Little Lamb, Massive Downside | The Unbelievable Dr. Pol

published on July 2, 2020

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NARRATOR: Not all baby
patients are issue free

You're a good boy, huh?


NARRATOR: And Dr Pol's
next patient, Little–

He's like a puppy


NARRATOR: Has a big problem

DEAUN DESHANO: He has a limp
on his front right shoulder

and we're not sure if he broke
it or he just injured it

He's just not like
the other lambs

He's a little special

We are emotionally
attached to him

DR POL: Come on in

Let's have a look at that

not to be, but yes

Yes we are

DR POL: I want to
see what's going on

How old is he?
– Three weeks

Two weeks?

Three weeks

Hold still, sweetie

Oh, that's not a broken leg

DR POL: When I feel that
joint, it's not broken,

but there's fluid there


He most likely had
a navel infection

and now this feels
like a joint infection

DR POL: Navel infection
happens so easily

If it's little dirty, the lambs
are falling on the ground

The navel is wet so the
bacterias are going right

up into the umbilical cord

Hold still, sweetie

DR POL: And the infection
goes then through the body

and settles in the joints

I'm going to stick
a needle on that side


And see what comes out


Oh, yeah

There it is



[lamb baas]
– Huh

I'll be darned

No, that's why you
bring him to the vet

That's why we
bring him to you

DR POL: So what we have
to do is drain the pus

and put some medicine in there


And put on antibiotics

Probably six cc of penicillin,
once a day, right here


DR POL: This is
only one joint and it

should heal up without problem


There's your diaper

Take it with you so he
doesn't pee in the car

a lot of relief

He's going to be our pet

We don't usually do that, but
he's going to be on the farm

for the rest of his life

So this is great news for us


[music playing]

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