LG V60 ThinQ and Dual Screen Gaming Review

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey it's Josh Vergara what's going on everybody a quick shout-out to everybody who might be spending some time with me in this video thank you so much for clicking here and for watching this video I hope everybody is staying in staying safe and staying healthy we're

Going to be talking about the LGV sixty think you hear my review is going to be out fairly soon but I wanted to talk about the gaming experience on here if you remember this comes with also the dual screen case which can also double

As a game pad for all of your favorite mobile games speaking of which these gaming videos are also a way for me to showcase some games that I might be playing at the moment and especially now when you need

As many distractions as possible these are games that you might be interested in checking out yourself so when it comes to mobile gaming especially more recent titles the LGV 60 thinkyou is definitely no slouch you get the

Snapdragon 865 with eight gigabytes of ram all plenty for you to have multiple games playing even at once and yes that is something you can do with the dual screen case after all the dual screen is literally a second screen and you're

Able to open up a completely new application on there that way you can have two things playing at once one of the main ways that I love to do this is when I'm playing long-form RPGs or any games where I know I'm eventually going

To get stuck so this is going to be your first example Dragon Quest 5 this is one of many Dragon Quest games that are available in the Play Store you might have seen me use Dragon Quest 8 as one of my main games and plenty of other

Videos but Dragon Quest 5 is considered one of the best unfortunately sometimes I just don't know where to go next so on the Left screen it is good for me to pull up either YouTube for a walkthrough or I'll just have a text walkthrough so

I can figure out where to go next oh and by the way after my unboxing some of you asked me why I wouldn't put the phone sideways if I have YouTube as one of the screens well this is the reason why there are still quite a few apps out

There or games in this case that still use vertical orientation and you're not able to move it over but I get what you're saying it is great to have the LG dual screen case on its side that way you can tilt the screen to a good

Viewing angle and you can watch let's say YouTube or anything else while you're doing other stuff this makes this dual screen case a pretty good second screen if you're the kind of person that wants to have multiple things going at

Once but you can't do it all from let's say one console or a computer or laptop but once you have it in this orientation you have many other possibilities as well you know that I'm a YouTube addict so if I have YouTube playing on one

Screen I can have a game playing on the bottom and one of the games that has just come out recently for Android in particular is also one I think many of you who are Witcher fans will get really addicted to Gwent literally there's a

Gwent game on right now it is purely PvP you are always going to be playing against somebody else there's no story mode or campaign mode but still deck building and figuring out the best combination of cards and using them to

Good effect in Gwent matches is still just as fun as it was in The Witcher 3 but then here comes the example of two games at once now I don't really recommend too many people do this because it's a lot to

Handle but in this case I had Gwent going because there is a little bit of downtime in between turns and then I have the brand new war of the vision's final fantasy brave xvs on the bottom now final fantasy brave XV is war of the

Visions is actually a tactical RPG but what's cool about the elements in this one you can actually run around the bounds of your movement just like you would in any regular game using a control stick so it's kind of cool to be

Able to do that rather than just tapping on squares like you might in something like Fire Emblem I'm not that far in this game it's also a little bit daunting given all of the different elements you have to keep in mind and of

Course the gotcha elements as well but that's true for pretty much any mobile game as well so it just takes some time for me to get into this and I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of fun with this in brand-new Final Fantasy mobile game

and one thing to keep in mind is if you do have two different applications running they don't really run simultaneously not per se what happens

Is if you have one app running on one side and then you click onto the other one it will pull focus it's not going to actually keep the other app from running properly it just seems like it's running more in the background and sometimes

It's not until you click back to the original app that you see all of the things that have happened since leaving it now as it turns out there aren't really any games that support the expansion that this dual screen provides

Now you can still only do that for things like YouTube and other Google applications and other LG apps it doesn't look like really any games are going to benefit from having it sprawl across the two screens not that I would

Really recommend that any way though because you have that whole divot in the middle that will cut into your actual display but gameplay elements are what the dual screen provides and here we go with the LG game pad now one of the best

Parts about the game pad is that there are built-in templates that are used for games that already have controller support and as far as using actual controllers with games one of the best ways of doing that is with Rockstar

Games there are so many titles by Rockstar in the Play Store that include GTA san andreas GTA Vice City and one of their most celebrated games bully anniversary edition I actually got pretty far in bully but unfortunately

Their social club aspect the Rockstar social club doesn't really work for some reason so I couldn't pull my save file back down and I don't even remember which phone had my last save file on it so I pretty much just have to start from

The beginning but with the default gamepad template you can see that there are plenty of buttons there everything from r12 to r3 even and you can use all of them just the way you

Would with let's say an 8-bit dope controller or even an Xbox controller all mapped out perfectly to this port of bully to Android here's another oldie but kind of a new one as far as Android is concerned

Castlevania Symphony of the Night and this is where I actually have a little bit of trouble with the control scheme you see Castlevania Symphony of the Night still uses controller support it's great to see that however the way that

The controller is set up in that first template makes all of the buttons be a little bit too close to one another it's just not as easy to be intentional with your presses because everything is so close together and you end up maybe

Messing up your inputs or worse just missing them altogether it's at that point that tactile feedback would be definitely better but at the very least there is one other gamepad that's in there that has the buttons more spread

Out the one problem with this template however is that a lot of buttons are missing especially a start button so LG it would be nice if we can have these game pads but also make them customisable rather than having to rely

On the personally key mapped ones it would be better to just make the elements a little bit different there that way it's easier for our play styles or just for our comfort when using these controllers but of course the game pad

Provides one very big benefit and it is the key mapping area this is where you can actually put your own buttons on the actual game pad itself which are then mapped to the various buttons that are on screen for any mobile game that

Doesn't already have controller support I did that with doom and you can see that the controls in Doom are very simple but for whatever reason doom or rather Bethesda did not give doom controller support which means I have to

Use touch and swipe gestures on the gamepad to emulate the same thing on the actual game itself it works pretty well but it's in this situation that it's obvious what the benefit is you're getting your fingers away from the

Action that way you're not clogging up everything there and you can see pretty easily freeing up your fingers from all of the elements on the screen is definitely one

Of the reasons why games like pub G mobile and Call of Duty mobile are going to benefit from the gamepad you pick an element whether it be a joystick a directional pad or a button and then at the top there you see a little plus

Symbol which shows where it is going to emulate that particular press and since I could put as many or as few as are needed on the lg gamepad I can make things a lot more minimalistic it's at that point that the on-screen controls

In pub G mobile can be put at full transparency so they don't even really show up and I have more of just the action to look at by the way I did try one time to put the fire button at the top left that way I can do the three

Finger control style it's not really a claw grip but I used three fingers usually when I play these games it worked pretty well but I will admit that getting the press just right on the button with my index finger on the LG

Gamepad seemed to whiff once in a while and so there you have it a look at gaming on the LG v60 thinkI with the dual screen case now obviously all of these games that are being played in this video can be used on just the v60

Itself but having the dual screen case just adds a few extra things that you can do with these games like have a walkthrough on the side or even have the LG gamepad in order to enhance your control experience but ultimately

There's not a whole lot that would leave you wanting what the v60 think you after all it has the performance spec it even has the battery spec at 5,000 milliamp hours I was able to play all of these games for quite long periods of time

Without worrying about plugging it back in get into the comment sections down below and let me know if you're playing any of these games and let me know what your experience has been like by the way all of these games that are featured in

This video are compatible with most Android phones so if you find yourself staying at home more and you have a lot more time on your hands you might want to try out some of these games let me know what your experience is like in the

Comments drop some lights on this video as well and then subscribe to my channel if you haven't already thank you so much for spending some time with me I know that you can pick anybody else to spend some time with as far as streaming

Content is concerned but I'm glad they clicked on this one and that you made it this far thank you once again and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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