheap

Super heavy duty thing is the only one you want so this is my official tong recommendation uh except no substitutes uh and then be careful you don't pinch your finger in the top

Very common injury especially with the cheap ones so you know spend a few dollars even the expensive ones are cheap and get one that has a heat proof plastic

For your non-stick and a regular one and get a couple and of course for the outdoor grill same same thing uh along the same lines a flexible heat proof rubber i guess i'm calling it rubber because

I'm old i think this is plastic actually but a heat proof flexible spatula you've seen this used in like 2 000 videos almost uh this is indispensable and you know a metal spatula is fine for

Outdoor grill for some stuff but this i could not live without again get a few of them because you know you'll need it and one will be in the dishwasher and you'll be upset so a flexible very important it's a

Little bit flexible not flimsy all right flimsy and flexible are not the same thing all right all right what else do i have i got a bag of goodies here oh we did the microplane uh in last chat

Someone was asking about cheese graters i have the big one with the big holes this is for your ginger your nutmeg your parmesan your pecorino your many other things uh zest and of course so you have to

Have one of these if you don't have one of these um you should get one all right let's say you want to pound your meat and you go to use a pan or

Your fist and it's just not very efficient or effective and we do pound meat in a fair amount of videos this is my favorite meat pounder very simple design very heavy and that

Does the job well i thought it was dirty it's just scratched um so this is one i recommend the one on the handle the mallet type our parents use also is pretty good but it just is not

As heavy and there's not as much surface area so if you're using the mallet kind and it works for you great but if you can try to get one of these uh also another tip

I feel very scared one of you is going to crack your countertop because i always show pounding right on my stone uh caesar stone countertop here in san francisco which i shouldn't do but i do uh you

Want to use a cutting board or use a different uh surface uh as long as it's sturdy and there's some uh it doesn't you know trampoline on you uh it'll work uh so be careful using this if you miss and you're on stone it

Will definitely crack i've seen the videos so get one of these be careful though it can be very expensive uh silicone spoonula oh yeah a lot of people have spatulas a lot of

People have spoons but you need a spoonula all right when i'm sauteing and doing stuff in a pan and tossing some pasta and sauce or many many other things this is my go-to tool to grab

It scoops it pushes it tosses it turns it will even fold in a pinch okay so uh you know here you go get a set of these a couple different sizes a couple different lengths

And learn the magic of the spoonula by the way i'm getting paid for none of these recommendations even though i should be so spoonila companies you know holler richard boy

All right the spoon a little bit covered next couple things are called dishers also known to the common folk as scoops all right come in different sizes uh

There are four generally sorbet i think is what they were invented for and i know you're thinking i don't eat sorbet why do i need a sorbet scoop well you need it for when you make cookies

And the recipe says a rounded uh you know a couple tablespoon per dough per cookie um just use one of these it is eight million times faster and you get

The exact same amount in each one you're making little meatballs all right you're filling ravioli you're doing little crab cakes you're i don't know i can't think of any other things

But these are so much faster so much more efficient than just trying to scoop some with a spoon and you know eye it and then scrape it off with another spoon

Um that's how most people do it and they don't realize how hard that is until they get one of these or a couple of these and then they're like why didn't i have that before all right we're getting down to the end

And then we'll answer some questions um oh melon baller you have to have a melon baller uh and first of all raise your hand if you've had melon balls within the last year

All right let's see no hands all right no you don't use this to bottle a melon you could some people do um but what you use it for is like scraping the inside of the zucchini out you're going to stuff

All right coring the inside the seeds out of a pear that you're going to poach uh this is one of those tools that you don't realize all the things you'll use it for until

You get one and it's in your drawer and then you go oh go grab the melon baller and yes every once in a while in the summer we want to maybe ball a nice honeydew

And drizzle it with some of that liqueur that tastes like melon and get it nice and cold and surprise our significant other with some bald melon that's a nice romantic gesture

Okay underrated all right melon baller get one even though you don't think you need one they're cheap all right hold on i got a uh very expensive paper bag here i'm holding all this stuff is

All this stuff in all right we're down to two pincers for pulling salmon bones out and other bones out of fish uh you know when you bought that fish they said it was boneless and you got

Home and it wasn't there was a couple like little pin bones in there and then you tried to tear them out and all the fish ripped with it so then you tried to cut it out and you

Ended up eating chopped up fish okay this you just grab it and it will pull right out put your fingers next to the bone pull this this way and the bone comes out

So you know optional i wouldn't say this is mandatory or can't live without it but very very useful and then last but certainly not least i give to you the freakishly small

Wooden spoon uh yes one day i would like to sell these myself for fun and profit so stay tuned for that i'm not able to yet uh and this is not i've heard people

Comment no this is not the original freakishly small wooden spoon i actually mailed that to a fan a couple years ago i don't know why it was that was ridiculous uh but i had it you know a moment of uh

Generosity and kindness and i mailed it to somebody who's going through a little tough stretch uh anyway this is a nice thing to stir small amounts of food

In small pans especially non-stick also when you use a mortar and pestle and you don't want to use a metal spoon on the on the stone uh i always go with this and i as you know just use it in videos so i

Can say freakishly small wooden spoon uh and where i learned this i used to work for a chef he used to carry this in his pocket like this he had he would have like a

Pen and his glasses and a wooden spoon and he would pull it out and he would taste things with it and i always thought it was like a super cool look in fact he would use one spoon to put it

Into this spoon and then he would taste it it was a whole like ritual and i was just fascinated by it and i thought to myself one day when i have a youtube channel i'm gonna get a freakishly small wooden

Spoon and then use it in some of the recipes for no apparent reason and call it the freakishly small wooden spoon and of course we also have that i also gave away

The freakishly small freakishly small wooden spoon that was even smaller but those are long gone um they got you know one got burnt i think along the way or singed and uh but anyway now i'm down to this one i gotta get some more

I'm not crazy about this one the handle is not as freakishly small as i would like so stay tuned for that all right i'm gonna take a drink of water excuse me okay let's get to some of these

Questions um if you have product recommendation questions we'll hit those first and i'm gonna go make sure i didn't miss any of the early ones because people got up like really early

Some people line up um you know it's like when a new iphone comes out people line up hours ahead to get the first questions in which is great uh mark wants to know why don't you save bacon fat

While cooking i love to use it for so many things mark i do save it sometimes i just don't save it all the time because how much bacon fat can we have hanging out um

Now i know a lot of people don't say bacon fat which is why i show how to wipe the pan with a paper towel trick when we're cooking something with bacon so that's just for the mass public

Consumption but yes if you're cool and you're wanting to save money you should definitely save and strain your bacon fat and use that just like you would butter

When you're frying other things unless you're a vegetarian of course that's not a good idea all right here we go people are saying they can't hear the fan that's good mark's planning a uh

Herb garden today very good mark duckcomb did i say that right and again i'm going to miss all the clothes but hello everybody uh of course thank you so much for your memberships i really appreciate it

Um i love seeing the little thing next people's names i don't know what that is circle with two lines who came up with that uh and they're different colors depending on how long you've been remembered

Very cool welcome tim a welcome aboard stay tuned for some amazing garlic pictures uh oh someone asked about hard neck versus soft neck garlic if you can get hard neck get it plant it

Grow it hardneck garlic is the best garlic it blows regular garlic that you get the supermarket away the cloves are bigger they're easier to

Peel they separate easier there's none of those little micro cloves inside please do yourself a favor and if it's too late now where you are in the fall plant some uh fall

Hard net garlic that you harvest in the spring i think that's how that works okay have you tried fleischmann's pizza crushies no i don't understand pizza crush yeast is that different that

Sounds like a scam sorry fleishmans i like i like i like the east but i don't i think east is yeast isn't easy i'm not a scientist so i don't know maybe maybe it's different

Oh jim has the same pagan bobble head i'm not a big bobble head guy there they kind of creep me out but i didn't even realize they were there when i moved this location uh is the buffering better have we been

Buffering all right uh shawnee loves barley soup well thank you for letting us know um people were asking me to show me which what kind of soup does shawnee like welcome aboard chris michael all right

Let's get to a question here tim doesn't have a question but i changed his life by bringing the love of cooking into kids i appreciate that that's the goal um if i brought love into your life

You're welcome it's my pleasure you brought love into my life um now i'm going to stop her i'll start weeping but anyway i love i love hearing that people are actually using these videos

Not just for a few dumb laughs but that they actually cook for their loved ones and so forth elise thank you very much for eggs with caviar my eggs don't come out good what am i doing wrong uh first of all i love this question

Because you just totally glossed over that you're you're doing eggs with caviar um first of all just eat the caviar why are you putting it on eggs but if you insist on putting caviar on eggs um

And if you're like a billionaire that's literally putting like beluga caviar on uh eggs i'm gonna have to get one of those what is it venmo accounts and uh you can ask me questions directly

But anyway um i don't know what you mean by they're not coming out good are they not coming out soft are they what's happening to your eggs i need more information um i should do a review of how to

Scramble eggs because people just generally screw those up and it's a shame because there's nothing easier so i'm not sure elise i would love to answer your question especially for 499

But i don't know exactly what you mean so um please give me some more info um especially if you have to pay to ask the to clarify the question uh tammy wants to know she should buy a

Certain mixer or less expensive brands that are just as good well if they're just as good i think you just answered your own question i always tell people to get the best piece of equipment

The highest rated the best reviewed in their price range that's pretty kind of you know dumb advice but that's what i that's what i tell people for mixers for knives

For pans if you can afford if you can afford a 500 piece of equipment get it good for you all right we're all behind you uh if you can't find the best 100 version

If that's your price range um most of the name brands are really um about the same quality wise man i really need a haircut um i know it sounds weird i have no hair

Uh but anyway yes most of the brands uh are very comparable uh that are in the same sort of classification of high-end low-end medium end

Um i love that i love the kitchenaid mixer that's what i use i don't remember if they sent me one many years ago so i should probably disclaim that is that a law um

Actually you know a friend sentence who worked with them but anyway i think it's a great machine but i've seen other mixers and i've used other mixers and as long as it mixes and your egg whites fluff

Up or whatever you're doing it it works so uh that's how i answer that uh welcome aboard matthew all right here we go look i'm getting behind on the questions oh man

I knew this was gonna happen i see lots of hearts all right here we go yes chef john's got a brand new bag of kitchen utensils thanks crepe tomato girl

Sorry i'm resting my voice i did a voice over yesterday for uh apple crumble coffee cake which is gonna air this coming friday right before mother's day oh my god it was insanely good

Stay tuned for that what does uh first last wants to know what does one use to make cake layers for russian honey cake i think i did a video for that we use just regular silpat

Um so i'm confused by the question a little bit uh check out our honey cake video and i think you will see what we used a freakishly small wooden spoon does not come up on amazon

Bag puss cat which is a problem it should and i should be selling it uh so one of these days how many layers of stainless steel should my pants pots have carmen wants to know

I have no idea i do not design or build pots and pans i never understand any of that kind of fine print um the heavier the better that's how i can tell if you pick up a pan and it's heavy it's good

Usually and if it's light it probably doesn't have layers all right so yes i like layers just because it means the pots thicker other than that i can't give you specifics cutting board

Wreck our rcg5 wants to know about cutting boards wood plastic bamboo i have all the types one of the saddest things ever when i worked in san francisco restaurants at one point they outlawed wooden

Cutting boards which is the most ridiculous thing any ever because they think it's a health hazard except people have been using wood cutting boards for you know thousands of

Years and without a problem um so i'm a big fan of the wooden cutting board if it's properly washed and sanitized and you salt it if you use meat you can throw salt on there and rub it with like

A cut lemon or some vinegar water and then use your bench scraper to scrape it off and let it dry and rinse it off let it dry wood is perfectly safe and so so much nicer cut on

Than plastic i think bamboo sure wood is wood as far as i'm concerned the only thing i cannot abide by are those glass cutting boards who the heck cuts on a glass cutting board i've seen

Them people say oh no it's perfectly fine no it's not the sound is like just the worst noise ever and i cannot understand anyone that would find any kind of pleasure

Cutting on a glass cutting board so if you have a glass cutting board please throw it away and get a wood one sydney wants to know scoops what should you get most common just like the the half ounce the one ounce the two

Ounce i would say is a good way to go four ounces like a quarter cup that's like a big meatball size um so just get a small assortment of small ones i can't give you any specifics other

Than that but i say half ounce which is one tablespoon would be the smallest scoop i would get and then a two tablespoon one ounce scoop that could double as a shot glass

Would be my next choice yes a mcconnell wants to not back it not bacon fat but schmaltz clear chicken fat for all savory recipes risotto savory pasties i'm assuming they're answering somebody else

But yes if you cook chicken you can save the chicken fat just like you can say bacon fat very delicious very small tea what kind of empanadas baked or fried

Nick i got a confession for you i am not a huge empanada fan um i don't know why generally when i eat those kind of stuffed pastries i'm much more into the filling than the

Dough and i think i've maybe gotten some bad empanadas that were they had too much dough and too big of a crimp going around them and it was kind of good but it was just

Like too much tough pastry crust so maybe i ate some bad empanadas i would love to eat them if if it's a good one uh baked or fried i don't care that's

I'm not picky but anyway i need to probably make some empanadas for the for this channel do a video and learn how to make good ones and then totally changed my attitude about um

Empanadas sorry it's kind of freaking me out a little bit there all right quick sorry i see these words in your name and they make words in my brain

But they're not i was going to say quick but it's really qk calvin my six-year-old lid my six-year-old daughter i don't know what ild means uh little daughter maybe just busting

Out me watching just busting me watching this without her and gave me heck sorry i had to share that never watch these chats without your kids come on people

That's just bad parenting all right yes bring all the family in i i rarely swear i used to swear in the videos before you know i had corporate overlords now i have to say

Hack and darn and gosh gosh darn it that got too brown so if you watch some of the old videos um some were a little salty if you know what i mean uh can you rima wants to know can you

Use sourdough discards in pancakes banana bread biscuits i think you can i don't know how though i think you're talking about when you feed your sourdough starter that sort of foamy

Yeasty batter you throw away yes there are recipes online for making pancakes with those uh or with that so i'll go check that out i know you can do it i have to admit i i don't do that i

Think i tried it once and the pancakes come out really heavy but that might have just been bad you know bad pancake making skills uh still wreck instant pot great for dry

Beans yeah i haven't done the instant pie yet don't have one not sure i'm going to get one um it's kind of like tiger king i don't think i'm going to get involved

I don't know mike clark did beef randang if you haven't made befriending you should definitely make befriending oh if only uh so you can say beef randayne it just sounds

So good to say uh can we see your kitchen michael wants to know no you can't actually i've already showed it uh it's in the let's see what video is that our five

Our thousandth video i think anyway there's a there's a q a i think i did it when we hit a thousand videos that i believe covered the kitchen a little bit

So it's pretty unremarkable maybe we'll do that one of these next chats uh but what i'm really waiting for is the big reveal for the new kitchen at kismet which is going to be fabulous i hope

When eventually it's done and that you're going to see excuse me thermometer wreck thermometer wreck needed by bob goulias who i will now rename bob

Goulash uh bob goulash wants to know about a thermometer wreck um just get a regular probe thermometer that has the range from freezing sub freezing all the way up to past you

Know 500 degrees and then you could use it for meat or deep frying digital yes i like digital one of the little candy thermometers that you stick on the side of the pot that just you see

The dial those are fine i think for making candy but who that who the heck makes candy um so anyway that's as good a wreckage you're gonna get how do you clean a fine mesh strainer i

Put them in the dishwasher and gunk solidifies in them you know what i don't know uh sharon our dishwasher does an amazing job at the old mesh strainer uh i guess you're gonna have to give them a little

Pre-scrub or priest pre-spray and then try that um and having said that what i don't know about cleaning recommendations could fill a book so i'm not sure about that

I just am happy that our dishwasher um really uh does a really nice job at cleaning those under the tap yeah someone said just rinse it oh brian wants to know if i want to use

A torch for finishing the top of a dish does it have to be a special torch or gas for food safety reasons no any blow torch from the hardware store will work i

Think if someone knows this is incredibly dangerous info on giving uh our legal department would love it if you would chime in and let me know and i'll correct myself but if you are

Going to buy a blow torch for finishing your creme brulee or putting some nice you know brown marks on your whatever uh don't go to the fancy kitchen store

And pay like 50 for the little you know um you might as well use one of those you know uh hurricane lighters which i think i did a baked alaska video if you watched our bake alaska video

I actually torched the meringue on it with a lighter it actually worked pretty good but if you are going to go buy one of those stay out of the fancy stores go to your local hardware store and just

Get a cheap old strength blow torch with the little propane tank and that's all you need just don't tip it sideways they stop and you'll have issues but anyway

That's what i use i haven't used one a long time i should i should blow towards something soon wait someone said sharon great question did i miss sharon's question oh about the strainer yeah i didn't

Answer it it was a great question and a terrible answer because mine come out clean uh yeah there's sharon's getting lots of good advice i'll just let people read the chat but

Yes if you bang it upside down that dislodges the stuff um and so forth someone wants to know my favorite well not someone q c kelvin want to know if i have a favorite side

Dish for sirloin steak anything potato anything literally anything potato picking side dishes is like picking music for a road trip that was kind of random

Uh but the point is how the heck do i know what you like i don't so i would just do some mashed potatoes some french fries some fried potatoes some home

Fries if it's a potato i will eat it potato salad if you want to do the cold hot contrast i think potato salad is an underrated side dish for hot food so there you go do a nice fresh

Spring like potato salad with lots of fresh herbs and greens and serve that with your mother's steak and i think everyone will be happy uh i don't have a recommendation for

Stainless steel pads other than get the best one you can in your price range um because they are i think affiliated with with meredith my corporate overlords

I am a huge fan of my better homes and gardens stainless steel pans that again not a commercial not a plug i don't get paid to say any of this stuff um so if you can find those if they even

Still make them do they make them i can look for i you know five years they sent me some a long time ago but uh i really really like the better homes and gardens pans if those are

Available there you go for an affordable recommendation other than that i don't want to start going through brands mike wants to know my clark wants to know my favorite meal to eat i do not

Have one never have and i never will uh having said that you know some roast chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy you can't go wrong with that

Welcome to all the new members thank you so much uh i really appreciate it i'm trying to see all the names but i lost track and they have hard names sometimes i'm embarrassed to try to say

Him uh thanks ivana oh elise reyes has a clarification for 49499 it was george gene george recipe who made egg caviar i'm a big fan of

Yours so i thought i saw it on your channel since i'm always here so you actually asked me a question about another chef's recipe and paid to do so i think that's what we call the business

Poetic justice anyway elise i appreciate it um i'm gonna have to check out that recipe is it eggs made into caviar is it caviar made into eggs is

Eggs top of caviar i'm so i'm so curious so i'm gonna go check that out after the chat thanks craig right back at you uh hold on we have a uh we have a pro glass cutting board comment uh nessie

Doe i just use mine to protect the wall behind my stove from the fat sprays easier to clean that's all it's good for okay i feel better yes in lieu of a tile

Backsplash glass cutting boards are awesome all right what do we got here thanks j m i'm not sure why i yell with the people join or donate but thank you

Welcome aboard joe and grace thank you for joining make sure you tell all your friends what do you think is the most overrated kitchen gadget tabitha wants to know most overrated kitchen gadget let's see

That's a good one what the heck would be maybe waffle iron no that's not overrated because if you want to make waffles that's all you can that's all you could use um i would say that thing they sold

For making bacon into bowls remember that infomercial and i would watch that and at first i was like is the my pillow guy selling kitchen stuff now because this is so dumb

But then i realized that no it was some some huckster selling a bowl that you put bacon in so you can make an edible bowl out of bacon and then apparently once you bake your bowl of bacon

You put stuff in it and then eat it but none of it made any sense because what advantage is that over just eating bacon with that thing no it just was nonsensical to me but one thing i've learned being this

Old is if you show drunk people bacon at two in the morning on an infomercial they will probably buy that product so in that way it was a pretty genius idea

I think the george foreman grill sold a lot that way they would cook bacon and people would come home from the bar and watch those infomercials and they would think you know what i need one of those girls that makes the

Bacon just be careful you can burn your foot on those uh or so i've heard excuse me donna lamb sent all my knives to california to be sharpened wow that's a long way to go i i don't

Know where you live are there no nice sharpeners near you usually hardware stores have nice sharpeners that come by i don't know it's been my experience uh farmers markets flea

Markets sometimes we'll have a knife sharpener check your local google to see where a knife sharpener is if you have the right equip if you have the right equipment knife sharpening is

Not that hard to do um so hey michelle will you grab me the knife steel i'm going to show you one more piece of equipment that i just reminded myself with that question

Donald wants to know about the rod thing so i'm going to show you what the rod thing does but anyway uh yes i send my knives out too but not to a different state just find a local knife sharpener it's

Usually like a few bucks per knife and that really really does a great job uh because i i'm quote-unquote a chef and i can't even get them that sharp myself and i can't i don't have the patience for it

Uh tammy wants to know why do chefs wear those tall hats with the puffy tops uh same reason those guys drive those giant trucks or ride those super loud motorcycles all

Right we're compensating for up for other shortcomings uh i think back in the day they actually had a reason thank you oops i think that i think back in the

Day they um that's good thank you very much i think back in the day they actually had a purpose maybe so you could tell who was in charge um but then they just became a traditional

Kind of uniform thing um now of course you know keeping food out of the or hair out of the food is not a bad idea also keeping food out of the hair uh but as far as why the tall puffy just fashioned

They look super cool all right here is what we call a knife steel and if i had a knife michelle can you bring me the french knife the just long knife uh the this is not a knife sharpener

Contrary to popular believe if you have a dull knife and you use one of these it doesn't get sharp it just stays dull but if you start with this

If you start with a sharp knife and you use this after and before each use your knife will stay sharp like a long time and i'll explain why

Thank you very much all right and what you do i think it's like a 20 something degree angle still you can google it but if you run the blade some people go this way

Some people go this way wow this is really hard to see but anyway what this does when you use a knife microscopically along the blade you get little dings

And bends and cracks and crevices and what the knife steel does is it lines all those molecules of metal oh yeah molecules of metal lines them all back up and it holds the edge much longer

Because every time you use it that like literally that microscopic edge gets less and less perfect and once you do this which sounds really good oh by the way

You always want to wipe off the shavings uh this will stay sharp a long time having said that if it gets dull then that doesn't become as effective or effective at all so i would say

Always use that before and after you use a knife but only if your knives are sharp to begin with that's why that comes generally when you buy the knife set

That's always in there uh so you should use that and i apologize in this setting it's hard to see because i like the camera i'm on a webcam like who the heck is still

Shooting with a webcam i got to get a camera i need a crew i got to have lighting wireless mics i want one of those things that clips one of these days we'll get all set up

And you guys will really get your money's worth and by the way yes i think someone chimed in i think i do have an old video about using the steel and i explain it with a

Piece of paper and so forth so go back and check it out uh welcome mason welcome fb donovan welcome pete peter can i call you pete coolbaugh cool name brah uh

Let's see i'm getting behind on the questions as usual sorry chef i can't agree with the use of steel angle is never cracked prefer leather strop way more forgiving well blanco

Boy unless you work in a barber shop where the heck are people getting these leather straps raise your hand if you have a leather strap is that german for strap i think so

Anyway yes i know the leather does work but most people just don't have it and this where is it this thing comes in all the knife sets so i must push back on you verbally

Yes more people are saying i have a video for that i have a video for everything after all these years that's the one good thing about having done like 2000 videos

All right whoops here we go chef we would love your take on a vindaloo recipe someday joe i'm pretty sure we did a vindaloo but i think i did it for lamb shanks but the sauce would be

Similar so go check out in the meantime our lamb shank vindaloo recipe and i think you'll enjoy that john made the pizza rustica but only drained the reconnaissance for

Four hours and it was wet yes yes the recorder should be drained overnight uh you can't really squeeze it in a cheesecloth um i've never had much luck trying to do that i mean you could try you might get

A few drips but it has to be gravity long period of time let it drain that's the way to do it there's no shortcuts when it comes to ricotta or some people

Say like me regatta uh i was told washing knives and dishwasher dulls the blade i don't know if it does the blade but it's usually really bad for the knife and the handle

So do not put your good knives in the dishwasher thank you the light of my life appreciate it and thank you to all the new members terence

If i tear in sophie i hope i got that right uh someone used canned peaches for our peach cobbler or peach cobbler crisp and it came out it became a soupy mess any fixes no after

Something is a soupy mess that's usually what that's usually what it is you just buy some ice cream and you tell everybody that it's a peach sauce for ice cream and you just change you change the whole

Thing you just blatantly lie to your dinner guests and you're doing it for their for their benefit so it's fine it's not a sin um but no uh fresh peaches are the way to go with that one

The can one really are super wet and watery i guess you could drain it and then boil the juices down and then um put it back in but that sounds like a lot of work wait for peach season and make it like i

Did in the video uh oh here we go what what happened and if i skipped your question it wasn't probably intentional i just these things jump around and i never figure out why

They don't just flow adam is moving to the bay area in the fall do you plan on doing any in-person events uh quarantine notwithstanding uh yes i would love to do an event at

Kismet once we open for business uh so stay tuned for that uh in the meantime not really um i'm scared to go out in public under normal circumstances but

Especially with a deadly pandemic going on so uh so not in anything in the near future but this fall depending on what's happening you never know so stay tuned

Uh you members will be the first to know and probably the only ones that i would trust showing up um because i cannot afford security there will be no security so please be careful

Tammy wants to know if i can do a churro recipe uh because she couldn't find one on on my youtube um yeah i should do that this summer i'm gonna show using an extension cord

How to take your deep fryer outside because people are saying they love to deep fried recipes but then their house smells like a deep fryer and a greasy spoon diner for like a week which is true unless you have really

Good ventilation so yes this summer we'll we'll go out and i think we'll make churros outside and i might even get one of those turkey fryers those big old fryers uh not to fry a

Turkey because i don't know i've never been inspired to fry a turkey uh although i might try it but anyway those big turkey fryers seem amazing for doing big batches of french fries

And chicken wings and donuts and uh stuff like that outside without all the smell so stay tuned for that uh lou thank you for joining welcome aboard people that are saying hi uh i would

Like to say hi back to you but all at once so every single person said hi hello how you doing anthony is bragging has a leather strop for a straight razor if you're shaving

With a straight razor i don't know that seems a little seems a little extreme it reminds me of gangs of new york remember that

Is that how you roll what was that guy's name bill the butcher is there any difference in flavor between dry and canned beans jim wants to know

I don't think flavor there's a big difference i think it's mostly texture all right if you if you soak your beans and cook them from scratch dry they generally i think feel better and have a nicer texture

Than what you get in a can especially if you're buying off-brand beans at the dollar store which some people do i've done it uh so the texture of a can bean that's i think where the downfall is

Um having said that canned beans are super convenient and i have been known to use them often uh let's see anthony wants to know what's better for wood fire brick oven cast iron or carbines i

Don't know because i don't have a fire uh brick oven i want one if you know how to make one of those and you live near northern california uh give me a holler i would like to

Build a pizza of an outback uh lou made our tiramisu during quarantine it was the best highlight ever i agree tiramisu is a real pick-me-up uh let's see here preference for kimchi

Fried rice crusty or fluffy why do we have to pick fluffy but then let the bottom get crusty you can have fluffy you know most of it fluffy and then

Severe extreme very very pronounced crustification underneath do not settle for one or the other life's too short for only crusty or fluffy fried rice so come on tim use both and i think you're gonna be happy with that

Have you seen glenn and friend's youtube channel he comments on you occasionally sounds like a fan no but now i'm going to sue him because he didn't get out he did not get permission

To mention me in the videos so thank you i'll pass it along to legal department glenn we're coming for you and your friends oh great tomato girl likes the beans and rice recipe

Very versatile family favorites thank you i love that recipe i thought they came out really good sorry i'm just resting my voice pretending to read comments

You grind pepper ahead of time yes so when i say freshly ground black pepper uh that's been ground and i have a little ramekin um and that is uh just faster for the videos

Versus by the way i love alton brown but he seriously has to stop with the drill and the pepper grinder thing that is just why do you need to do that don't understand i just use a little

Spice grinder coffee you know the um yeah it's a spice grinder i'm trying to think of the name of it and i just said it uh as you're doing it you gotta shake it though otherwise you'll get big chunks

Of pepper and fine dust of pepper so that took me a few years to figure out but yes i like to freshly grind pepper and keep it next to me in a little ramekin

Only in theory wants to know if there's going to be a chance of hispanic coconut recipe yes a very good chance because i'm contractually obligated to do two videos every week

And i'm probably going to be doing this for another 20 to 30 years so i think chances are we're definitely going to be doing one of those since we'll eventually we'll just run out of

Recipes i'll have to start doing redos hello everybody saying hello those are easier than questions hello yes bio logie guy 52 yellow mustard is great to marinate

Chicken in instead of buttermilk i'm not sure if that's a question or statement but i think yes anything acidic and flavorful generally works pretty good for chicken before you toss it on a grill

Spices grow in the windowsill nick i think you mean herbs but parsley is a no-brainer rosemary definitely time very simple and easy um those would be my top choices

Parsley time rosemary i forget the other person in the song or the other herb in the sun but any most herbs will grow in a window still windows so pretty nicely oh basil works nice in a window sill

As long as it's not too hot or too direct sun so if it starts burning uh be careful i know basil does like sun but i've had a problem if it's just like super super super hot

Oh blanca boy wants to know my thoughts on flavor enhancers like dashi powders or even msg i could do i'm gonna do a whole chat just on msg it is such a misunderstood topic

In general and a misunderstood ingredient um short answer i have nothing against msg and if you throw a pinch and like some noodles and you're at a like an outdoor you know asian food

Stand and you're gonna eat a bowl of that deliciousness then i'm very pro msg in the right context what i don't like about msg is that america's fast food companies

Put just a gigantic amount in everything along with salt and sugar and they have literally addicted people to horrible food that no one in their right mind would eat otherwise but if you put enough msg in a little

Fried chicken patty fried chicken breast i think we all know which place i'm talking about and then put it on a little thin piece of white bread bun with three pickles you'll have people lined

Up out the drive-through for like a mile like and then they eat it and they get back in line that's not because the sandwich was that good that's all

That's all about the msg and it causes like severe cravings in some people me included which is why the old joke like after you eat the chinese takeout you

You're hungry an hour later that is msg effect i believe um so i have a very complicated relationship with msg um i never get in the arguments with people like it's natural it's not

Yeah i know it's totally fine it's not poisonous um although some people are allergic but that's not my problem with it it's how it's used in our casual takeout dining culture

To trick people into thinking the food is way way better than it is all right and that's about as deep and heavy i want to get into that but one of these days we'll do

Maybe a panel discretion somehow uh can you do it on youtube with all the different faces on the screen uh and we'll yell at each other about msg pros cons tips and tricks and funny anecdotes all right here we go

Oh we're getting oh we're over time oh my god i went over no wonder my throat hurts all right we're going to we're going to wrap this up so we're going to wrap this up soon

I'm going to try to get a last few questions in here thanks holly how should fork riett's technique differ from decorates it's the same react cook the meat falls apart

Pack it with its own fat and spread it on bread and eat it you can't break reacts um all right everybody i'm sorry if i missed your question there's so many here you guys are amazing you really are i

Mean if only you could get paid for asking questions you guys would be super rich because these are some great questions i got to a good amount i think and but like i said we're going over time

Uh thank you jane anne thank you scott and all the new members uh i hope i think most of you thanks paula richard thank you and all of you all you old timers all you og's that

Were there from the beginning and are still with us through the least interesting part of being a member of this getting set up phase uh once we launched the new kitchen

In the kismet farms and we're picking tomatoes and then making videos with them and i have like a what's those things one of those gopro cams on my forehead or maybe my chest or maybe both

Um and then i'll be walking around and you'll be like it'll be like you're me uh only in better shape and younger so stay tuned for that i'm gonna sign off thanks jim

Someone has a wreck for a router were we buffering last question did the video buffer was it any better this time in my new location in my living room see tv bookcase

Was it any better tell me if it was better and i'm going to sign off it's night and it's night in england good night england all right everybody say oh better no buffering very good all right thank you

Everybody say good night good afternoon wherever you are good morning thank you everyone saying thank you perfect everything was great kismet wi-fi for outdoors yes no

Buffering great it's better it was fine chef john's good much better no buffering no buffering no buffering all right i got to sign off i got a couple thumbs up thank you everybody

We'll do this very shortly in a couple weeks or less uh until until then uh don't get too anxious to get out there around people

I know it's hard inside so my last thing i'm gonna say here don't blow this we've waited this long we're all we've all been shut in let's not all run out and play twister and

The thing starts spiking again so hang tight for a few more weeks month whatever it is and then we'll all go nuts and go crazy and we'll be around each other so much we'll get sick of it we'll be like damn

I miss i miss that shelter in place anyway have a great rest of the day thank you and as always enjoy whatever you're doing today

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