LG V30: Detailed Overview

by birtanpublished on November 6, 2020

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and today we're checking out the LG V 13 this is LG's top and flagship for 2017 and it brings some familiar traits from some other flagships but adds quite a few others as well and it's definitely one of my favorite Android films I've reviewed this year so I'm gonna go in-depth and explore all of its features it goes without saying that the design and feature inspiration for the LG v 30 is the galaxy s 8 it's a really nice looking phone complete with an OLED display that goes almost to the edges of the phone it even wraps around just slightly but it's not quite as dramatic

As it is on the galaxy s 8 but this display is a huge improvement over the LCD display from the V 20 or the g6 so this is a six inch quad HD plus display now this gives us a resolution of 1440 by 2880 so to a taller display very similar to the Galaxy s8 with a 537 PPI pixel density this is a fantastically bright and vivid display it's one of the best I've used it's even slightly better and brighter than the one on the galaxy s safe to me it looks like it has a wider color gamut so although it looks a bit warmer compared to the galaxy s 8 it looks a bit more accurate with more

Vibrant colors so this phone is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back and it's rimmed in this polished metal frame with some antenna breaks very nice looking phone and it feels great in the hand with this nice rounded symmetrical surface so it feels very smooth and comfortable to grip it's much less boxing than something like the g6 and certainly much more compact than the large and bulky v20 from last year fans of the v10 Envy 20 might be disappointed that we no longer have a swappable battery or a metal design instead this glass design gives us

Wireless charging for the first time on the v series which i think is a worthy trade-off and of course we also have quick charge 3 panel via the USB port so you can quickly recharge the internal battery which is 3300 milliamp hours one of the features that is missing here from the LG v20 is the second screen but that's been replaced with a floating bar with most of the same features on both the lock screen and the home screen and we're gonna go in dev and explore that later the front-facing camera is 5 megapixels with an F 2.2 aperture which is a fairly wide angle lens you're able

To get a lot in your shot pretty easily now this only records up to 1080p so you won't find quad HD or even 4k here so along the left side we have our individual volume controls along the right side we have a combination nano SIM tray and micro SD card slot which does support up to 2 terabytes if you look closely at that sim tray you'll see another feature that's very welcome which is water resistance so there's actually a gasket surrounding the edge of it which keeps water out in fact it's IP 68 rated like a lot of other high-end smartphones today which means you can

Submerge this up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes not only is this IP 68 rated it's also military standard 810g rated which means it's designed to survive extreme environmental conditions and shock down below we have a USB C port for fast charging along with one of the microphones and a speaker so this is a single mono speaker but it's tuned very well so it's loud and clear and not quite as lopsided as you might expect with a side facing speaker but it is pretty easy to muffle when you're handling the phone especially for gaming not only does this phone retain the

Headphone jack at the top of the phone but this is also once again a high fight quad DAC which is able to use 32-bit processing to improve the playback performance over wired audio this phone also comes with a control panel so you can customize your experience and this can automatically adapt the audio quality for whatever set of headphones or speakers you have plugged into it another big story with this phone is biometrics so of course we have a fingerprint sensor on the back in the very convenient location this button is also the sleep/wake power button as it

Always has been with recent LG phones this sensor is much faster and much more reliable and very easy to find on the back of the phone without having to look at it but new for LG is face recognition and voice recognition so you can actually use your face to unlock your phone and the difference with the LG phone versus the samsung phone is that the phone does not have to be woken up to recognize your face I have to do is lift the phone to your face but generally it's not as secure reliable or quick as using your finger to unlock it we also have voice unlock so you can

Actually wake up your phone just by speaking a trained command in my case computer once again we have a dual camera setup LG is one of the first to add dual cameras on their phones but LG's approach is still quite unique we have a standard camera and a wide-angle camera personally I think I prefer the wide-angle camera over a telephoto camera just because it's very useful especially in a tight shot so for example if you want to get a full view of a room really there is no other way to do it without a wide-angle lens and

You can also get some pretty dramatic shots with that wide-angle lens so the main camera here is 16 megapixels with a huge F 1.6 aperture that lets a lot of light in this camera we also have full optical image stabilization along with laser and face detection all the focus you'll find those lasers right next to the camera module underneath the LED flash the wide-angle camera is 13 megapixels with an F 1.9 aperture now the great thing here is that you can seamlessly switch between these cameras and you can record 4k video in either camera one of the things that makes this

Camera stand out right away in my testing is it's 10 bit HDR image sensor which means it's able to preserve a lot more color detail especially in HDR images so any HDR image especially with a lot of contrast comes out extremely clear with a lot of detail and a lot of color normally each seer likes to really wash out colors to bring up detail but in this case images always come out looking perfect so I'm really impressed overall even though this is an early production device I'm really excited by what I'm seeing with this camera especially 4k video it's very smooth

Especially handheld video is very smooth and with laser AF and face detection all the focus it seems to be able to find focus very smoothly and quickly and because this has a very shallow depth of field with @f 1.6 ampere it's very important for that system to work just because the camera has to move around quite a bit to find focus and it's working flawlessly so far images come out extremely clear and detailed without much distortion or noise and the color here is amazing this is one of the best cameras in terms of color of ever tested

So you can really just point this camera anywhere especially with HDR on and you get excellent images this also extends to low-light with a left 1.6 aperture this lets a lot of light into the camera and it's able to preserve a lot of color detail which is normally washed out in longer expose with higher sensitivity the spec sheet for the LGV 30 is a pretty familiar one we have a snapdragon 835 and an adrenal 540 GPU like most flagship smartphones this year we also get C super gigs of internal storage and 4 gigs of ram or if you go for the V 30 plus we get 120 gigs

Of storage again with 4 gigs of RAM so next up I just want to dig into the santur face and as always there's a lot to talk about right on the lock screen so we have this ambient display showing us our current date and time as well as our notifications up top but very similar to the second display of the LG v10 and V 20 we also have this up here with this little panel so we can actually slide across to access very similar features such as quick access to the camera app the LED flash the memo app and much more now we can wake up the screen by double tapping in and we have

Quick access to our phone dialer or the camera app and of course you can customize this with additional amps down below as well now we can use the fingerprint sensor which is extremely fast to unlock the device or we can use face unlock we can use both of them simultaneously so if face unlock doesn't work for you we can just go right to the fingerprint sensor which is extremely quick we also have some quick actions from the lock screen so we can double tap the volume down key to get into the camera app or double press the volume up key to get

Into the memo app so one of the biggest changes since the LG v 20 is the elimination of the second display and its replacement which is called the floating bar now I actually think it's a better design just because this means I can move this around to different locations on the screen it's not permanently locked to the top of the display which is quite far away for a one-handed grip so now I can move it to either side like so most of the same features are here such as our quick contacts and then you can hide it by tapping the arrow we can swipe across

Here to get to other features like our metal app the calendar our contacts and you can jump to the floating bar settings so if you jump to that you can see some of the panels you can turn on and off or you can just turn off the floating bar entirely we also get this screen capture tool belt so I have a number of tools we can use so we can do a screen grab of whatever we're looking at and then we can mark it up and save it we also have scroll capture so this will scroll through a website or list so you can capture the entire thing we also have jiff capture so this will give us a

Window we can hover over a video and then we can record a jiff and this will record for up to 15 seconds and then we can replay it back so if I go to the gallery app will find jiff capture here I can play this take a look at how it worked out now if you want to get rid of a floating bar what you can do is drag it to the top and take it up to remove and this will remove it but if you want to reactivate that you can go to the drop down shade and you'll see this right here to turn the back on now if you want to get rid of this feature entirely what

We'll have to do is go up to settings and then we have to go to our smart function settings and turn it off in terms of the home screen layout it's pretty familiar for LG we can swipe all the way to the right to get to smart bulletin which is sort of a smart aggregator of things like your health and fitness data calendar music and much more and you can turn this off if you wants if you go to settings you can rearrange those categories turn some of them off download new ones or just turn the entire feature off now if you miss the afterword there is a secondary

Launcher you can select so if we go to settings and go up to display and go to home screen we have the options to select different launchers which includes home plus the app drawer so now we have the after which is all nicely arranged in folders and we have several options up here so we can sort them differently hide certain apps or arrange apps by mainly dragging and dropping them to edit the home screens and the apps just tap and hold and you get to the editor which allows us to uninstall the apps that we can uninstall or just reassign different home screens or

Reposition them and we can also go to our widget panel to install new widgets or just uninstall the ones that are on the home screen in terms of the app selection here so if we go ahead and delete an app that we can delete such as the Facebook Messenger app this tells us about app trash so we're going to click close and we have an app trash icon in the lower right corner this takes us right to this app trash utility which basically allows us to restore apps within 24 hours after that they just automatically delete so if I want to restore that app goes right back to the

Home screen but I'll have to put it back in its spot under home screen settings this is where we can select from a different launcher so again if you want to restore the app drawer or if you want to go with the easy home which simplifies the interface of course we have our wallpaper selection and we have wallpaper motion so the wallpaper moves as you tilt the screen so if you want you can turn this off if you prefer we have different screen swipe effects and we have icon shapes so we have two options rounded squares which unifies all of the icons or you can go with the

Original format we can also choose the sword apps alphabetically or by download date we can change the grid layout so 5 by 5 is the fall but you can select a wider spacing if you prefer this also allows us to hide a certain app so if you can't uninstall the apps you can go here to hide them instead there's a few other things that know about on the homescreen so of course you can swipe down from the top to get to your notification shade and our quick setting toggles and widgets now if you swipe down on the homescreen anywhere on the home screen you get to this search

Interface so again let me just show you that this brings up search so this is a universal search something search the device Google or other resources so for example if I type and nest this will search for the app or emails related to nest or websites but I also have some app suggestions up top so recently access to apps will be right here some contacts messages Gmail gallery items and web sites so again everything I frequently use will appear right here now this is powered by Android 7.1 so we have quick actions on app so if I tap and hold on the apps you'll see those

Pop up here such as a new tab within Chrome or if I go to the messages app this will also expand out to the recent messages or I can start a new conversation I can also turn some of these quick actions into apps on the home screen so I can drag and drop them like so some third-party apps right can making really good use of this feature so for example if I go to the nest app I can drag and drop this to the home screen so now I have quick access to my deck camera without having to dig through the app to get to it when it comes to the folders we have some

Editing options so we can change the name and the color of the folder so if you want to go with pink or you can add new ass by hitting the plus icon so you can go ahead and select as many apps as you want instead of tediously tracking and dropping them to the folder in terms of these quick settings up top when you expand it out you can see the first six are presented up top along with a brightness slider but soon as you expand it out you can see sort of changes up we lose the brightness slider but we gain screen sharing file sharing and all of the currently active quick toggles now

If you want to modify this just go to edit this allows us to turn off some of those widgets such as the brightness slider screen sharing and file sharing but you can also turn on the volume slider so if we click done here now we have a volume slider in addition to our brightness slider and that's also key as quick access to all of the volume controls for each individual function this also allows us to edit all of these quick toggles most of them have been turned on by default but if you want to turn some of them off or just get rid of them just drag and drop it to this blank

Space below but you can have as many as you want we also get something called come to review which warms up the display and strips away the blue light and you can customize this tab and holding you can change the intensity of the blue light filter or you can also turn this to black-and-white or you can schedule this now if you have a set of headphones connected you can turn on or turn off the – quad dak tuning now if you type in all this wipes you take us through that control panel you can see that this will automatically adjust the audio to the speakers that are connected

To her to the headphones that are connected to it you can change the volume we can also change the digital filter so we can change it from short sharp or slow we can also manually adjust the balance or we can select a different sound preset or customize it and any time this feature is turned on you'll see it indicated in the status bar there's actually quite a bit of room within the docks if you want to add more apps to the dock I have to do is drag and drop them like so you can add up to seven apps at maximum naturally with Android seven we have the Google Voice

Assistance so just tap and hold to get to it we also have a recent apps and the viewer is pretty conventional here nothing terribly different it's very smooth and responsive there's a few features to point out here so of course we can clear all of this out but we also have side by side windowing or split screen so for apps that support side by side when doing or the scaling needed for it you'll see this little icon right next to it so if we tap on this I can open up Twitter on the top of the screen and select another app down below so now I can resize it like so if I can resize

It and then I can interact with both apps simultaneously now if I want to select a different app down below what I can do here is go to the home screen and open up something else so let's go to the nest app so now I can look at my nest camera while browsing my Twitter feed Oh certainly I can also hit this key to expand it out and I can select another recently accessed app or if I tap and hold this will minimize the previous apps and just take me back to the top app another feature familiar to other LG devices is the option to pin apps so for example if you don't want

Apps to was out when you click clear all you can go ahead and pin them so now if I hit clear all you can see that everything except those two amps were cleared you can customize this layout to do that we're going to go to settings and under display we're gonna go to home touch buttons so we can change up a button combination so we can have four buttons at once and we have these three options we can add but of course we can also rearrange these so for example if I want the notification shade I can go ahead and add that button or I can rearrange

Them like so so if you want the home button all the way to the left you can do that so in terms of what the notification shade does this just basically brings down the notification shade without having to reach toward the top to get to it now in terms of capture plus again this is a screengrab feature which is across this device in many different areas so again I can do a screen grab here and then mark it up if I want and I also have qslide so if I go to qslide here I haven't seen this in a bit but we have a few qslide apps that are sort of

Window damp so if I go to the calendar app I get this little pop-out which I can change the transparency of and then I can also resize it but again it's not a terribly useful utility but it's here if you're a fan of it we can also change up the color so if you prefer black we can go ahead and apply that so now we have a black bar in the full screen app so if you're on a home screen it just matches the wallpaper if you go through an app you can see it's black instead of white in terms of the app selection we do get a few things worth pointing out so we have an HD audio recorder so we

Have an array of microphones and that quad DAC which can be used for recording high-end audio quality so we can select from different presets such as concerts we can adjust this you can see the mic input levels we have a custom EQ right here and much more under smart cleaning we have basically a device health report so we can see our internal storage and memory and we can optimize our device to free up some space you can see your battery usage you can enable one of the battery saver modes and there's quite a few of them so you get a preview of how much these modes expand your battery

Life and then we also have the option to test the hardware which is kind of interesting so you can basically test all of these things by hitting test all or individually so digging into this camera app the first things you'll see up top is the option to switch between the main camera and the wide-angle camera you can see it makes a big difference we also have this zoom slider so I'm going to go back to the main camera here so I can zoom in or out very precisely but if i zoom all the way out this will actually flick on the Y Nichol camera pretty smoothly as

Always we get a ton of manual modes especially on this camera some of them are popular ones include manual mode for both the camera as well as video so in terms of the camera we have the horizon line we can mainly adjust the shutter speed ISO focus white balance and much more this also shows us the audio input levels for both the left and right channels and we can see the bitrate for video another option that becomes available under the manual video mode is the option to save your footage as LG symlog so this gives you a little more post-production control but this does

Not work with the wide-angle lens one of the other new modes is send video which has a few unique effects one of them is point zoom so what I can do here is manually select a point to zoom in and then use the slider to zoom in and out and I can change the speed so no matter where you point on the screen it zooms in on that spot which is kind of a unique effect we also have the option to apply different filters so for example if you want to add these more creative filters that more closely resemble professional production you could do that so some of them include documentary

Style scenery style and much more and you can change the vignette or the strength of the effect so when you're gaming we have another new feature with LG so if you bring in the navigation bar here you can see we have this other control that pops up here which gives us some game controls who we can take a break take a screenshot or adjust gaming graphics so because they're just gaming graphics we can change the resolution or framerate so if we go ahead and max this out and click apply you can see how this affects the game so definitely with a game maxed out

You can see an improvement in terms of the graphics and it's able to keep up just fine with it in terms of what take a break is so if you click this this will actually dim the display and lower the resolution to save battery life until you're ready to play again because of the settings there's always a lot to explore here so by default we have this tab view so we can tap on these headers to jump to different sections or you can select ListView alternately you can just search for whatever you want in terms of some interesting settings so if we go the Bluetooth this is a Bluetooth 5.0

Device so you can connect to multiple devices at once and stream audio to separate devices using separate media it's kind of nice yeah of course you also have increased range with Bluetooth 5.0 there's always a lot to take a look at under display settings but what I'm gonna focus on here is app scaling now because this is an extra tall screen some apps have to be scaled to the screen and that can be done automatically so you can see the apps that support it such as Chrome but if you prefer you can lock this into sixteen by nine so if I go to Chrome now

You should see black bars at the top and bottom instead of filling up the screen we can also manually adjust the screen resolution from 2880 by 1440 down to 21 60 by 1080 or 1440 by 720 this will save some very life but some of the power saving measures will also do this automatically now there is a difference here especially if you go to the lowest resolution but it's not terribly dramatic but it does look a bit softer we also have lots of options for the screen color so normal is default but you have best for movies photos or web and then you can customize this as well

So if we go to settings you can really customize the color temperature as well as the RGB levels we also have the option buried under here to enhance the video color so if the video player supports full screen mode this will show the video in a brighter more vivid color there's a few of the features sort of buried under advanced settings such as knock-on so if you double tap at the status bar this will actually lock the screen we can also enable the mini viewer so if you want a one-handed Mona you have to do is enable this feature right here and you can swipe on the

Android navigation keys to minimize the window to the left or right the pane on the direction you swipe so you can mainly resize it like so or if you want to exit just hit the X key this is also LG's first daydream vr device so we have a few VR settings so we can choose to view VR with less blur which is recommended or less flickers so we have two options under lockscreen this is where we can customize the shortcuts on the lockscreen so in addition to the ones that are here by default we can also add new ones or change the default icons so it's not very often where I can

Say that this is a home run device from its feature set to the way everything works to its design display camera system it's easily my favorite Android smartphone this year and this would be my daily driver if it was a final review unit but of course we have to wait for that to come in alright guys if you enjoyed this video please let with a like and I'll see you again in my next one you

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