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published on July 3, 2020

we're live we're live hey hey alright so

welcome to what the heck something just

fell off in the back oh gosh we can edit

that out right sure yeah all right hey

thanks for joining us tonight we are

celebrating zero zero zero zero zero

zero one subscribers we have B at one

subscriber are you looking at it

backwards Oh a million subscribers holy

cow we get there I'm sorry coronavirus

so yeah Wow after eight years and

YouTube unsubscribing a lot of you we've

made it to a million subscribers I

almost can't believe it I know when it

happened last week I was kind of like if

they're gonna take it away at any moment

yeah so we actually have a cake to

celebrate this Josh I'd light it up yeah

let's let's light it all right hold on

what are we gonna do with the cake after

it's lit if someone who want to blow out

the candles because that is very

unhygenic oh yeah coronavirus also um

we're kind of worried about like a fire

alarm going off so you know instead of

lighting the candles let's use our

imaginations hey that way all of you at

home can join us for this all right

everyone imagined their lit a million

subscribers and imagine us blowing it

out another hand it's like a blowtorch

just a cool lighter yeah so we have a

cake I have to be honest with you I

started thinking about the cake for this

before I started thinking about actually

planning for you I was watching you

earlier today prepare for this do you

want to do you want to talk about these

how you got this oh well no I was just I

called around and I was like doing


I'm not called around you had a ruler

out and for measuring the candles and

mathematically like figuring out exactly

the right dimensions for a cake that

would fit all of you need seven candles

yeah I know I the cake had to be eight

and a half inches minimum which is good

because this is why Matt does most of

the planning for us yeah this is why

Matt's the producer so here's what

here's what I'd like to do because to be

honest with you I really want to eat

some of this cake okay so let's cut some

slices for us and then we can answer

your questions yeah last week we asked a

bunch of you to submit some questions so

we got those in a hat we don't know what

are what what those questions are this

makes me come to Paris there's some

reason and so yeah we'll answer these

questions relate to light it on fire

that's true enjoy the ASMR nature of us

eating this wonderful confetti cake

Shelly from a place that is not

sponsoring us in any way I make places

actually charge quite a bit for this

place there's so much magnolias papers

oh it's confetti this is for you rooting

through I'm gonna hold this up and some

are if you can see that it's like it's

got the confetti is all the way through

and like a food review this video wow

hey maybe I was gonna say maybe YouTube

won't to monetize this but actually they

instantly demonetized it like hours ago

when we scheduled it well let's get to

it there was no video no thumbnail no

description it was nothing and they

demonetized it for being controversial

for most advertisers so hey thanks for

the platform YouTube we made it to a

million in speech or despite you I mean

it is like we always hope YouTube can do

better right yeah cuz it is an amazing

platform like what we do would not have

been possible like I wouldn't have no

mainstream media channel would have

given me a new slot or a teeny sarcastic

show about China news yeah yeah right I

mean I think also up until a few

years ago oh yeah great yeah so I mean

we've been frustrated at YouTube we've

been down to why am I not supposed to

eat yet go ahead I've been waiting all

week for this Chris I've been waiting

eight years for this this is the only

reason I made this show for this moment

for this game I hope it's good cake then

oh no ho it's sweet

this moment is sweet and again well so

you want to finish that Bob because that

is a good point

like I don't forgot what I was saying

was that YouTube YouTube is still a good

platform and there's a reason why we

still use YouTube we hope that they can

be a better platform Google as well I'm

actually working on an op-ed about that


I'll see if anyone picks it up yeah I

mean you know it's one thing to

criticize you know a big company like

this but really it's you don't want them

to fail you want them to do better

ideally ideally yes yeah by the way

everyone watching make sure you're still

subscribed cuz that might be an issue

this is a good cake somebody a lot of

people are saying without a hundred no

hundreds of mukbang yeah a million I

know yeah we have a million subscribers

and subscriber holy cow I really yeah

it's been it's been eight years in the

making and like the first couple of

years it feels like had never even

topped a hundred thousand do you

remember going to Hong Kong in 2014 for

the umbrella protest it was like sixty

sixty six thousand yeah incredible

this is a really good cake should we

start the questions

yeah insert the questions before people

just leave because all we're doing is

more so let me explain you guys you know

how we did a video announcing this and

we asked viewers to like leave their

questions below so I picked out a bunch

of questions and I did like a random

selection put a bunch of them in this


so you guys don't know what these

questions are no nope before we do that

should we do this quickly yeah

so let's let's just do it quick thank

you – we're gonna be starting with

answering questions from the Hat because

there's less technical problems than

doing it from the comments here although

we might get to some of those but first

we want to thank some of you guys who

are watching right now okay Thank You

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of these they yeah this is just regular

sparkling water with a slight amount of

flavor no the reason I got this is cuz

the the ones we had last time we're

green and they were chroma key all right

Matt should read this one whatever ten

dollars for Matt the real hero for

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watching us for so long yeah we really

appreciate all of you without you we

would definitely not be here are you

sure I mean I think without them we'd

still have a million subscribers right

let's put the Hat between you guys hope

you guys can both draw from it alright

Shelley ladies first

ain't no lady alright

Liam Featherstone cover

unless this is a British name that is

like Fanshawe or something it just

butchered it question what is the

simplest way that we can subvert the CCP

Oh interesting

legally I suppose right good point so

then it's hard to come up with the


so it's just not gonna answer that I

mean I just read the question somebody

else picks up the question was I don't

think we'd ever discuss that that being

the question we need rules okay okay

leave it to me to carry the burden of

the show on my back the simplest way to

subvert the CCP that's it well you could

share China uncensored with your friends

and family because education you know

the more people know that breaks their

hold on power especially because they're

trying to just put off here

yeah especially because they're trying

to control the narrative about how

Americans think about China and the

Chinese Communist Party the more people

know the truth the more that goes

against the CCP and really just clicking

that like that share button is probably

very very easy I you know recently if

some of the people we've been

interviewing both in Taiwan and here

have talked about the importance of

break from eating cake yes I am okay I

thought you know I thought I was being

polite it's giving Chris the first crack

at it but oh oh god I'm a jerk this is

what I realize for a minute by my day of

victory has become so bitter tastes like

ashes tastes like cake tastes like

confetti ash good cake though

my point was that you know a lot of the

people that been working for a long time

on China policy that we've talked to

have said things like you know awareness

is the most important thing for just the

general public to know what the Chinese

Communist Party is doing and recently

I've been paying more attention to

Chinese state-run media and it's really

interesting to see that you can see some

of those arguments appear even in

Western newspapers some argument that

state-run yeah

there are many arguments not freeze

quite the same way but the same kind of

ideas coming through sometimes it's

because they're literally op-eds and

like the New York Times or you know

written by Chinese generals or whatever

is an example well a lot of the ideas

about you know it being racist to talk

about the corona virus in a certain way

or if you are talking about how the

corona virus came from China like

blaming China for the congruent virus is

racist you know I'm not saying that

there haven't been instances of racism

related to the kurodo virus but they're

kind of twisting that narrative so that

any kind of you know questioning or

criticism of the Chinese government's

actions is not racist so you know

questioning the numbers or saying that

they didn't go do a good job you know

with the initial you know outbreaks all

that kind of stuff is like you're not

supporting like we should all be one

that's a racist you can't you know

that's a stigma when now we should all

be coming together and you know that

kind of thing

we covered it up and made a terrible

error that's killing lots of people but

hey ignore that we need to work together

and also you know China is an example

for how to you know how do how to you

know conquer the coronavirus that's the

narrative that's been going on for the

last two weeks yeah the whio has been

praising consistently praising their

response no mention of like maybe some

things were not ideal not even bad no

just praising taking the numbers I face

value praising them a lot for you know

reducing the number of cases you know

they've pretty much got it under control

now yeah do you have any thoughts on the

simplest way to subvert the CCP no I

think we spent like five minutes

answering that question okay I should

have been very simple how many how many

hours do we have for this five well just

do it all night as long as as long as

the cake still there or

we're here till this cake is gone man

Sheamus who's working who's doing them

you know back-end for this is gonna be

so bad we sit here for like five hours

actually yeah like huge shout out to

Sheamus our Video Editor Sheamus has

been with us for four years yeah editing

video editing China uncensored yeah God

buzzin we would be able to do so much

less without Sheamus who's just been

there for like everything when the show

began years and years ago it was it was

just me writing and filming and video

editing and Shelley came on and but it

still liked me video editing then Matt

came on but yeah like when I was when I

had to and that meant like the most we

could do was like two episodes a week

cuz that that's all we can handle

so sheamus's week you know subscriber

base on more video that's not what I

meant Rinna Rinna Rinna oshio or

whatever no you see I was looking at a

comment okay well hey I got a question

for you John black Mouth Congrats

here's my question when you pull a

subscribers question out of your hat is

there really more than one piece of

paper in there mmm-hmm

as someone who pulled the question out

of the Hat last week for Chris when he

was mysteriously detained by YouTube yes

there is more than one slip of paper in

the Hat I can confirm that's true


that sounds cribs all right Matt Europe

if you're just joining us we're

celebrating a million subscribers I

doubt you'll learn anything from this so

came in asks question do you like

pickles in your cheeseburgers wow this

was really a random selection what's the

Mitchell hardball question so the answer

is yes I do but they have to be slice

such that they don't like make

everything fall apart you know like when

they're when they're slightly layers

there's the Spears like the quarters

they like kind of slip out the side and

then they're just like they're just like

this this pickle with like remains of

ketchup and mustard and then it's like

hard to eat but if they're sliced

properly like a flat slice absolutely

yes you know that's your great question

came in you know I I this is gonna be

controversial but I just have to tell

the truth cucumbers are just glorified

sorry pickles are just glorified

cucumbers I don't want them anywhere

near my hamburgers are you anti pickle

I'm anti cucumber oh right I forgot I

every time you come over and I make

those noodles I have to make sure you

don't get any cucumbers terrible Oh

before week we should probably read some

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oh yeah jason walker donated $20 thank

you congratulations would any of you

feel appropriate to visit mainland China

you know aside from current tobacco

would you be able to travel around the

city like Shanghai as I have done with

no issues um obviously we don't know

what would happen if we were in Shanghai

but our imaginations some certainly

painted a vivid image see I'm not

worried about whether or not the lettuce

in oh you're afraid you're gonna get

Michael spayed or and Kovack Kovach yeah

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with that you guys are Sony in these

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classifieds news thanks guys keep it up

thank you I appreciate that

we'll keep this show going Nicole don't

dine dogs are not young sense that's two

pizzas on top of this cake I'm joining

your lovely dried delivery

to a very important topic live from New

York dry and hey trees donated for Taj

night and since I've been watching

China's censored for so long that I feel

like we're family

congratulations on million something

here's to many many more years well

since we're family can I crash it to

your place this weekend

thanks and nor Matt Cameron hmm donated

$5 I see what you did there

let's say commie computer lab guy my

college quotes Mao and says that China

lifted a billion people out of poverty

that's more than the Chinese Americans

doomed um nice hey say hello to that guy

for me don't watch China uncensored ok

let's go back to the just to be clear

are you going to answer this question

are you going to meat cake Colin queal

asked question what would it take for

the populace of China to finally revolt

and attempt to overthrow the CCP that's

a good question hmm I would say an

economic collapse or some kind of

scandal that really endangered children

in some way I feel like even got though

it would be hard to blame it on the

system mm-hmm right unless it's like

every single politbureau member had like

a child sex factory Wow ok I was

thinking of like the babies with the

melamine poisoning or something like

that oh so what I was thinking is like

if like let's say it comes out for

example that and by the way there's no

evidence of this right now but I'm

saying hypothetically if it came out

that the like China's Politburo had like

specifically done something to

intentionally infect people with the

corona virus oh my god

so that's enough to make people lose

faith in the central government and by

extension the Chinese Communist Party

which controls the central government

but I mean I don't know if that in

honestly we may never know where the

coronavirus came from even years from

now yeah I think Sheila makes a good

point Bella I really that kind of is set

up like thanks for the answer match

Shelly's answer was good I mean story of

my life


but yeah I mean the reason the Chinese

comics party is still in power is that

they promised economic success to the

country and if that goes then they

really have nothing in their back by the

way it's not somebody commented I think

the name was like pretty Hong Kong you

should do an America uncensored next so

I've been told I'm very bad at

advertising this but if you don't know

we do have another show called

America uncovered if you haven't heard

about that let me know cuz I thought

I've been telling people about it

160,000 people knew about that hundred

sixty one thousand oh well we're a long

way away from a cake for that yeah but

yes we do have another show America

uncovered as well as the China

unscripted podcast be sure to check out

both of those shows and subscribe cuz I

want more cake I was like I was looking

at your cake and elites I felt I ate so

much in mind no I'm just slow but then I

thought Matt yeah I mean even more than


okay Quan wanna says question why are

you calling us the 50-cent army isn't

that name close to Chinese Communist

Party or Blizzard League of Legends

called Tencent good question so there is

this thing called the womb out of

50-cent army it's the idea that China

and this is this is actually true

they're paying internet trolls to sort

of post comments they do this anymore it

might have this is something that

happens there was definitely a thing

like 10 years ago where people were

being informed but like recently what I

think is happening is that that they're

outsourcing it to companies that then

hire employees so you're being paid by a

company that's being hired

by the Chinese government – right Rosi

Rosi CP comments on social media or

tests or whatever forms online so

basically the ideas they're paid very

little to make these Pro CCP comments so

when YouTube began de monetizing a lot

of our videos we started a crowdfunding

campaign on patreon and we had I had we

had the idea that like oh hey let's call

these guys are fit out of the China

uncensored 50-cent army and they can

donate 50 cents to the show Nobby

Tiemann going and it was kind of funny

unfortunately a couple of months into

this really great idea we had patreon

stopped accepting 50 cent donations

minimum $1 so then the 50-cent army kind

of became technically a dollar army but

I don't acknowledge that in any way so

the China uncensored 50-cent army and

that is the answer to that Chris your

mic has an echo it might like has an

echo no there's just I'm coming who's

also from time it's also yeah several

mics alright alright Paul Wilson asks

knowing this is a question for Chris oh

I'm not gonna read it I'll put it back

in there cookies

alright Paul Wilson so close chosen chub

what's one project you couldn't do or do

you have any plans for projects in the

future well so chosen chef there's a lot

of shows that we'd like to do Oh God

people have suggested like a you know

Russia uncensored or India uncensored

Vietnam uncensored world on senses

there's so many things and


this cake I think we need to start a

forest show uh-huh

what's it called I don't know if we were

to start a fourth cruces cake I like

that cake uncensored that sounds like no

no like who's the uncensored okay

someone is saying oh god I'm crying

aren't we all

all right okay mmm

blade four nine five two asks have you

ever been personally threatened or

attacked by the CCP or their goons not

in person only on the internet so I

don't know if that counts

yeah same here

do you have an interesting story in that

well you kind of provoked that though

okay Oh playing the victim Shelley I

don't know if we ever told that story

yes we have told that during alive did

we I think when we were in Hong Kong but

when we didn't have a million

subscribers okay short tell it again so

I'll tell the story so it was 2016 we

were in Hong Kong three of us plus Alan

she adds camera guy I shouldn't

yeah check out my channel it's fun

traveling with Alan okay so so Alan is

chinese-american and so is Shelley and

this is relevant because we were

standing outside the People's Liberation

Army headquarters in Hong Kong and I had

this brilliant idea that we should go up

to the gate and try to take a selfie

with the people with the PLA soldiers

and I was like look are China uncensored

fans will love this so get a kick out of

it and then like I was like this is an

awesome idea and Chris is like and then

and then Chris are and then Shelley and

Allen were like no no no this is a bad

doing this will be a back here so so

Chris and I go there and then I asked

the soldier who's standing up at the

gate of the PLA it's like God we're on

the sidewalk and I'm like said something

like you know

well I chop ya know it's like it's a pie

right you take itself like a selfie

selfie with you smart and then he looked

at us and he thought for a moment and

then he's like it's like okay and I was

like yes yeah that's him like and then

we started walking and then we get like

you know 50 yards out and then Chris is

like look behind you but be cool about

it yeah and there's definitely someone

following it

is it area obviously follow in a black

suits with like like a radio and and

then I was like and he wasn't talking to

Shelly I don't think well at this point

I get a text message from Matt that says

we are being followed

this is not a joke it was just like meet

us at the ferry like don't don't come

meet us and so I'm and at this point I'm

really questioning Matt's decision to do

this that this business was a good idea

I mean I questioned that before you guys

did anything that's true I was like

that's usually right about this I'm not

Erica this but what's the worst that

could happen

what happened next medically that wasn't

the worst that could happen

that's a snap man and he was dead


Wow okay so no what happened so so okay

so look there was a there was a small

judgment error on my part and now that

being said

we had a great solution which is we

walked around the park and then we

started taking Chris and I started

taking like really stupid selfies of

ourselves like now it's like we just

tried to look like the stupidest most

idiotic tourists and whites and because

we look stupid eventually the guy who

was following us just gave up presumably

thinking I put a couple of idiot I like

to think we lost him

that's right agent Chris okay let's do a

couple more of these okay I'm full of

cake double vanities donate $20 thank

you thank you

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Black Swan is responsible for the corona


you know Black Swan events no nope are

you criticizing one of our subscribers

jelly never mind is a Black Swan event

right like Swan event it's a sudden

unforeseen like a Black Swan is a very

right so it's like a sudden unforeseen

event that happens that like will affect

usually the economy is when we're

talking about like like somehow like

throw markets into disarray or something

like that so what you're saying is white

swans are fucked or fine but like if

there's a Black Swan Oh a bad thing


it's just like an unforeseen unexpected

event vile 23 donate $20 Thank You

China's relationship with Iran episode

anytime soon

seems like they have pretty close

relationship we have actually covered

that on the show before if you go to the

search bar type you're on I'm sure those

videos will pop up but

there's always more to uncover so we'll

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it's my turn to pick out a question yeah

be waiting for you Chris

yeah hey I got Paul Wilson an excellent

policy Chris how did you make the

transition from what you were studying

in college making a news show about

what's really going on in China oh well

so I mean it's a pretty obvious career

path if you think about it for those of

you don't know I got my masters at NYU

New York University and in classical

music composition and then I started to

show about China I don't see oh yeah oh


thanks for question somewhere on the

Internet my music exists if you can find

it ceased ur a console okay it's like

I'm not for usually sick people on that

but okay not but if you can find it you

just did you just challenged everybody

to find your music I'm trying to restart

my music career good you're up

alright so vanillin hmm she said

congrats and that we look fab Oh

Avalon oh oh says this channel is the

best great job Chris

Shelly Matt everyone thank you to the

patreon supporters for making this


there was no emphasis on Matt in the

actual question I like to be honest for

a second it really is thank you to the

patreon supporters as Avalon says

because absolutely we would after after

the YouTube ad pocalypse in 2017 like if

we did not have patreon supports

there's no way there's no way we could

have continued this and right now around

three quarters of our monthly revenue

comes from patreon support it's actually

less after the coronavirus because you

know everything's demonetised more sorry

it's more it's more it's it's more

patreon now as a percentage than ever

before it was very it was very sad when

we were looking at the numbers and it

was like our views drivers skyrocketed

our revenue went down our revenue was

like a half of what it was in December

YouTube I mean it's – like what are the

lesson 2015 when I add like a half to

subscribe by the way I think my mom and

dad are watching so hello mom and dad

thanks mom and dad there's thanks for

raising a Kris not everyone can do that

okay I kind of want more cake and you

can help yourself I know it's a bad idea

yet Roger Edington asks has the practice

of rounding up dissidents even slowed

down during this pandemic wouldn't this

be an opportune time for a revolt if the

dissidents are wearing face masks how

can they be identified are we talking

about Hong Kong or mainland China

meaning in that case no actually sadly

that has not happened

what was it half a couple weeks ago

looming high who is a Swedish citizen

who ran a bookstore in Hong Kong and

then was basically arrested in mainland

China he was given that happened a few

years ago but recently what happened was

that he was given a 10-year prison


they thought they could just slide that

you know under the radar where everybody

it was talking about the coronavirus

I've seen still more stories about Falun

Gong practitioners still being arrested

Weger still being detained you know it's

not like they're stopping

yeah and if anything the coronaviruses

part of giving them an opening to be

more authoritarian like you see more

patrols more people getting nabbed up by

police just average people who may or

may not be sick gosh I mean you know the

crematoriums are going 24/7 and we also

have seen like these some of these

citizen journalists being taken away for

quarantine people who went to Wuhan to

try to report on Wuhan like Chanti oh

sure and a bunch of these other people

Fung Ming and they're taken away to be

quarantined quote-unquote quarantine

while they're they were not sick so yeah

so is this a time to revolt they should

but it's it's still the surveillance

system it's it's difficult to fight that

I mean I think there was a story in The

New York Times today about how Ali pay

which is one of the biggest companies

Jack Lau's company in China they have a

new app that's supposed to be for you

like help you it's like a health app

which will let you know like what risk

you are at for the corona virus but then

when you download this app and put in

your in your details

apparently they send all that directly

to the police ah yeah even more well

couldn't it predict that's called

efficiency and so this is a good

question John Hopkins says question how

much do you think the beard helped hit 1

million guessing the beard it did most

of the work I mean hey yeah you're right

it did beard is great I should just have

Chris's beard do the show

well this is clearly aimed at Chris some

of the phonetic another one for Chris

stop why is no one asking patience for

these youth rise question Superman

versus Darth Vader who wins the crippled

old man or the alien super God Oh

interesting world smash well no but I

think it's interesting by the way this

question is from Ray now so thank you so

now you're gonna try to find a way to

counter argue this well no like like I

actually think I'm imagining Superman

like trying to fly at Darth Vader and

he's just like it could just stop him in

midair because if Darth Vader has the

power to control people using the force

then he would be able to just stop

Superman in mid-flight right so what

you're saying is how powerful are

midi-chlorians oh really

hey I am like face man from a team thank

you I like that we have a scroll going

here hell of a team not the movie that

they made we know the mr t of the team

is showing I did love mr t as a child

I mean you would like a team it's it's


go ahead well so that's interesting

theory because like the force is very

very very badly defined so like he can

like lift something up with the force

but is he able to completely stop any

inertia like if Superman's flying at him

in like 500 miles our guinea like dead

stop Superman but Superman's powers also

ill-defined I'm stuck in a generation

tech Efes ode now but like you know the

original Superman thing was like you

know faster than a locomotive able to

tall buildings in a single bound like

that's a a not very powerful Superman

right who then became gradually more

powerful until in the one that came out

in the 80s with what's-his-name Reeves

he like you know flew around the world

faster than the speed of light in

Reverse so that's like I'm like so this

is like the range from able to leap tall

buildings in a single bound to that is

huge and it really is unclear how it

last because somebody there like wrote

in all caps the force can't stop laser

eye it's the force awakens where kylo

Ren stop the laser blast so this this

may we may have to wait until Disney

acquires DC Comics interesting yeah as

you point out Superman got more powerful

as time went on Darth Vader he found out

he was just a whiny brat oh um Adam Gold

donated $20 and gave a cute sticker of

like a lemon person exploding hearts

cool thank you and okay is that it yep

question for you then Shelley I really

hope it's about Star Wars mmm Hong Hong

Ling asks which do you guys prefer pork

dumplings or shrimp dumplings pork why

not both in one okay

Matt okay all right I'm gonna ask if we

should get Alex Jones on the show I

don't know how to contact him because

he's been scrubbed off the internet oh

it would be interesting to meet him

though cover calls 88 says we're you're

disgraceful anti-china garbage metal

with honor you're doing a great job

Thanks so it was a really big week for

us last week in addition to getting a

million subscribers we were also for the

first time ever actually mentioned in

Chinese state-run media alongside the

New York Times and foreign policy

they're said like we're all of us were

leading Western media outlet outlets but

we're also all anti-china garbage this

is for anti-china beveler yeah so so

yeah a million subscribers and finally

being mentioned by China's by Chinese

state-run media it was it was a great

week it was a good week I think

christenings more cake I don't think so

did you answer one oh wait it is my turn

this I'm not gonna give away my turn

Lucius likes Rania asks are you going to

visit other countries in the future love

from the Philippines the Philippines the

Philippines that was an awesome that was

an amazing trip still the biggest fan me

that we've ever had was in the film be

like well like 90 people in Manila

we had some people who came in like from

other islands traveled like 12 hours to

come to that fan meetup you guys are

amazing so it was funny because at the

beginning of January we're talking about

like potentially going to a bunch of

other places this year haha coronavirus

one of the places we were going to go is

south korea yeah we're not gonna go to

South Korea right now not so much

it will do a cover some of the stories

that we were going to cover about South

Korea yeah it's just a bit but the

travel warning for that basically makes

it like you just can't go and you don't

want to go somewhere and then be

quarantined for 14 days and then come

back and do quarantine for 14 days and

then we have no episodes for you

yeah that that's sad I preferred the

Superman and Darth Vader line wicked

asks why doesn't Shelly host more


why doesn't Shelly host more episodes I

would ask that to you

I usually only cover for Chris when he's

not able to make it for some reason but

people love you Shelly I told you that

one one reason is I actually do have

another job on top of China uncensored

because we can support three people

full-time but not four so I actually

also work an entire other career so it's

not as easy for me to come into the

studio but you know I could probably

host a few more episodes I am I'm up for

that myself

Johnson Johnson's bill 29 asks do you

wear pants when filming an episode

stand-up Chris no if I do do I wear

pants all suit oh gosh it's stapled to

my skin now it's actually going on okay

Chris s asks in the midst of D

monetization so why not make your own

website and post videos independently of

YouTube well good question Chris we

actually do have a website it's China

uncensored TV and we post we do like a

half an hour broadcast version of the

show that is broadcast on actual

television and we put those episodes on

our website but to be honest like our

website is not very good right now we

really want to make a great website

there's a lot of technical challenges to

doing that but it is something that

we're actively thinking about that and

well we do like being on YouTube because

it's such a great platform to reach

people we also are in the process of

building additional alternatives manager

web site covers China uncensored Ameri

uncovered China unscripted and whatever

this fourth show we're gonna start that

you're gonna decide I'll be a great

website it'll be the best website

perfect website I think we might need to

hire somebody or we could all learn how

to code

this is for Chris I mean some of them do

start with question Chris bla bla bla

question AJ asked question what future

do you see for a CPEC and China Pakistan

Nexus china-pakistan economic oh yeah so

I mean I think CPAC is definitely going

to be more more part of the Belton Road

and I think I mean unless Pakistan

decides it doesn't want to be part of

that it's just gonna because China and

Pakistan kind of both our friends

because of India and I don't think I

don't see that changing anytime soon

unless for some reason Pakistan decides

that you know there's too much Chinese

investment there's too much power going

to China all the problems the debt

issues I mean they're already seeing

that but unless they kind of pull in

Malaysia and go well that's not what we

want I think it's just going to continue

to develop the way it has yeah I think

also India is an interesting situation


it's kind of it's not like Oh pull in

with like a us alliance it's kind of

trying to play the US and China love

this somewhere in the middle there so

depending on how hard of a stance India

wants to take against China that could

also determine how China deals with

Pakistan are you saying that you think

China would throw over a Pakistan for

India would depend on the deal that's

sad yeah I mean China ultimately once in

control over the Indian Ocean which has

been a part of Chinese territory since

ancient times as we all know I mean

definitely gencode probably sailed the

Indian Ocean you did there you go that's

true yeah you sailed all the way around

to potentially Africa the east coast of

Africa yeah so Africa also has been part

of China since ancient times and it's

part of China now but that's true

hey Babu is foul voilá

ask Hugo Weaving announced that he won't

play agent Smith in the matrix for do

you have intentions of auditioning for

the part I have been considering it

people have been saying that to me I

would need to figure out how to do that

though which would be a bit of a

challenge but I mean hey it's the part I

was born to play apparently apparently

when I interviewed Guangdong the the

Chinese the Taiwanese Taiwanese Joe

Rogan's like he posted about on his

social media and like so these are then

there are Taiwanese they don't know me

and like everyone starts posting

pictures of the agent Smith and so even

with the beard I feel even with the

beard I feel like the beard definitely


the like when we were in Hong Kong in

2016 remember the whole was mannequin

challenge oh yeah remember that we did a

mannequin challenge with Chris as Agent

Smith which people in the fan meetup so

you can actually Google China uncensored

mannequin challenge and see Chris

full-on as Agent Smith like this horse

head not like an actual horse head from

The Godfather

okay if anyone knows any casting

directors in Hollywood working on that

movie let me know okay all right w8o 4j

804 I now know the combination to your

safe question since the virus outbreak

are the protests in Hong Kong ongoing

are there any protests in the mainland

mm we have an episode coming out about

that tomorrow actually we do so that

episode will be your answer

yeah and no protests in the mainland

yeah no big protests in the mainland but

check out Wednesday's China uncensored

about Hong Kong I just want to say that

we smoked bitcoins donate a hundred

dollars and one cent and said for the

shellye of one job fund thank you it


yeah we do have some people who because

if you go on our website you can

actually contribute to us directly in

Bitcoin humans are a disease amazing

marks this is that but you know I'm not

that lady sees me know how to use I

don't understand those words yeah this

is kind of like you oh should we use

this one all right tiny penguin asks

what made Chris interested in making a

channel on Chinese affair to the first

place maybe I can answer for Chris also

will Shelley continue being the host

occasionally well this is your

opportunity be the host explain why I

started the show many years ago Chris

and I met on a farm no I'm not gonna go


yeah so what made you interested in

making a channel on Chinese affairs it

was because people weren't really

covering it right yep that's pretty good

yeah basically if you were paying

attention to China you see that other

than like the atrocious human rights

violations going on within China John I

was having a huge impact on all of us in

the United States I mean at this point a

lot has come out like to the extent that

China is able to get media companies in

Hollywood to self-censor like think

about that an authoritarian government

is making our media censor to appease

them like usually that only happens when

like a foreign country actually invades

and takes over but now they're just

doing it for money for money China has

invaded the United States with money not

tanks it was smart we're not that smart

so I wanted to make a show that kind of

exposes this and maybe you know get some

people to pay attention to the issue and

it seems we've got a couple of people

who are now paying attention to the

issue thanks guys oh this is now it's

now you you're now me maybe it'll be a

question for Shelley what you want more

cake oh gosh we're all gonna regret this

sweet to ask why are other countries so

afraid to confront China on their blades

and lies and evil crimes and I even get

off so easy money

money they like the money that China

promises so even though it never really

works out that way usually it ends up

with violations to a country's national

security or stepped of intellectual

property but there's that short-term

game of a maybe maybe this time they

won't rip us off maybe it will make

someone less I think a lot of smaller

countries just feel like they're just

not powerful enough to stand up to China

for smaller countries that's absolutely

the case especially when the United

States has not been great about backing

up its allies in the face of the Chinese

gotten as far yeah I mean that's part of

it over the last 20 years the US has not

done a lot for a lot of these small

countries and so they turn straight and

I think that's changing I think that the

the US government now sees that like

abandoning countries are not like

working with small countries to give

them loans and developments has

basically opened them up for wanting

Chinese investment no we threw all our

money into China

so do you I think you yeah well no but

the US has recently pledged sixty

billion dollars for Africa development

to kind of counterbalance what China is

doing so it's gonna it's kind of been

pushing the us to change and I think

that's good all right Robert ice Genest

pineapples on pizza yay or nay

yay if it's ham and pineapple otherwise

absolutely named pepperoni and pineapple

is quite good it's a rare combination

try pepperoni and pineapple no no no I

only eat ham and pineapple I don't touch

whatever animal pepperonis from man yeah

Matt let me tell you the story of this

magnificent animal is capable of giving

so much and Shelley not a huge fan like

I will eat it if it's there but I won't

order it specifically pineapple on piece

yeah all right now I want a pineapple

pepperoni piece that's what we'll do for

two million guys subscribe quick

dangit infernity asks how does Chinese

communism differ from other types of

communism socialism like Marxist

Leninist or Stalinist your intellectual

capacity someone more suited to that

would have been a better question –

before the cake hey Matt remember when I

went to dinner at your house and your

dad asked me a question about comparing

5,000 years of Chinese culture to like

2,000 years of Greek culture and which

was better in terms of peace yeah it was

it was a very intellectual question that

he he he assumed that you would be able

to just easily answer that question

which just speaks to how highly he

thinks of you yeah so Chinese communism

is different from Marxist Leninist

because it's Chinese socialism with

Chinese characteristics so its Marxist

Leninist socialism but with Chinese

characteristics it's very clear I'll

take it all right well I guess

seriously Mao did things like he took

communism and adapted it to like a

country that's mostly rural which was

not according to Marx theory of how

societies develop first you had to go

through an industrial revolution before

you could become communist yep but I

think now understood that you know the

core principle of communism and so he

did adapt that the core principle being

calcula rich people and take their stuff

all right Jerry

Jeremy Louis why do you always rearrange

the papers on the table when the papers

are basically useless because you don't

read the script from them wow there's a

lot of frustration in that question

why do I do that it's because if break

oh it's it is from a practical point of

view it's when we do a headlines episode

it does sort of help create eight is a


break between top we we actually did

used to print out the scripts physically

on the paper again remember when you did

the live episode the YouTube space for

New York fans thinking if we had the

script printed out and it's helpful if

you're doing a live broadcast because if

the teleprompter breaks you've got the

script in front of you but we're

pre-taping most of the headlines but so

yeah I mean it's a nice it's a nice

break between sections so read scripts

everything's off-the-cuff total

improvised only total improvised yep

there we go okay oh we all right we're

about wrapping up it so we've got about

a minute no can we can we just go on a

little longer I don't know can can that

it's up to us is it up to us it is up to

us oh okay let's let's give it a few

more minutes okay so good insane we'd

stop at eight but this is party isn't

stopping till I know it's da Seamus and

and other crew who are helping with this

so thank you guys but we have also like

a lot more question we're not gonna go

through all of these but a few more

Joseph Doria asks congrats on 1 million

since you started China uncensored would

have been the most personally important

slash shocking stories you have had to

report on for me the most the most

important story that I think we

uncovered there's an episode called

China something like China's shocking

military secret and we discovered that

Chinese state-run hospitals and military

hospitals or killing dissidents and

taking their organs and selling them and

by the time we made that episode there

was enough evidence that we could

basically say that with absolute

confidence we actually will have another

episode about that coming out next week

couple rapid-fire questions did we

already get a question from t mastermind

just making that up I think you're

making okay tea master asks during your

time in Hong Kong covering the anti

extradition movement admits the busy

schedule did you get a chance to sample

the numerous honk

delicacies and which one did you like

best oh my gosh it was that fancy

McDonald's that they have the pineapple

chicken burger no no the one that they

have about near ledge Co were like it is

the fanciest McDonald's in the world

where you can like order your you can

order a burger they have all kind of

fancy ingredients well I didn't notice

that being much fancier than other Hong

Kong with what's a hotpot place we went

to in Cosway Bay with the what's a hot

that's a so definitely we ate a lot of

goose goose and Cantonese like barbecued

pork the crispy skin pork yeah breakfast

every day an actual answer to question

not McDonald's one time we found this

hole in the wall place that we heard

about from a friend and they serve like

it was basically like a kind of macaroni

and cheese but sliced pig cheek well

that was 16 that we did that yeah – that

was a different time

yeah we don't usually eat very well when

we're in Hong Kong yeah we're too busy

to let you end up at McDonald's a lot

all right

Benjamin Bridgewater asks how and why

did you create China uncensored we did

answer that

so try try again our passage dude let's

go for it – question all right you can

put down the hackers I've got cake

everywhere mega debater asked why you

remind me of an agent from the matrix I

can't imagine why

rumrunner asks will you ever interview

Richard Gere and talk to him about how

he's been essentially blacklisted from

Hollywood because of his vocal support

look if anybody knows Richard Gere you

would love to interview no I think we

have them on the show we'd risk our

ability to get into trouble or your

ability to get into the matrix pool

that's a good point

Hollywood cast a youtuber talks about

China I don't know yeah maybe it's time

to change your name and audition you

know you were leaving – is my name Agent

Smith is my game retribution ex asks how

do you stay so upbeat when covering such

heavy topics give us an answer well I

think it is pretty hard sometimes but I

mean I think being able to make jokes

about it helps a lot like having that

humor element of the show definitely

helps that was also far the reason I

started the show because I had been

trying to cover China news in a straight

way and that was not good for my mental

sanity and I think like having each

other really helps right like we have

this group chat where we can just like

make jokes and you know about all the

terrible things that happened in China

because of the Chinese Communist Party

and it's nice to have somebody to talk

to about it and you know the triumvirate

China uncensored Morgan Freeman as a

extremely long time sub here Wow Morgan

Freeman hey you know how I can give me

the matrix my question is how does it

feel I've grown so much and to stick it

to the CCP and YouTube for trying to

censor you I mean when I started the

show I never imagined I would be sitting

here with a million subscribers and

very fine cake from Magnolia Bakery so

it's it's a blast like look at this a

dull point the whole reason I made the

show was because I wanted people to care

about China and now it's impacting us

everyone around the world and this is

proof that hey people people do care now

people are paying attention I don't

think we can rest on their laurels

though a million people how many people

are there in the world crazy

30 million well we got to make it to 2

million that's right thanks Morgan

Freeman I love movies ok someone asks

the theme isn't Chinese characters but

you know I'm not sure those characters

are 5 are there any is there anything

you like about China well I love your

show and expression though it seems you

care about China I do really care about

China bands whose ding is probably

directed at Chris well the expression

whatever I was the one who picked the

question yes answer it I I love China

and actually I had a great time in China

before before I got involved in the show

and before I like kind of understood how

authoritarian China was I did spend some

time in mainland tonight like there are

a lot of things I liked

I really had generally a good experience

with the people especially in the more

rural areas like Yunnan and Tibet and

there was just like a you know I and I

like the culture in the history but of

course the more I learned about it the

more I realized that the things I like

are really a lot of the things that are

no longer there the way that they used

to be and so one thing I care about is

you know can can people restore the

traditions that have been unfortunately

largely wiped out by the Chinese

Communist Party so yeah I mean I I love

a lot of things about China the the

language the people the history the


the traditional values and yeah I hope

that one day those things can be brought


immanuel asks how many how much thought

goes into each episode and do you guys

sometimes question hitting the upload I

mean we sit and write every episode so a

lot of fun goes into you know all three

of us each episode is an insane amount

of work it's all three of us touch every

episode so yeah I mean we put a lot of

thought into it as for being afraid

about home I don't think we've ever like

been worried about what will the Chinese

Communist Party do to us because of this

but lately I have been like you know

like this the episode that we did on

Saturday that was about the growing

authoritarian response to the corona

virus outbreak it not only got

demonetised I got age-restricted and

they put like this like black box

warning thing inappropriate or offensive

to some viewers do you still want to

watch and then you have to opt in to

watch it again and so I have found

myself like when we were editing

tomorrow's episode that's about the Hong

Kong protests that are continuing

despite the coronavirus like you know

that's probably gonna get rate

restricted because it's about Hong Kong

and the coronavirus know for sure be

demonetised and this really is a new

worst period and like essentially

YouTube censorship the DES monetization

was awful because that would have ended

the show but we got around it because of

support from patreon from the fans who

contribute on patreon if YouTube now

starts taking down our videos which

they've done once or if they aged you're

strict and put up warnings that will

make it hard for people to watch the

show but and there's no real way we can

get around that because we can't talk to

them and they don't talk back to us and

the thing about that is you know what

are you gonna do are you gonna not show

the police doing what they're doing or

you're gonna not show what they do you

know that's yeah I mean we could

actually get around some of these

problems by simply not showing some of

this footage and by more importantly not

talking about some of the most serious

issues maybe that's a

let's talk about pandas more often I

think do you think we could get it and

they're gonna pander oh I'm at joke

that's why your thought was a great joke

that's why I had to humor ninja ok this

was another why did you start with this

show a lot of people want to know that

is it is everyone not starting shows a

criticizing the Chinese Communist Party

oh we already answered one from this

person I think this all right so okay

okay just to be fair to all get through

as many as we can

oh gosh draw the greatness asked what

was the most dangerous thing you slash

your team has done to cover the news and

the reason I said oh gosh is a him I was

remembering the time we were on a little

rickety Filipino fishing boat for three

days on the open ocean at one point

pretty close to Chinese Coast Guard

vessels going to the Scarborough Shoal

in the South China Sea fantasy territory

that is contested by the Philippines and

China if you haven't seen that episode

you should definitely watch it what

would what is it called just search for

Scarborough Shoal I was I was genuinely

scared that the Chinese Coast Guard

would try to board our fishing vessel

which is why I had brought like like oh

yeah we got like cigarettes and American

cigarettes as a bribe Mauro's and and

then also like I also like I'd like

wrapped myself in like my head and

clothing and stuff so that I didn't look

so why we have the fishermen ask you to

cover your hair because you were blond

yeah in case I looked like a you know

like an obvious out of place person I'm

on a Filipino fishing boat with all

Filipinos and also it was just like what

fifty nine hours on this little boat

that didn't have

I didn't have a bed I slept on a

creative fish they caught was also we

were also out in the open ocean during a

super moon 18 foot swells

yeah the ways are very big but it was

also like the one of the almost awesome

things we've done I think that's true

yeah I mean Hong Kong exciting and

dangerous but you know a lot of people

cover Hong Kong not a lot of people went

to asgard Moshlings I know very few have

I mean it was Donna that was you know

and at times it was so peaceful out on

the water but then I remember coming

back and we worked so hard on that

episode if we were sitting in the

Starbucks like trying to upload it and

then it was monetized thanks YouTube

that was the beginning kind of like a

when the demise it was yeah we're like

we spent all those efforts you know it

was a great adventure and maybe that's

this is a place we want to wrap up the

broadcast because we've already gone

over by quite a bit

oh okay and and we have some some

awesome crew here who are want to go

home and want to go home and have cake

well on the opposite order yes uh-huh

Hey really everyone thank you for making

this possible we're not stopping here

you know were you've got loads more

China uncensored to make America

uncovered China and scripted podcast

keep subscribing no matter how many

times you tube unsubscribes you and then

you know maybe we'll actually make it to

2 million to 2 million that's that's

Mexico yeah huge shout out to well

everyone who contributed today but also

to the patrons on who support the show

on patreon because YouTube would have

shut the show down if it weren't for

them so let's all give them a huge

thanks a round of applause they won't be

able to hear it but I like to think the

energy you're putting out through it

like that will do something ok yeah and

also thank you

there's a bunch of people who've mailed

us physical checks or gone to our

website and and contributed directly

through one of those alternative methods

and just so just everyone who like

leaves a comment on an episode or on the

Facebook page or on Instagram been

watching since before we hit a hundred

thousand and then the others who've like

helped put us in contact with people to

interview we've had fans who like emails

we're like help you know who you know we

had a fan who took Shelly around South

Africa and another one took Shelley

around Greece to look at like high rare

sport max sort of yeah I think I'm

getting from this is our fans are the

best they are the best the best fans no

matter what no matter how messed up the

world is there's at least a million

people who are pretty darn cool actually

it's up to 10 310 3 million so that is

how many cool people are in the world

yeah all right thank you for joining us

and see you next time

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