LG G4: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on March 24, 2021

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the new LG g4 which improves upon the LG g3 in the number of ways basically everything has been touched and improved here but doesn't completely reinvent it we still get a removable back panel which allows us to swap out the battery and expand storage all the way up to 2 terabytes theoretically if you can find cards that size we have a 5.5 inch qHD display same resolution as last year but we have a new quantum IPS display which is brighter with more vivid colors and a deeper contrast the camera system returns once again with more outstanding

Features including a 16 megapixel sensor which is 40% larger which allows a lot more light in an F 1.8 aperture the widest on any smartphone today which allows a lot of white n we also have the laser AF system returning once again which is coupled with a new optical image stabilization 2.0 system which is much improved from the previous generation and we add a color spectrum sensor this is a first for any smartphone today and is there to improve the white balance of your scene now the design is pretty familiar here we have the sleep/wake power button on the back

Surrounded by the volume up and down keys which have dual functions which we'll explore in this video we have the rear-facing loudspeaker which is 1 watt so although it's rear-facing it is loud and clear on the bottom we have a micro USB port along with a microphone and the headphone jack on the top we have an IR blaster for remotely controlling AV equipment along with another microphone and if we look along the sides you can see that chromed plastic finish now the premium look here but it does look pretty sharp especially with all the buns relocated to the back now if you

Look really closely at the profile of the device you can see the front glass is slightly curved it's much less dramatic than the LG G flex 2 you can also see that we have this slim arc design so it's really meant to kind of fit your hand feels really comfortable it's actually very similar to the LG g3 and that couples with the very thin bezels on either side of the display although the bezels on the top and bottom are slightly thicker from the previous generation now at the top of the display you'll find a front-facing 8 megapixel camera good for 1080p video at

30 frames per second what else have an Ambu light sensor proximity sensor and an LED notification light alright so let's get to the unboxing of the LG g4 now the version I have here is not the full retail version this is actually a review unit that LG sent out to me so you can see the packaging is kind of simplified here although it does kind of resemble what you'll get so we have a little tab here to lift up and on top we'll find our LG g4 with a plastic back panel which has this metallic gray finish I think it looks really sharp next up I also want to take

A look at the leather version this was sent to me from t-mobile this is the exclusive preview edition very nice packaging here we have our specs on the back so let's go and lift the lid here so the leather version is available in a wide variety of finishes and color so this is the light brown color I think it looks really sharp so there you go really nice looking with that leather stitching that's genuine leather stitching now the phone itself is identical to every other LG g4 it's just this back panel that pops off and can be replaced

Now of course thing to keep in mind with leather is that it does wear over time so it will patina especially toward the edges so let's get to our accessories here which are non standard again this is a preview edition so I do not have a set of headphones but I do have USB 2.0 cable I have the standard LG wall adapter and we have a 3000 milliamp hour battery and although my review unit does not include quick charging the LG g4 is capable so you can expect that at launch now let's go and set those accessories aside to get back to the phone here because we do have some plastic to peel

Off actually have quite a few pieces here so on the top we have a piece of plastic covering the glass we also have lots of little pieces covering the sides of the phone we also have a little piece of plastic covering the back keys here so let's go pull that off now to help us out they do give us this little notch along the right side to pop off the back panel pull that off now looking at the internals or the phone you'll see we have our micro SD card slot and micro SIM slot they are stacked on top of each other so you slide one in over the other we also have our berry compartment so

Let's go and snap that in we have our speaker down here and if we take a look at the back shell the back shell actually integrates the NFC radio now if you pop off the back cover of the leather version you can see the plastic is color matched to the leather we still have our NFC radio built in now comparing the designs between the plastic and the leather version really the only differences appear on the back the bezels on the front look identical between phones so basically the back panel can be swapped out now there is some difference between the coloring of

The touch keys along the back you can also see that the speaker grille is completely open on the LG g4 with the leather case versus the plastic case now the leather back panel does completely change the experience of using this phone it feels a lot more premium the leather feels great in the hand and provides a lot of grip ability to the phone it also looks a lot better at least to my eyes but unfortunately it doesn't provide any protection to the phone and the leather wears over time so you're kind of left with the decision of

Whether you should put a case over your leather phone or not and personally I prefer to wear a case on my phone to provide protection especially drop or impact protection but also we that's a problem facing all phone users today whether you should cover up the nice design or not but I will say that leather and plastic is a little more forgiving than glass in metal now the g4 is powered by a Snapdragon 808 6 core processor combining a dual core clocked at 1.8 to gigahertz and the quad core clocked at 1.4 4 gigahertz we also have three gigs of ram now if you look at the

Geekbench three scores compared to the previous generation some pretty significant gains here especially on the multi-core score now the galaxy s6 definitely pulls well ahead of the g4 with an octa-core processor and then we have the iPhone 6 plus with its really high single core score but lower multi-core score take a look at the user interface this is powered by android 5.1 which also features a new skin from LG the lg optimus ux 4.0 skin to be exact so as always we have a knock-on effect allows us to wake up the device we can swipe again to unlock it you can double

Tap the home screen to lock at the end wake it up at the back to sleep and you get the gist here now you can see down below we have these quick launch icons this allows us to quickly access our favorite apps and this is modifiable under settings we also have our drop-down notification sheet which looks pretty close to stock android 5.1 now the whole screen we have a pretty familiar still appear and you can swipe all the way to the right to get to smart bulletins smart bulletins is basically a list of widgets that include things like LG held for monitoring your health and

Fitness music with your music player calendar and your events smart settings which I'll get to we also have Q remote that allows you to remotely control your AV equipment all without launching a dedicated app it's right here as a widget wellness have smart tips that allows you to learn more about using your device so what is smart settings well this gives you a variety of automated actions depending on current conditions so for example you can turn on when at home change your sound profile so if you want to mute your phone you can do that from here there's

A variety of other actions here you have one at home you can turn your Bluetooth on and off when at home turn your Wi-Fi on or off now under accessories if you plug in a set of headphones you can have it turn the specific app and you can adjust this here so for example if you prefer play music as I do you can select that and it will automatically launch play music when you connect your headphones now you can collapse these panels by tapping the right icon so you can see all of them and you can tap them again to jump right to them

You can also manage what appears here so if you want to eliminate some of these you can or you can turn this off entirely you also just rearrange these so if you turn this off we're going to click OK this will completely disappear from your home screen the next time you look if you want to reactivate it you can go to your home screen editor by pinching in and out this allows you to re-add it if you want like so so pops back up and then you can also select which page you want to be the home screen by tapping this home icon in the upper right corner you can also

Rearrange them or delete them by taking them up to remove also from the home screen if you tap and hold it gets to your home screen editor so you can see your apps or widgets and your wallpaper so you can all adjust that here you can select all between your available home screens up top and also happen hold on your home screens like so to get back to your editor your full screen editor and then you can just drag and drop apps as you want so for example if we want the Photos app here just take it over to the page you want to drop it in and then we're good so we can drag and drop our

Apps over each other to create folders you can name the folders and change the color here so for example you want to change the color like so you're good I can also change the icon here so if you tap and hold on an icon and release it you get to this little icon editor so you have a variety of icons to pick from they have been updated for the new UX 4.0 but of course you can also add new icons from the internet or that sort of thing or just use one of the stock images now if you drag and drop an icon here you can go to remove to just remove it from your home screen or you can

Uninstall this so it's a nice quick way of managing that now you can also rearrange this dock here so for example you can rearrange the position of the app drawer you cannot remove that you can also add additional items which resize when you do so you're limited to six here so I can't just continue adding them until they get really small but you can see we can head up to six which is quite useful now returning once again is this smart notice widget which has been improved here you can remove this if you don't want it but it does add some unique features which allows you to kind

Of aggregate all your notifications into one place such as calendar notifications some important notifications from messaging or emails or from your primary contacts some tips about using your device and you can manage this by going up to settings can see exactly what's going on in this smart notice panel now in terms of these navigation keys of course we have Google now just swipe up to activate and of course you can speak to it works great we have this overview feature which is pretty close to stock android 5.1 but tweaked a bit here so we have clear all

Of course you can also just swipe to dismiss things we have dual window mode which we're familiar with from the LG G flex 2 I reviewed previously so this allows you to open up one app on one side and another app on the other side see of this dual window mode and you can resize the windows here of course this also works in portrait or landscape orientation so I can browse the web read email or that sort of thing while watching movies or something else on the right side now if you navigate away from dual window mode just go back to dual window and you'll see recent here so if

You click recent it will reload those pages where you last left off now you can also activate dual window mode from the overview feature so if you have these open windows that are compatible with dual window mode such as Chrome or YouTube here you get these little icons so you can activate it just by tapping that icon and then I have to select another one and I can scroll through all the available overview apps here to select the one I want here so stitches it together and we're good to go now while you're in dual window mode you can see the active window is highlighted in

Blue this means you can navigate back or forward or scroll through it or that sort of thing so you have to highlight it in order to activate it so for example if I now go back here then I can go back here and I can go back on YouTube now this overview button also accesses setting button if you just have and hold on it so for example if you're within Chrome this brings up a different control panel then if you're on the home screen swiping down from the top we get to all of our quick saying toggles as well as our notifications now the notifications are pretty close to stock

Android we have a clear all button down here we have our Google now cards you can swipe to dismiss and that sort of thing you can also expand them out up top we have all our quick standing toggles which are very different from stock Android but you get a lot of additional controls here so you can swipe between all your available toggles up top you can also edit them by going up to this editor toward the right so it can rearrange them or add additional ones which includes cue memo Plus which takes a screen grab and allows you to annotate we have screen timeout so you

Can adjust screen time on quickly smart share beaming LED lights you can turn that off if you want battery saver mode you can quickly toggle that on miracast so you can broadcast the display of this device onto a compatible TV we also have Q remote so if you want to quickly access that which I kind of do you can do so from that drop-down any a screen color inversion so let's turn those on we're going to go back here swipe down and you can see the additional ones I added toward the end here so you can add as many as you want if you ever want to quickly access any one of these just tap

And hold on them takes you right to that Settings panel instead of just a quick toggle so as you can see here I've added that Q remote toggle this allows me to quickly turn on this widget right from the drop down to vacation shade which is very useful you can all see down here we have our brightness controls along with these automatic modes so we have 0% that's as dim as it gets 50% 90% 100% and you have auto mode and also have your volume controls any of your independent volume controls for all of your media so we have quick toggles 4 vibrate and sound we have our

Do-not-disturb settings which have been separated from our volume controls here so we have priority only no interruptions or all interruptions we also have our rotation lock we have mobile data which you can toggle on and off Bluetooth on and off location services hot spying syncing NFC you can toggle that on and off you have your flashlight for training on the LED on the back which is kind of slow to activate we have qslide apps which I'll get to in just a moment airplane mode Q remote again that allows you to toggle that widget on and off and color

Inversion so what does that do well it completely inverts the color for better visibility so if we toggle on Q slide apps you can see they appear down here also in the widget panel this allows us to quickly access them now I can edit these by going to the editor so you can rearrange them just like you can with the quick setting toggles or turn certain ones on and off but you're limited to only LG apps because it requires specific software so how does this work well for example if you want to bring up a q s– line app such as let's go with messaging here

It's basically a window and we're pretty familiar with this so you can move this around you can change the transparency or opacity so if you want to hover this in the background without blocking what you're doing you can and just bring it back up to see what you're doing here you can resize it like so you can also snap it to the edge of the screen like so so it hangs out on the edge of the screen I love you or without interrupting what you're doing but is always present you can tap on it to bring it forward so how many can you bring up here while you're limited to

Two so for example finally bring up the phone dialer here I'm just going to bring that up like so we're going to snap it to the right here and we're going to try adding something else here like email and you can see how I've reached the maximum amount now if you're within the nap here like a qslide app you do have the option to bring up qslide again you just have to go to settings in the upper right we also have one-handed operation here in this case which you'd swipe between the left hand and right hand side now take a look at the after

This is quite a bit different from stock Android but this gives you a lot more controls here so for example we can see all of our widgets are apps and you can search this if you want but we have options up here such as few apps by either name download date or custom custom includes folder in so he can folder apps within here which is nice if you want to folder as well you'll have to do is go to edit or uninstall apps and now you can rearrange them and drag them into folders like so now in this mode you can see several apps have these red x's indicating that you can

Uninstall or disable them so for example I can click this icon and click on install if I want and off it goes now for apps you can't uninstall you can just hide them so all apps are hi double which is nice so if you can't on the stall them at least you can get them out of you so for example McAfee security I don't want to see that I'm going to click check and it's gone if I want to reiax s it just go back to hide show apps and you'll see the ones I've hidden we also have the option to show large icons here so if you go to show large icons reformats all the icons to a

Larger view next up let's take a look at our Settings panel which is viewable in two modes we have tab view which is here by default so you can quickly jump to your available categories or go to list view as I personally prefer here which still gives you those categories but you can quickly swipe between them now LG seems to remember that this is still a phone that gives you lots of options for the phone app so we have restrict outgoing calls with a password which you can set here very nice we also have call rejects so you can reject calls from specific numbers or from private number

So you can add them to this list here you can also decline the phone call with a message so you have a variety of CAM messages and you can modify them or add new ones we also have connection vibrations so when the other party connects or answers the phone call the phone will vibrate you can also enable noise suppression voice clarity volte quality so you can you either use the default quality or use clean or soft we can also answer an incoming call by raising the phone to our ear and you can silence an incoming call by flipping it over under sound in notifications this

Is where you have a variety of options such as your sound profile your ringtones and sort of thing you also have vibration strength which you can modify either for incoming calls new notifications and vibrate on tap under notifications this is where you have your do not disturb settings which you can modify here we also have lock screen settings so if you don't want to see your notifications on the lock screen for better privacy you can enable that here now down below is sound effects and I think this is a really important category here because

Um by default is touch sound which i think is very annoying that's this clicking popping sound that is system-wide so no matter what you're touching you hear this popping sound which i think is very irritating so if i want to get rid of that go the sound in notifications go to sound effects and turn off touch sound now kind of hidden under the display settings is your home touch buttons so this allows you to modify these navigation keys down here so we can change our button combination here or rearrange them so we have additional buttons we can add we're

Limited to how many we can add we can have up to four at once so for example if you want dual window mode activated and notification drop-down shade you can drag and drop it and move these around here so as you can see I can't just add another one here without bumping one of them out of the way so for example you can see I've added them so I can bring up my drop-down notification sheet without swiping down from the top or access dual window mode without going to the overview feature and again I can just rearrange these if I want you can also change the color in here so if you

Want to change the color from black to white you can do so now another more interesting feature here is hide the home touch buttons within certain apps so for example if you want to hide these buttons when you're in chrome to get a full-screen view you can do that so for example if I go to Chrome now those buttons will hide and if you want to reiax s just swipe up from the bottom under lock screen this is where we can adjust our security settings so for example we have the standard swipe to unlock which isn't secure but we also have something called not code we're

Familiar with us from previous LG devices so I'm going to click Next here so basically you can just tap in an unlock code so I'm just going to use a standard unlock code here click continue like so I can confirm and then we have to enter in a passcode in case that doesn't work so now if I go to the lock screen and tap my code anywhere on the lock screen it unlocks it for me so you can see anywhere I do that it will unlock it for me sometimes it doesn't register but there you go now if you type in the wrong code you actually get a little LED indicating wrong code

Entered so if you continue doing that you'll just see that red led we can also turn on weather animations so any current weather conditions will actually be reflected on your lock screen animation we also have our shortcuts here so we can modify the shortcuts that appear on the lock screen so for example we can rearrange them like so or we can just change the app so for example if I want hangouts instead of the stock messaging app I can select that from this list now take a look at our storage space it looks like the system takes up about 10 gigs of it the

Rest is available to the user you can see right now I have about 17 gigs available to me that's with taking some 4k video and photographs and downloading just a couple laps under battery and power saving we do have a few options here so we have our banner usage information which is pretty standard stuff but we also have our power saving notes so we can enable power saving mode when the battery drops down to 15% you can also modify this so if you want to change this to a 5% you can do that or select immediately to turn it on right now now I can also restrict apps in the

Background if you want when this mode is activated we also have something called game optimizer this is the first time I've seen this but basically adjust video quality in games to save battery life we also have smart cleaning which will free up some storage space based on temporary files that are not being used under dual window you can turn this off entirely but we also have the auto open option so basically if you click on the link or open up in the email attachment it will open that attachment or link in the dual window view without closing your email client we also have these

Shortcut key options which you can toggle on and off but double tapping the volume up key when the phone is locked launches queue memo plus we're quickly taking notes double pressing the volume down key will quickly launch the camera app you also have the option to enable quick shot so if you want to take the photograph as soon as you launch the camera with this gesture you can personally I prefer this to be off so let's try some of these features I'm just going to double tap the volume down key to launch the camera launch this very quickly and then we're

Going to double tap the volume up key to launch the cube ml plus app which is not as quick to launch as the camera app the camera app is always on the ready launches in less than a second LG also puts quick access to some of our settings panels read within this management folder so we have our battery saver options we can quickly toggle that on and off we also have running services so we can manage our apps running in the background what else I have storage so we can see our storage space and what's taking up all our space and then we have our battery usage

Information now if you tap and hold the power button you get to your power on and off in airplane mode here in a unique interface which is kind of transparent now if you use LG's included messaging app you get a pop-up view every time you receive a new notification so you can quickly reply to them without leaving what you're doing now let's take a quick look at LG's keyboard and some of its customization options so we have keyboard height and layout you can manually adjust the height of the keyboard here so we can go to the maximum height if I can grab the

Handlebar that's the maximum height and then we have our minimum height and you can restore it to your default setting like silh we can also extend the keyboard to include the numeric keys in the upper row we have keyboard type in landscape so if you want this more traditional keyboard layout in the top you can select that or go with a stretched view we also have a split keyboard so if you use two fingers to spread the keyboard apart you can get a split keyboard which is more thumb reachable maybe more comfortable to a lot of people we also have one-handed

Operation so if you want to switch between the left hand and right hand side you can select that here we can also change our keyboard theme from white by default or black as your option now let's take a look at that camera app which launches very quickly and is always at the ready and it's a really impressive Kim ramp so if we go to the upper left corner we have three modes we have simple mode which drips away everything just allows you to take photographs we have auto mode and then we have manual mode manual mode is really impressive so you can see a live

Metering at the top here so let me cover it so you can see at the upper part of the screen you'll see your white balancing and the color temperature all the focusing you can see your shutter speed your ISO level now you can see all the metering that's going on using that laser AF system the great thing about laser AF is that it does not need a lot of light to find focus it's sending out its own light which is invisible of course we also have our manual white balance control so you can mainly balance these and you get live feedback we have manual focus so you can mainly

Focus your camera very cool we also have our exposure compensation ISO levels our shutter speed and our auto exposure or auto exposure lock which allows you to lock in exposure now if you're in manual mode you have the option to record in JPEG or JPEG plus raw so you can get raw images recorded with this camera which is very nice especially for photographers and this camera is definitely capable of some impressive imagery now I can pinch in and out to zoom in on your image and we'll focus pretty quickly you can snap your photograph you can also record video

And while I'm recording in 4k you lose the ability to take photographs here but you can tap anywhere on the scene to adjust exposure and focus and of course you have continuous on the focusing now understandings we have our aspect ratio for photographs so you can select either four by three sixteen by nine or one by one for video you have UHD or ultra HD Full HD HD or slo-mo so if you want to record in slow mode that is here as well we also have voice prompts so you can turn this on and off of basically this will tell you exactly what the voice prompts are but you can say something

Like smile takes the photograph for you another neat feature here with manual mode is this leveling indicator so this will actually define level for your shot you can turn this off under setting so if you don't want that you can turn this off and you can turn on the grid view if you prefer that now to get to the front-facing camera just swipe up on the screen takes you right to the front-facing camera or you can get back really quickly to now if you tap and hold the shutter release you can actually take for selfies at once and it gives you some time to repose for the

Shot and that sort of thing now you have something called gesture shot with the front-facing camera one of them were pretty familiar with so if you raise your hand in front of the camera make a fist gives you a little countdown and snaps the photograph so in terms of stills you get really sharp and accurate colors good exposure and it's able to find focus really quickly and the camera app just launches right away it's always available for you so you can easily take those images anytime you need to now where this camera really stands out about the crowd is in low-light

Performance we have a lot of things going on here to make that happen so we have a laser AF system that doesn't need a light to find focus so it's able to find focus quickly and accurately in all lighting conditions we have an F 1.8 aperture that lets a lot of light we have a larger sensor that's more sensitive to low light without noise we also have improved optical image stabilization so longer exposures come out more clearly and we have the first smartphone with a color spectrum sensor so it's able to read both RGB light and IR light which makes it effective

Especially in low-light conditions so overall low-light images come out really sharp and clear most wide images lose a lot of detail as it over processes to compensate for exposure but in this case this camera is able to do a lot more within the sensor and within the hardware now because they've eliminated the dual tone LED from last year that LED light isn't very good-looking here it's very unnatural but of course with this sensor you probably don't want to use it at all now in terms of video we really benefit from the optical image stabilization and

The laser AF system so we do have continuous AF although it isn't the smoothest AF system out there but it is pretty quick and accurate terms of quality it's superb here great handheld video video looks clear and crisp with good color reproduction and exposure and definitely one of the better looking video cameras out there especially with 4k well smell you guys might hear the eat raw pork tasting out the front-facing camera of the LG g4 which is good for 1080p video at 30 frames per second and again we're working with an 8 megapixel sensor seems to do great job

Here let's a lot of light and good wide-angle lens it's able to find exposure correctly without jumping around although it does tend to underexpose it looks like here but again a nice natural-looking videos and printing press overall and really good audio pickup as well now although both the g4 and the g3 share the same screen specs the same resolution and the same screen size the g4 is those would be brighter with deeper contrast so colors look a little more vivid White's look a little cooler and the backlighting is much more even

Although it doesn't look as sharp as the LG g3 which I think over sharpen the resolution a bit now let's take a listen to the rear-facing speaker which is pretty much identical to the LG g3 couscous survive in terms of berry life I'm getting about 27 hours between a charge and that's with fairly heavy use and that's with the screen on for about 51 percent of the time at maximum brightness in terms of on screen time that's a little under 4 hours so that's pretty impressive considering how much standby time you

Have now in the end the LG g4 really isn't a major revolution here unlike the previous LG g3 this really is a tweaking of an already successful product with a great display a fantastic camera system pretty decent battery life and performance along with the design that has been improved with some better materials without losing the flexibility of changing out the battery or expanding storage so although I don't think it's the best-looking phone on the market it's definitely one of the most capable so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see

You again in the next video

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