LG G8X ThinQ camera test (photo and video samples)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's going on guys I'm an
aggressive Android and we are at
they help you making
g8 next at the end thank you of course
take a look at the cameras we are
recording on the front-facing camera
right now it is a 32 megapixels sensor
and then on the back of this film there
are two sensors a standard 12 megapixel
sensor and then
ultra wide lens that paired with a 13
megapixel sensor the only one with
optical image stabilization on this
device is the standard 12 megapixel
we're gonna take a couple pictures and
videos with this device to give you an
idea of what the picture quality is when
you buy this device so take a look and
not be shocked

this is look at the wide-angle shot
while recording a video with
it really captures a really wide scene
and then we'll switch it off here to the
standard lens zooming in

so the shutter speed on this phone is
actually extremely fast they have this
moving banner here that's rotating
through a couple different layers but
when you snap the picture it actually
freezes it completely you actually be
able to see what this actually reads and
we'll show you some of those shots

and as always having that secondary
sensor there with an ultra-wide lens
allows you to do things like this
immediately switch between
the standard in the ultralight land to
give you a
a slightly different view anyone with a
standard and a zoom lens


so that's a quick look at the camera on
the LGG 8xo didn't you hear even 2019 if
you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
up and don't forget to subscribe as well
and let me know what you guys think
about this place in the comments below
if you think the cameras on
are any good yeah thanks again catch you
in the next one

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