Litecoin LTC $61 USD Free Bitcoin Price Prediction Analysis | BK Crypto News Today Live HD 2019

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

my people my people is about that time
today is Friday March 29th we're gonna
be looking at LTC to the BTC on the 343
compliments of the boss method
my name is BK to crypto trader also
known as the boats of these charts today
we're looking at light coin so make sure
you hit that thumbs up button this is
actually coming from the comment section
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man big Chad and Nathan both requested
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further ado let's make it do what it do
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because I'm going to be doing a lot more
video you guys I think it's a big shift
in the market Bitcoin is above 4000 it's
a beautiful thing right there you know
and we look at litecoin like coins
rounding out the top five down here at
61 bucks that's not bad either
Charlie Lee you know got off his Twitter
account you know got bought out by Visa
now it looked like they might be ready
to do some things you know got it
tourists by the agenda21 United Nations
all that all that kind of stuff you know
so this is like coin right LTC to the
BTC on 343 if you don't know what this
is just type in how to chart like a boss
on Big Brother they will show you my
playlists and it will show you how to
make money for free forever it's just
that easy
we got a 7 a 77 and a 231 looking at
three different moving averages and from
the long-term chart right going back
into November of 2017 we had a pretty
big run who made like my make some money
you know looking at about a hundred
percent and a better part of three
months that's not bad
right but one thing you want to take
note of I'll tell you out
time you have to identify the place
where the floor becomes the ceiling and
the ceiling becomes the floor right so
for example just on this one little run
this area right here where that orange
boxes was a very very very pivotal area
this basically gave us the energy that
is kind of like the mid point like if
you look at a triangle actually the
middle of the triangle is actually one
third up from the top one third base
times height that's how you calculate
the area of a triangle so so it's like
the top third of litecoin is essentially
the the break-even point right anything
above this line we were making money BAM
right anything below that line you
didn't want nothing to do with it right
and a big part of that comes from that
intersection right there when that 77
goes above the 231 and when it went
below to 231 that carries the weight of
the entire market right so we'll keep
that line in mind because that is
essentially what we're coming up to here
again litecoin is not it you know when
you when you're looking at a top five
crypto you really can't go wrong on the
longer term because money always comes
in and flows in from the top down right
so like coin will benefit much earlier
than a lot of those smaller cap coins
mainly because it will receive a bulk of
the money that's coming into the market
so go back and look at finance chart and
you will see a strong correlation
between litecoin and finance why is that
because again these are owns the
Lightning Network and Finance is
essentially the new stock market right
and it's just a little bit of money this
is a very very very small amount of
money this ain't even a speck in the
ocean insofar as the CJ B's are
concerned but for us you know it's
something there's something to take note
of right now that we know where our
ceiling is this is going to be our
ceiling up there because it was the
floor over here it's going to turn into
sealing over here let's see when we will
get there we can jump on a fibonacci
we're still on a 343 let's jump down to
a 77 slow time down a little bit and you
can see it's a lot choppier but we kind
of get these steps we get these breaks
right um and so we could do a sideways
from like here to like here that's not
bad I don't really like it oh I like
this even more oh yeah so yeah we jump
back up to the 343 and what I did was I
basically took this Fibonacci from that
intersection right there all the way up
to that intersection right there right
that's basically the first little run if
we wanted to go to break down you know
that could be fine too it's gonna show
us the same thing and what it's going to
show us is this area of the chart right
here this is gonna be a pivotal time for
litecoin this is between April 23rd and
24th if bitcoin is above 4 grand I'm
gonna play litecoin to the up one more
time and I'll show you why in a second
that's because when we do a vertical
fibonacci from the top of this little
run right there
that's what we're coming up on we're
basically on this part right here green
on green that's where we're at right now
that's a good sign that means that it
still has some gas left in the tank and
it could peak out up top you know I'm
saying we're done white boxes process
for another run in the next couple weeks
I'm not saying that's going to happen
again because I don't I don't see that
money coming into Bitcoin but this is
essentially the ceiling of all ceilings
so to speak right and that's 17 4 right
if we wanted to get more realistic with
it we could bring this thing down I said
it would just do this yeah everything
look at that green box I just went to
the different to a whole different line
but look the green green and green is
like still right there so this is like
this is interesting and I'm charting is
live on the air for you guys so if you
appreciate it hit the thumbs up button I
appreciate you I cannot do this without
your participation your engagement your
involvement right I'm going into the
comments section pulling out charts that
you guys want and all I ask is that you
respond share the video like subscribe
share you know do all that good stuff
and so we see this as this is it might
pop again one let me see this was one
two three most see we can talk about
Elliot waves most waves happen in threes
this may hit four five somewhere in
there and that's going into the middle
of me anything above that one 802
you you don't want to be there oh and
that's why that's why it's starting a
new cycle because we're gonna break
through the ceiling this orange box
remember that's our ceiling and so we we
basically like this is confirmed right
here on two different scales this green
box check it out that green box is
basically this orange box you know
roughly same same resonance area and
look when I put it right there it's the
one six and when I put it right here
it's the three two but it's the exact
same energy band and so what that means
is actually litecoin when it does break
out not a matter of if but when
then we'll be looking at something like
this and that's going back up to them
yellow bands right there probably won't
happen till here

and that's what litecoin looks like so
litecoin looks very good actually
now that I see this more closely we
should be able to get up above 1700
right and then in the next month or so
this is good because mainly we're going
to be breaking through this orange band
and then we will be consolidating in
this white zone right then I can type
that out for you guys

there you go
ceilings and floors right very very easy
LTC top five coin get it cuz I don't
think it's done yet it's definitely
gonna benefit if Bitcoin sees a run here
and we break through 44 LTC will benefit
greatly and could go as high as this
point o2 but I think this 17:5 is a very
very safe play given the future
potential and the likelihood that we
will be breaking through the ceiling on
the next positive cycle so there you go
everybody I'm gonna take a screenshot of
that that's a nice chart right there you
know I'm saying I'm saying it to my mama
for her birthday
that's what I got people hope you
appreciate it if you want to learn more
learn how to trade like a boss jump on
over to boss of Bitcoin comm we got some
free crypto trading resources and
communities for you biggest one being
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and improv it in the markets and you can
also click this link here to jump on
over it should go to trade interview I'm
gonna have to update that link right
there or you can just type my name in on
trade of you BT Kelly 1203 I wanted to
top traders in the game and last things
you know without without without I'd be
neglecting to mention this in a lot of
my videos but we do have the products
and packages available for everybody
hearing these words coming out of my
voice right now top seven points a trade
the profit package litecoin is not on
that list
this week and again I think that's
because it's probably gonna take two
weeks middle of April for LTC to pop
again but it more than likely will be on
the top ten coins at a month when I
release that next week so look for LTC
in April and then if you want it to put
down to and pick up six like a boss jump
on over
VIP trading group boss alert messages
bam where you get your updates from me
every other day from the boss be Kate
that being said everybody is that time
to date make sure you leave me another
comment in this video let me let me know
what you want to see on my next video
I'm probably gonna jump the Bitcoin
tomorrow but the day after I'm gonna
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jump in jump out like double if
you appreciate that if you appreciate me
hit the thumbs up button for it pat pay
it forward show this video to somebody
who's never even heard a light coin
before comes in each one reach one reach
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more that is the true meaning a teamwork
with that being said everybody stay
empowered stay in profit and stay
cryptic y'all peace

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