Limited Edition OnePlus 5 Unboxing in ALL COLORS! (Soft Gold)

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
today we're going to unbox a secret
package from oneplus it's going to be
epic let's get into this so think of
this as the ultimate 1+5 unboxing oh got
some cool accessories here too we'll
take a look at all that later but what's
important is what's in this box right
here alright so let's get into this so
this is a little bit of a special
package because what I have here is the
brand-new soft gold one plus five but
we're not going to stop there because
what we're going to do is we're going to
unbox every single color here I have all
three get the little blade out and let's
go ahead and cut into this plastic real
quick let's go ahead and start with the
brand new one first they just announced
this today so if you want to pick one up
I'll leave a link down below for you and
there is the soft gold right there and
both of these have black fronts on them
so this is the first one plus five with
the white front
I actually think that looks really nice
and wow look at that gold color this is
beautiful this is the same as the soft
gold out came out with the three and
three P looks really really nice and
then let's go ahead and pull off this
one and this one is fine get it out
there this one is the slate gray and
I've actually never seen this one in
person either I've always owned the
midnight black one so wow that is also
really nice I like that color I might
actually prefer this over the black and
then let's go ahead and pull off this
one there we go and now we're looking at
midnight black I'm sure you've seen
plenty of 1+5 unboxings but hopefully
this is the most epic one that you've
seen and if you haven't seen a one plus
five being unboxed before then here we
I'm going to only unbox one of these
because the same stuff comes in all of
you have this cool little picture here
and then you have a personal note from
Karl pay co-founder of one plus you get
– charger and you get USB type-c cord so
you don't get a whole lot in the box
here but – charging is definitely a go
and if you want to know what is in here
you get a Quick Start Guide sim removal
tool please and you can't forget about
the oneplus sticker here all three of
them right here let's take a look at the
one that is brand new this is the soft
gold dust take the plastic off of the
back we'll take this sticker off – and
there it is this is a very subtle gold a
different gold that you're usually used
to I'm actually not a huge fan of gold
but this looks really really nice and I
am digging that front white color – it
actually gives the oneplus 5 a different
look and I like it we'll take a look at
the slate gray now I really like this
color it's like a gunmetal color I'm
digging this for sure I'm used to seeing
the midnight black which I've been using
now since launch but this is a really
nice color as well let's go ahead and
split these two over so you guys can see
side-by-side here okay and then last one
we'll take a look at is the midnight
black take that off take this off – and
there it is so people that love the
matte black you're going to really like
this color as well but actually these
two look kind of similar on camera but
this one is probably like two or three
shades lighter if you can see so let me
know which one is your favorite out of
these three we can even make it a little
crazy and bring a fourth one in and this
is my D brand dragon skin version and
that looks amazing as well so we can
actually save for so if you want to pick
up a deep brown skin I'll leave a link
in the description for you and this has
been my daily driver since I love this
dragon skin looks so good on the 1+5 so
if you're not familiar with the 1+5 I
did a full review on this phone and also
did a dedicated review on the dual
system on the back so I'm gonna leave
both of those linked down below if
you're interested my thoughts haven't
changed too much since the original
review so I can still stand behind it I
think it's still one of the best phones
you can buy for under five hundred
dollars right now so when it comes to
cost per performance ratio I still think
this is one of the best it hasn't been
perfect though there's definitely been
software bugs along the way but I have
to give them props for pushing out a
kind of software update
I think since I've owned this phone I've
had like five to six software updates
since then they've improved the camera
quite a bit since then and they also
finally added stabilization to 4k video
recording so if you're thinking about
buying a one plus five but you're
waiting on that soft gold model go for
it it looks beautiful in person so
that's available now and let me know
which color is your favorite out of all
of these that you see here and I
probably don't need all of these phones
so I might be giving one away let's just
say that if this video has a thousand
likes we're going to give one of these
away so let me know what you guys think
of the soft gold one plus five is this
the color that you're expecting or
waiting for or do you want them to come
out with some other colors red blue let
one-plus know in the comments section
make sure you subscribe to the channel
if you want to see more cool videos like
this hit that Bell icon so you don't
miss any videos like this also follow me
on social media slap that like button so
we can give one of these away and I'll
see you in the next video thanks for

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