LG G3: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 10, 2021

This video is made possible by 28 mobile hey guys Mike here the Detroit board with a look at LG's g3 the new flagship for 2014 sporting a 5.5 inch qHD display which crushes the resolution of a full HD display with 1440 by 2560 that gives us a pixel density of 538 that's one of the most pixel dense displays you can buy right now which makes us a really compelling device to take a look at so this also has a 13 megapixel rear facing camera which does have optical image stabilization with laser autofocus which we're going to demonstrate here we also have a 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera which has some interesting features as

Well now again this camera does record 4k video this is a 3000 milliamp hour battery has a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GB of course that is a quad core processor and has 2 or 3 gigs of RAM and that is dependent on the internal storage you chose 16 gigs get you 2 gigs of ram 32 gigs get you 3 gigs of ram alright so let's go ahead and lift the lid and take a look here so as you can see here I have a white version this is also available in a variety of other colors so you can see you have white trim piece along the front and along the side if you look along the

Back yo this nice white back panel with this really interesting grain to it that actually kind of resembles a ceramic knife we're going to take a closer look at that in just a moment now as you can see here the packaging talks about the knock code for unlocking the device and I'll show you exactly how it works we have some literature which is in Korean now they do have reference to the quick circle case which I helped to review later which is kind of a neat accessory for the LG g3 so we have a standard white micro USB 2 cable no USB 3 here we have a pair of headsets quad

Beats 2 which are in your headsets which includes a microphone inline controllers all those sort of features along with replacement ear tips as you can see here we also have our wall adapter this is the korean wall adapter which i cannot use and then we have a power charging cradle so they do include two batteries in here so you get two batteries with your Korean foam this is not common elsewhere in the world but two korean phones tend to include two batteries so these are 3000 milliamp hour batteries and they include this little charger and cradle here so as you

Can see here you plug in your power supply it's slipping your battery you can rest your phone right in a cradle all right so let's go and peel off the plastic on the LG g3 we also plenty of plastic surrounding knee bezels now I also have a little plastic around our buttons on the back here all right so let's take a closer look at the design of the LG g3 as you can see back here we have those back keys which are familiar from the LG g2 these have been redesigned you can see now that there are not only flush they're actually recessed this time they no longer

Integrate the LED notification light in the power bun that's the power button at the center we also have our volume keys up and down and these do have dual purposes which we'll explore later when we talk about the software now on the back we have our 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and 4k video wavey dual color LED flash for more accurately lighting the scene with a cool or warmer color depending on what the scene demands now we also have our laser auto focusing mechanism which uses an invisible laser to read the distance of subjects so instead of using a

Contrast based mechanism in order to focus the subject instead it uses this laser light so it doesn't need light in order to focus on night conditions or dark conditions you're able to focus without a lot of light around so this is gives you faster focus and much more accurate focus now long the bottom you can see that we have this floating art design this is LG's terminology so it gives you kind of this curved design we have a headphone jack a microphone as well as a micro USB charging port along the side not much along the other side not much at all except for a thumbnail

Port for popping off the back panel that's because all the buttons are on the back of the phone now along the top you'll find an IR LED blaster along with a microphone and the feature unique to the Korean model is a TV antenna this is a feature very popular in some Asian countries so you're able to pull out this full antenna to access your local terrestrial television now toward the back you'll find our single loudspeaker this is a mono speaker but it's powered by a 1 watt amp so it's a little better than average in terms of rear facing loudspeakers now let's go ahead and pop

Off the background so we can install our battery so as you can see here we have our NFC antenna built into the back panel with our electrical connections up here on the back you can see we have our battery compartments let me go ahead and slip this in so up here we have our combination micro SD card slot and micro SIM slot and down below we'll find our loudspeaker so do to put this back on this snap into place it feels pretty secure so on the top of the device you can see we have our earpiece next to that is the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor as

Well as our two point two megapixel front-facing camera with a wide-angle lens we also have our little notification light here so as you can see here when they wake it up it does flash for you it is a multi colored and you can adjust the under settings and I'll show you that so this is running Android 4.4.2 and this does have the knock-on feature so you can double tap the screen to wake it up and also double tap to close it or to lock it and if you're in the device for example if you're in a app here you can double tap the status bar to close it and if you're

On home screen you can double tap any blank space to lock it now let's take a look at the home screens you can pinch in and out to see all of them you can tap on specific ones if you want to select them as your home screen you can add additional ones you can trash them as well if you prefer take them out to remove you can also tap and hold anywhere on the home screen to get to your editor so we have our app so you can drag and drop apps to the home screens you can drag and drop widgets and you can set your wallpapers here as you can see we have gallery we have live

Wallpapers and multi folders so you can create your own wallpapers by adding additional photos now if you go to apps here you can drag and drop any one of them just by going up here and then we can drag and drop this to remove it or we can go up here to app info takes you to this little info page now we also have folder in here so let me go ahead and move this folder to a page where I can work here so if you tap on this you can add additional apps by going to this editor so you can select specific apps from your app drawer so you can tap on them instead of dragging and dropping

Each app to your folder you can also resize the folder so you can see you can resize it to almost fill up the entire home screen now if you're in the folder you can tap to edit the name as well as tap to adjust the color of the background so for example if you want white you can select that or go back to the default like so now if you tap and hold on one of these apps you also get to this little editor so you can change the icon if you prefer so you can go with the standard icon there select any one of these other icons or add new icons now this also gives me an

Opportunity to show off LG's design sensibility so you can see here that all the icons are pretty consistent they have this kind of drop shadow effect with several light sources with a more toned down color palette see with these layer icons they all have that very similar design scheme you can see this little dining icon here you go to the home screen and take a look at some of the other apps here the contacts app the phone app we go to other LG apps like the gallery app the camera app they all have this very consistent design and color scheme so overall the design of

The entire user interface is much more toned-down much flatter now you can also rearrange these items in the dock here so for example you can change the positioning of the after of course you can't remove it but you can reposition it and you can add additional apps so for example if you want to add the camera app and the youtube app here you can see it rearranges that's the maximum number of apps you can fit into the dock it can also tap on these little details here to jump to any one of these home screens and as you can see here we have the LG smart bulletin hub this is where

You have things like LG health and smart tips and you can delete this page or turn it off under settings and I'll show you that a bit later so you can tap and hold the home button to activate Google now alternatively you can also swipe up to access three other features such as quick memo and cue voice which unfortunately is only in Korean right now and then of course Google now a quick memo is actually a screen grab function so basically it's an app that grabs the screen of whatever you're working on allows you to annotate it and take notes now we also have a recent

Apps button so as you can see here we have a standard array of recent app so you can tap on any one of them to launch them or as you can see here we can pinch in and out to change the viewer so we can see this in a tiled view or in a ListView we also have dual window mode which we can activate and I'll show you that a bit later you can clear all and then we have some other third-party apps that appear in this tray I think this is actually a carrier setting I actually had to delete a bunch of these apps in order to get rid of them but I couldn't get rid of all of them now when you're

In this recent apps mode you can tap and hold on any one of these items to remove it from a list or go to F info you can also swipe on any one of them to close them or tap on them to activate them now I can also tap and hold the recent apps button to get to settings so for example on the home screen I have my settings control panel for the home screen lefm in Chrome this brings up the sense control panel for Chrome now if you tap and hold the back button and get you to the dual window mode so the dual window mode allows you to open up two apps at once in a side-by-side viewer so for

Example I can open them kro and YouTube so now I can watch a video in one window while browsing the web in another so as you can see here when I tap on them I can resize the specific window here this tab also kind of moves around when you tap and hold on it but basically that's all there is to it you can also operate the back button inside your window here of course it does have to be highlighted in order for that feature to work so for example if I want to go back in the browser I have to highlight it if I want to go back and YouTube I have to

Highlight as well now in terms of our drop-down notification sheet as you can see up here we have our quick setting toggles we have our cue slide apps we have our brightness controls and volume controls if you go to our gear setting up here you can see that we have more volume control so we can independently control our volume settings as well and then we'll lay out all of our notifications down here with this big red Clear button to clear them all you can also quickly jump to your Settings panel up here and the Settings panel actually has several options here so you

Can switch to a tab viewer or you can slip switch to a ListView which is actually what I prefer now in terms of these cue slide apps there LG apps that basically hover over whatever you're doing so for example we have an internet browser qslide app so you can see we have a floating window here which stays floating on top allows us to do other things in the background we can change the transparency we can also resize it and then we can also maximize it if we prefer let's open up something now so for example let's open up the calendar app so there we go we have our calendar

We can do the same thing we can resize it and that sort of thing now you can only open up two at the same time so for example if you want to open up another one like the file manager here says you vary reached the maximum here you can close them out like so and open up another one now if you're in an app that supports qslide such as the calculator app here you can also activate the future just by tapping that icon up here or resuming full screen like so now taking a look at our quick settings toggles you can see there's a lot to pick from and if you want to access any

One of these control panels just tap and hold on them takes you right to the control panel I can toggle on things like sound and vibrate and go to silent you can also talk about Bluetooth rotation lock data roaming turn off your location you can enable hot spotting you can enable syncing you can turn off NFC you can also enable or disable qslide apps so if that panel will disappear if you disable it you also have your QR remote so bring up this little widget here for controlling your AV equipment using the IR blaster now we also have Q voice

Which basically just activates the Q voice app and unfortunately it's only in Korean right now we also have airplane mode where you see a remote miracast which allows us to broadcast this display to a miracast compatible device like for example my Samsung Smart TV now just have quiet mode which is basically a do not disturb mode here so you can see that it's muted your notifications and it's telling you right now that you're in quiet mode and also tap and hold on that to get you to the quiet mode setting this allows you to adjust its behavior and set specific times of

Day you may want this to be activated so for right now it's on always but if I want to select a specific time of day so for example at night time or certain times of the week I can set that here I also have my screen timeout settings which is basically a quick toggle so for example I can change it to 15 minutes thirty seconds five minutes now I also have a shortcut to the cue memo Plus app which again allows me to annotate a screen grab we also have our LED light so we can turn off our LED notification light or turn it back on you can also tap on it to take us to that control

Panel as you can see here you can change the LEDs behavior so you can enable it for incoming calls missed messages battery charging as well as downloaded apps we also have an editor here so we can change exactly what settings appears here so for example you can disable the brightness and volume controls if you prefer and you could also disable some of these icons or rearrange these icons now LG has also included this widget on the home screen this is called a smart notice widget but basically what happens is it monitors the way you use the foam and the notifications you receive and

Surfaces them on this widget so for example tells you the date and time whether you have calendar events notifications whether you have missed calls that sort of thing all this appears here in this little drop-down shaylen fortunately I don't have anything to show you right now alright so let's take a look at the app drawer so as you can see here we have our apps we have our widgets and then we have search so we can search our apps or widgets and then we have our settings up here now understandings we have the option to

View apps by alphabetically download date or user customize user customize also includes folder in as you can see up here you also have show large icons you increase the size of the icons if you prefer like so you also have hide show apps so we can hide some apps so some apps we can uninstall such as these apps right here so I've decided to hide them I can also add some other apps here which I don't really want to see visible click so and then we can go to edit or uninstall app so you can see that the apps that are eligible to be uninstalled have these

Little X's next to them and those that cannot be uninstalled have nothing so you can see certain apps can be on this all like the ones I've downloaded but a lot of the included apps cannot be uninstalled I can also go to my home screen settings here again this takes me to my home screen settings panel which I'll show you a bit later now as you can see here we have folded items in the after but I can't create those until I go to editing mode so if I go to edit I can now drag and drop folder or items to our folders here for example Chrome goes into Google and I can also add

Additional items to the app drawer to the folder like so now these buttons on the back actually have several functions here so we have our sleep/wake power on button you can tap and hold that to get to some additional options here so we can power off power off and restart turn on airplane mode vibrate etc but you can also for example if we unlock the screen here if you tap in the hold both the power and volume down button you can take a screen grab now if the phone is locked and you tap it'll hold the volume down button it launches the camera app for you and if

We tap and hold the volume up bun it launches the Q memo app now also on the home screen is our Google now widget so I have to say is OK Google what's the weather like tomorrow in Detroit tomorrow's forecast for Detroit is 81 degrees and partly cloudy now our Q memo app is also a note-taking app so in addition to using it for screen grabs you can also use it for just writing quick notes you can use your pen or you can use the keyboard and this allows me to show off the keyboard that LG has included which has some interesting features here so if you go

To landscape orientation you can actually split the keyboard for a more thumb typable keyboard very similar to what you might see on tablets so you can merge it just by swiping it together or pulling it apart now under settings we also have keyboard height and layout so we can change the bottom row keys so for example we have soil editor here which allows us to drag and drop this extra key here which allows us to select specific symbols so for example if we want the @ symbol you can select that or you can just remove this if you prefer and select another one if you

Want so again just drag it up select exclamation point or whatever so you have lots of customization options with your keyboard you can also change what the settings key displays you can go with a clip tray you can go with your settings icon handwriting or voice input so there is a handwriting keyboard in here as well you can also adjust the height of the keyboard so if we go to a keyboard height we can adjust it here like so you can see there is a maximum reach for that height and a minimum reach for that height so you can see

Only goes down so far we also have keyboard themes so we can select white or blacks if you prefer a black keyboard you can apply that you can see it's got that black theme which actually kind of like now we also have one-handed operation for our keyboard so if again go back to our keyboard here you can see we have a right justified keyboard or if you're left-handed you can select the left justified now that says something called quick mu so if you type a sentence I need to make corrections all I have to do is swipe along the spacebar down here you can see you get this

Little navigation tool for that sentence so for example I want to my modify this word now it automatically detects what I intended the type here which was quick automatically updates it for me I can also go to most here and change it to move again it sees I intended to type move and corrects it for me so a really nice utility now another major new feature here is available under settings and specifically under our lock screen settings this is the NOC code so that's available under our security settings so let's go ahead and select NOC code so I'm just going to do a very simple one

Here continue so you can enter three to eight taps the more you have in there the more secure it is and then we have to select a passcode here so now if I go to my lock screen I can unlock it just by tapping the screen in that pattern and Ickes you can do it anywhere on the lock screen I can do it up here I can do it down here there we go it works pretty well now if you enter in the wrong passcode you can see you get a red LED let me show you that again so again it's reading the code and let you know that it was incorrectly entered so let's go ahead and select the right one here

There you go now typically I don't really talk about the messaging app but there's once you've seen things they've done here so if we go to our settings you can see that we have conversation theme so this allows us to adjust the wallpaper of the messaging app you can also adjust the style of the bubbles here as you can see there's quite a few really interesting ones some are kind of like clouds some look like animals some look like cartoons so you get the idea here so there's a lot of options here you can also select a background from either

Your camera or your existing gallery so let me go ahead and select one from my photo gallery so let's just select these irises here and there we go so our background is now this image now let's take a look at our settings panel and you can see that by default we get this tam viewer but I prefer a ListView which you can edit up here so you can switch to the ListView click OK so now you have a continuous list which is still broken down by those tabs cylinder are call settings pan you can see there's a lot going on here we do have HD voice so if your carrier supports HD voice so does

The thumb we also have our call reject options so if you select on you can reject certain calls from a list or reject all calls now you can go to this list here to add numbers to a list so if you just want to automatically reject those phone numbers you can we also have decline with a message so for example if you want to decline the phone call but send them a text message you get a variety of CAM messages but you can also create new ones if you prefer and then you can delete them as well we also have connection vibrations so the phone will vibrate when the other party connects we

Have noise suppression which you can enable we have record buttons if you want to record your phone conversation that's available in this one they also have voice enhancement so this will increase the clarity of the phone call on your end using the noise cancellation microphone we also have HD voice quality so you can select the default mode clean or soft so it changes the equalization now we can also save unknown numbers when we place a phone call we can also use the power key as the button to end phone calls noter Sheeran Connect we have things like NFC technology which we

Can turn on and off smart share beam media server so this allows us to share this devices content with other DLNA certified devices like an AV receiver we have mirror cast which we can toggle on and off as well for broadcasting our display wirelessly to a supported device like a Samsung Smart TV in my case and we have LG PC suite there's a who wisely connect to our PC using software to modify or to manage content and apps on our device now understand we have the standard array of options our volume our tones or ringtones or text tones but what I really want to

Show you here is that you do have the option for the phone to read back call our ID information or messages automatically so you can enable this and ohmic lis speak to you so under display we have our standard array of settings brightness screen time out the screen off effect you can see that the retro TV is the defaulted one but we also have black hole in fade-out we have font type which you can change I actually like the standard file you can see the font they're using here new smart gothic we also have font size which we can adjust smart screen so this

Does have a smart stay technology very similar to Samsung so basically the camera is watching for the presence of your eye so if you're looking at the display it will prevent the screen from going to sleep and if not you'll get a little notification in the status bar up here that lets you know that it's about to turn off now we can also adjust our home touch buttons here so we can adjust the button combination like so so for example we have notifications cue memo plus Q slide and dual window mode basically all we have to do is drag them up here and we can also reposition them

And you can see that we have a limited number that we can add so if we try adding additional ones they'll bump them out of the way you can also select the color of the home touch button so you can see white is actually the default here but you also have white with gradation you can see it changes that down here right away you can also go with black and you can also go with black with gradation now we also have the option to hide the home touch buttons in certain apps so for example if we're in chrome here if we go to chrome now you can see it will hide the

The touch panel here if you want to activate it just swipe up to get to it we also have one-handed operation which works for the dial keypad the LG keyboard and the lockscreen keyboard under storage you can see that this one comes with 32 gigs of storage I have about 21 left I've already recorded some 4k videos so you can see if recorded maybe one gig of videos and photos already i haven't downloaded many apps so this is pretty much what comes with the phone so add another gig to that you get about 22 gigs you also can select your default

Messages app so either you have hangouts or the defaulted messaging app you also have your apps so here you can manage your apps you have your down the apps apps on the SD card apps that are running in the background it has to populate that list you can see how much RAM it's using right now so now the three gigs were up to two gigs of RAM in use and we also have guest mode which is very interesting here so I have to do is activate this feature and what I've done here is select a specific type of lock screens already set the code up here so now if I go to my lock screen and use

That specific code here it will actually unlock the device into the guest mode so very simple here now they have very restricted to access here they only have a couple of apps they have access to they don't have access to your account or anything like that so they won't see your email notifications or anything like that they'll just have these apps that they can use and all of that is highly customizable here so let's go back to my account there because it takes me right to my account again if you go to guest mode here you can select specific types of apps that are allowed

You can see that these are the ones that came to faulted with guest mode you can also select the wallpapers or you can change the wallpaper if you want now I also have our shortcut keys which I talked about earlier I find this very useful here and you can disable this if you prefer now under banner you see our settings panel here which allows us to enable the banner percentage icon in the status bar up here that's off by default you can see that at 66 percent it's estimating we have about 6 hours and 56 minutes of life left you can also enable battery saver mode which will activate

At 30% now if you tap on it you get two more settings here so you can enable the behavior of battery saver mode when it activates so for example you can turn off NFC or enable NFC under battery saver mode you can also select specific settings here for brightness control so you can see that by default it downs back down to 20% brightness but you can adjust that as well I'll say if your screen timeout settings all of that is customized here now I also have smart cleaning which will free up space on your device by eliminating temporary files that may not be needed now in

Terms of our benchmark and you can see that the LG g3 bests all the other top and Android phones right now at least in the single core score there's a little more variation in the multi-core score especially when you have phones that are running eight cores versus four cores all right so let's take a look at the camera app which is again using laser autofocus to meter a scene in fact as you can see here when I move it around it's quickly refocusing you can see all the points that it's metering here so you have a nice multi point metering system

You're going on so it completely reads the scene for both focus depth of feel and that sort of thing now let's go ahead and take some photographs so you can see takes a photograph you can record video you can pause recording and you can resume it and you can also take photos while recording video you can stop that and of course you can pinch in and out you can switch between the front-facing and rear-facing camera now when you're in the selfie camera there's a few interesting options here so if you enable flash you can see it actually surrounds the camera or the display with

This pink color to light the face but a really interesting feature here is that if you hold up your hand make a fist starts a countdown timer takes the photograph and again if you enable the flash here I can show you the difference here now as I said this is also a 4k camera you can change the resolution of both the still camera and video camera by going right here so you can see you have the video camera settings right here so you have slow-motion and 120 frames per second all the way up to Ultra High Definition and you can go from 13 megapixels to 10

Megapixels 9 3 etc on the camera side now under mode you have several settings here including dual mode which allows you to record with both cameras at the same time so you can reposition this you can tap and hold on it to resize it or you can tap on the thumbnail to switch between the front-facing and rear-facing camera you also have this little drop down here for for example II can do a split view side by side viewer fisheye star-shaped heart-shaped instant oval blurs stamp windows you can see lots of options here now we all set panorama and magic focus so let's talk about that so

When you take a magic focus image you can see it's actually taking several photos at once so now if we go to that image here basically what it has done is taking several photos in focus and out of focus and you can dial back and select the image you want alright so let's talk about these strengths and weaknesses of the LG g3 of course I think the biggest one is going to be this display 5.5 inches which is basically as 2 edge basically fills up the entire front of the device so although we have this very large display the overall device

Dimensions are fairly compact and comparable to similar devices like the gs5 or the HTC One m8 it is a bit wider but you're also getting that display that is very sharp 530 pixels per inch beating the mid 400 pixels per inch of the other devices like the gs5 and HTC One m8 and a big jump from the 326 PPI in the very small 4-inch iPhone 5s and with all those pixels you get really sharp text because it is rendered by the device now not everything appears sharp on here you can't really take advantage of it so UI elements like the icons the wallpapers that sort of thing are scaled

Up to the resolution here but not all elements have this resolution so if you are browsing on the web images and graphics and icons and that sort of thing won't necessarily look sharper on this display but certainly text will and the overall user interface looks really sharp now my only real complaint here is brightness it's not as bright as the ECC One m8 or the iPhone 5s so visibility outdoors is a little reduced now the next big feature here seems like a gimmick but I think it makes a huge impact and that's the laser autofocus this allows the camera to see these

Subjects in the scene without the aid of light so this means in a dark setting you can get really accurate and sharp focus now generally camera quality is pretty good with optical image stabilization able to get sharp video and sharp images in any sort of lighting conditions now my only real complaint with the camera is that it tends to flatten the image so it's a little overexposed there's not as much contrast as I like to see but charlie color accuracy is pretty good now LG has also paid a lot of attention to the design of the user interface I

Think it's really paid off here this is one of the best-looking skins I've seen on Android I definitely prefer stock but in this case LG has given us a much more unified theme I think a more appealing font a nice color palette and overall just a much more simple and consistent experience that you really don't see on other Android skins now although the LG g3 doesn't have front-facing speakers like the ECC One m8 or the Sony Xperia z2 it does have a pretty loud rear-facing speaker which is pretty clear not like most rear-facing speakers it is prone to positional distortion so

It sounds different depending on how you're holding it whether hold in your hand and kind of muffling the speaker in your palm or placing it on a table or holding it with two hands and landscape orientation so it tends to distort a bit under those circumstances now the speaker at maximum bind tends to blow out so maybe the amp is a little too strong for the quality of the speaker they've included now the g3 also seems to be prone to overheating so for example I was recording some 4k video this weekend and during that recording session the device actually shut down

The Cameron told me it was overheating and needed to cool down so it couldn't record my video now was it a particularly hot day was in the mid 70s it was sunny outside and most of the time the device was in my pocket now more frequently I noticed that the screen brightness is dialed back to 95% just out of normal use I'm not doing anything taxing I'm not gaming I'm not exporting anything I'm just using the device and at some point it seems to run a little too warm for the system so Dallas back the screen brightness automatically I'd rather speak and

Actually really like that the keys are on the back of the phone this means that when you're handling the device you're not accidentally pressing the keys on the side of the phone so I actually really like this design I think for a lot of people they may have trouble getting used to it and there's still some tactile issues here it's kind of hard to feel for what button is which in many cases so you end up looking at the phone but I think in time you definitely get used to it and you actually prefer it in the end so in conclusion with a beautiful

Display excellent camera with laser autofocus which makes a huge difference in a rural design that user interface I think the LG g3 is one of my favorite phones out there right now so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one so the difference here is this dropped it you

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so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...