LIVE: Bannon WarRoom – Residents of the American Republic | NTD

published on July 3, 2020

and said there are police in every

country in the world this is not a new

concept you don't look at other

countries and say they have no police

you have police everywhere and where you

have no police I mean you know if we go

to Seattle we'll see how that's that

six-block experiment works in Seattle

where they have no police but when you

have no police you have no protection

and so really what happened with Jessi

obviously the police officer went too

far that is when you need to take that

in you need to reprimand the man that

person and our police are held to

standards and we heard with Sheriff lot

earlier these police if they do

something wrong there is a standard

they're held to and if it's if it's

criminal they're prosecuted just like

any other criminal in the world so this

is this is not this is not something

that doesn't happen but but we

appreciate you being here today on the

invisible enemy we'll be back next

weekend don't miss it we always have

something good for you here on America's

voice news thank you for watching today




well the virus is now killed more than a

hundred people in China and new cases

have been confirmed around the world you

don't want to frighten the American

public France and South Korea have also

got evacuation plans that you need to

prepare for in a suit broadly warning

Americans to avoid all non-essential

travel to China this is going to be a

real serious problem France Australia

Canada the US Singapore Cambodia Vietnam

the list goes on officials are

investigating more than a hundred

possible cases in the US Germany

a man has contracted the virus epidemic

is a demon and we cannot let this demon

hide Japan where a bus driver contracted

the virus coronavirus has killed more

than 100 people there and infected more

than 4,500 we have to prepare for the

worst always because if you don't and

the worst happens war room pandemic

here's your host Steven Cabana

welcome live from Capitol Hill it is war

room pandemic it is Saturday the 13th of

June the year of our Lord 2020 on the

John Frederick Radio Network also FM

991 1039 in Chicago America's voice

dot News the streaming platform of the

Trump revolution well thank the folks

out in Colorado for their help and

co-producing the show today also Newsmax

TV could see it later in the night and

on the weekends multiple showings of war

room pandemic tent almost 10 million

downloads on the on the podcast where

ubiquitous everywhere hashtag war and

pandemic wants you part of the community

today responding we got two specials the

first is a cultural revolution the

second is the firewall we've got a

virtually in all chinese cash for this

chinese nationals but this is all about

censorship it's really about the

suppression of free speech and the

suppression of thought control that's we

want to go back we were the first I

think Drudge had a link this week Rahim

and Jack and Greg and by the way I want

to say I'm glad to be back physically in

the war room I've been at sea for about

ten days a couple of things have changed

number one I got Raheem's nice chair

it's a little crummy one I said notice

from Raheem's here the nice chair goes

so now I've got dibs on the night stare

regimes in the little crummy chair that

I've been sitting on for six months it's

just about it how my per se I'm a team

player got a new mic right so come on

some good things happening here well

hold on a minute is that is that mic

louder than ours I think it's more to

now so as soon as we get says we sell

more ads at higher price when get

everybody new Michael doesn't change

your voice into a British accent since

the audience now used to that but listen

you are on a roll but also you come over

here on holiday routine like you just

rolled out of bed everybody's looking

for the the dapper on the Cultural

Revolution in the first episode the

first hour here we were the first ones

to kind of connect these dots about a

month ago what you're seeing in the

United States today is the French

Revolution the modern version of that

was 1966 to 1976 in China the Cultural

Revolution the Red Guard that's what

we've refer to this today this global

really effort whether it's in the United

Kingdom where you see the Knights from

Seattle Washington to Parliament Square

this is a kneel Maoist effort and and

most importantly it's to take away it's

a really had the thought police the

nineteen sixty six and sixty eight is

we're going to get into in the rest of

this hour you had the you had the red

guard in mouths a tongue thought so now

you're being you're seeing the end of

liberalism and you're getting you're

getting the the antifa and black lives

matter they're thought police are all

over whether that's against Tucker

Carlson or people in corporations etc

that's why I say this November is gonna

be pretty simple straightforward

election if you believe America's a

systemically racist nation if you think

it's nothing but a bunch of racist and

everybody has to go to re-education camp

it'd be reiterated every day and your

children and your children's children

then vote Democratic if you think it's

the greatest nation on earth

that's freed more people created more

prosperity done more to bring about

stability and prosperity and peace and

order in the world then you vote for a

president Trump for the Republicans and

I want our Democratic colleagues

listening the show to really think

deeply about this you see right now

total anarchy in Seattle you can't see

that on CNN because I noticed in the

last couple of days on the ship as I

came ashore is that CNN I think they had

the other night

two hundred stories and not one story

about Seattle why is that right and not

hey listen and I say look I'm all for

the chairs areas I'm all for if you want

if you want to have an autonomous zone

here's the kind of thing I like about it

number one they first thing they builds

a wall I'm chairman if we build the wall

we've been saying you need walls the

whole progressive loves that it's our

don't need a wall first had to do is

build a wall second thing you got the

John Brown gun clubs in in the in the in

the warlord commander their armored up

they all got weapons and they're doing

not stop and first they're doing stop

and searches okay so the way the chests

keep many the Chad's keep good order and

we know it's kind of Anarchy and so all

kidding aside it's very serious but I

think people have to embrace what people

are talking about defunding and and and

no police owns we asked for him to come

over this morning to kick off the

Cultural Revolution special I want to

talk it was

so amazing what's happening overnight

and it really is and as I prepped for

the last two days with the Chinese

nationals and look I really appreciate

the audience these people

english-as-a-second-language they do an

amazing job and I love the fact that

hashtag worm pandemic into life but

thing understands that appreciates it

but as we go through the two things

it was amazing to hear what China was in

1966 and how it was suppressed and how

they did the exact same things they

stripped all the Econo greffi away from

china they they tried to destroy the

family couldn't talk about Confucius it

was all to have a new thought that was

totally new from day one just like the

French Revolution did years zero it

starts here it goes forward everything

in the past is bad

in the United Kingdom what has outraged

me more than anything is that Winston

Churchill Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln

have been let's call it what it is

desecrated this is not vandalism they've

been desecrated these are these are

three of the great heroes against

fascism against slavery and for

nonviolent nonviolent protests yeah

that's right and and you know there are

memes going around at the moment with

the Winston Churchill statue completely

covered up with a little speech bubble

coming out of it says I can't breathe

you know this is this is the suffocation

the suffocation of freedom the

suffocation of history the suffocation

of reality that we're seeing taking

place and it has great ramifications for

every Western civilization out there

that has been predicated on this verb

for so very long and and when you look

at what's happened in the last 24 48

hours that the Churchill statue covered

the Cenotaph which is the War Memorial

100 years old on Whitehall today covered

in scaffolding in aluminium and and the

scenes today that we're seeing on

Whitehall I mean we can we can we can

actually play some of the clip let's

play some of the clips and for our radio

audience I want you to describe it it's

it's really almost it's unbelievable the

hypocrisy that goes with this all right

so the first what I want to show is is

last week because what the protesters

are doing and let's roll this clip while

I describe it what the protest end and

you can see the scenes from this week

where you have descending on the Capitol

descending on Whitehall tens of

thousands of British Patriots people who

are you know ordinary people coming

coming into London and veterans veterans

who served in the Grenadier Guards and

the United Kingdom marching down

Whitehall you see the pictures on your

screen here for the video audience

marching down Whitehall to protect the

Cenotaph and to protect the Churchill

statue and let's take a look very

quickly at what the police's reaction to

this veterans and Patriots marching down

Whitehall has been in juxtapose that

with the scenes you just saw from last

week here come the police this week in

their riot gear right that's right yeah

yellow vests you see each of them

holding on to their helmets they have

the truncheon so they have everything

they're ready for a fight so hold on

help me out here someone the anarchists

and the people there to desecrate these

monuments are they're desecrating the

monuments the police get pummeled back

up and there's not one people from BBC

but when Patriots stand up for their

culture and their society and civics and

they come up to defend just do nothing

more than defend these monuments

that's when the riot police come out to

remove them is that what we're talking

that's what we're talking about and

naturally what we've seen over the

course of this morning which it's the

afternoon now in the UK is scuffles and

fights with the police because the

Patriots the people protecting the

statues are seeing this as a as a

provocation but we can not blame this

just on Sadiq Khan this morning I was

doing some calls for him after we

decided to do this opening segment

remember what's happening in London in

DC right now is exactly what happened in

China back in the 1960s this is a

Cultural Revolution

ok and that's why it's relevant today

Rahim here's what's so stunning me we

just can't blame this on Sadiq Khan we

know Sadiq Khan is a radical we know you

have fought with Sadiq Khan for many

many years so in fact I think at one

time you were thinking of run against

him in for mayor the this has got to be

at the doorstep of Boris Johnson why is

it the retirees the Grenadier Guards out

there why is it not the Grenadier Guards

why are we not defending the Lincoln

Ghandi Churchill and the center 5 which

is really ASOS it's power it's as

simplicity and it's right in the middle

of the street

right and it's honored Oh

why is borscht Johnson's and I will say

it right now he's got less okay he is

absolutely gutless to allow this to

happen well there is a cynical

calculation that I'm hearing more about

political calculation I'm hearing more

about in in the background lately in the

last couple of days people have said

well actually that Boris Johnson's

approval ratings the Conservative

Party's approval ratings have gone back

up as a result of this as a result of

seeing what the left is offering in

exchange for a Boris Johnson in

Conservative government Boris Johnson

may be making the political calculation

that hey it's actually worthwhile

allowing the left to show their true

colors to the public especially when you

consider that he's lost some ground to

the opposition leader kissed armor in

recent weeks based on his career advice

I'm all for and that's what I say this

this November is gonna be the signal

from the noise it will not be any

clearer all the media storm but we've

had we're having a moment of clarity we

are having a moment of clarity and

that's what you have to embrace this

does not manage decline

this is decline decline this is when the

bottom falls out when you go to the

Civic Society I'm all for that but you

have to defend you can't allow those

monuments there's a way to do that in to

show basically middle class people

working-class people hey these other

guys are crazy I think it's it's it's if

if cynicism is the price of higher poll

numbers then it's not worth it you you

have to stand for something right now I

completely agree I mean I'm no I'm not

in support of the of the if the

politicking around this but that's what

would you do if you were if you were

Dominick coming so you think Dominick

coming so I think is a pretty savvy guy

do you think this is his advice to to

Boris Johnson no I don't think so I

think Dominick Cummings has been has

been sidelined in recent weeks ever

since his the thing of the pandemic

because of his is you're seeing you're

telling me what you're seeing now is

Boris Johnson with know Dominick coming

Boris Johnson that's AA Kerry Simmons

his fiancee who is more sort of liberal

left-leaning and thinks that this is

this is perfectly fine remember what

we'll see in the newspapers tomorrow in

the United Kingdom on the front pages

mark my words are scenes of you know

some tattooed skinhead punch

riot the helmeted policemen in the face

and it'll say far-right thugs you know

Churchill society condemns them but we

didn't see that last week we didn't see

anything close and we didn't by the way

see anything close to the defense of

statues like that of Robert baden-powell

and if I may go into this for just a

second it is so imperative that we

understand history on this because the

statue of Robert baden-powell thus kept

the founder of the scouts this was

somebody who served in West Africa for

Great Britain fighting the local tribal

leaders who were responsible for the

Africa massive parts of the African

slave trade baden-powell

I went back nobody has done this I went

back and looked at his essay from 1896

called the downfall of Prem pay this was

the African leader Prem pay and he

writes in the book we may look on the

following as the main reasons and

objects for the expedition is the

British expedition to West Africa and

the first thing he says is to put an end

to human sacrifice to put an end to

slave trading and raid to put an end to

human sacrifice and abandoned his slave

trade and they want to take his and they

want to take his monument down and and

they did it by the way by 8 by 1902 they

had ended that after the British

obviously and Wilberforce and all that

it took it took decades and decades

almost a hundred years but they ended it

human sacrifice in slavery then I hate

to say it was prim pay and the Ashanti

leaders in West Africa who were wearing

the famous Kente cloth we're gonna get

into more of that next week but the

Kente cloth the President Trump is at

West Point today it's the 10th

anniversary of my daughter's graduation

from the United States Military Academy

at West Point and if you had told me 10

years from when we were so thrilled to

have her graduate West Point that

there'd be a letter circulating among

West Point graduates to basically turn

their back on President Trump it would

be shocking and absolutely stunning

we're getting word of that one thank

Rahim for dropping in this morning we're

gonna get now back we're gonna start

with the culture

we return with Chinese nationals hear

their voices about what censorship

really means and it really totalitarian

dictatorship war and pandemic a vacuum

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war with Steven Cabana

here's your host Steven Cabana

welcome back to war and pandemic at

Saturday 13th of June we're live from

the nation's capital we're here to talk

about the cultural revolution and its

its relevance today because you're

seeing a cultural revolution globally

right now we're gonna get into this with

a great group of Chinese nationals that

we've put together over the last weekend

trying to produce this show in advance

before I get to Lin I want to ask Jack

Maxie one of the reasons it's so

important now we're seeing you remember

borer and pandemic and I've been getting

a lot of grief from guys whoa hey now

it's time to go to 2020 now it's time to

go the war room I said whoa hang on hang

on hang on hang on guys done not so fast

we're still in the middle of a pandemic

we're seeing this come up through the

the southern border we had I did it to

our special with Brian Cole faj in the

team form and Mike about the first

anniversary of us building the wall in

El Paso Texas and they said the other

day Kris Kobach was on I was talk to him

that there's an increase now coming up

from northern Mexico because they don't

have the money and the resources to do

the testing but most importantly the

biggest story I think in the world this

morning in this gets to the heart of

what we're talking about with the

Chinese nationals over the next two

hours because we're doing the firewall

in the next hour both of them deal with

thought control and censorship mr Jack

Maxie at a Beijing we're now finding out

that there's a fish market there

somewhere that quote/unquote some market

where I can't come from a lab but some

market is this is this is the pandemic

finally gotten to Beijing and do we have

any idea what the truth is because right

now internationally this is shocking

people well what's interesting is the

narrative seems the same of course it

started in an outdoor food market the

largest fruit market in all of Beijing

it also apparently they sell some fish

there they say that they are no longer

able to sell salmon in Beijing one of

our viewers asked the question Steve how

can this possibly be true I thought

there were no more foreigners being able

to have come into Beijing so it must

have started at home this gets the point

that what Beijing was saying hey through

the first wave the only way they were

getting is people not just foreigners it

was Chinese also coming back from the

United States it was nine states was the

infected part right that's it was all

the United States infecting people

exactly it

one thing that should be a real heads-up

for everybody Feng Shang Shung who is

the public health expert from ha Jung

University of Science and Technology in

Wuhan today said there is still no

conclusion as to the source and route of

the infection and he said Beijing must

urgently upgrade epidemic control

measures says this is how it started in

Wuhan and he says quote if it can be put

under control right now the virus will

affect many people in a short time

because of the high density of

population in Beijing so apparently the

CCP does not have everything under

control to you I want to now bring in

Lin Lin thank you very much for joining

us on the show really appreciate your

your working with us on this unplanted

that your name is a nan de jour so that

it can't attack your family but on this

thing about the about the pandemic and

about what's happening in Beijing right

now how you know the ccp's really crack

down on censorship came from the

Cultural Revolution how successful has

their censorship been in controlling the

Chinese people how do they give me some

examples of walk me through how they

control the Chinese people through this

censorship that really came through in

this thought-control brainwashing that

came from the Cultural Revolution yes

there is a well-known book called the

red book option email it promotes poison

a variety of macedon and during the

Cultural Revolution religion beliefs

faith we all forbidden and they were

brainwashed with mouse thoughts instead

and after years and years of

brainwashing the Chinese government

activity is really very successful in

doing this they're very successful if

now are they many people actually they

are automatically believe what PCC tell


okay we're not Lin house for sale in

Hank land hang on for a second I just

want to make sure every understands this

you're saying that they took away

religion and they brainwash people

during the Cultural Revolution a mouse a

tongue thought and we can see this today

they brainwash people to really make Mao

the center of everything right and they

destroyed religion and this took out

spirituality and destroyed religion is

that what you're telling us that and

Maoism is directly related to true

Marxism well actually he's not a hundred

percent positive because he made changes

okay it's not a hundred percent

it's we call it Maoism because it's a

variety is not exactly what massive

thought what would be the difference

what's the difference in Maoism what is

Maoism versus Marxism well he derived a

lot of theory from not seasoned but he

made a lot of changes according to well

he's me actually Lynn tell me about how

how has this thought-control

help control the Chinese people because

right now it seems like they're being

fed a very false narrative while you

have the why you have the firewall up

when people are denied access truth and

they and when they were brainwashed they

have seen what during was for so many

years what 17 years actually CCP has

been doing this brainwashing from I mean

kid from young age like when I went to

school first lesson I was taught for

long live children now a second lesson I

took was long live comments party and we

would learn with we we were caught but

CCP is abhorrent forever correct

party now

was regarded as something like God you

know PCP was always right so we're

passing washed train wash for so long oh

it's the same in China three men they


tiger battening if a lie is hold for

many times it becomes true that's

brainwashing what's mentorship it's a

way of brainwashing because once we are

deprived acted the truth we have no

opportunity to find it truth you only

hear one voice that's what CCP teacher

what what Lin what damage do you think

this is done to the Chinese people

Walker stood what what what damage do

you think that this this brainwashing

this focus on Mao Zedong Thought and now

this censorship that's really gone on

for about fifty or sixty years and we're

really seeing come out in this pandemic

what damage has this done to Lao by

sharing what what damage has done to old

hundred names and in the in the working

class good honest decent people of China

there are a lot of things just well I

would think because CCP they just say

what they did is not the way the brain

washes is made us believe that CCP

represents the Chinese people we could

not tell the difference so whenever we

have problems in China they will blame

individuals in CCP of external forces

like US and other Western countries so

bad these rise to nationalism so people

lost the ability of free thinking

that's very dangerous actually that's

nothing for them now how do you think

when you look at what's happening

through the rest of the world right now

and you see these all these revolts

everywhere from London to Washington DC

Seattle Washington seen this going all

over him but you see people in Hong Kong

fighting for freedom of expression how

do you think the censorship how do you

think this relates to the rest of the


well for Hong Kong I mean because of

censorship Chinese people they know they

do not know the truth about what's going

on in Hong Kong so they could hardly

support Hong Kong people some on the

many many of them they cannot see the

truth so they're not able to do it you

know that's a problem whatever is

happening in the world I mean I'm not

very sure about what's going on in the

rest of the world I'm I'm pretty I think

I know much about what's going on in

Hong Kong more than I know the rest of

the world you know so how do you relate

this to Hong Kong Hong Kong people are

great people they know exactly what did

Morrissey about they know exactly what

it is for the people because of

censorship Chinese people they do not

understand what is democracy they do not

know understand they've got the first

right of freedom of speech freedom of

religion they do not understand that

so censorship I would say censorship I

would say that is damaging to the

Chinese people in many ways

okay Lin well look thank you very much

for joining us we appreciate that we're

gonna come back in a second but you know

here's the thing is that when you have

this total censorship you have the

firewall you have a mentality Jack where

you've you've been brainwashed right and

now you've got another outbreak of this

which I still think you we're going to

find out that this thing never left

China at all it's been all over China

and the reason that they can't hide is

because the media happens to be in in

Beijing okay short commercial break we

returned with the Cultural Revolution on

war room pandemic in just a moment

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war room with Steven Cabana

here's your host Steven Cabana


welcome back to war on pandemic we're

live from Capitol Hill it's the 13th of

June Saturday here in our nation's

capital the President States is up at

West Point there's breaking news I just

see right here that I've seen an article

a truck drivers say they won't deliver

two cities with defunded police

departments so we want the anarchists to

left to in all the mayors and all the

people to support them and to embrace

that right to embrace it the truck

drivers you know people that the

hard-working working-class people don't

feel comfortable going to areas of

anarchy and this has all been brought

about us because ladies and gentleman

this is a cultural revolution just the

same where you know we pride ourselves

in connecting dots and in helping you a

framework we're not here to tell you

what to think we're here to show you

evidence of what's going on in the world

this is the French Revolution

you know writ large I think was pastor

Jeffrey's last night or Jeffers was on

last night talking about about the the

French Revolution even lost in November

the guillotines would be would be

brought out I don't know if we're in

that dramatic ammo bag I tell you if

certain people were out in the in the

streets last week and it they would have

been torn limb from limb I mean this was

this was a this was mob rule when antifa

took over late at night and it's

dangerous you can see throughout the

country this footage that mainstream

media won't show you it was dangerous in

the end the ban and look there there are

ill trained police departments the

progressive mayor of Minneapolis and the

african-american police chief right in

Minneapolis a police force they've got

to take responsibility for that's that

Minneapolis police force had obviously

people the screening hadn't been well

but most important I think the training

right how do all these police officers

you know a murder

you know mr Floyd and so it to me Isola

is totally unset

Jack I want to turn to you we're going

to get back to the cultural revolution

here but I think this breaking news the

truck drivers are saying that they're

not gonna they're not going to return to

cities that defund police departments

have police free zones because they're

working class people and they understand

what happens we know that the police are

for the Democrats out there that's

called 1968

majority making themselves known I'm

sure a lot of those truck drivers are

union members I'm sure a lot of them

were Teamsters and I'm sure a lot of

them are Democrats and so this gets down

to this gets down to very basic stuff we

also got the pandemics now back in

Beijing you wouldn't know that because

you really can't get word out because of

the firewall Beijing saying and once

again remember the Chinese chemists

party points the fingers immediately to

the Chinese people oh it's a dirty fish

market because I'm sure you down there

and they're going to be eating bats

right this is the remember the Chinese

Communist Party continues to denigrate

the Chinese people so then they can turn

and say hey look the rest of people

think you're Bart you think your savages

right you're barbarians this is the the

Americans hate you right and this is an

old trick of the Chinese Communist Party

one of the things she said that was so

kind of moving she knew a little bit

about what was going on in Hong Kong but

she really didn't know much about what

was going on in the rest of the world so

she's completely shut down and this is

one of the great failures and you see

this over and over again especially in

the modern totalitarian states like

Hitler's Germany Chairman Z's China or

Stalin's Soviet Union they become so

caught up in the power struggle that

they lack the ability to have any kind

of self-criticism they lack the ability

to adapt and all their problems are

external right it's never the problem of

the Nazi Party it's never the problem of

the Soviet Communist Party it's never

the problem of the CCP gangsters it's

always the common person who's at fault

it's the foreigner who's at fault you

know if you look at the paranoia around

the Mao Zedong regime when he was when

he got so sick and was really

incapacitated and died the white bone

devil his wife and and they brought Deng

Deng Xiaoping back it was the same thing

same paranoia saw the Gorbachev you saw

the French Revolution the reign of


I mean the reign of terror that took the

Committee on Public Safety remember they

always got a name that sounds for the

reign of terror Robespierre and these

guys ran it for the group is called the

committee of the committee for public

safety they had a table odd this is kind

of symbolic it was a green Bozz so they

had they had a table just like this and

that not every night they'd have a stack

of document

and who was going to get Carter off next

time and it turned out I think of the 12

guys around a table I think half of them

went to the guillotine including Robo

spear which which ended at half of ended

poorly hamster net poorly okay I want to

now go to Zhao he's a supporter of the

the new federal state of China which was

announced in New York Harbor and from

the Statue of Liberty it shows you the

power of imagery that miles grow in the

entire operation of The Whistleblower

moving this entire global movement of

expatriate Chinese led by the power

couple in Spain mr Howe and his wife

that were so you know they call him the

cannon that were so taken with the

Statue of Liberty they wanted to

announce their new state in front of the

Statue of Liberty talking about on the

31st anniversary of Tiananmen Square at

dawn if we did it I think it was at six

o'clock or seven o'clock exactly when

the Sun came over Tiananmen Square in

the 31st anniversary and what miles and

other people told me said hey the thing

that the CCP really understood because

they've been doing this for months back

in Tiananmen 31 years ago it was when

the students put up the I think that guy

they called the goddess of living

goddess of Liberty when that went up in

Tiananmen that's when miles these guys

saying hey they're not going to tolerate

this too much longer because that's a

direct connection to the Statute of

Liberty they understand that means

freedom of speech that means freedom of

assembly them ease freedom of religion

and in in in in you know that they're

not going to tolerate that they moved in

the troops what those people 31 years

ago must think about what's going on in

the United States today is absolutely

boggles my mind so she's out I want to

bring you in you know we just had an

announcement we had news earlier about

their they know that quote unquote the

pandemic is now back in Beijing but I

want to go back for a second and talk

about the impact of the Cultural

Revolution because we're having a

cultural revolution in the West right

now very similar to what went on in

China in the night late 1960s can you

walk us through the impact of the

Cultural Revolution on China today okay

good morning hi buddy I'm glad to share

my experience with people all free world

why would shout I was told Mao is a big


to charge people to human beings how's

your illusion with a social political

movement in China Mao was cheated by

lumpia wait by channel occp cheated by

junction most wife limpio demo for his

small little village called Cultural

Revolution the about families are

unreasonable who know logic complex see

the mouse is so great Whiteley

what it be cheated sin tomorrow

it was favored to the world why my

parents and grandparents live tragically

killed in Cultural Revolution seven

years ago I made a research on Cultural

Revolution and found shortly effect or

cultural revolutions the research

process it's so difficult because of

firewall because of censorship by CCP

but CCP cancel all people sound card

some of the people all time but the CCP

cannot for old people

what time did you turn limit I will just

talk about what are the impact of

cultural revolutions to chance people

learning that period cultural values let

me ask you I said okay keep going

now keep going keep going okay Cultural

Revolution has a disaster impacts all

aspects of society including the

material crisis economic transitional

culture region and police academic and

education model foreign relations during

the Cultural Revolution much economic

activity was 40 massacres took place

across mainland China including the

function masters the union of Kolya

misses the quantum masters the Linda

mastery to hula masters

while in struggle frequently took place


creative and utilize kale and this water

to seep power to allocate power cultural


it's just famous roles by CCT and mouth

I sacrifice Chinese heroes nobody can

keep themselves faith during the

Cultural Revolution currents or millions

of people were persecuted to are

increasing my family members my parents

uncles aunts lost opportunities or

releasing education because school

college were closed they were mobilised

to go to the countryside in the bound to

the countryside movement due to time

limit I can't talk about more about

impact on family and morale okay it's ow

it's a hang-up for one second let me

just ask you a question go back you said

it was turned out to be a game of

Thrones in which the Chinese people were

actually the ones that were destroyed

but I want to go back for this audience

because the thing that's very important

how was mal raised up as Savior how did

they actually brainwash people well how

did it because this is what's had the

impact over the last sixty years in the

in the ten years we call the ten years

that China lost right how would they

hold him up as a savior when people were

being tortured people have been putting

in reeducation camps

what was the methodology they used to

brainwash people

yes this is touching home decree Oh CCP

and the mouth is brainwash thank you

very much to let people believe that CCP

is the favor of chant people disappear

it's a favor of the whole world then use

the money mastered to push

they are CCP at all urge

the people smiled from kindergarten from

the admin school to the high school to

the University and that's shown in the

whole process or education I have you

Chinese people from their childhood yes

taught they are bring words by the CCP's

so they knew that brainwash they use the

censorship then use the firewall to

mädchen people living the life for the

by CCP leaving this fandom yeah it's out

I tell you what but why don't we I want

to bring down back for the next segment

I've got a couple other questions so

I'll hang over a second worth a jump to

a commercial break and and we're gonna

be back in a moment if I can't have just

so Zhou is gonna rejoin us here we're

producing this on the run as we always

do so I want to bring Zhou back we'll

figure out how to how to bump some

things into the next set and then to the

next hour on the Cultural Revolution

because I do want to answer soun we get

back the lessons for today from the

Cultural Revolution so let's let's take

a second this

look it's turbulent times there's

clearly a global revolution going on

you've seen today that truck drivers are

saying hey we don't want to we feel very

uncomfortable delivering goods and

services into areas that that are

defunding the police the Minneapolis

City Council I think is has voted to

actually do away with the police

so it's a very uncertain time and in

this uncertain time if you're an

entrepreneur and entrepreneurs are going

to be the tip of the spear that leads us

through this economic this economic

carnage I think last night on Maria


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war with Steven Cabana here's your host

Stephen Cabana

I want to thank all of our the guests we

have from China I mean I speak very fast

for an American audience and

particularly people trying to answer my

questions and in English as they do such

a fantastic job and remember all these

folks come forward under great risk to

their not just themselves but to their

families what the CCP really focuses on

is the family what they try to look they

want to destroy the family they've

always want to destroy the family unit

the family group just like in the French

Revolution Cultural Revolution this is

the thing is to break down the family

structure and make you respond make you

look to the state for everything that a

family would do and that's why they hold

up people like Mao Zedong as a God right

to replace to replace his spirituality

is one of the reasons of the new federal

state of China if you look at the flag

with miles course said the other day

that big star in the middle that's much

bigger than the other stars that's

really God and they're trying to put God

back into the center of China the the

spiritual needs of the Chinese people or

whatever your former worshippers whether

it says L'Amour or Buddhism whether it's

following Gong Christianity Catholicism

you know it would listen to Pottenger in

his great may fourth speech just ancient

Chinese philosophy and spiritual

yearning Jack before I go back to Zhou

you had some pretty good thoughts in the

break about what the Cultural Revolution

had done to destroy the trend of the the

underpinnings of the Civic Society of

China well one of the things I saw this

parallel with what we're seeing today in

the West with this destruction of

history and one of the things that

occurred during the Cultural Revolution

I'd love to get take on it was it became

illegal to hold on to these memories of

the ancient China so beautiful porcelain

pieces that may have been in a family

for generations and generation were

smashed by the mobs and one of the ways

that I think our Western audience might

actually see this in reality anybody has

probably seen these little boxes that

are silver with a shard of porcelain in

the top of it sometime in the 1980s

people went and started to gather these

local places where all of the cities

porcelains have been brought to be

destroyed and the friends

and started taking the little pieces of

making silver boxes out of them and and

it's we're watching this happen in our

own country Steve you were just talking

about the destruction of the family that

sounds just like what we've watched

occur in our own country in the last 40

or 50 years so it's how I'd love to hear

you talk about how the Cultural

Revolution went about trying to destroy

the past so as to rebuild the future in

mouths vision dick thanks for your

passion social revolution destroy the

family and the model chosen are

encouraged by chanimal

to belong and the torture their parents

to show their loyalty to the channel

mouths mine inside with their new

achievements or come committed suicide

in order to enhance the public's faith

through the mouth mouth encourage family

members to hold each other about the

noisy defeat to Ma Pa audience you may

not believe in my description of such

resolution because it's too creative but

you may very funny I mean South freedom

or open they are welcoming History

Museum of cultural evolution need to

review in order to let young

generational effect you are in the

shortened period in human history and if

you want to avoid made by CCP happening

again yeah I want to say so

that is I think the coolest idea we've

ever had pitched on Amorim and I would

say from the war room family

we will you got to start we will put the

first $10,000 up for the museum for the

Cultural Revolution for the Chinese

people I think that is an amazing idea

I'm kind of upset sow that I didn't

think of it right it's such a good idea

I'm gonna steal it so no last questions

out and boy that is a powerful idea

where Sarah is out

you are amazing everybody that comes on

the show and tells Zach and everybody

that Lynn

everybody comes on when you guys did is

incredible that is a breathtakingly

smart idea and we're gonna help you run

with it because the Chinese people need

if the CCP is so wonderful if the CCP

because you know it's crickets when you

talk about Tiananmen this reason miles

grow in in the team at the new federal

state in the whistleblower movement and

all these affiliated groups decided to

do in New York are burn from the Statute

of Liberty at what seven o'clock at

night specifically I think seven thirty

seven is exactly when the Sun came up

over Tiananmen in Beijing and the reason

is they will not talk about Tiananmen

the families that lost the kids and they

were mainly college students right the

in high school students the people who

lost the kids in Tiananmen Square and if

you hear of some of these veterans

saying there were hundreds of thousands

not tens of thousands that they can't

even go in lay a flower down in

commemoration of their children that

were murdered by the PLA in that square

and that's why they did it so it was out

what an amazing idea we are the first

we're the first contributors to to your

idea of a vein is IAM on for the

cultural revolution you know she and

once she Sean ought to be all over this

they are they ought to welcome this that

yes we have the thing of the Cultural

Revolution all and all the and

everything that came from that as I want

to thank you very much fantastic I had

other questions but we're going to get

to you we'll get to you on another time

it was just absolutely fantastic your

report and and your idea Zao is going to

be one that we that we that we run with

the sales idea of a call a museum for

that for the enlightenment of the

Chinese people and the world because

there are lessons for that happened this

is why we're doing this show we're going

to get to the to the firewall next you

can see in Parliament Square today where

you have Winston Churchill who stood up

against the Nazis in the 1930s when

everybody else ran away his statue in

Parliament Square the mother of all

Parliament's is under a iron box right

under an iron box Abraham Lincoln you

can't even get to right the Gandhi you

can't get to

right they've even put Nelson Mandela

under under under under some sort of

coverage today because they're afraid of

what they're afraid of what these

radical and Tifa what and Tifa

and these people are trying to do is

destroy your connection to your past and

their fear comes from a proper place T

because there are Maoist influences on

the street right now and let's remember

they want to destroy everything and

that's why I said the other day let's

remember was by rejecting Gandhi they're

rejecting all non-violence and so I will

not be surprised if they start attacking

Martin Luther King at some point for his

lack of oh yeah he was not but he's not

woken up this book we're gonna put up on

the site is another it's a good primer

for Wes to get understand the culture

evolution how horrible it was and why

it's meaningful in your life today they

return in a moment

the Great Firewall next on war repent

hello I'm Mike Lyndell inventor of my


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promo code the virus has now killed more

than a hundred people in China and new

cases have been confirmed around the

world you don't want to frighten the

American public France and South Korea

have also got evacuation plans which you

need to prepare for in a suit broadly

warning Americans to avoid all

non-essential travel to China but this

is gonna be a real serious problem

France Australia Canada the us

Singapore Cambodia Vietnam the list goes

on officials are investigating more than

a hundred possible cases in the US

Germany a man has contracted the virus

epidemic is a demon and we cannot let

this demon hide Japan where a bus driver

contracted the virus coronavirus has

killed more than 100 people there and

infected more than 4,500 we have to

prepare for the worst always because if

you don't and the worst happens

pandemic here's your host Steven Cabana

welcome back to the war room and this

segment of the show another special

we're going to talk about the Great

Firewall Graham Michael Horowitz and a

whole raft of people here of Chinese

nationals talking about what it's like

to be behind this firewall the firewall

comes down the CCP comes down we've got

you know Michael Pak we have Mike Pompeo

have a whole raft of government

officials looking at this now and I

noticed that you know in all these

protests with 110,000 of your fellow

countrymen dead right economic carnage

everywhere the balance sheet the United

States completely destroyed a major

impact you know pals talking about the

other day even with he thinks the

economy is going to come back may be a

lost decade here of growth in the

American economy just a complete total

debacle Jack and Greg I do not see any

protesters outside the Chinese embassy

demanding the Chinese embassy the the

fess up to what their role has been in

this well it's kind of a shame but this

is the way the world operates Steve we

live in a world of shadows nobody takes

responsibility for anything even though

we know this is being pushed I mean you

look at Joe Biden this past week the man

has refused to denounce what is going on

in the streets of America he has refused

to declare his support for the policemen

of America we are watching the

Democratic Party living in fear in the

same way that you watched the the people

inside hate to say it but I'm gonna say

it in Nazi Germany for example they

passed a law in 1933 making it illegal

to criticize the party now we don't have

an official law from the DNC but it is

pretty clear right now Steve that

everybody is afraid of their fringe

element and I was struck by some of the

things I was saying about how children

were these way their parents a huge part

of the Cultural Revolution was first off

have children rat their parents out

betray parents and have husbands and

wives husbands and wives now was their

God and so they had a responsibility to

say all their shortcomings and lack of

adhering to party doctrine and you see

these little heroes created in these


there was a man named boy 13-year old

boy named Pavlov Morris of who was a

hero of the Soviet Union for turning and

his father for acts against the state

you saw this play out in the Cultural

Revolution you're watching it play out

right now in public as we see this

public shaming of individuals who are

not carrying the proper doctrine we're

watching it as we see certain victims be

celebrated and certain victims be denied

a perfect example is captain Dorn

okay this guy is the victim a hero but

we don't hear about him because he does

not fulfill this narrative the shuttle

captain captain Doren murdered in cold

blood murdered in cold blood while

people videotaped it live on Facebook

live if you cannot imagine something

more callous than that III can't and

didn't come to his rescue did not come

to his rescue think about this world we

live in we've had video tapes now of two

horrendous killings both of them

opposite in terms of how they got there

but what could it say about our culture

today that people sat by and stood there

and videotaped it I mean it's almost as

if we've become detached from reality

the roots of this go back to the French

Revolution and it goes all the way

through with the revolution of the Nazis

the revolution of the Soviets the

revolution of the camera Rouge and

really I think perfected in the Cultural

Revolution of Mao Zedong right they took

all the lessons of mind control and

principally remember once again the

centerpiece of what they try to do is

take God out of the Senate take any

spirit but dependent regardless of how

you worship God whether you're a Muslim

whether you're a Tibetan Buddhist

whether you're following Gong a part of

the spiritual movement a house Christian

what they want to do just like the

French Revolution want to do take out

the church they must they must make sure

that you worship the state okay you talk

about anti-fascist I mean come on these

guys are the biggest fascist you must

worship the state in the head of the

state in that regard mouths a tongue

right you must worship Mouse a tongue as

a god a corollary that is they have to


the traditional family they had to do it

in France which was very family-oriented

back when the French Revolution hit

remember the people in France and we

would not be free from the British

Empire the people of France had not

stepped up and essentially helped

finance the American Revolution right

our three top guys spent the entire time

in France trying to get a deal the

French Navy some units of the French

army Lafayette but most importantly

French cash that's what essentially

financed us that's the people of France

effect the reason they even came

together started the French Revolution

they had to figure out how to pay for it

the state has essentially bankrupted

themselves besides the luxurious living

the tipping point was hit because of

support of the of the fight you know the

the the the French and Indian Wars and

then particularly in the American

Revolution so that was but their thing

was to destroy the church get the church

at the center lives and destroy the

family remember they're always trying to

destroy the nuclear family they

understand that in all civilizations the

family is the basic unit right and what

they need to do and mal need to do it

China probably even more than the West

the family is everything right the

family your ancestor worship all that

mal had to destroy that he tried in the

Great Leap Forward to collectivise into

and to have a collectivization to turn

china from a really an agriculture

economy to an industrial economy abject

failure abject failure they had a famine

that killed forty or fifty or sixty

million people we still don't know today

a famine that literally starved to death

because of the collectivization movement

Mao wasn't you know he had all kind of

political pressure because of this

failure he doubled down again to break

the family even more intensely with the

Cultural Revolution and that was they

have a husband and wife rat each other

out to have children rat each other out

in their thing if you talk about the

kneeling and everything like that one of

the key things they had were the

struggle sessions where they would bring

in the booze huazi they were bring

remember a couple weeks ago we had to

bring in the judge the judges they bring

it in front of their kids they would be

forced to kneel in front of the whole

population with their children they'd be

beaten right and they had to confess to

all their sins which is basically to

stand up for the existing order right

and they were wrong beaten remember

had the story about the judge the wife

committed suicide the suicide rates were

so high and that's what they wanted they

wanted people to kill themselves in fact

now parently talked to this during the

Cultural Revolution when he says listen

we don't want the people to see us

killing them but if they commit suicide

hey that's a bonus Devils the CCP is

purely satanic they a group of criminals

satanic criminals that is the Chinese

Communist Party that what they have

wrought on the Chinese people is

unacceptable in the way that Wall Street

finances it in corporate America

finances it and guess what they finances

with your money I want you to embrace

one thing and you must embrace this all

of this is happening with your money and

that means to me you can don't it until

we stand up and say no more we're not

having our pension funds we're not gonna

have our savings account recover our

insurance policies perpetuate what's

gone on in China because that's what

we're doing now because wages are

cheaper and margins are higher because

the Chinese people are still slaves okay

that's what's not acceptable in the

United States your tax dollar do you

think the chairs do you think these

autonomous zones in Seattle going to be

able to pay for themselves do you think

when the tax base of these cities which

is the sales tax collapses you know

they're going to be coming to they were

you coming to you they're gonna come to

you to increase your taxes to pay for

this so if you've got a belly full of it

if you've got a belly full let's talk

about Floyd where I get to Lynn in a

second I realized I'm kind of on one of

my rants but I want to go back to mr

Floyd mr Floyd was murdered in cold

blood by a former police officer at the

time a police officer in Minneapolis

that'll be adjudicated in a court in the

rule of law okay and in the other three

place obviously he was murdered in cold

blood it's pretty obvious what happened

but however look at his life number one

he had and nobody talks about mr Floyd

head co-ed cccp virus think about what

that was doing to his lungs and doing to

him this this is a horrific disease I

hear it every night on CNN but I never

hear at Sunday Gupta or our doctor foul

chew on their tongue be

poor mr Floyd who had kovat and what

treatments he getting from the CCP a CCP

virus from central China because of the

CCP out of one of their labs and then

lied about in the people obey province

and Wuhan province all had to suffer and

now the people in Beijing are having to

suffer because of the Chinese Communist

Party mr Floyd had kovat virus don't

hear about that number two mr Floyd had

Fenton on his system this is not a moral

judgment mr Floyd I'm saying that came

from China through the Mexican drug

cartels across the non-existent wall

except it didn't come in El Paso Texas

where a private group built the wall up

a mountain right to stop the cartels

that cartel got it all out there in mr

Floyd head so he had the opium he had

the fentanyl from China first off he

didn't have access to a good high paying

job guess why all the good high paying

jobs been shipped by Wall Street in

corporate America guess where for the

slave labor China in the suppression of

the Chinese people with the party at

Davos in Wall Street in the City of

London in corporate America's partner in

Beijing right mr mr Floyd didn't have

a great job the last part he's I don't

know if he was doing or not but they

recall because there was something about

a counterfeit 20 we know the CCP they're

caught in January with $900,000 of ones

there there their focus is to destroy

the US dollar they got a crypto backed

want over there right now they must get

off of the dollar as a primary reserve

currency one of the things they tried to

is flood the world with trillions of

dollars of fact counterfeit money mr

Floyd sitting there in it he's got a

20/20 the reason the police were called

is cause the counterfeit money guess

where the counterfeit money's coming

from ladies and gentlemen where's the

cave file at CNN where's the cave phase

uh ker note to sucker you know and all

your sanctimonious saying where's your

investor group on the counterfeit money

coming in from the CCP the mr Floyd hat

mr Floyd's life he was murdered by a

white police officer there is no doubt

about that

a jury will do it did not gonna get you

no I'm not in that that would be a jury

of their peers but his

life was destroyed by the Chinese

Communist Party he was sick with a

horrible plague of the of the record

virus and of the plague of fentanyl and

when people start taking this fentanyl

when when they one day when they when

they they the jobs are gone and you're

seeing they're depressed you don't have

a future

you're not have a career that's a

fentanyl that's what the scourge of

fentanyl we lose tens of thousands of

people every day working-class people

there are now on this drug and the CCP

knows that they work with the cartels or

force it through here they know what

they're doing

and then you look at the counterfeit

money and the jobs mr Floyd's life was

destroyed because what we've allowed the

Chinese Communist Party to do on a

global basis that's what destroy his

life is not what murdered him is not

what ended his life but it made his life

a lot of misery because of that do can

you imagine going around you've got both

the kovat 19 and you've got and you've

got fentanyl well just imagine the

despair Steve you know they talk about

the Cultural Revolution stealing a

decade or more of the Chinese people's

existence letting the Chinese Communist

Party into the World Trade Organization

has essentially stolen two decades of

opportunity from the deplorable –zz of

America and without complimentary I say

this I think Floyd probably equivalently

was a deplorable his opportunities were

robbed by him by the who'd never had

access sheer greed of wall she never had

access to the high-paying jobs that you

can build a family around you got to

bounce from job to job to job it's but

the same thing with these Millennials

but nobody talks about it we're all

talking on the networks but all the

nobody talks about it why don't they hit

why are they they're not bought into the

system because they don't own anything

in the system they don't anything in

this system because we've we've

concentrated all the wealth and now now

with this virus they're not and we're

not outside the Chinese embassy

demanding compensation to me this

election only comes down to three three

numbers number dead

that the Chinese chemists party killed

of your countrymen the number of jobless

that they forced upon us because of this

pandemic and the amount of money they

owe the American people that they owe

mr Floyd okay because of what they did

direct and a direct chain of title but

what they did okay we're gonna take a

short commercial break I'm gonna get off

my rant we come back or get Michael

Horowitz we get the line' we've got a

yawn and a whole raft of chinese

nationals to talk about this we return

on war room pandemic got a hashtag war

but never go on the live chat on youtube

tell us what you'd think

connect us with other ideas

and tell us where we should be going

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war room with Steven Cabana here's your

host Steven Cabana

welcome back to the war I'm looking

we're getting two reports now from the

hashtag war room pandemic crowd and I

think it's some of the live chat in

YouTube that may be putting an age

restriction on a YouTube we're gonna be

doing a special not in the in in the two

hours we do every morning from 10:00 to

noon but we're gonna doing a special

with miles Gro this week about the

Stanford study that came out yesterday

or two days ago that talked about

Twitter and Twitter you know Twitter

basically having all these dummy

accounts he's mad woo male army

attacking voices of free men and went up

people in China are outside of China

they're trying to stand up that a

Chinese Communist Party and they cite

brother miles grow I think 70 to 75

times and here they're the one he'd most

attacks because he's a truth teller in

The Whistleblower movement that's

Twitter and YouTube is now gonna put an

agent listen here's the bottom line I

don't care what the corporate technology

companies we're coming for you we're

gonna break you up so you can try to

stop us but we're gonna do this okay you

can do whatever you want the truth is

going to come out the truth is a power

all its own as miles ago says right so

you can kalto kowtow to the Chinese

Communist Party you can you can use the

Twitter apparatus to attack the decent

hard-working people of China that are

trying to get their freedom you can

attack miles grow non-stop with the Wu

mouth 50-cent army right we don't care

we're not stopping and you have to

understand we don't care what

technological blocks you put up or

coming and we're coming for you in the

tech companies that are they're running

dogs understand when they fall you guys

are done okay cuz your co-conspirators

your co-conspirators you you you you

think what's happening here with the

with the antifa and the black lives

matter you ain't seen nothing yet

you wait till you're held accountable by

the people in China in the Nuremberg

trials that they're gonna have with the

jury of their peers in wuhan to go

through this whole thing YouTube and

Twitter and in in Zuckerberg and all the

crowd Facebook all you technology comes


days coming folks not by me

not by me by the people of China you're

gonna be weighed and measured by the

people did you oppress you know what

history is gonna record you as the

biggest scumbags on earth you had access

to the deplorable as money had access to

the American middle class money you know

choose that that for to build a firewall

in a technology base that suppress

people under a group of devils you don't

think they're Devils the the director

the direct heirs to this reading about

the Cultural Revolution read about what

they did to people worried about how

they destroyed people talk to Chinese

talk to people in the whistleblower

movement one and now and I gotta

apologize to all the Chinese that worked

on this I've been on a rant all morning

but it's it's just it's too much and

it's got nobody's telling nobody here in

the United States is talking truth to

power is time that we woke up and talked

about what the real problem is why are

there not a hundredth instead of but

wrapping around the White House why are

you not around the Chinese embassy

telling Beijing loud and clear that know

what you did to mr Floyd is not right

the fact that he had the pandemic that

came from you is not right the fact he

had the fentanyl that came for you

through the Mexican drug cartels is not


the same drug cartels that are gonna

take over the streets of Chicago and

kill young african-american men this is

not right their partners are the Chinese

come his party because they want the

fentanyl up they want it into mr Floyd

right in passing the fake currency which

mr Floyd somehow we don't know the

facts of somehow with this twenty dollar

bill that's all coming from Beijing

that's all the CCP he done have access

to a job you don't have access to a high

value at a job because all those jobs

get shipped over it's enough to make you

sick to your stomach and I'm tired tired

of people not talking about what's real

and talking about what's fantasy here's

what's real

the Chinese counterpart in the antifa

it's all this Marxism it's the same

thing it goes back to the French

Revolution and it's an unbroken chain

to the Soviets the Bolsheviks in 1917

right to the Nazis to the Soviets later

to the camera Rouge to the tune to the

1960s they talk about the hippies and

everything like that that was all that

was these guys didn't want to get

drafted to go to Vietnam let's be

brutally frank you want to talk facts

all the anti-war movement and you were

so concerned about this your cuz I hey

when the draft stopped the the the

marches stopped cuz buddy insists were

afraid of getting drafted and serving

their country that was that about that

was hey you want to see suppression you

want you read you read about the

Cultural Revolution this is the real

deal not what happened in the sixties

here when the draft stopped all the big

marches stopped okay they didn't care

and when we walked away from Southeast

Asia they murdered what thirty thirty

five million people in Southeast Asia

one of the darkest chapters in American

history we pulled out and left those

people to fend for themselves

let's talk truth to power and we have it

here today and you have these people

come on and work on this show and come

on here and tell you their stories their

heart-rendering stories then people go

oh that's you know what I'd rather do is

put it what I'd rather do is spray paint

I'd rather spay Frank Churchill because

he's a racist I'd rather spent Gandhi

because you know Gandhi's a racist

Abraham Lincoln he didn't do anything

Abraham Lincoln was killed by murder

assassinated by a guy destroyed his

whole life and by the way why I'm on it

for I get to yawn David Petraeus talking

about you know trees and everything like

that but but Ben Petraeus and I'd luck

my daughter this her tenth anniversary

of graduate of the United States

Military Academy at West Point of which

I'm so honored she went there what a

great experience became an army captain

served in Iraq fantastic but Petraeus

when you're talking about this you

forget about the real the real treason

was McClellan McClellan in the group of

I hate to say this but West Point

officers West Point trained officers led

by McClellan tried to have a coup

against who Abraham Lincoln right before

Antietam where was that in your big

diatribe the other day Trish

like all these no offense these military

guys get these phd's McMasters and and

portray us and the in the aesthetics no

offense guys you're second-tier

intellects okay you read a button back

of a lot of books but you can't connect

the dots Petraeus you're a total phony

note you are Petraeus you're Willy Loman

now you're schlepping around for what is

it for for Schwartz when you're slapping

around using all your contacts and quite

frankly your classified information to

get business right for the globalists to

destroy the American working man

Petraeus the whole thing is the whole

thing it's got it all it's all it's got

it Bob way and you think in what

thingamajigs books gonna come out gonna

be this big expose all this is the

global that's what here's my guy my I

just want to inject one thing here still

while we're on a random Microsoft and

Amazon announced this week that they

would no longer be cooperating with

American law enforcement concerning

facial recognition now they make every

contractor the government or be cut off

right right so they're they're they

announced this because they're worried

about what are gonna be the changes to

American policing we have to worry about

the safety of the American people

because American police are so awful

have you ever heard either one of these

companies open their mouths one time and

recognize this they provide the same

data the same stuff to the Communist

Chinese but that's okay because it's

suppressing the Chinese people that's

not racist is it oh they're just Chinese

in that problem is a hundred percent

racial undertone to this because people

look at and go oh well they're Chinese

yeah yeah my son this guy's and

Microsoft there's Chinese we don't care

okay let's go to Yan I apologize you're

only only bringing on 40 minutes late

but you guys came and worked up today so

what yeah what can the West do we're

going to get Michael Horowitz on here

next what can the West do in your

opinion to help the Chinese people about

this firewall and about the censorship

thing taking down the fair war will be

the top priority

only do a take down the firewall the

Chinese people could get to know the


and with the 14 million people's health

the whole world would be able to know

exactly had last winter in who had and a

lot more in a history also I think wise

where should we come to the fact that

the Chinese Communist Party is de Mol to

severe tried to the three nations and to

all humankind

you've already already see the disasters

that are physically brought to the world

there's very pandemic the a phenomena

the recession hatred among people the

Chinese Communist Party is attacking the

life of the world through the

unrestricted unrestricted warfare the

thing that we are at war is not just an

iceberg it is worth happening right at

this moment and it's abandoned at this

very moment we're talking the president

Trump is delivering a speech at a wise

point attempt commencement we should

stand with Donald J Trump to keep

carrying on the battle with specific he

and president Trump is a true patriot he

the first and the only president to

stand up to the totalitarian

dictatorships seriously and people that

you and me need to be unity together no

matter your Chinese or American or

European no matter no woman no matter

your race religions occupation or

education we need to be united together

to battle with the EEOC turkey and fight

for freedom for ourselves our children

our grandchildren for the following


yon thank you very much a consumer of

Benny Burnett well thank you and thank

you for for waiting so long to get on

the show today I knew we had a lot more

to go through with you we'll do this in

the in weeks ahead I won't say so I'd

like to give a heads up to the Trump

campaign I think we just found your

spokesman god bless Jason Miller and

Jason is our colleague here yawns better

oh that's that is the single best I got

to say this that is the single best

summary of what Donald Trump stands for

and why is it take you on whose part of

the whistleblower movement to actually

say this

god bless you but she ties to get to the

West Point what Trump stands for hey no

to Jason Miller I think we got you I

think we got your spokesman for the

campaign it's John

what's even more important Steve is

imagine the incredible courage of these

people and somebody who's risking their

life to tell us this is what it is this

is why the church is so strong in China

they appreciate it we've gotten so

sloppy and so disengaged and looking the

wrong way let's be inspired by the years

of the world the people fighting for the

freedom in China we return in a moment

with Michael Horowitz

as the coded 19 pandemic sweeps the

world we urgently need your help our

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war room with Steven Cabana

here's your host Steven Cabana

welcome back to war run pandemic we're

now in the firewall probably gonna bring

in Michael Horowitz one the great

warriors and second we get a whole bunch

of Chinese nationals also going to tell

us about this but we've got breaking

news a greg man's a president Trump is

at West Point how's that going that's

correct he is up on the stage now

saluting the cadets as they walk towards

him with their diplomas any of the has

there been any controversy nothing

because they had this letter my daughter

actually got it to me they had this

letter going around about in west post

at West Point alumni talking about you

got a break with President Trump I mean

it's it's hey I don't want to mention

this addition word but about an

interesting thing about that letter was

the earliest alumnus on the letter I

think was 1968

boom knocking out a lot of warriors but

no 68 so also there's been breaking news

in Rahim kasam kind of alluded to this

the other day Piers Morgan who's going

to have his way to be politically

correct and to and to jump on to jump on

Nigel Faraj and to light up these guys

you see now and I just want to say

what's coming across is he now shown it

be in an SS uniform at some party or

something I'm seeing this on the on the

tweet from from Rahim Nigel

apparently so we heard this a few days

ago and this is one of the crazy things

about this you have these people out

there they're willing to enter into this

game of trying to destroy other people

and now we're gonna watch Piers Morgan

give his little sob tale about how he

had made an error and please forgive

why'd he come forward earlier well you

know people are embarrassed they do

stupid things they don't want to talk

about them but you shouldn't go out and

condemn other people who have done what

I'm saying you can't be you can't take

this moral indignation this moral you

know the virtue of signaling and then

and then you got to Howard Stern who's

who's come out just trash President

Trump over the last couple of Howard

Stern and by the way he was trashing

President Trump over this whole

situation with black lives matter and

antia trash and President Trump and what

happened to Howard Stern Howard Stern

actually last week called president


Trump a racist and he told the people on

the view that he had never

said anything racist in his entire life

and Eureka over night comes a video of

him dressed up in blackface using one

racial slur after another I guess he's

thinks he's trying to be funny but in

today's world I think that means the end

of his career doesn't it Steve

well I don't know if he told him that he

never used in his life I have to see

that we're all going to put that up on

the site so people can go to it now I

want to bring in we've got a lot more

Chinese nationals get to but I got to

bring in Michael Horowitz who's really

been I think I would say the

intellectual leader in this whole effort

of tear down the firewall Michael

Horowitz was a was general counsel over

at OMB when you talk about the way the

systems works Office of Management and

Budget is really the coordinating effort

of the entire any administration about

where the money goes how quickly is

spent and programmatically hey stay on

top of stuff so it is the center kind of

brain of the operation when you pass in

these three trees four trillion dollar

spending bills there is a way it manages

it it is a way it manages it and boy the

Howard Stern thing is just horrible I

can't watch that I don't need to see

that stuff is ever funny I don't know

why these guys think it's so funny and

so he was there as general counsel he

knows how the system works and so

Michael the reason I wanted to have you

on today and you were supposed to at the

top of the hour with cultural revolution

first firewall second we've had so many

Chinese nationals and they're gonna come

on here about what censorship has done

with the Cultural Revolution has done

now we here today in Beijing the

pandemics breaking it again to change

people here any word of this we had one

of our one of our guest earlier when we

answer about hey how do you think this

thing's playing it with the Cultural

Revolution through the rest of the world

she goes I really don't know anything

about the rest of the world

I barely know what's going on in Hong

Kong so Michael the question we have for

you Michael Pak is now approved Mike

Pompeo Secretary of State you've had

this whole architecture of really how we

take down the firewall so give me the

five action steps because we're about

action action action how do we take down

the firewall well the first thing by the

way Steve I need to say is yes the

background I've had is in government

it's very important but the big thing

that I have

about myself to tell us that I'm a

United States Marine and we win battles

we're out there to win them every ounce

of training I got in Parris Island boot

camp is now being applied to taking down

the firewalls which I think we can do

it'll be one of the great and legacy

achievements and you made the point and

the Chinese have made the point if the

firewall comes down we don't survive

it's not me saying it it's who Jintao

its Xi Jinping who had said that not

where are we the first is the critical

step on May 27th secretary Pompeo issued

a statement he said that it is US policy

to end Internet censorship that is to

say the policy of the United States says

the secretary of state of the United

States is to tear down the firewall the

great question now is is that going to

be just some political rhetorical

statement that gets forgotten or is it

going to be the basis of action and our

job is to hold secretary impales feet to

the fire he wants to do it

but there are million things happening

and you lose attention when you're in

the government you've seen what it's

like Steve it's a moving screen with a

thousand issues coming before you and

you lose focus we've got to keep the

focus on secretary Pompeo and on the

President to tear down the firewalls now

can we do it let me tell you the first

thing I've looked at the budget the

budget provides easily for the

commitment of well over a hundred

million dollars if by the stroke of the

pen tomorrow secretary Pompeo

and if we put the pressure on him we'll

set up a program to tear down the

firewalls and he can put 200 million

dollars into it and it will not affect

spending priorities because there are

budget accounts that can now be used

including the budget accounts to deal

with the pandemic because tearing down

the firewalls as you point out stops the

Chinese from covering up future

pandemics so there's two hundred million

dollars and surely a hundred million

dollars it can be given as a project

secondly the science technology advisor

to the Secretary of State the guy I hoe

we'll manage this thing is a world-class

technologist he was Dean of the

engineering school at Purdue and he's a

Chinese American patriot I want monk

Chang to have that hundred million

dollar at least hundred million dollar

budget account and we can he can have it

tomorrow as soon as the secretary signs

that piece of paper to do it and there

are so many things that makes it

sensible to do this including by the way

tearing down the firewall we haven't

mentioned deals with US trade the

firewalls have been trade barriers and

while I share with you the view that

American technology companies and

Zuckerberg have been terrible the point

is as long as the firewall is there

they've got a big China to please let

them in if we have if we smash the

firewalls American companies can compete

they won't be hostage to the Chinese so

we've got trade issues we've got Iran

that will be affected by the tear down

of the firewall we've got all these

issues we've got a hundred two hundred

million dollars we've got the right man

in place and we got the Secretary of

State announcing the policy what do we

do okay the first thing we do is and I

can't emphasize the word enough Steve

and you're to blame the part priority

you're all over a lot about all the

terrible things going on

why aren't we marching on the Chinese

Embassy why are we doing tariffs why

aren't we focusing on American companies

and penalizing them all of which may be

good but none of which as you point out

affect the Chinese nearly as much as

tearing down the firewall so what I want

is a concentrated effort by people who

want to the CCP to collapse like the

Soviet Union did on taking down the

firewall we're at that point of where

this will either be Pompeo statement

will either be some sort of political

statement or a historic step now what

are the action steps to make it happen

the first is and I just talked to the

great Patriot and the great man the man

that China fears as much as anyone is

Bob foo

who heads up China aid he is the bridge

to the hundred million or so house

search Christians and

and by the way he helps everybody and

not just Christians in China he supports

the lawyers who bravely take on the

government in defense of peasants we're

getting the houses taken and protecting

the house church Christians Bob has set

up a site it's called no more firewalls

at China aid dot org and I'd love to see

all of the people who are watching this

podcast right to Bob

no more firewalls and China aid dot org

and Bob and and that statement should

say in the firewall mr president take

down the firewalls secretary Pompeo

people can put it in any language they

want but Bob will be able if we get a

hundreds of thousands of people to write

based on this broadcast based on your

podcast Steve Bob will be able to take

those emails right to Washington right

to the State Department and make clear

that there is powerful desire to hold

secretary Pompeo to his promise he made

the promise he got he's got to take

action and that's what if we can get

people to write to know more firewalls

at China a door that will be a step step

– Bob is getting up and I'll be working

with him and so will the the great

Patriot fun fonts will Jew the guy whose

choose whose zoom account was cut off

when he was trying to do a year Chinese

Tiananmen anniversary broadcasters uh

Alfonse well also understands that

taking down the firewall is the one step

they're gonna get up a statement in

Chinese signed by 50 or 60 of the

leading Chinese democracy freedom

leaders including many of the people on

your podcast and I hope he will

coordinate I know he will with you and

your staff Steve and send it to Matt

Pottinger a key name here if something's

going to happen

Matt Pottenger can make history

he's the deputy chief of the National

Security Council he speaks Chinese he is

probably the deepest thinker in the

government about dealing with China he

needs to hear from Chinese leaders that

he's got to support Pompeo and if need

be put pressure on Pompeo that get

things going to take down the firewall

to set up that hundred million dollar

account as quickly as possible and put

us on the way to really challenging the

firewall which the United States has

never done so I want to get that

statement in Chinese Bob is drafting it

and that will go to pottinger next you

mentioned Michael Pak he is now

confirmed to head up what used to be the

board of broadcasting governors and it's

now the agency for global media well

Mike has been confirmed he hasn't been

sworn in he needs now to fire the people

who ran and sabotage for many years the

United States effort on firewalls you as

Michael Novak and many of us have said

US policy to take down the firewalls

during the biting years and the and the

Obama years wouldn't have been any

different if it had been run by a

Chinese mole michael has got to fire the

people who ran that program make a

public statement saying I'm taking this

agency into the 21st century and I'm

moving it from shortwave radio

broadcasts to tearing down the firewall

to the Internet he hasn't picked T

people yet he should be interviewing

people and getting a world-class guy to

take over all the anti firewall efforts

and his agent money might make the

microwave we've got a bump but who are

the people he's got a fire do you have

any names who she fired you were in the

room with him who are the fire they

person it's just amazing to me when you

think of how important the firewall is

that this one person at the old border

broadcasting governor's ran American

policy for years her name is Libby Lou

she was also head

okay and he's that fire her Radio Free

Asia okay we've got to jump Michael

Horowitz thank you very much we're going

to return with Heisenberg Chinese

national talking about all this we

return on the war and pandemic

as the Cova 19 pandemic sweeps the world

we urgently need your help our elderly

Jewish brothers and sisters who are so

precious to God have no access to food

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this is Shoshana she's a 97 year old

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us about the day Joseph Mengele sent her

parents and grandparents to the gas her

pain is evident even today we can't

change the past but we can do something


our teams are on the ground delivering

emergency aid and food boxes to elderly

Jews across Israel your gift of only $25

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that a believer can do it's why I

personally approve of and support the

life-saving work of the International

Fellowship of Christians and Jews go

online or call right now you can be a

miracle for an elderly Jew today I'm

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war room with Steven Cabana

here's your host Steven Cabana

in a world of uncertainty what you need

is a still point in that turning world

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at NetSuite find out about NetSuite the

software package I want to thank all the

people at Oracle

we're gonna go to we've got Heisenberg

in a moment but I want to go back to

what Michael Horowitz is saying is that

I think Horowitz brings a brings a up an

interesting point the new federal state

of China what miles glow and a number of

expatriates announced last week really

then take down the firewall I think is

one of their number one priorities

there's going to be a big focus on this

they understand if the firewall comes

down the CCP immediately collapses as

people get information on this it's got

to be a multi attack approach and I

think you've seen Pompeo take the lead

in this I think Michael packs gonna take

the lead on this Mya Pottinger it's a

huge priority for pottinger and the team

so it's it's this is obviously very

important on the show we're gonna make a

big emphasis about taking down the

firewall about the firewall you know

what exactly does why suppresses the

Chinese people what American companies

are involved in White has to come down

so that's what we're doing these shows

were to do more the the firewall shows

in the future and hopefully I'll be a

little better at managing the clock so

that we can actually get to all of our

Chinese guests he's been on the show

before Heisenberg is a it's just an

incredible individual and really knows a

lot about technology Heisenberg we're

kind of pressed for time today and I

apologize that Doctor Who and mr C and

all these others that we were going to

get on there but Heisenberg you know

about technology as we finish oh I want

our audience in the United States to

understand how

Western technology is integral in

keeping up this firewall can you can you

walk us through this how really American

Capital and American technology is

central to the suppression of the

Chinese people yes miss Bendall thank

you for having me again and I think that

I can I can talk about the technologies

behind the CPC's firewall and censorship

it's mainly trade technology and

artificial intelligence

they both highly relied smartphones and

IOT which is Internet of Things like

surveillance cameras and the wireless

communication technologies like five G

which is used to transfer the collected

data the data centers and the CCP

utilizes technologies like AI the

machine learning

helps the 50 people sensor more

sophisticated content such as graphics

videos and audio and even helped Forge

force information while the state of

Technology helped misleading the label

Chinese people with multi-step Chiefs

propaganda and censorship and the

propaganda they are like both sides of

the same coin one side they censor

information like brought any information

in the a chat app which is a top social

media app in in China and remove all the

contents related to how high doom for

example any on the other side it's not a

zone with 50 people gender like uma both

are only capable through technology from

the web and on the other hand about the

capital they're utilizing the firm from

the West to do even to extend the

censorship in the West

okay Nick been so Heisenberg let me let

me ask you one question we got a couple

of minutes here to think but how can you

know what what we just had Michael

Horowitz on with his five action steps

what would you recommend to the American

people what can the American people do

to try to end this to try to take that

as firewall in in censorship in in China

and by that making sure censorship is

less in the United States okay

since the Western countries opened them

free market specific field and go back

to the history first the CCP has been

using this large domestic consumer

market and the money they raise in the

Western financial market as powerful

body power to make the Western company

text especially the technology companies

do business without questioning is

budget inist and their legitimacy due to

the lack of the legislation for

technology companies in the West so

mainly two things the West countries

could do to stop and to disable the

firewall stop funding the activity and

stop keeping the technology to specific

companies yet McFadden highs yeah

Heisenberg thank you very much really

appreciate your coming on and helping us

out here and welcome back to the streets

of veteran for the show so thank you

very much and for Doctor Who and see

we're gonna get to you next week when we

do another special I want to thank sac

and all the team for helping us put this

together we tried today to go through

both the Cultural Revolution what would

happen at China in the 1960s and how it

those lessons apply today and we're very

honored that was it our last episode

already that though Apple put the Apple

is warning the viewers that our show may

not be appropriate for all users one of

our viewers put up a great comment he

said not appropriate for people taking

the blue pill yeah exactly by the way

it's not it's here's where it's not

appropriate for it we're glad Apple

actually put up the warning it's not

appropriate to the people in the party

at Davos it's not important to the

people that are brought

this this horrific carnage assisted this

carnage and throughout dori it's not

appropriate for them right because

they're afraid of that but we're not

gonna stop you think Apple putting a

warning up that is gonna stop us Hey

for Tim Scott or as president Trump

refers to Tim Apple you're one of the

problems brother Apple's one of the

problems you're in business with the CCP

okay you're hard in business with the

CCP we don't care if Apple likes that or

Apple doesn't like that okay and one day

Apple you're gonna get broken up okay

you're one of the companies in this

country has way too much power

okay and we're coming for you and we

don't care if you put here put this

warning inappropriate for Apple

employees to listen to okay cuz every

Apple employee there's blood on your

hands for the Chinese people and you've

heard their voice if you don't believe

we're gonna get the Chinese people come

on in the next couple weeks and tell you

exactly what your guilt is

okay see you on Monday 10:00 am



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