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by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

so okay first of all while i may be nearly 30 years old my dad still knows best when it comes to

Drilling holes and you know installing massive tvs like this on my wall so a big thank you to my dad and also my brother for helping out and also lg for sending over this

77 inch g10 oled tv for me to have a bit of a play with now except for perhaps the 25 thousand dollar signature 8 k oled tv i saw lg show off at this year's ces this 77 inch g10 is probably the best tv

I've ever seen now i'll save my full review and also you know the oled versus q-led debate and all that good stuff for another video coming soon but for now let me show you around the g10 aka the

Gallery design tv which in lg's oled range is one up from the c10 which i reckon will be the most popular model as it's a lot more affordable than this guy

Well relatively i mean as you'd expect for six thousand dollars this tv is simply stunning in fact it's the most expensive thing in my house and cost almost as much as

My car it's insane alright so here are the headline specs and while the g10 is 4k rather than 8k which is reserved for the top-end z10 signature series and also their top-end nano cell tvs

In every other way this is a flagship with all the bells and whistles you'd expect and also a few important upgrades for 2020 now to make things up a little bit a few days ago i posted an instagram

Story asking for your questions about this tv was there anything that you guys wanted to know and i got a whole ton of responses some pretty serious and quite technical some

Not so much anyway i wanted to get you guys some answers direct from the horse's mouth so to speak so i jumped on a socially distant zoom call with a lovely chap called dean

Who's a product expert at lg i do call myself the tech chap but i'm not an expert at everything and you you know your tv is probably better than me so some of my followers and viewers have

Sent in some questions via instagram and i want to put them to you see if we can get some deep dive answers cool let's see if we can help him out yeah definitely all right so the first question from

7770 what's the difference between this and the c9 first of all the difference is between the 10 series and the 9 series so the key thing this year is the panel is pretty much the same but where we've

Really made the differences is within the processor so where last year we had the alpha 9 gen 2 processor this year we've gone to gen 3. so with the alpha 9 gen 3 processor it's understanding what you're watching so

For an example we have ai picture on board and what it does it takes when it's a lot of what you're watching is probably not going to be necessarily in 4k

You know it's a 4k tv so a lot of content watching this in hd so it's how you upscale that which really makes the difference so ai pitch what it does it has a database of images built in that it compared to when it's

Upscaled so if it's ups going in a tree for example a conventional tv would guess what a tree should look like from 2k to 4k but this has a database of images so it knows what a tree should roughly look

Like in 4k so when it upscales it's far more accurate the good thing for 2020 is also learning from what you watch as well so if you watch a lot of action movies for example

It will start learning how best to up to go after movies and things like that so it's starting to learn from the content that you watch another part of ai picture is what we call auto genre select so

Bearing in mind i work in this industry i'm quite lazy i don't actually go i'm changing what i'm watching i'm changing the settings so the tv will automatically again understand what sort of content

You're watching and adjust the picture settings accordingly then you don't have to manually switch from sports mode to movie mode the tv will do it for you now i'm lucky enough to have the gx

Sorry the g10 i should be careful it's the it's 10. i get told off that many a time so i've got the g10 which is the gallery design so can you um talk me through the difference between

Say the c series and the g series because i know the c is kind of like the most popular the good thing with the g series is the panel again is pretty much the same as c

The key things are designed so first of all you've got audio quality so you go up to 60 watts 4.2 speaker so you're getting better audio slight change with regards to the voice control as well so you may notice

With the g10 that you don't need to use the magic remote to use the voice so if you want to operate all your google stuff you can just say hi lg switch on light oh i actually didn't

Know that i've been still pressing the little mic button on the controller oh there we go so all the commands that you do with the magic remote you can do just by voice open apple tv

Going to apple tv but obviously the main difference is the design so i see you've just you know put it on your wall you can see how flush it is on the wall so if you're if you want a freestanding tv

The c will do the job but if you want a wall mounted tv the fact that this comes completely flush the wall with no gap makes it the design element because you've got literally just the tv on the screen all right so next question from

Givi18888 does it still use web os even though i know that yes but what's what's new with the 2020 with webos there's a few little tweaks you see we've added new apps this year so you've now got the apple tv app

You've got disney plus so arrange of streaming services is you know as good as you can get the good key thing with ws this year is also the way that you can find that content so

You may want to find a bit of content but not necessarily know which service it's on so again using the voice control you can just say the lion king and it will bring you up all the different

Services that show the lion king if you haven't got amazon and you've only got disney you can say only on disney and it will just cut that down so it makes it easier to find your content

Our home dashboard this year is much better as well so this is where all your connected devices come usb devices your hmi devices and also your connected stuff so things like the smart plugs or

Lg thank you washing machines and fridge freezers show up on this screen so you can control them and view how your whole connected home is coming up from that smart dashboard so a few little small changes just to

Make it more consumer-friendly i've got a lot of people asking about gaming so i actually reviewed the c9 last year and i said it was one of the best gaming tvs you can buy

So let's go into a bit of the nitty-gritty about that the good thing is yeah we're down to one millisecond now we've got vrr that's based in there we've also got g-sync

Built into the oled as well so you can connect it up and we also have freesync coming via software update very very soon so you know for a gamer all the things that you'd be used to just directly on a

Monitor are now coming onto your tv as well so it's giving you the best of a monitor also with that built-in tv oled element run me through what hdr options we have on the g10 we cover hlg

We cover hdr10 so all the main formats are on there the good thing with dolby vision this year is we've taken that to the next level as well so what we've introduced this year is dolby vision iq so double vision iq is about

Understanding the room conditions dark or light so now your blacks are going to look better even in daytime your brightness is going to look better even in dark room so that's what we've introduced with hdr this year

Is the dolby vision iq we're not forgetting gamers i know we just talked about gamers but we've got hdig which isn't directly a format of hdr but what it does it about the console or the game's pc

Talking to the game talking to the tv so hcig is a group of companies ourselves along with microsoft along with sony along with capcom ea so what it can then do is can tone that

The image according to the tv so the game the content on the tv are talking about the same time so by utilizing this hdig compatibility you're getting much better hdr when you're gaming and what's the benefit of

The fact that we get hdmi 2.1 ports limitations with hdmi 2.0 where you couldn't get 4k hdr you know at the higher frame rate so now we can get that through hdmi 2.1 but it also offers

Other things as well so the ability to utilize things like er as well so if you want to run multi-channel sound through your soundbar or through an audio device we can carry that from the

Tv now where previously with hdmi 2.0 you couldn't do so with the lg g10 that you've got and also at the rest of our range it's all ports are hmi 2.1 so it means you haven't got to worry if you've got two

Consoles or you've got a pc and a console which one's taking the best socket now one of the other new features i noticed as i was jumping through the settings is filmmaker mode now i've usually used the

Expert bright isf mode or cinema mode before what exactly is filmmaker mode it means that you're seeing it pretty much as that directory intended again less processing from the tv

No additional frame rates but making sure that the tv is giving you quite a direct representation of what that director intended you to see is it really that much difference from

Cinema mode i just noticed it got a bit darker but a good the cinema mode doesn't kind of switch as much off so cinema mode may occasionally add a bit more processing so cinema knows

More about the color and the settings this is about frame rates and a few bits more like that so it's like cinema mode plus i love it i was watching a bit of 1917 the other day put it in filmmaker mode it was

It was perfect beautiful that's the thing yeah if you're a movie fan you're quite you know you know what you want from a film and you can see if it's not quite as it should be so let's say you're watching

That and it it does take you back to how it should look in the cinema a huge thank you to dean for taking the time and answering our questions i found that really helpful hopefully

You guys did as well but first impressions are that well i mean how can you not be blown away by this i mean yes the price is kind of eye-watering at 6 thousand pounds or six thousand dollars but considering the

Size of the thing it's an oled panel you know up to 120 hertz as well as new filmmaker modes improved response times better ai up scaling and picture enhancements plus hdmi 2.1 across the board and e-arc for high-end sound bars

And the fact that it sits completely flush against the wall the whole thing is about 2.4 centimeters thick and even in my relatively small house the fact that it is right

Up against the wall means it looks a little bit less ridiculously big so as you'd expect it's a stunning tv but there's a couple of things that i wish were maybe a little bit different or designed differently and the first

One that stands out to me is the cabling you can probably see that i've made some attempt to hide it behind this painted bit of plastic but unless you're willing to drill even more holes in your

Wall to move the cabling around it so you don't actually have all that stuff hanging on the bottom which is just even more frustrating than if you actually want to change the

Cables it's not ideal and i have to say i really do wish that they went with perhaps a similar design to samsung with their one connect box where you just have one tiny

Invisible cable come out and then that plugs into a separate kind of receiver box that you can then place anywhere you want and so you don't have all the cables hanging down that's probably my main

Design criticism also when it comes to setting this up while i would recommend watching the lg setup video which honestly makes this such a straightforward process and i'll put a link below

It also comes with a big sheet of paper which gives you the dimensions of the tv and also like the relative spacing for where the bracket's going to go what would have been useful is if this piece of paper was actually

The size of the tv so you could get a better idea of where it's going to sit on your wall because it's a two or three man job to warm out this thing you kind of have to guess it's like

Double the height of the sheet so we did the best we could but when we first mounted this it was a bit too high so we had to drill even more holes and lower about six inches so

One bit of feedback perhaps if they could is just to make that piece of paper the size of the tv so that i can put it against the wall maybe with a bit of tape

And just see where i want it as i say stay tuned for my gaming videos as well as my tv buying guide and loads more good stuff coming soon so if you did enjoy this make sure you hit that little subscribe button below

And give me that little thumbs up if you didn't hate the video and hopefully i'll see you guys next time right here on the texture and if you do actually want to find out more about

This links below and all that good stuff see you next time you

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