Licence to Kill – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

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license to kill stars Timothy Dalton as

James Bond it was his second appearance

after The Living Daylights and ended up

being his final appearance in the role

so when a drug lord that bond and felix

both capture in the opening scene

escapes he finds felix and brutally

murders his wife and leaves felix for

dead so bond goes rogue and seeks

vengeance on those responsible as he

infiltrates an organization posing as a

hitman Timothy Dalton is a bond you

don't hear as much about as some of the

other actors he only did two films

between the living daylights and license

to kill but in my opinion he was one of

the best to ever wear at the suit he was

kind of a precursor to Daniel Craig's

bond and although the public wasn't

exactly in love with Roger Moore at

first in his early films and were

perhaps clamoring for Sean Connery to

return once again his films eventually

caught on to the public and he made a

lot of Bond movies and they were

successful financially but they were

also very silly light-hearted films

Timothy Dalton portrayal of bond was

much more in line with Ian Fleming's

original vision for this character a

cold-blooded assassin as 2 million

dollars in that suitcase I'll split it

with you

you want it you keep it and I don't know

if the public was quite ready for that

because license to kill was the very

first pg-13 bond this movie has brutal

kills people are eaten alive by sharks

the main villain Sanchez is a ruthless

Colombian drug lord who murders people

in very violent ways even if you're on

his side and you disappoint him he just

might put you in a pressure chamber and

explode your head the Bond films that

directly preceded Living Daylights and

license to kill felt very frivolous in

nature compared to this movie this movie

feels like there's actual stakes it

feels like there's real danger there's

moments where James is in these horrific

scenarios that you expect him to get out

at the last second but there are times

in this movie where you're not exactly

sure if that's gonna happen despite how

much I enjoy the James Bond movies he

doesn't usually feel like a human being

daniel craig's bond changed that with

Casino Royale and some of the better

moments in Pierce Brosnan's

filmography addressed certain things

that other films haven't but for the

most part most of the Bond films up

until Timothy Dalton we're fun action

movies you could go to with your date

and eat popcorn and not really care

there might be a laser coming for bonds

crotch but you know he's gonna get out

of there license to kill doesn't feel

that way this movie feels like when

people die they just fucking die no

one's gonna get up after they're crushed

by a tanker truck at the time this was

easily the most violent James Bond movie

and we're not used to seeing bond like

this his friend killed his other friend

maimed throughout the movie other people

he's close to are murdered and it takes

a toll on him you can tell that it's

eating him apart inside this revenge

path that he's on is turning him into a

different person and you can't tell if

he's comfortable with that or not

there's a lot of nuance to bond in this

movie and I never really paid attention

to his portrayal of bond for a long time

until I watched all of the films and

Roah and i could see just how much he

brought to this role in just how much he

was really trying to revolutionize his

portrayal of this character it doesn't

feel like anything else that had come

before it and I just don't think the

public was ready for it yet

this film also took em and mi6 and

Vaughn's relationship with them in a new

direction because once they can tell

that he's a loose cannon they force him

into a meet up and revoke his license to

kill and when he flees the scene and

goes rogue it makes it feel like there's

real consequences here it doesn't feel

like everything's going to be okay we're

gonna talk about the ending of the movie

and get into some spoilers just to warn

you and why I wish they had committed to

that during the finale and before

Benicio del Toro was shoving his balls

in people's faces to intimidate them he

was a villain and license to kill and

he's very intimidating whenever he's on

screen you can definitely see the talent

waiting to blossom the action sequences

here also feel more brutal even than the

last film living daylights that film was

rated PG and it still felt kind of safe

and like an acceptable adventure your

family could see this movie through all

of that away and it's one of the lowest

grossing James Bond films not a lot of

people saw this one now even though this

film is considerably more serious and

takes a harder edged in the previous

unfortunately towards the end it throws

all that away

bond gets a phone call from Felix Felix

is fine he's like hey everything is cool

hey em wants to talk to you about a job

and he's like you know whatever hangs up

and he goes and makes out with a girl

I'm like really I mean like there's no

consequences this movie felt like it was

setting up a world in which there were

dire consequences and for most of the

film it backs that up until the ending

it kind of just were supposed to leave

and smile and have fun and it was a

James Bond movie yeh it didn't mean

anything that is unfortunate because

this film was kind of poised for

potential greatness and in some ways

even the filmmakers weren't quite ready

for that yet still I think this is a

very good James Bond film I think it's

very underrated as is Dalton's portrayal

of the character but I do want to talk

about the finale tanker chase this is a

sequence that has a lot of crazy stunts

some things happen that just don't

really feel real like the truck like

just does a

fucking wheelie all of a sudden I I'm

not exactly sure why that happened

yeah the stunt is practical but why the

fuck does the truck have the ability to

do that that's the question

but what I really want to talk about is

the urban legend that surrounds this

scene if you don't know about it

supposedly nuns in a minibus went off a

cliff and died on this stretch of road

and the crew while filming this sequence

was plagued with a lot of strange events

one of the missiles that Sanchez fires

apparently travelled a couple miles and

hit somebody Timothy Dalton was almost

killed during one of the truck stunts

and the strangest thing by far and one

of the creepiest things is the explosion

that occurs at the end this really epic

scene where bond takes the lighter that

Felix gave him and light Sanchez on fire

any fucking burns alive really dark

stuff love it then the tanker truck

blows up there was a photographer on set

that day and he took this picture that

seems to show a hand coming out of the

fire when you watch the movie and you

see the explosion you can't really find

that image anywhere when you go frame by

frame so there's a lot of urban legends

surrounding this finale tanker chase

sequence and the stretch of road that

they shot it on and that's the kind of

stuff that I just I love looking into

that that's very creepy to me I think

that's really cool if you haven't seen

Timothy Dalton's two Bond films I would

recommend them I think this film is

better a lot of people like living

daylights more but I've always

appreciated a license to kill a lot more

I'm gonna give it a B+ guys thank you so

much as always for watching I had a good

time talking about these James Bond

movies I'm gonna have a link in a second

for the playlist you can watch all the

ones I've done so far you guys are the

best I'm looking forward to seeing that

movie later this year I hope it's good

thank you so much as always for watching

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