by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

uh you bet your ass i can claim i caught the dump

Look at my locks daily realized 20 000 we caught an xrp 30 000 we caught on eat 7 000 we caught on bitcoin got back in thought it was might touch ten thousand five hundred got back in at ten thousand

Six hundred then added more back at 800k yes i did sir i am acclaiming and if you don't believe me you can go to my trade group in my discord baby cause no one gets it like we do no one gets it like we do

Now these values are a little lower as far as the realized p l because the price is lower this was 30 grand now it's 20 because of the price this was

50 grand now it's 30k because of the price that it's valued at now but i got i got the proof baby we are murdering this murder so we're going to do a little volume

Check here mic check a little volume check mic check uh so i was before the dump happened minutes before i was mapping for some for those of you

Who are familiar i have what is called the mount everest theory my mount everest theory which is based off the six hour these two waves right well now these two waves starting with this

Wave and that these waves comes in threes and fours and i believe that we can see uh fs1 two or three more leading to the upside now what i was measuring is from the top how far down can it really

Go right so i was measuring and measuring and literally two minutes before i came up with a bottom for the current mount everest which was 10 500 bang we had that huge ass wit

Come all the way down and almost nail it to the t um and so i was gonna do a video basically uh saying that i i um we can definitely visit ten thousand

Five ten thousand six as as a bottom um for the mount everest theory until we go up again to maybe 14k and then maybe again to 16 or 17 that is if my hypothesis is correct but

Hypothesis my shop at this when it comes down to it it don't matter uh when you're just breaking the bread like jesus said it was up to 100k i was up to 100k just today we did what

Like 20 30 yesterday i don't remember another 30 40 the day before that we are murdering the gate at least i am um mate

Yeah 276 million i saw liquidated i don't know what these people are saying i've man that's why when people are just like oh you have to do this long no you can't just long and leave it alone with stupid

Leverage you you got to be responsible you got to be responsible if it was that easy everyone else would be murdering the game like me you guys hear the music

Yeah that was beautiful that was beautiful it was beautiful watching this we were on it with ten thousand five ten thousand five when it hit ten thousand six

It started getting a little wiggly a little wiggly piggly i had to get back in i got back in that 359 on eath had to add more i was at like 200k on ether 359 had to add more now my price is all up to 370

Which is cool which is cool even if i go in the red a little bit it's cool because i gotta i can't forget about this blackjack game um so let's say we end up dumping again i

Would cut these trades if i'm at one third in the red of this price so i made nine eight we'll just say 18 grand on that ripple trade probably the first ripple successful ripple trade i've ever had in my life

I have never made money off trading ripple but my lord today i did so if this goes down to red 9k i'd cut it take the loss be happy with 12k

On the ripple trade same thing with eth made 30k at the current price if this current trade goes back 10k i'll cut it be happy with 20 can't lose baby the only thing i'm

Losing is i got invited tonight to a uh insane party mansion party naked bitches the whole nine yards and i'm here with you guys instead

And that's that's okay with me what is this is 16 hit that i hope it's auto hitting so yes sir yes sir we did yes sir we did

Yes sir we did what does this say here so got out at 405 on eth could have been better could have been better bitcoin got out at 11 8 is that when i got out could have been

Better could have been better i'm not claiming i got out the very very top definitely i'd rather get out 11 8 then uh get wrecked down here ripple what happened with ripple got out at uh

30 cents in 94 i'd rather get out 30 cents than 24 25 down so it's all good it's all good turn this up turn this up

let me tell you something folks if you ain't with us you might not be you might not be against us but you're sorry

forgetting about these bets i keep forgetting about this blackjack what's going on here 6 16 hold it hold it bust i can only play one

Hand right here we need to find where's the fine dealers at they're all taken let's see if we got any pretty girls open okay here's one i gotta i gotta act fast here

We gotta act fast here here's our girl damn it's full boy one of these seats open up they they feel fast so yeah is it possible is it possible

That we revisit the 1005 again absolutely look at the last mount everest we even went uh we went deep maybe even ten thousand

But the thing is is is with this printing of cash i think we have a little more support than usual you know um in every ball run

Everyone's worried on every sell-off if it's the end if it's the end is it the end is it the end is it the end is it the end is

Oh i got black i forgot about this blackjack can i get on a seat yet man here we go let me see if i can squeeze in on this one these guys are too fast man is youtube suppressing us or what

Man where's all these viewers that all the viewers are gone i mean i know i've been gone but all these bitcoin youtube channels man they're getting sliced

Traffic's getting sliced what's everyone drinking what are you smoking what are you drinking spice oh terrible this girl's cute i wish i could play again i get beat these guys beat

Here we go gabriel why not yeah this bitcoin re-entry was the best one up 26 grand already on the re-entry here's our girl does everyone remember her

Here's our girl oh wait hang on there we go here's our girl let's do 100 a hand it stupid money you know i look around on facebook i see on facebook

You see on facebook everyone's arguing over the latest stupid the news political ship crying of how they're broke and how they have no plans and they're going insane they don't know what to do

Yet folks like us can just a few clicks of a button and get done big money too big done blessing truly is uh

My turn what's the fan fan are you saying thanks are you asking me to look up some coin glasgow vodka way to go that's right malik we got out didn't get

Out the very top but got out at uh 11 800 on bitcoin 30 cents and change on ripple i don't remember what it was for ethan what was it breathe got out 405 on eath actually went to 420

418 yeah this this little this little notch right here had me thinking and then when we started notching yeah right right when we broke this baseline i knew it was time to get out

This baseline right here so testing one two one two testing one two one two

So come on just give us some consistent good hard style z cash boy i tell i'm uh i really it's hard for me to look

At z cash again because i didn't get back as much as i wanted to oh this is gonna hurt give me like 100 i wish i could long leverage zcash let me try this station no no it sucks

Sucks oh bbc man what a dump 20 we've been saying it all along

These dumps are there the dumps will come but it's easy they say but so easy to make money in this market yet almost 300 million dollars is liquidated almost a billion dollar third of a

Billion dollars licked it's easy they say come all right come on give me the nine give me the nine we're on cloud nine give me

The nine give me the nine cloud nine i'll take an eight come on let's see a seven or an eight under there is pay the man no don't show any

All right we'll take it baby we'll take it you know when the music sucks it really ruins my mood it really like i don't feel like streaming now i'm bored

I'm bored

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