LG G Pad 8.3: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 30, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the LG G pad 8.3 8.3 is these size eight point three inch LCD IPS display so this is LG's return to the tablet market this is running Android 4.2.2 and it's really here to take on something like the iPad Mini so I think it's kind of interesting that LG decided to go with the sort of mid-range size as opposed to the small 7-inch tablets or the larger 10-inch tablets so this seems to be the sweet spot of the market right now so this retails for three hundred and fifty dollars is available in Wi-Fi only at the time a cellular version has not been announced you can get this in

Black or white has 16 gigs of internal storage 2 gigs of ram a 1.7 gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor if I make a pixel camera with on the without an LED flash but we do have an IR blaster for controlling your TV and you do have a few features familiar to the LG g2 which we'll explore here so really this is sort of a companion device to the LG g2 both in its software as well as some features and we'll explore some of those here now we have a pretty decent 8.3 inch LCD IPS display here with a resolution of 1220 that gives us a pixel density of 273 so that's a

Little bit better than the iPad Air's 264 not quite up to iPad Mini retina display resolution with 326 PPI but still a pretty decent display for $350 all right so let's go ahead and unbox this thing and I did remove a piece of tape that was holding down this flap is also covering up some of the information I wanted to show you guys I'm gonna lift this lid up here there is our LG G path little tab here I'll lift up so there it is we'll take a closer look at this it does have this silver back panel the with the plastic trim pieces very nice very light way then thin you can see I

Have a piece of plastic covering the screen right now let's set that aside and take a look at some of the accessories that come with it so we have our literature QuickStart guide and we're familiar with this stuff we're gonna explore some of those features we also have our adapter this is our wallet after fairly large obviously to charge this battery we have our micro USB charging cable as well and that's about it so you do not get headphones or anything like that alright so let's go ahead and get to the Tamlyn take a close look around first let's remove the

Plastic so we have a little tab up here to lift up all right so it's going to take a look at the design of the LG G pad actually really liked it we have this nice aluminum back panel which adds to the rigidity as well cool feeling when you handle it similar to something like an iPad Mini now it doesn't completely surround the back it's just sort of a back panel it's non removable along the edge you have this plastic surround which is nice it's not a glossy plastic is sort of a sandblasted plastic it feels similar texture to the metal very nice you can

See it's got this nice design to it along the back you have these stereo speakers with these grilles as you can see inside along the side not much on the top you'll find your headphone jack as well as a micro SD card slot so you can't expand storage up to 64 gigs we also have an IR blaster up here for controlling your a/v equipment of course they do give you software again very similar to the LG g2 you also have that five megapixel autofocus new camera capable recording video 1080p at 30 frames per second this also has electronic stabilization built in we do

Have our volume controls on the right yeah the right side up and down as well as your sleep-wake power on button again metal to match the metal it along side on the bottom you just find a micro USB connector which also is slim port so you can connect a display to your micro SD micro USB a connector if you want to output your display to a device you also have your microphone down here well look along the side you see you had this little bezel around the glass but mostly as glass you have no off-screen Android controls they're all on screen now at the top we'll find an ambient light

Sensor as well as a front-facing camera which is 1.3 megapixels and this records video up to 720p resolution alright so let's go ahead and boot this up I have been using this for about a week so it's all set up and ready to go alright so let's go ahead and start looking at our basic user interface starting with a lock screen as you can see we do have those familiar Vienna Boys Choir ringtones or notification tones that we're familiar with on the lg g2 and I'll explore how you can deactivate those if they're annoying to you but you basically get this notification by

Default that life is good that's of course LG's branding alright so starting with the lockscreen you see we have this little animation here for unlocking it but there are quite a few other things up here we can take a look at so we have these shortcuts you get to pop your lamps these are the ones they included by default so that includes Chrome email The Notebook app as well as the gallery and camera but you can also activate the camera by swiping to the to get you the camera or you can swoop so let's go back to the lock screen you can also swipe across one of the widgets

Up here like the clock widget as you can see you get a little weather widget if you swipe to the right you can also add additional lock screen widgets so for example if you want your Gmail widget you could do that as well and you can select your folder so now there you go if you go back to the lockscreen let's take a look swipe there you go now like the LG g2 we also have that knock-on feature so basically you can double tap on the screen to unlock it sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't seems to be a lot less reliable with the G pad you can

Also put it asleep the same way just by double tapping on it and of course you can do this anywhere so for example if you're on your home screen just double tap on the home screen or if you're in an app that doesn't have really a blank touch area you can interface with like the browser so you can just double tap the top menu bar there to put it to sleep all right so let's gonna take a look at the basic user interface starting with the home screen so you can pinch in and out to see all of your home screens and you can add new home screens or you can drag them up here to remove

Them you can also select which one you want to be your home screen by tapping that toggle up here and choosing which one you want hit home takes you back if you tap and hold anywhere on the home screen you get to your home screen editor so here are your apps user the app Steve included you know save your widgets you also have your wallpaper so you can set your wallpapers from this screen so for example if you want to drag and drop anyone's your with apps in here you can take it up here or you can take it to one of the other home screens just drop it you can also remove them

Just by tapping the holding it taking up to remove the other great thing here is that you can drag drag drop as many as you want here and you can folder them pretty easily so for example if I want to create the folders hover it over the other app and there you go and you can tap on that folder and you can edit the name but you also have several other options here you can change the folder color you can also edit the size of the folders by tapping and holding on it then you get this little editor and you can resize it to what you want if you want to know more about your LG G pad

Just swipe all the way to the right Ian you get this little panel here full of tutorials so videos demonstrating some of its features and of course most of them will be demonstrated here now else I have our drop down notification shade which has been with lots of settings and quick access Thanh goes we have our brightness controls as well as our volume controls you can quickly enable auto mode you can also get to your volume settings here so you have very specific controls for those as well now you have lots of quick access settings up here including quick

Memo basically quick memo takes a screen grab of whatever you're doing right now that's just the home screen that allows you to edit on it so for example even though we don't have a stylus here you can use your finger so you can change your your pen tip change your pen color and you can write on it hello and you can go ahead and save it so you can save it to either your gallery or your notebook app so let's go and save it to the notebook app now we can also toggle on quick remote so you can use your device to remotely control your AV equipment we also have sound so you can

Set to vibrate silent or regular sound we have Wi-Fi which you can toggle on and off Bluetooth we have cue pair which is a feature I'll demonstrate later GPS rotation locks syncing miracast so you can remotely display your your wirelessly display your screen onto a miracast TV we also have battery saver mode airplane mode screen timeout Wireless storage so this has a feature where you can actually go to your to a computer like a web browser on the computer on your wireless networking at and wisely access the storage of this device to transfer for example your

Photos or video airplane Millia again you can just toggle on and off you get this little animation here now you can also edit when the purists in this queue slide memo so you can see you can select specific apps here or you can move them around now there's a lot of customization here you can also do this with the toggles up here if you go to edit again same story here you can select which ones you want to appear or you can move them around just by dragging and dropping them around now we also have these qslide apps and they're kind of windowed apps they enable some

Multitasking so for example we have the videos app internet browser the calendar an email app voice mate which is the voice assistant similar to Siri or s voice and we have filed the file manager a calculator and the memo so for example if you want a calculator brings up the sort of window tab which you can move around and resize we have a little corner down here to resize the app you also have this transparency slider here which allows you to reduce this transparency so you can see whatever you're doing and you can interact with the screen without internet

With the app if you want to gain control of the app again you just have to bring up the opacity and you have your calculator now you can add other apps here so let's go ahead and add the memo app so there you go you can move this around and again you can tap on any one of them to cycle between them and you can also change the opacity on one of them so you can work on the other all right now that you're limited to two so for example if you want to add the email app there you go maximum number of windows ready so we're gonna have to close one of them to do that so you get

The idea is sort of a multitasking solution now like the LG g2 we also have slide assign which allows us to save up to three apps at once so for example we can bring up the Chrome browser use this three finger gesture on the screen to slide it to the left and it saves the state we can do this for another app such as the gallery amp slide to the side let's do the calendar app next slide this side so now we have a little notification up here letting us know that currently we have three apps that have been saved and you can also quickly access them by tapping it right there or

You can use the three finger gesture to bring them up now you can see we have this little X up here to close them so if you want to close them you can but you can also bring them forward just by tapping on them now if you want to save the scene again you do have to slide it inside again so you slide it out there are your three apps and you could swipe them out of the way tap on them sly this side and add another app let's go back to the counter so either side and there you go so that's one way of multitasking I find it a little clumsy a little cumbersome you can also swipe them out

Of the way to close them that's one way of managing it I'll take a look at our Android controls these are also translucent again just like on the lg g2 so for example if you're on the home screen the wallpaper completely fills up behind them of course not all apps support this such as Chrome so you go to Chrome it does not fill up behind them but these are highly customizable there are lots of options here and we'll take a look at that under settings but for right now this is the default configuration so we have our back button we have our home button and we have our

Settings button then this is contextual of course now our home button has several purposes so for example if you tap and hold on it takes you to your recent ass was allows you to quickly access them or close them so we can tap on that to get to them and you can close them to get rid of them now if you swipe up on the home button you can get to Google now or you can get to voice mate or the quick memo now quick memo again takes a screen grab of whatever you're doing allows you to annotate on it now with voice mate it's a voice assistant

Similar to Siri it's fully integrated what's the weather like tomorrow on Saturday your current location will be mostly cloudy set a reminder for 8:00 p.m. tonight to get this review done I'm sorry I did not understand so as you can see there are some limitations to this amp compared to something like Siri or Google now which can perform those actions for you now you can also swipe up to get to Google now but unfortunately it doesn't automatically activate voice search so you have to activate it manually set a reminder for 8:00 p.m. tonight to get this review

Done alright so you can see it's going to set my reminder so the great thing here is that even though voice made is pretty limited at least you have full control here with the Google now app now take a look at our ass we have a full array of apps from both Google and LG so it pretty much covers all the basics from a video editor right there it allows you to create a video just like iMovie we have our Google Play apps such as Play games magazines movies and tv play books we also have a google play store of course and then we have standard array of utilities such as the

Alarm clock app it's allows you to for example add certain cities our calculator which is one of the qslide app so basically you have well minimize button up here which windows it for you and then you have your camera app chrome you also have the WebKit browser right here the standard web browser you have your downloads folder you have your contacts gallery app Gmail again Google Apps we also have LG backup which basically allows you to backup your device content to either the internal storage or to an SD card slot you also have something called life square which

Is an app I haven't been able to get to work properly but basically it aggregates everything from Twitter and Facebook as well as your the other gallery and your your calendars and that sort of thing your voice memos everything into this one sort of utility now we also have our memo app which is another qslide app here again so you can minimize it and win do it for you or you can go to fullscreen you have our keyboard here which we'll take a look at a bit later we also have our music player and they've given us a few songs who demonstrate here so we can do the

Vienna Boys life is good choir also allows you to demonstrate those speakers again very good sounding speakers all right so now up here you have YouTube which will do a search on YouTube for this content if it brings it up for you as well now we also have this notebook app which basically allows you to scrapbook stuff so for example if you're doing a project such as a research project this is where you kind of drag and drop your clipart or your clipped items tax that sort of thing all aggregates here so for example I did a screen grab

Recently should be in here somewhere so if I go to the quick memo there it is so selasa me to continue editing that item or I go ahead and create another project now we also have our tasks app so you can go ahead and create a new reminder and you can add an account to which it can sink to such as an email account an exchange account and that sort of thing we have the update Center which is where you update all of your apps or your software installation so you can set it to automatic or check for updates now now we also have our videos app and they give us some samples here

To test out the quality of the display so let's go ahead and go to Norway take a look at the quality here now if you look really closely here you see just how sharp this display looks excellent now since the video player is a qslide app you can also minimize it and continue playing your video in the background you can move it around as well as resize it and you can also change the transparency so you can interact with the screen behind it while you're brilliant continues to play and you can also maximize it again now we also have our voice made app which again

Is a qslide app so you can't minimize it and have voice made sort of hovering in the background working for you now we have the voice recorder app so you can record audio memos we also have the weather app which integrates with the lockscreen weather widget now we also have box which is sort of a drop box competitor it's basically online storage now we also have this dictionary app which allows you to download one dictionary for free so in my case I downloaded the English / German dictionary if you want other ones you have to pay for them now we also have a

File manager which is a really nice app you can see it sort of breaks it down into categories such as music video images and documents you can see a complete aggregation of your available space so if you select all files you can select your file tree and basically drill down and see everything but you can see how much storage we're taking up right now which is about looks like we have 9.47 gigs available only 11 games are available to the user so it looks like some of that has been eaten up by the operating system and also go to your video files and see them like this you

Can see preload those are the files they've included of course you can add your own we also have the full polaris office suite for editing and creating office standard office files like Word Excel and PowerPoint we have LG smart robe which is basically there our app store this is where you can purchase wallpapers ringtones and apps from LG and of course you have to create an LG account if you don't have one already you have your task manager here this is where you can stop your apps and see how much RAM they're taking up you can see I have only 261 Meg's

Free and I can go ahead and stop them all now I also have this translator app which actually works pretty well so for example you can speak in a language and it will output into the other language so right now I've selected English or German but you can select which language you want from here so let me go ahead and try this out where do you live how about coffee he can also take a photograph of text and translate it into another language and you can select whether you want to select a line a specific word or a block of text now

Let's go and take a look at some of our settings now we can jump to our settings either from this app or we can go to the drop-down shade and the little Settings icon next to clock is right there so we have standard array of settings including Wi-Fi and up here you can see we have this little sort of toggle up here for turning certain features on you'll see this across the settings panel you also have Bluetooth so you can change your Bluetooth settings here data usage you have more settings as well wireless storage which you can toggle on

Miracast which you can also tag on again all these are also available from the drop down menu smart share beam so you could turn on the receive multimedia content via smart share beam from LG phones or tablets which is an LG exclusive feature we also have VPN controls now understand we also have our notification sounds and this is where you can turn off the default life is good Vienna boy choir tone so you have lots of options here including other Vienna boy tones and our pay Gil so I find these particularly annoying of course the LG g2 has lots of these

Including ringtones and you can select something else just to know we do have a vibration motor in this device so you do have haptic feedback display so you can change your home screen here so you can change the wallpaper scream wipe effect so you can see we have several options here I'm not going to go through all of them you can also a lot of screen looping so if you can enable this if you go to the screen Lupino you can see it just continues to swipe through it now you also have lock screen and this is where you can select which apps up here which shortcuts appear on the lock

Screen so if you go to this editor here you can see the ones they've included and you can go to this little edit icon so for example let's go ahead and remove notebook so get you to your apps and here you can delete the shortcut or you can select something else so for example if you want the calculator here just select that it changes it to calculator now we can also see our storage here so you can see we have about 9.47 gigs available our battery so you can see how much batteries discharged him you can also enable the battery percentage icon up here which is off by default

You can enable battery saver mode you can also see all of your apps as well so you can see downloaded running apps all apps and more you can see how much space we've used up so far I also see the sly the side effect which you can toggle on and off I also have accounts in sync and this is where you can add additional Google accounts or Microsoft Exchange accounts or email accounts such as an IMAP account now we also have users here so you can add additional users so right now I can see my account and I've also added another user so I can trash that user right now and we're gonna add

Another one should show you here so if you go to add user click OK and we're gonna go ahead and set that up now so what happens when you do this is that if you go to the lock screen you have these two user icons down here so if you want to unlocked and unlock in any one of these accounts just tap on any one of them and swipe up to access them and of course I just set this up I just set up this account so right now I'm gonna have to reset my device just for that user now this means they can log in to their own Google account to sync all of their information without affecting yours now

This user can completely customize their experience unique to them so for example they can choose their own wallpaper let's just go with the feather app or feather and wallpaper click ok so you can see and they can also rearrange the apps they can put them in their own folders that sort of thing and now if you want to get to your account just lock the device unlock it select your account swipe up and there you go and it's just like nothing happened now like I said you can also delete that account because you are the account holder for this device now under our display

Settings we also have smart screen and smart video which are toggled off by defaults now this is familiar to the LG g2 as well and it's pretty similar to what Samsung does so smart screen is like smart stay basically it monitors for the presence of your eyes using that front camera so prevents the display from going to sleep we also have smart video which pauses video playback or resumes it depending on whether you're looking at or not we can also configure our front touch buttons and as you can see we have our default configuration and you can pick ones that change the

Order or you can pick ones that actually add features including this sort of drop-down shade button so instead of swiping down from the top you can actually tap the button down here you can also add memo so as that quick memo icon which does a screen grab for us and allows us to annotate on it or you can add both so if you want both or you can change the order of how you want that so you can have both the drop-down shade and the quick memo icon as well as all the other standard Android controls you can also change the theme from white to white

Gradation or black or black gradation as you can see it changes here now by default we have a transparent background but if you uncheck that and now go to the home screen you can see that our menu bar is now permanently opaque now you also have your location settings and this does have GPS antennas in it security settings language and input backup and reset date and time accessibility PC connections so you can change how this behaves so for example the USB connection method you can see you have several options here accessory modes as well as about this Hamlet so

Here you can find out about your software so if we go to software information see Android 4.2.2 now if we go to the WebKit browser this actually has a feature that's kind of interesting here so I went to the verge this is a full desktop view of the verge if we go to menu here we have something called capture plus so basically what will happen is that it captures an image of the entire website from top to bottom and saves it to our photo gallery so you can crop it if you want but we're just gonna save the entire thing and take a look at it so now if we go to our photo

Gallery you can pinch all the way in to see the text scroll around and you have it permanently saved in your gallery alright so let's take a quick look at cue pair so cute pair is an app that comes standard with the LG G pad and the LG g2 but you can download it free from the Google Play Store as I have with my Nexus 5 here they connect through bluetooth so they communicate through bluetooth and when you have it active you can actually see it in the notification panel up here so you can see cue pair activated and you can tap on them to disable them so if you don't

Want this to constantly be happening you can turn them off so it does drain battery life when you're using this feature but basically it allows your smartphone to stay connected to your tablet so you can receive call notifications you can't receive calls on the tablet but you can receive call notifications and you can reject them or send the notification or that sort of thing from your tablet but you do have to pick it up on your smart he also received message notifications so for example text messages will appear here and when they do they pop up on the

Screen and you can reply to them but you do not have a messaging app on the tablet so all the history will not be saved on the tablet you have to go to your smartphone but that does stay sync so any message you send send here it will appear on your smartphone you can also receive social media notifications and you can select specifically which apps you want to receive notifications from such as Facebook Foursquare Google+ Hangouts and a lot of others that actually don't have installed on the other device but you can see Twitter here so all of those will appear in your

Notification panel as well when you receive notifications on your phone of course you could just install those apps and would do the same thing but you can also use tethering mode here this is where you cannot access tethering so you can tether your internet from your cellular internet from your mobile device to your tablet so you can maintain Internet connectivity even when you're not in Wi-Fi now just to take a look at our keyboard we do have a split keyboard which is available here specifically split this allows you to thumb type it so this works in both

Landscape and portrait orientation now LG has done a really nice job with this display it's really bright and vivid with nice colors and it's really sharp so even the smallest texts on the full website is still readable and it's definitely a great reading device and couple with the fact that it's still really lightweight makes us a great tablet for reading text books or a mess or thing now just to give you an idea of the size comparison between this and the iPad Mini now the iPad Mini is certainly thinner but it is wider as you can see in portrait orientation and not as tall

In landscape orientation that's because the iPad favors this 4 by 3 aspect ratio which gives you a pretty balanced experience both in portrait orientation as well as landscape orientation this is a little less comfortable to handle in portrait orientation just because there's so much weight toward the top so if you're down here handling the keyboard it does feel a little more awkward than something like the iPad Mini this wants to be used mostly in landscape orientation which feels really comfortable but as you can see it's slight difference in size but both

Tablets are fairly lightweight and thin all right so let's go take a look at our camera app so we have tap to focus also adjust the exposure depending on what you're tapping here you can shoot your photo you can also switch to video mode now when you're record video you can also snap at the same time you can pause it and you can resume it or you can stop it now let's go back to still mode and you can see we have lots of options to pick from so we have normal dynamic or East er panorama VR panorama continuous shot Beauty shot time cat shot sports mode

And night Mon you can change the viewer here as you prefer now we also have settings here and if we go to settings you have lots of things that are easy to access right from the settings panel so you can go to all the focus change how that behaves you change your image size you can change your color effect white balance so a pretty nice user interface overall you can also enable your volume control for your shutter release or your zoom key you can also reset all these back to default you can also enable geo-tagging so let's select on now of course you don't have features like dual

Shot mode and a lot of other things that the LG g2 can also do in terms of system performs the LG G pad is sort of mid pack it's still well south of something like a high-end modern smartphone like the Nexus 5 and it's certainly well south of the iPad air but it's much better than the iPad Mini without Retina display now while this isn't as quick and smooth as something like the Nexus 7 this is still a very smooth operating tablet especially for something that's heavily skinned so we have lots of software features and a lot of animations going on but it's really

Slick and smooth and it doesn't have really next-generation hardware specs we don't have a stamp tracking an 800 processor clock at 2.3 gigahertz this is only 1.7 gigahertz so it still gets the job done especially on this high resolution display I'm pretty impressed overall by what I see here of course we have lots of software features some of them are useful so for example for me that knock-on effect or that knock-on feature is really useful I actually use it a lot I wish actually every device did this but in the end you're still left with what I think is the perfect

Size tablet with a beautiful display nice lightweight thin form factor that's made very well and it costs only three hundred and fifty dollars so I definitely highly recommend the LG G pad so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg testing out the front-facing camera again this is 1.3 megapixels records video at 720p resolution so it's a pretty basic camera gets the job done also gives you an idea the audio pickup of those microphones

All right this is just a test of the main camera the rear fighting cameras to see how this looks again this is a 1080p video at 30 frames per second and we're gonna do some indoor tests with the girls and then we're gonna go outside and take a look at how it works outside then bright light hey girls hey Zoe Zoe Zoe what what Chloe what the cameras over here they can't see you there alright let's go outside

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