Liberty OS Coin Complete Tutorial + First Impressions

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

When I first started in this internet entrepreneurial channel okay when I first you know kind of got into cryptocurrency and you know went the route of explaining these emerging technologies I didn't want to get into the short-term price of cryptocurrency I

Didn't want to speculate on the market because of this piece of news you know because of this fundamental change by Bitcoin now or sell it right that wasn't the scope I wanted to go I also didn't want to go to the route of you know

Talking about other entrepreneurs or you know cryptocurrency advocates and all the drama that they went through to try to get more views and subscribers my I guess you could say scope and my style of cryptocurrency reporting was talking

About the emerging technologies okay and one of these emerging technology that just came out it just came recently just came out blowing my mind over here is Liberty OS the world's first blockchain operating system okay guys so in this

Video I'm gonna be diving deep into how to actually set it up on your computer Mac or PC does not matter and I'm gonna give you an overall first impression review keep watching what's going on everybody outs back with

Another cryptocurrency video and today we're going to be talking about Liberty OS okay so I'm gonna teach you step by step how to download this operating system on your computer so that you can get advantages as following Liberty OS

Is the first blockchain operating system heavily focused on user privacy security speed stability and accessibility Liberty OS combines a novel token model with blockchain centric advertising platform to radically transform user

Experiences users get smoother faster cleaner secure data say systems and can earn cash by opting into pre-screened anonymous non-intrusive ads so guys I am very very very excited for this new piece of technology why because I love

The brave browser if you guys haven't have never heard of it it's basically a token they use it's a browser that uses a token basic attention token and you bet you can block ads and if you actually let the ads display or show you

Can get paid for it it basically monetizes your attention and it rewards you for doing that because there's so many inefficiencies on the internet people basically taking advantage of you that most people don't know about so you

Can use the brave browser to kind of you know make it decentralized by Nature now we have a whole operating system that was just launched to do the same thing but for you do you guys understand what I mean by the centralization of the

Internet the next infrastructure see how these new products are coming out to basically now I bet you the next one is gonna be a cryptocurrency operating system on the phone you can upload it to your Android phone and get

All the security features of blockchain immutable you know algorithms right so let me stop rambling before I get started guys if you have already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I talk about everything internet

Entrepreneurial for sure you know the reasons in recent time I've been talking more about cryptocurrency but I do upload different types of videos so if you're looking to make money on the internet this is definitely the channel

For you all you have to do is hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get videos like this all the time ok so I want like this is practical advice I'm not showboating right I'm showing you a

Literal you know I guess you can say operating system that I personally I recently just purchased an extra hard drive to put it on my computer and what I plan on doing is running all my cryptocurrency operations when I upload

You know when I when I get into my main wallet my most ik you know the wallet where I hold the majority of my money my cold storage wallet that's what I'm gonna be using why because there could potentially be malware that's placed on

Your computer that it's only sole purpose is to record your you know I guess you can say your passwords of the various wallets I mean I'm not trying to scare you guys but this is a possibility especially for me being a crypto

Currency youtuber and the fact that people have you know hundreds of thousands people have access to view my videos you know I want to be as safe as possible with managing my cryptocurrency so when I access it from here on out

It's going to be through this operating system hence why I bought a new hard drive to put in my computer so I can access this operating system only on that hard drive if you guys understand what I'm trying to say I'm basically

Trying to increase the security of how I manage my cryptocurrency okay and I'm using it through this operating system and while using it you know it got crazy I started realizing that you know there's a lot this is like right up my

Alley guys this operating system is right up my alley it basically has a lot of features that I'm gonna be using it's probably gonna be my workstation you know I'll have my you know windows for gaming and editing some videos maybe but

Then I'll have a workstation when I'm doing research on these various cryptocurrency projects or doing something where I don't want to look at my gaming you know have the temptation to be able to go play clothe duty for

I'll use Liberty right if you understand what I'm saying but basically I'm up to uploaded this is this is what it looks like kind of like a it's Linux it's run on Linux and it gives you kind of the Mac vibe

All right as you can see like the icons below like that right and basically this is running on Oracle which is a virtual machine running on my actual Windows software so you can technically have your whole computer you know migrated to

Liberty OS but for now I'm just gonna have the VirtualBox to be used you know so I can you know keep it efficient just in case because this is the beta right this is guys I'm talking about this blockchain but none of this is verified

This is like first impression so keep that in mind say you more and more I'll be giving more reviews okay guys so let me just go into the tutorial real quick and show you guys how to do it if you want the review

On it just skip to the end but let me go straight to this tutorial because I know a lot of people gonna have trouble with this just same way I did so the first thing you want to do is download something called Oracle VirtualBox right

So or pull VirtualBox there you go VirtualBox download that okay you can get it for Windows you can get it for Mac whatever you know download this right Windows host Mac if you have Linux whatever you want download that and it's

Basically going to take you to a virtual machine so it's gonna partition a certain percentage of your drive and take a certain amount of your so if you don't understand how computers work you have your CPU you have your GPU and you

Have your memory your RAM right so it's gonna take a little bit of your hard drive now that recommended for this operating system is gonna be 30 gigs minimum so if you want to play around with it

You know you use the 30 gigs and then you want to basically take two gigabytes of memory okay this is all the recommended I'm obviously gonna up that when I get my new hard drive you know and make it a little bit more a little

Bit faster when I have my work flow but just to if you guys want to play around with it it takes like 30 minutes to install it's fairly simple so to get VirtualBox here and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna actually

Download the operating system you can come to their website right here and then you click basically right here operating system add a little trouble there link is a little bit messed up it just goes to

This page for some reason but what you want to do is click right here at Liberty OS it's this it's the download statistics I don't know why they send you to this page well right here click Liberty OS and there you go it's

Downloaded right here so you just click that download button and it's gonna give you excuse me for my desktop and how dirty it is but it's gonna give you this right here Liberty OS okay I usually clean it like

Sundays but yesterday I was extremely a bit busy but right here at Liberty OS VirtualBox these are the two things that you need okay so once you have these two right here what you want to do is you want to open VirtualBox first thing I

Want to close my Liberty edge because I'm just gonna do a brand new one part off the machine I'm gonna do a brand new one and show you in real time exactly how to do it so you double-click this virtual and then once you have this it's

Free it's hundred so free you click new okay you're gonna create basically you're creating again new kind of like desktop now right here you want to gigabytes megabytes there's a thousand megabytes in one gigabyte so

You want to do two thousand okay for your memory size and put the name whatever you want to call you maybe computer desktop two or something like that so let's just put two for now whatever because I'm not gonna actually

Make it and then you want to create a virtual disk now you press create okay now it's gonna save a file location depending on what hard drive you want to use in your computer you can pick a file location specifically when I import my

New one I'm gonna put it in a different hard drive so like you can see here I have two hard drives right I'm gonna put it in a new one when it comes and I already ordered off of Amazon okay yeah isn't that I've been needing to get a

New hard drive anyways for my video editing okay so you want to do VirtualBox disk image right here and you have at least 30 gigabytes now this is like obviously like I told you guys this is the recommended eventually I'm gonna

Do more so my computer can run faster in all stuff and then you press create okay now again make sure you have 30 gigabytes right so this is my first one that I made there's a second one these are basically virtual desktops these are

Virtual computers to which you can install something on which is an operating system an operating system in this case we're using as livery OS so what you want to do is press start ok when you press start the first thing

That's going to come up is this right here select start select startup disk ok the startup disk that we're using is the one that we just downloaded the Liberty OS it's a weird file most people don't know what this type of file is but

Basically this is going to go on the VirtualBox mine automatically comes up but if it doesn't come up for you wherever you save this file all you have to do is press this right here and then you go to add and then for example

Mine's on the desktop so I'll double click that on the desktop and it will pop up the same way ok so once you press start right there it's gonna run it's gonna do a whole bunch of operations the background you want to boot so the first

Thing you want to do is you want to boot Liberty OS right here ok you want to click the first one just press Enter ok it's gonna do a whole bunch of stuff in the background ok and why that's being done I'm just gonna minimize this really

Quickly and then I'm gonna come over here so I can show you guys kind of like a overall rundown I'm gonna start this one hopefully it isn't mess up my computer or something like that but let's start

Though the operating system already have so basically while that's running you're always gonna get this option right here let me just see what's happening over here in the background yeah you're gonna see like this like a whole bunch of code

Just being you know unpacked from the operating system it's gonna it's gonna run and I'm just gonna put that down and then once it's done installing you actually have to physically install operates just which I'll show you I'll

Show you exactly what I'm talking about let me but let me just boot the operating system so I can show you guys what it is basically run on Linux and it's like the same thing guys like it's I don't know I mean I'm gonna be testing

It out I'm not sitting here saying that you know it's the best thing that's ever created because I don't know I just like the fact that it's running the blockchain and there's no centralized authority to run the operating system

And it's just a little bit more secure it's gonna take a little while to load up because I got these two things running as well as my recording software to record this video so keep that in mind all right so let me it's oh look

It's just like a regular operating here let me make it fullscreen for you guys alright it's gonna jump up make fruit screen we log in really quickly the reason why it's slow again it's because I'm using a small amount of rent and RAM

To run it and I'm using you know very low memory so like it doesn't have a lot of disk space only has 30 gigs think about that but the whole point of this was to make it so that it runs like very low profile so I think that what they

Want to do is have it like on a USB Drive so when you go access like to say for example you go to a different country and you want to access your cryptocurrency if they just have it on the USB Drive plug it into the computer

Open it up and then you can access your cryptocurrency without even you know the computer being an intermediary in any way shape or form okay so you can see it has all its really cool guys like it has these cool like it's called orange

Calendar like this stuff I've never even known it's like just like Google Calendar was pre-built in your computer you could press new and you can like create events cuz you all these different types of options and I'm

Pretty sure you can integrate with your phone right all this cool stuff like I never got into Linux because of how crazy it sounds difficult to me but but I think I'm going to get into this so if I click over here Liberty OS you get all

Different cool stuff like the terminal obviously if we go to accessories you got the archive manager bulk renamed clipboard manager files right you got a calculator they're bright you got notes let's see the notes

Because I know a lot of people use that it's a little bit transparent it's pretty cool just keep some notes there let me see let me see some other stuff let's see okay you have education okay so intelligent spaced repetition memory

Training system so basically like like when I clicked it it was basically like cards like what are the index cards right but you can like code it this I'm saying it gives you a lot of freedom and then you have crypto currency has

Preloaded with all these cool wallets that you can use including Exodus you know you have a light electrum like coin wallet Bitcoin wallet Bitcoin cash wallet – wallet all that like the main crypto current this is really cool

Dogecoin wallet I think that's amazingly cool man I really do and if we come over here development I'm not gonna even going that nobody's gonna use that let's go to games okay you can access it some cool regular games we also have steam so

If you guys you play any games on Steam you can still play it with this with this operating system you got graphics ebook reader cool you have image viewer basically all the basic stuff digital painting interesting let's click that

And see what that does it's gonna take forever okay but I uploads just look at from all more stuff so you have orange calendar global time you have basically these are the Linux equivalents to like Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Word

Right PDF route is the equivalents and and and when I when I looked at it was just like really interesting there's a lot of you can get free video editing software's that are a high level very high level but actually are very you

Know into it like very powerful for free so nobody has any excuses if you want to like start a YouTube channel if that's where you came to my channel in the first place you have no excuses guys you could easily do this with the Linux

Operating system get your own like literally Google search Linux video editing software and you can easily find the best one I forgot the exact name of it but I think I'm gonna use it I don't see why not

I think I'm gonna be using it soon so you go regular settings that you can like increase the keyboard another keyboard a mouse and touchpad you know sensitivity of the mic color profiles of parents basically the same thing is you

Know it's obviously in the different places and windows but it's the same thing essentially they have all the same tools if they give you a little bit more freedom with Linux that's what I've noticed so I

Mean that's basically it guys you got all you know you have google chrome that you can go to telegram you know presentation dropbox another wallet you know archive manager it's basically

The same thing as a regular operating system now I'm gonna give you a complete tutorial one way or another but first thoughts I think this is just really interesting I think it's really interesting that you can and they claim

It's the first ad free operating system so supposedly now don't quote me on this but supposedly you can run things like Spotify all right without any ads okay I haven't actually tried it myself and you guys

Want me to make a follow-up video on this let me know if you don't want to just try it for yourself well that's why I made a tutorial let me come jump back over here really quickly see what's going on okay so now that everything's

Kind of gone through I'm not going to do it but all you have to do is click install Liberty OS once you click install Liberty OS if you don't know what's going on basic I got two different desktops one desktop that I

Already installed that I've shown you the review and then this one I just installed showing you guys exactly remember I test and then this one was already already installed so I just click install Liberty OS I don't want to

Do it because I'm delete this anyways and then it's gonna take you through it 30 to 40 minute you know install process and then when you start it up again let me just start it up and power this machine off and

Power off the other one all you have to do is click that you have already had this operating system so this is the test one we made here so I have to do is right click or not right click just start it just click the one you want to

Start and this is in Oracle so you just open Oracle click the one you want to start as gonna take it to this page right here Oracle box whatever take it to this page right here and instead of clicking boot

Liberty OS that's what you originally do after you install it you click a boot existing OS and that will take you to the front page where you can type in your password and create your account but yeah I mean that's it for this video

Guys first impression I think it's very smooth the fact that it's low profile doesn't use a lot of computer resources in fact it gives you all these tools for free that you most people would pay for most people will pay for Microsoft Word

For free I mean for arm you know it'll go buy a disk or they'll pay the monthly membership fee right and I just genuinely think now I'm gonna verify everything I'm saying obviously I'm generally think is pretty interesting

And this is just a beta they have a token launch you know that you guys can partake in so again use my link below for all the resources to get this to download it yourself for the token launch to get you know VirtualBox

Everything like that and that's really it for this video let me know what you guys think in the comment section below if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticisms subscribe for

More video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology we'll get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you in the next one you

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