LG SL9Y Soundbar REVIEW: I test DOLBY ATMOS – Listen here!

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey everyone I'm excited about this one this is the LGS l9y sambar this has Dolby Atmos and we're talking about surround sound that includes height not only that the SL 9y is also LG's premium sound bar with your partnership with Meridian technology what this means

Potential high resolution audio detail we'll see how this sounds as always being transparent LG then send this over for a review however my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both pros and cons I'll leave my

Affiliate links down in that video description below click on my links for the most updated prices in real time do you never know when this thing might go on sale I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help you guys make that

Purchase decision welcome everyone to another review so go over what you get in the box I have it listed on your screen now the only thing missing and this was a total shock here

There's no HDMI cable odd they didn't include one in the box but overall the belt looks great in my personal opinion the top is plastic but it is covered in a brushed metal finish so it looks good on display the buttons up top are touch

Controlled and are very straightforward here the one button I want to point out is Google assistance now this is of course becoming more mainstream but you can use voice commands or the touch button here on the soundbar to ask your

Questions pause and play your audio change volume etc when things are working I got am it set up has been horrible it simply doesn't connect and I have been receiving these errors left and right

Here now after after repeated tries then for some reason it just worked also doing a quick search it appears Digital Trends had a similar issue as well but side note here yes that is my Wi-Fi name if you know what movie I'm referencing

Comment down below now getting this wider angle here this sambhar measures 48 inches wide so keep that in mind when you're measuring your TV stand this sound bar is also recommended to be used with a 55 inch TV or bigger the TV in

The back here is 55 inches for your reference now taking a look at the back to see how this connects the ports are on your screen now although this has only one HDMI input the TV is technically used to connect all of your

Devices like your PlayStation your Xbox or a blu-ray player for example and then one wire runs to the sound bar itself now if for some reason here you don't have an HDMI port with an audio return channel it's abbreviated arc for all of

Your devices you can use the optical cable now protip here optical cables don't carry dolby atmos signals so just be aware of that last you'll see that the sl9 why it doesn't have a physical three-and-a-half millimeter input now

Other connections there's of course Wi-Fi that works with the Google assistant and Google chromecast but there's also bluetooth and this is a perfect segue into today's video sponsor if you want to play music from your

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You some food and wood again folks use my link down in that big description and download rise of kingdoms right now alright folks back to that review and back to where we last left off so for a premium sound bar

LG's only giving you Bluetooth 4.2 and when earphones and headphones are giving you Bluetooth 5.0 it's kind of a letdown for a premium sound bar LG needs to step up their game now taking a quick look at the futures and what you can adjust at

Home before I demo the audio test here the controller is very straightforward you do have some profiles from bass boost to increase your face of course standard to experience Meridian technology movie for a more

Matic experience and last is music to enhance your music output now what you also do get our audio tuning features which always helps out the abbreviation does take some time to get used to but you have WF for subwoofer which totally

Doesn't make sense ovc for the overhead volume control that's basically to control your Atmos s for side R for rear t re here for treble and bas for bass now last you do have night mode on the

Controller here for those who have family members sleeping and you don't want to disturb them or maybe your neighbors at night as well this works great at reducing most if not all of the bass and you're left with this still

Clean and clear audio signature that's still much better than your TV's audio performance basically the bass is cut down and it's not being transferred and resonating through the walls to annoy other people alright folks let's get

Into that audio sample here folks be sure to put on your own earphones or headphones so you can listen to my professional microphones giving you this 3d like audio experience and if you haven't already be sure to follow my

Social media handles on your screen here those are my personal accounts and it would mean the world to me if you can follow them either on Twitter or Instagram I'll have the links in the video description down below for your

Convenience all right folks here we go all right folks I'm going to play this without Dolby Atmos first and then replay the same exact scene first I'm right behind you go now what wait the voices knows you I'm gonna

Delay them cuz that's the end first I'm right behind you come now what we do is just not you I'm gonna delay them alright folks welcome back here as usual audio recorded on my end and then play

Through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality but hence my review now first up this does support Dolby Atmos which gives you the height experience as we discussed before but when you're buying any sound bar trying

To make sure it also supports DTS X which is Dobies competitor which gives you that height in audio as well now this LG sambar gives you both now you do get 4k and high dynamic range pass-through but you don't get dobby

Vision and HDR 10 plus which both offers some variation of either increased brightness improve dynamic color simply the more advanced high dynamic range technology is not supported on the sambar at the time of this video now I

Don't know if they're gonna have an update or a firmer update that is to support this later or not but you're not there or it's kind of a letdown if you have a higher MTV just looking out for you guys but getting back into the audio

Here let's talk about the performance first up this gets very loud and is perfect for small to large open living rooms and no question the sambar with its accompanying subwoofer gives you tons of base for a sound bar gunshots

Explosions doors closing even whatever it may be the experience is enhanced giving you a lot of meat a lot of depth and a lot of punch to the LG sl9 watt is a 4.1.2 surround sound system the four signals

Your left and right channels and the side audio channels the number one stands for that subwoofer and then the number two is essentially the up firing speakers aimed at the ceiling that's your dopey Atmos first I wish

There was a dedicated sensor channel to help emphasize actors voices it's not recessed or hallow but listening at low to moderate volumes actors voices are not the star of the experience it becomes a little mellow adjusting treble

To maximum didn't help out either now with my testing once you listen to this at higher volumes for entertainment or you're making it a movie night basically then it does really well then everything sounds amazing but once you pump it up

Basically the sambar does have the ability to be wall-mounted as well but very uniquely this can be vertically mounted and flush against the wall for a minimalist look there's a little gyroscope inside the soundbar that will

Automatically change the top firing speakers to your front directional speakers and what was the front firing speakers are now the at most speakers I asked LG how does this work since the Atmos speakers are not firing towards

The ceiling and then the audio reflects back down for the utmost to work that's how it traditionally worked now LG said that the Atmos drivers are instead fired now towards the ground bounces off the floor to the ceiling and then back down

At you I unfortunate didn't wall mount the speaker for apartment reasons here but this did leave me quite skeptical especially if someone has the has its wall mounted and it's firing into the carpet of all things but touching based

On at most when the speaker is actually on my TV stand here it does a great job here I can actually interpret and hear audio slightly above me and right in front of me there to describe it I'm further enveloped or encased into the

World in front of me it sounds like audio is coming from somewhere above my TV so it fuels or sounds a little surreal like where the hell is it coming from and that's really cool the side channels have a very similar effect

Where you can hear audio coming from somewhat somewhere from the side of you about 160 degrees wide but not necessarily a full 180 degrees for a sound bar and not a physical speaker and other side of me here if that's still

Highly impressive now I didn't or I don't get rear audio surround sound from the sambar itself but LG does offer physical rear speakers if you're gonna shell shell out a little bit more money to get the full

Experience which as always I recommend to do you gotta get those ones in the back now Audio separation is impeccable and if this which I always recommend no audio separation is impeccable and it is better than the Harman Kardon I just

Reviewed granted both sound bars are not apples to apples but I will admit though there were sounds that I missed on the Harman Kardon review that actually caught here on the lg little tiny pin drops metal shards flying off of wrecked

Cars etc the LG is ridiculously good in fidelity and clarity so overall here the audio experience sounded premium for a soundbar tons of bass loud and high solution indeed and that at most

Experience does help a lot here but I think that's the key word here besides all that it's premium sambar so why do we have Bluetooth 4.0 why have as Google home and Wi-Fi connection issue and my biggest gripe here if you have a nice TV

And use a blu-ray player why not include dolby vision and HDR 10 plus pass through these are the things that you as a consumer have to consider now technically you can still get by with bluetooth 4.2 you can get by with

Regular HDR but if you're behind december i'm assuming you want the best of the best and the sambar is lacking in some of those areas you can be a judge hopefully this video helped you in some way hopefully it helped you make that

Purchase decision so folks down there my social media handles or on your screen and in that video description no matter what be sure to follow my personal accounts at jimmy little official and j loom official on insta and twitter

Respectively fire modi's down below and if you haven't already you gotta subscribe to jim's review room alright folks i'll catch you guys on the next one bye

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