LG V60 review: the perfect balance

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

I'm sure by now you probably know that different companies taking different approaches when it comes to delivering similar products it doesn't matter if you're buying an electric car a pair of

Headphones or a brand new smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei are known to go overboard or just a little bit flaunting features like 100x spaced zoom foldable displays and 120 Hertz refresh rates for the displays and let's

Not forget phenomenal cosmic power okay I have to admit that that last one is Jafar from Aladdin but I think that you get the point here these products are bold and innovative and no one's really denying that but all that bombast

Usually comes with a price one that leaves your bank account looking like you've been scammed by a Nigerian prince at the opposite end of the spectrum you get this the LG V 60 the phone is a little bit unassuming but it has most of

The same specs that the other big boys are playing with this year and it comes with an odd case that gives it a secondary display and the best part about it though is that it's 50% cheaper than some of its closest competitors but

The question is is it any good well let's find out I'm the grave of Android and this is my review of the LG V 60 LG has been a major player in the Android space since the very first days of Android after

Toying with the modular smartphone concept back with the LG g5 in 2016 the company's flagship devices have been relegated to the back burner as other competitors have been stepping up their game but the LG v 60 sets a different

Tone this year delivering a phenomenal experience at just the right price that could make consumers think twice before blindly handing over their cash to Samsung this year now I know that a smartphones price isn't the most

Important factor when we all consider buying a new device if it was the galaxy Z flip wouldn't exist and we'd all be walking around with a mid-range Motorola device in our pockets it's more about achieving the right balance and to me

The v60 achieves just that so how much the cost you can't buy the phone unlocked but the cheapest price from a US service provider is $800 for the phone and $900 if you want the phone and the dual screen case compared to the new

Galaxy s 20 lineup that's a steal since you still get the same snapdragon 865 chipset 5g and a camera setup that's worthy of the phone's flagship status that being said since this phone is selling for 20% less than samsung's

Galaxy s 20 base model LG did have to make a few compromises the v60 comes with a lower resolution Full HD Plus display it only has 8 gigabytes of RAM and the triple camera setup on the back of the phone is comprised of a standard

Ultra wide and time-of-flight sensor setup that's right the ever-popular telephoto camera that everybody else is using is simply missing on this device but while the phone is lacking in a few places the v60 makes up for it in others

By featuring a 5000 milliamp hour battery a quad microphone system for incredible audio recording a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and LG's unique quad DAC setup which delivers an impeccable audio experience for a smart

Phone put all of that together and the LG v60 could be one of the best smartphones of 2020 if you're a fan of big phones the LG v 60 will be right up your alley it has a six point eight inch display

Which is massive but the lack of a curved panel means that there are significant bezels all the way around while this makes the front of the phone just a little bit less appealing than what its competitors offer the flat

Panel does improve usability with fewer false touches with the side of your hand and dramatically reduces glare along the phone's edges to keep the cost down you only get a full HD plus resolution and a 60 Hertz refresh rate but you won't

Really be able to notice individual pixels unless you go looking for them or if you've owned a device with a higher resolution panel a hole punch for the front-facing camera would have been a little bit less noticeable than a

Centrally located notch like the LG G 60 has but honestly it's not a huge issue the metal and glass design of the phone isn't dramatically different than last year's V 50 but when you flip the phone over to the back you will notice that LG

Did add a ring to outline the cameras which also features a slow bump due to the increase in size for the camera sensors LG is using this year and when holding the phone in your hand you'll definitely feel the added heft

And girth I'll tell you this a 5000 milliamp hour battery isn't light and it definitely takes up a lot of space the snapdragon 865 is undoubtedly the must-have chipset of the year if you're looking for a flagship smartphone

With 5g connectivity it delivers incredible performance on the v60 giving you more than enough power to play the best games Android has offered and keep the phone's you I stutter free if you're a hardcore multitasker you might be a

Little bit disappointed that this phone only has eight gigabytes of RAM but it's honestly more than enough to satisfy the majority of users you may occasionally notice an app being dumped from memory but unless you're consistently switching

Back and forth between games you shouldn't have to wait more than a second or two for the snapdragon 865 to load it right back up now LG didn't add this massive battery to compete with the galaxy s 20 ultra the extra capacity is

Needed to keep the phone's dual display powered up without it though the LG v 60 can easily make it through a day and a half or even two full days on a single charge with more than 10 hours of screen on time it's not the best battery life

That we've ever seen but it's definitely up there as you can imagine the dual display does eat into that just a little bit you'll easily be able to make it through a full day with seven to eight hours of screen on time even if you keep

The dual secondary display powered on continuously no matter how you slice it if you're using the secondary display or not you'll have a very hard time killing the LG v 60 in a single day to top the battery off you do get Qualcomm quick

Charge 4.0 plus which will take the phone from zero to a hundred percent in an hour and 40 minutes the phone also does have wireless charging but you won't have the fancy reverse wireless charging features that Samsung and while

We have been including on their flagship smartphones for the past couple years I have to admit that when looking at the camera specs of the LG v 60 it seems to lag a little bit behind other flagship smartphones that we've seen in 2020 the

Main 64 megapixel on the back of the phone does feature four to one pixel binning for 16 megapixel shots and then you get a 13 Mega Pixel ultra wide-angle camera something that LG pioneered back in the

Day other than that there's a time of flight sensor for depth information but LG left out the ever-popular telephoto camera which Samsung Oppo and Huawei have been using as their main marketing feature for their new flagship devices

That being said the v60 still offers 2x hybrid zoom thanks to a 64 megapixel main sensor which honestly turns out nearly as sharp as what we've seen from other smartphones with a dedicated zoom camera but while the hardware that LG is

Using is pretty simple the image quality that you get out of them is superb the image processing is natural with great dynamic range consistent white balance and accurate color reproduction the large sensor and pixels also deliver

Great low-light shots the only disappointment here is that LG has a long ways to go before catching up with its competitors when it comes to the phone's dedicated night mode settings while not having a dedicated telephoto

Camera is disappointing I'm glad that they opted to go with the ultra wide-angle lens instead having a wider field of view is amazing for landscape photography and also pictures in cities as well giving you shots that honestly

Change the way that you see the world the phone's 10 megapixel front-facing camera is on par with what we've seen from the competition this year though the 30 millimeter lens doesn't give you a whole lot of extra room for capturing

Selfies with you and your friends and if you're into capturing video all cameras can capture 4k videos at 30 frames per second but the main one can go all the way up to 60fps and go even further and take that all the way up to an 8k

Resolution if I had to choose one feature to completely swap out on the LG v 60 it would be LG's software I'll be honest the amount of bloatware on this phone is completely out of control and since all variants of the

Phone specifically in the US are only sold through service providers there's no option for a clean unlock build but even once you uninstall all of the apps that you don't want you're still left with a launcher that lacks some pretty

Basic customization options and the app drawer itself has a hard time even keeping your apps organized alphabetically swapping in an alternative launcher is probably the best way to go but it still won't fix

All of the problems and the issue also persists while using the dual screen case as well now I do have to hand it to LG for adding a lot of extra functionality to the dual screen setup you can use it as a full keyboard and

Pretend that your phone is a miniature laptop turn the screen into a dedicated gaming controller watch movies on both displays at the same time or even have an app span both screens at once the most common use case of running two

Applications at once one on each screen is simple enough but anything other than that requires multiple taps and takes quite a bit of time to organize how you want LG might be able to fix things with adding unique gestures in the future or

Keeping an eye out on what Microsoft is doing with the upcoming surface duo don't get me wrong the dual screen case for the LG V 60 isn't bad not by a long shot I spend hours watching movies in the

Shows with it on one screen while keeping up with social media on the other it's currently the closest thing that you're gonna get to the Samsung Galaxy fold while saving half of your money before I wrap things up I'd like

To point out that the LG v 60 is one of the best devices on the market right now when it comes to media consumption not only do the stereo speakers here offer an immersive audio experience but you also get a real 3.5 millimeter headphone

Jack and a spectacular watt depth to go along with it now you'll need a good pair of wired headphones and a high-quality streaming service like title to take true advantage of both of those features but any true audiophile

Should have those squared away already when all is said and done I have to say that the LG v 60 here is a spectacular smartphone now it might be missing one or two of the features that Samsung has included on its Galaxy S 20 lineup but

The combination that LG has presented delivers a mix of features that also includes some of the things that Samsung has on its most expensive Galaxy S 20 ultra while still coming in a lot lower than the thousand dollar threshold that

Samsung is delivering its cheapest device for is it perfect not by a long shot but the LG v 60 strikes just the right balance delivering an experience that's perfect for the average consumer while also appealing to those who may be

Interested in something a little bit out of the ordinary with a dual screen case thank you guys so much for watching my LG v 60 review if you want to see how the camera is on this smartphone compared to the competition make sure

You check out my lg v 60 camera comparisons which are linked right over here thank you guys so much for watching and I'll catch you in the next one

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