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by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

My people my people it's about that town live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the bouts a Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody

It is a Tuesday I'm gonna be uploading this in the morning so you go catch it on Wednesday April 17th highlights a boy back for the first time live in that wreck my name is Brandon Kelly also known as beak head crypto trader and I'm

Though both these charts says you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result so make sure you pay for or hit that thumbs up button I got about 20,000 people in this

Community right now every engagement helps I'm trying to come on the air more often with these different videos this is an update on litecoin I did a couple weeks ago just to show you where we are in the charts right now so again like

Subscribe share hash tag retweet reach diamond all that good stuff let's go ahead and make this money so here we go LTC to the BTC on a 343 using the boss method you would have made you know a lot of change on this thing man we done

Jumped in and jumped out like double dutch you know a couple times now let's just add it up real quick and then this last one up there swing trained let's see that's one get them to get them three get them and then

4 all the way up top you know hit him for you know and past it's like once a month – it's so beautiful it's like the moon cycles man you know I'm saying water is currency currency is the current of the sea you know this is all

It all ties back you know to the same beginning we got about 60% 70% that's a good spread right it's very very easy to make money in this market especially when you know what you're doing so make sure

You're just getting set up you learn what the boss method is that's why I have that intro but you type it in on Big Brother they tell you where to find the information and you can get setup right I'm gonna need to close this but I

Don't want it thrashing cuz it's gonna stop the record ah alright let's do this real quick make this small clear that off I guess I could have like zoomed in right sorry about that so litecoin what I think is happening right

Now the market is consolidating down i think bitcoin is probably gonna jump a lot of that money's not gonna come off the sidelines it's actually coming from some of the all coins so I don't think light coin will be adversely infected

Right and I'm gonna show you on this chart it started about to be pretty cool what we see what I see right off the top inside LTC is really you know a lot of people don't know but that one cycle right there predicated and dictated this

Whole chart right I'll tell you it's three parts to any cycle break out break down flat line right and and so I'm gonna use that one little section right there to basically show you how LTC has come together many many times over to

Fill out the fractals in completing that pattern right with a Fibonacci again we're gonna focus on a few parts of this chart that being one of them that being another one and if we do a quick divot Nazi extension from intersection

Intersection that's what we did right there what I like about this is the energy is actually coming to a close here right where we are right now but you notice this little flat line area went side a little bit so what you can

Do whenever Pence's you can actually stretch it out now we're going up to up positive to positive and that will in turn give us let's see if we could do that look at that right little green arrow on top of

That thing right whenever you go positive to positive it's actually going to give you the place where the chart is most likely to build positive again so real quick real quick again this is the completion area right so this is

Basically saying litecoin is completing a cycle right there quick quick quick macrocycle and here is the positive area right and this is what I like about this chart because when you stretch it out and then you do a horizontal fibonacci

From bottom notice we don't get anything right there right here we basically get our 3/2 so sometimes I like to like drop a horizontal line in there just so I know that's like Midway up the pyramid so to

Speak but what you can do is we can stretch it right there right and this is why I'm making this video because when you stretch it all the way up to the top you see this this is all idea guys stretch it up to the top of app 1 now

You get the top of this one and now we're cooking with some gas what FC LTC do it is actually consolidating down now we're using we'll come back come back where to go now we're gonna be using this 3/2 as our new

Floor and that's where we're gonna be sitting probably for the next couple weeks while this market shakes out you know like coin at 1500 is still a pretty good pickup considering that you will have positive energy

Coming back into it when that energy comes this is actually going to be your capstone just like it was over here you see that and so what we have is a situation where litecoin is consolidating is going to be setting up

A continuation breakout this thing has made 70% this is one of the biggest leaders of 2019 so far Charlie Charlie Murphy was an aim over at LTC Charlie Murphy and then the 21 they they like they like like coin a lot you know they

Made him sell how he don't own it anymore he's just the new puppet of the organization and the see JB's are gonna keep pumping this one up so we can see if we do a quick deal right here one two right I took this one from the green on

Green positive energy peak and I took that one from the white on white positive energy peak what do we got this is was like our little swing cycle shift we're kind of hit the reset button came back and I think that is gonna be

Our swing cycle up right and that'll happen early June you can you can see you could see this one start the pop probably mid May I think once we get past this line right here we'll have more net positive energy than that

Negative because it'll be filling out in June and then after that once we cross 17 this thing is gonna be off to the races again to figure out where it's gonna go do something like that look at the resonance may you can't make

This up like I just I just threw this up here this is freestyling on a Fibonacci right now I just threw it up to that intersection and you come back to the same point the one six becomes the three two this is the law of fractals

Everything is compound again and again and again and again and again you know then and and it works it works so once we cross the 1/7 then we're gonna be going up probably to the – to you know have some have some limbo

In between one seven and one nine once we cross one now we're going up to the two – you know and that'll probably be over here right there right so you do it's like you just scale it up right – to five

What is that September right it's not bad but but keep in mind this is gonna jump up and jump down you know so it'll probably do something like that and do something like that you know and then do something like that but all the while

You still swing trade like a boss use a seven and 77 you know that's why Las Vegas is still in business right now seven and eleven they pay out from st. use them on these charts you know change your life for the

Better man this is what we got LTC is still very very strong we could have a slight pullback as low let's see if we're gonna go down where we go go top the bottom look at that the three two becomes one six still this I don't see

Is falling much below fifteen but if we do fall then we would fall right here where that intersection is and right where we got support between 1280 and 1350 right so that what that's what a fall would look like for litecoin but

Again we'll have net-positive coming back after May 17th you know especially in early June so whatever we lose you know on the table to market will buy right back up I don't see Bitcoin going down you know to

$1,800 $3,100 $3,800 like a lot of these clowns are saying over to internet nowadays I just don't see you know I think I've been one of the most optimistic people as far as BTC goes and as a

Result I'm pretty sure I've been one of the most accurate with regards to to trail in it as well right so litecoin still looks pretty good this is this is gonna go on for a while again as high as 22 by September

What is that off the top from here say you put a limit buy in at 1,500 BAM 50% Bitcoin like a boss I let to boy manic LTC x 3 and 2019 I called it first I said back home like ones like 30 bucks we was gonna break a hundred before the

End of the year so if you find this information entertainment enlightening and amazing hit that thumbs up button I do appreciate you if you trying to get to wait up learn how this money moves in the market this is what I do I'm 34

Years old retired for the rest of my life cuz I know how to make money in the market it's all energy it's all resonance if you know the language you can read the book jump on over to boss a Bitcoin dot-com you go see my man on the

Right hand side suited and booted looking like the American Dream you know I'm saying jump on down join the free crypto communities 100% free right trading view bTW Kelley 1203 I actually published this chart right here I

Already put it up you know I'm saying so if you already follow me on trading view there it goes you got it yesterday 191 people got it two days ago right jump back over the boss a Bitcoin click on that join the number one Facebook group

In the world number one Bitcoin group in the world 20,000 of my best friends come together seven days a week keeping each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace come on in the doors are always open and then when you're ready

To put down 2 and pick up 6 like a boss we got two trading options for you top 10 all coins of the month litecoin is on that list so if you bought that package you already know what time it is LTC has been making you

Money I'm also coming out with the top seven coins to swing trade every week this is a private group on telegram kind of like a VIP trading group I got two levels of it the profit package you know they get their base coins seven

Coins every week and we make a money grinding it out grind it out and then the VIP trading group I'm doing private videos for these guys probably about seven to ten minute videos every other day just giving them an update letting

Them know what's happening next so you know I realize it's a bigger investment but those of you that have more money in the market it takes money to make money you know I'm ten and so that's what we go do man we go keep it on wheels and

Keep on rolling thank you for taking the time to watch this video I certainly do appreciate you if you want to see a chart put it in the comments below the next chart I do on this video will come from the comments on this video right

Here right so the next video I do is coming straight out to comment so whatever a coin you want to see if it's on trading view leave it in the comments and I will jump in tomorrow and pick one but that being said everybody is that

Time of the day signing out both boy BK no matter where you stay Brazilian babe California all the way back out food jerk money good night good morning and good night

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