LG XBOOM Go PK5 vs JBL Charge 4 – REVIEW – Listen to the difference!

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

Hey what's going on everyone I was browsing for things to review and realize LG dropped the price dramatically on their speakers at least at the time this video they are currently on sale they're considering they're cheaper than before and a JBL

Charge for is here let's see if LG is of good value as always being transparent LG did sponsor this video but my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both pros and cons LG's goal was to help receive exposure

From my channel that's it I'll place my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time for example right now they are on sale I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm

Here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another video all right folks going over the physical features first the design is quite

Original and gets away from a lot of that typical rectangle or cylinder shape speaker the X frame not only helps with making this look unique but it's actually practical the grab and go handle comes in very handy now the

Entire unit is made of plastic with the drivers protected behind this metal grille but the biggest part of the LG X boom go speakers are the LEDs they pulsate to the music and it helps a lot with the aesthetics that I personally

Keep them on but you can always turn them off if you'd like with the button on the very top of the speaker moving on on either side there's dual action bass that's what LG calls their passive bass radiators that vibrates and moves back

And forth when you're blasting music it's pretty cool see as always and this is not what I recommend for you guys to do at home by giving some very firm presses right here the bass radiators are still intact no issues from my

Testing the exponent golf PK 5 is IP x5 rated and this is clearly dependent on your needs but it is splash and weather resistant comparing to the competition like JBL and sony those offer an ipx7 rating meaning that they can be

Submerged underwater with LG's rating it can withstand splashes and water sprays from all directions now for some people this is enough for those plans to use this near the pool simply just drop it in the pool with my testing of dripping

And dropping water here spraying it actually the X boomed go pk5 it's still working today now I'm taking a look at the very top of the speaker please pause the screen if you need to our buttons are very responsive and very clicky here

Everything is there with the option to activate Google assistant or Siri and the pause play button if you press that twice you can skip forward if you press it three times it will basically push you back a song now I do wish there was

A better battery level indicator as well it's just one light so far on the very far left that a speaker shines either red or blue and that's really it's having a voice indicator like Bose or maybe five LEDs like JBL

To indicate better level would have helped tremendously now rotating to the rear we have your USB hi see port for powering up this speaker of so thank you for LG for future proofing this the JBL charge for also has type C

As well and Sony at least at the time of this video are still using USB 2 for some reason but I'm not really comparing the sony xba-1 because the XP 32 is right around the corner they just haven't released the new model

Just yet the LG has your 3.5 millimeter port for physical connections a pairing button so you can connect to LG X boom go speakers and I have the the PK 7 actually right here you can see the size difference as well pretty cool and have

Them both play in sync now I've said this before having two Bluetooth speakers are going to sound so much better than just having one big speaker so if you get two of these I recommend that option but depending on your

Situation comparing to JBL and even Sony those two brands the two other competitors you can actually pair over a hundred of these speakers if you'd like if you need more than to connect at the same time these two competitors are the

Way to go by getting bad to that USB ports LG claims recharging the battery takes up to four hours while the JBL charge four takes up to five and a half hours battery life is rated at up to 18 hours abuse the JBL charge for claims up

To 20 and performing my test here at the office with 50% of I'm with the Meridian technology clear voice and enhanced bass on I was able to achieve 11 hours and 31 minutes the JBL charge for achieved 9 hours and 14 minutes LG did a great job

Here even after Clemmy and lower battery life also that the fact that I have left the LEDs on as well that's quite impressive they comparing both of these speakers both LG and JBL have bluetooth 4.2 we're not a blue 2/5 for some reason

But the bigger question how's the performance signal strength wise JBL achieved 89 linear feet and e LG X boom go pk5 got 90 linear feet before they signals start to crackle very minut difference here but overall performed

Very very well video wise both performed very similar almost identical to each other on both Android and Apple devices YouTube and Netflix for the most part played perfectly in sync while the well on the very few

It felt like it was maybe a nanosecond off it's so small that I don't think this would bother most people using any of these two speakers for just casual video watching so alright folks touching base on the audio before I give you the

Demos here LG did partner with Meridian technology the sound engineers the designers and brains behind very high-end home audio we're talking about up to $80,000 loudspeakers they're claiming for perfectly balanced sound at

Any level volume not to mention the X boom go pk5 has FX HD for high resolution audio playback we don't get that with JBL so this all sounds promising but let's listen to my unedited audio sample be sure to put on

Your headphones or earphones as I'll be using my binaural microphones that's the only way you can hear this 3d audio test and folks be sure to subscribe if you haven't and throw some fire emojis in that comment section let's see you guys

Light it up here we go alright folks put on your headphones or earphones for the 3d audio binaural test here we go you know the rhythm is my enemy no good I just don't like the sound

Could you clean amazing Road and get out on my face I can't blue so get outta my face so will you give me some air try to be more what I need you don't

Know we how you feel as long as you can show me

A good time I don't need promises honestly no big deal as long as you can show me good and there you have it folks now audio recorded on my end and then played

Through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality hence my review here so first off Wow at first these speakers did sound really close with each other but after some time I can pick out the nuances in

Person both speakers are loud for the midsize class of Bluetooth speakers perfect for medium-sized rooms with larger rooms good for general audio listening starting with bass there is slight

Slightly more here at blg / JBL it's a smidge more and you can somewhat notice it on the second song with the second sample that I provided earlier now JBL already provides bass that I really like out of a Bluetooth speaker and with LG

Slightly offering more without being distorted that's a plus for a midsize bluetooth speaker it does well and I will admit it's cleaner sounding and better than the older sony xba-1 now heading into the mid-range frequencies

Where the vocals reside and the range where the human ear interprets most audio LG did a very good job by being more balanced than the charge for from my experience JBL has always been a bit more forward and brighter which I do

Know many like I really like the sound signature too but I believe for those who aren't looking for a more accurate sound signature something that may be a bit more balanced and less altered the LG sounds more fitting in that area the

One area though that I was slightly letdown with the charge for the alley went with a single driver if you're listening in a smaller room or simply sitting closer to the charge for it doesn't sound or it doesn't have that

Wide experience the PK 5 because of those dual drivers on the front the sound is more direct and uniformed when you're standing directly in front of it but this goes without saying oh gee isn't perfect either at maximum volume

Levels because the charge 4 is so much more forward so much more brighter in comparison it makes the LG X boom go PK 5 clown slightly recessed if you had both to compare back-to-back it's a parents not a deal-breaker but if you're

Planning on blasting this and maximum volume constantly that's something to think about now going into the high notes again LG keeps it neutral never overextending you don't get the ear piercing ear piercing screeches or ting

In the ears but there is enough there to be satisfied you can listen to the speaker for extended periods of time and not have listening fatigue the JBL is slightly sharper on the top and but again it's not harsh so in the end here

Both speakers I think performed very well in their own way I believe with the Meridian technology the audio is tuned to be neutral across the board some people would prefer that or very much enjoy that and some people would prefer

Maybe more in a live sound signature now do wish there was better waterproofing on this thing but everything else to be honest with you it's a clear winner there's better better life in rural tests you get the LEDs as well you get a

Design that's original compared to many others out there and now considering that sales price that's honestly the main reason why I chose to review this just to see how it is LG is offering a lot of value right now with the sale

That's going on guys check out the LG speaker with my link down below or check out LG's website on line I'm Jimmy with Jim's review and I'm here to help you guys make that purchase decision you guys take care

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