LG G Flex 2: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on April 5, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Board with a look at the new LG G flex 2 the sequel from last year's bendable flexible and curved smartphone so this time the display is a bit smaller 5.5 inches versus 6 inches but it's 1080p instead of 720p this is also the first smartphone to feature the new Snapdragon 810 processor which will be the big processor this year so this is actually a dual quad-core processor one is clocked at 1.5 gigahertz the other is clocked at 2 gigahertz the CPU is paired with an adrenal 430 GPU and we have 16 gigs or 32 gigs of internal storage with a micro SD card slot that supports 128

Gigs now I have to keep in mind with 16 gigs of storage you have 2 gigs of ram with 32 gigs of storage you have 3 gigs of ram so go for 32 gigs if you can the main camera is 13 megapixels with optical image stabilization and 4k video recording along with laser assisted on the focusing the front-facing camera is 2.1 megapixels which is good for 1080p at 30 frames per second in terms of software this is powered by Android 5.0 or lollipop which is the latest version at the time of filming but of course it is skinned by LG which is very similar to the skin on the LG g3 the other

Standout characteristic of the LG G flex is the self-healing skin on the back of the phone which is carried over here but improved so the idea is that if you lightly scratch the back of the phone it will heal over time or with the application of heat so if you drop your phone it's not going to heal itself but if you kind of slide it across the table the idea here is that those scratches will be minimized over time now thanks to 20 mobile comm I was able to get my hands on this phone a bit earlier then it's launched in the US so I could get a review of in anticipation of the phone's

Official launch so if you want to pick up your phones earlier check out 20 mobile comm they'll import them for you alright so let's go ahead and box or phone here as you can see even the packaging alludes to the curve so let's go ahead and lift the lid inside is our phone as you can see it's curved in the boxes well we pick it up there is your phone and it's a pretty familiar size here it's very similar to the LG g3 same screen size 5.5 inches very minimal bezels as well so it's a pretty compact for its screen size feels really comfortable in the hand right away the

Curve isn't too dramatic here but of course it is noticeable we're going to take a look at what that curve does for you on the back you see that very smooth glossy finish this is available in two colors I have the gray version but you can get a red version so let's go ahead and peel off the plastic here not too much we have a little plastic on the front covering the glass which is Gorilla Glass 3 so we peel this off here so we do have a curved glass what else is some plastic covering our back keys here this is one of my favorite features of the LG g3 are

The buttons on the back of the phone which are really easy to reach and much harder to unintentionally press like most smartphones which place them along the side what else I have these little strips of plastic covering the sides here so let's go and peel those off now this is a Korean version of this phone but the version you get will basically look and perform the same but of course this is branded with the Korean telco and lte-a which is a technology not available in the US but is available in South Korea let's go ahead and take a look at the packaging contents here

Again remembering that this is the Korean version so some of the accessories will apply to that market and not the rest of the world we also have our micro USB 2.0 charging cable which is standard for every film now we have a two pin wallet after obviously not for the US market here but this is one of LG's fast chargers to speed up charging of the battery in your phone we also have LG's quad beats two headphones are pretty familiar with these they're really nice headphones they actually have metal earpieces with a inline remote control and microphone as well as

Replacement ear tips in here you'll find them in the bag so if you want to find the right size you've got plenty of options here so you can see the inline remote control very chunky inline remote control microphone pretty durable and easy to operate and as you can see this is sort of that spaghetti ribbon cable which means it's less likely the tangle in your pocket so again pretty nice headphones alright so let's get back to the phone here so the first thing I want to do is pop off this back panel to reveal what's underneath it now you can replace this back panel if it scratches

Or anything like that but you can't pop this off to gain access to the battery because it is sealed in this battery is a lithium polymer battery which means it can be curved to the shape of the phone to maximize the space here to provide enough battery juice for the large display and the processing power so this is 3000 milliamp hours despite this really curved design so the reason you want to pop this off is to gain access to the micro SIM tray and the micro SD card slot so fortunately no nano SIM here but this is a stack trace so basically you installed the

Micro SD card on the top slot and the Micro SIM below that alright so let's go ahead and reinstall that back panel snaps on pretty easily and securely first thing I want to do is press that power button toward the center so we can boot it up for the first time and take a close look around now as soon as it boots up you can see right away again a nice OLED display with those deep blacks and those bright vivid colors alright so let's take a close look around so again this is a 5.5 inch OLED display which is quite a bit better in terms of its resolution from last year 1080p vs 720

Good for 403 pixels per inch versus the 256 from last year so big improvement on screen sharpness here and obviously you can see it is curved and with that old light technology you can see there is very little off access distortion with those very deep blacks and bright vivid colors looks really nice and the bezels are pretty small and compact somewhat similar to the LG g3 although this is still a bit taller than the LG g3 up top you'll find your earpiece the 1080p 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera along with an ambient light sensor and an LED notification light down below we have

Our LG branding nothing else here no off screen Android keys of course everything is on screen here now along the back we have our slightly protruding 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization along with our laser AF system again this records 4k video and I'll post samples in this video you also have your dual tone LED flash on the back we have our back key so we have a volume up and down as well as our power on and off button now along the back we have our load and clear mono speaker of course it faces toward the back of the phone which isn't the best orientation

For watching media but it does sound pretty loud at the bottom of the phone we'll find the micro USB 2.0 port a headphone jack along with the microphone at the top of the phone we'll find an IR LED blaster for controlling AV equipment of course the software needed is included and then you have another microphone so with all the buttons on the back of the phone that frees up the size of the phone so nothing along the sides of the phone that allows them to really thin it out and round it so it's nice and comfortable now I have to say I'm really impressed by the design of

The LG G flex 2 it feels really nice in the hand with that curved design with those glassy smooth surfaces that feel pretty seamless along the back you can see the back panel kind of has this faux metal finish which looks really nice it really picks up the light now this back panel again is that sort of self-healing coating you can actually see the seam of the coating if you look really closely at the edge of the back panel so you'll see it for so for example around the port's along the bottom you'll really see it here you'll see the exposed bits around most

Ports but generally speaking I really like the finishes and the feel of the phone now let's take a look at our interface once again we have a knock-on effect that allows us to double tap the lock screen to wake it up so we can see our lock screen we can see our notifications our time and a sort of thing you also just swipe to unlock it takes you right to the home screen also on that lock screen you'll see we have quick shortcuts to popular apps which you can modify under settings here so you can change this if you want and I'll show you that later in this video but of

Course if you want to launch any one of these just tap and hold on it and swipe up unlocks directly into that app now we have another feature here that allows you to peek at your notifications in the date and time so I have to do is swipe down on the screen and you'll see toward the top of the screen your information now I can also relock the device just by double tapping the screen this works on the home screen as well so if you swipe up here double tap on the screen locks the device or if you're within an app here such as this quick memo app here if you don't tap the status bar up here

They lock the phone for you now take a look at the home screens you can see we have something called smart bulletin toward the left which gives you some tips on using your device as well as your LG health information which says device will record when you're using it now I can see that when we pinch in and out you can manage your home screens here so you can rearrange them if you want just happen hold on them of course you can also delete the home screens you don't want you can select what you want to be a home screen just by tapping the home icon in the upper right corner and

That sort of thing now if you don't want this smart bullet in home screen you can just pinch in and out here and drag and drop it to remove it alternatively you can also go to your settings here so go to settings go to the home screen right here you can turn off smart bolt in like so and you'll see it will disappear now you can get to additional controls by tapping and holding the whole screen and this brings up our app selection our widgets and our wallpaper so with apps you can cycle between your abs and drag and drop them to any home screen you want here just by kind of repositioning

Them like so now if you want to remove an app you've added all I have to do is taken up to remove here or you can go to app info for more information that allows you to see how much resources is taken up and where it's located well so have our app drawer as you can see some of them are folder so you can manage them you can order them in different ways you can see your widgets you can search your entire selection here instead of poking through for the apps you want then you have your editing options in the upper right corner so you can view

Amps by their name their download data or custom so you can custom arrange them you can show large icons here which allows you to see them in a larger format if you prefer or show small icons as I prefer so you can see more on the screen you can also hide certain apps so for example if you don't want to uninstall an app or you can't uninstall an app I have to do is hide it like so and it'll disappear from view you can also go to edit or uninstall apps and all the apps that are eligible for uninstallation will be highlighted with this red X now of course you can drag

And drop apps from the app drawer but if you want to folder apps within the app where you have to do a few other things here so let's go ahead and remove that app and go back to our app drawer first thing we'll need to do is make sure that we're viewing apps in our custom setting and then we can go to edit on the stall or hide apps now we can drag and drop apps over each other to folder them or to move them around speaking of folder in you do have some editing options here so for example you can change the name and you can change the folder color we also have additional

Editing options to customize their screen one of the things we can do is resize the folder here and you can see they can get quite big so if you want to see all your apps within that folder you can do that you can also replace the icon here I like to do is to have them hold on one of these apps you get to this little editor icon in the upper right corner and then you can select one of the icons they provide you or you can add a new one we also have our drop down notification sheet which shows us all of our quick setting toggles up top and I'll get to those in just a minute you

Can see your qslide apps now qslide apps are basically pop out apps and only certain apps apply here so one of them is the internet browser here so with the qslide app you basically get this windowed view that allows you to move it around and resize it and that sort of thing and you're limited to one at a time here so you can go to full screen you can change the opacity here like so or you can just slide it to the right edge of the screen or left edge of the screen like so and you'll get this little kind of thumbnail pop-out here which kind of floats in the background

Allows you to do other things while that thumbnail is quickly accessible here now getting back to our drop-down shade you can also see we have our brightness controls here and you can toggle between various settings so you can go to minimum you can go to 50% you can go to 90% and anything above 90% is a custom configuration and you'll see a little sea icon appear toward that little icon you also select Auto mode if you want and then we also have our controls here for volume under volume if you tap that gear icon you can granularly control every volume

Setting from ringtones to notification sounds and more of course you can also hit the volume controls on the backend that brings up the control which allows you to tap that gear icon to again regain access to those controls now with these notifications of course you can swipe them all the way tap them to open them or you can clear them all take a look at our quick settings one of them is cue memo Plus which does a screen grab and brings up an editor which allows you to annotate your screen grab you also have quick toggles for Wi-Fi sound data rotation lock bluetooth and

Location we have T action which is actually carrier bloatware hotspot syncing NSC you can toggle on and off via if your qslide apps which can turn on and off we have Q remote which allows you to turn on your remote controller which uses the IR blaster at the top of the phone to control your a/v equipment so this appears conveniently within your drop-down shade so you can access this anywhere you have Q voice which is kind of a voice assistant app so it very similar to Siri or Google now we have airplane mode we have smart sure beam which you can turn on and off you can

Turn off or turn on your LED indicator we have a battery saver mode mirror cast which allows you to wirelessly broadcast the display of this device and the audio to a compatible device like my Samsung Smart TV we can invert the colors as well for better readability and then you can modify the arrangement of these apps all you have to do is kind of move them around or you can turn them off and on if you don't want to see all of them all you do is turn them off here now if you tap and hold any one of these quick setting toggles this will bring you to the control panel so for example under

Battery saver mode you can turn this on immediately or set it for five percent or 15 percent here if you go back you get two additional controls take a look at our Android keys down here of course we have recent apps which again takes on that Android 5.0 lollipop theme which allows you to swipe to dismiss them or bring them forward we also have dual window mode which is a contribution from LG here this allows you to open up two apps at once so for example if I want YouTube and on one side and then Chrome on the other just drag and drop them and there you go so now I can watch video on

One side of the device while browsing the web on the other if I exit the dual window mode life to do is go back to recent apps go to dual window and you'll see we have recent here which will bring up those two apps side by side again where you last left off now the recent apps button also acts as a menu button just happen hold on it brings up the menu relative to whatever you're looking at of course that's different within the web browser versus the home screen to get to Google now just swipe up on the home button or you can swipe up on the recent apps button or you

Swipe up on the back button works the same next up is our Settings panel it's actually two views here so we have this continuous ListView which puts everything on one page and then you have your tab view which gives you these little tabs to cycle through instead person I prefer this list view so within the first category we have our wireless networks which includes share and connect this allows you to turn off NFC smart sure beam turn on media servers so nearby DLNA devices can have access to the media on this device we also miracast those allows us to

Wirelessly broadcast audio and video from this device to compatible devices we have LG pc suite which allows you to manage the meeting on your device by connecting it to a PC and using the included software well sever sound controls pretty basic stuff this allows you to change the vibration strength volume the sound profile now there notifications we have our Do Not Disturb settings which are very useful this allows you should change priority of certain actions so they can interrupt you not disturb functions you can also schedule do not disturb for certain days

Or certain times we have lock screen so you can turn off notifications on the lock screen if you want and you can change the behavior of notifications for certain apps there are a few interesting things under display of course we have brightness screen timeout the screen off effect auto rotate screen mode which allows you to change whether you want standard vivid or natural I've been using standard throughout the course of this review so you get an idea of what the default is we have our font type and font sizes but really interesting here

Is home touch buttons so you can change the button combination here so you can customize this and add additional controls so again this is familiar from other LG devices so we can bring up our notification drop-down our quick memo and then we're limited to five you can't add qslide into a window mode so as you can see down here I can quickly bring up our drop-down shade like so I can bring up quick memo if I want so it does a screen grab it allows you to quickly annotate it I'm not sure why that's useful but that's there you can also see we have our cue slide app so it brings

Up all of our cue slide apps from this little pop-out here which is a little different than the drop down shade but probably more useful is this dual window mode which quickly brings up that dual window utility now this also allows you to rearrange these buttons here so if you want these in a complete different orientation you can we can also change the color from white to black if you prefer personally I prefer the white background we can also hide the home touch buttons within certain apps here so for example we can able this for Chrome so if we go to the

Chrome browser now those buttons will hide and you can swipe up to gain access to them now as you can see if you do not hide the buttons they do take up some screen real estate so it's kind of nice to have that option another option hidden at the bottom of our display settings is although it just screen tones if you turn this on this will adjust screen brightness depending on what you're looking at under home screen we have additional options such as our home screen style so we have two options here so we have home which is the standard home screen we also have easy

Home which is kind of like a grandma mode basically simplifies the interface makes the icons in text bigger we can also select custom themes here so they've included the standard LG theme but you can download additional themes from LG smart world store unfortunately it's in Korean here so I can't really navigate around to show you that on the lock screen this is where we can select our screen lock options and one of them is the NOC code so we can select a custom NOC code here and what we're going to do here is go to next and we're going to select a custom NOC code like

So so again it's basically four taps so now if we go to lock screen you can actually tap like so to unlock the device we also have smart lock which is kind of interesting here so we'll have to enter in our code here to gain access to it but we can actually select trusted devices like Android wear device will automatically unlock the device when it's connected we also have trusted places so we can select a GPS location or you can use trusted faces will actually use your camera to scan for a face then is authorized to access the device another neat thing here is

Something called weather animation so basically it will reflect your weather conditions right on your lock screen using an animation of some sort so for example if it's snowing you'll actually see snowfall on your lock screen now if you do not have any security measures in place on the lock screen you do have your shortcuts here so if you go to settings you see that appear under a lock screen and of course you can go to your shortcuts here and modify which apps appear as shortcuts so for example if you want to adjust the messaging app to hangouts I have to do is hit that

Gear icon and select hangouts from your list so here we go select hangouts and you're good to go we also have our gesture options and one of them is answer an incoming call just by bringing the phone which i think is very useful you can also fade out the ringtone just by handling the phone from a flat surface you can also silence it an incoming call or snooze or stop an alarm by flipping it over saying with pausing video playback we have one-handed operation for certain keyboards such as the dial keypad the lg keyboard or the lock

Screen so find the enable these and if we go to the dial pad here so let's go to the phone here you can see that the keyboard is now orientated either toward the left or right side and I have to do is tap this arrow here to flip it and as you can see this also works with the included QWERTY keyboard although it does not work in landscape orientation which makes sense we also have smart cleaning which will free up some space by deleting those unnecessary files we also have some additional options under dual window this is off by default but we have

Something called split view that works with an email so for example if you open up a link or a attached file or something like that I'll actually give you a split view without leaving the app which is kind of useful we also have our shortcut key and this is on my default but you can turn this off but basically this allows you to use the volume controls on the back to activate certain apps so one of them is the camera app another is the quick memo app so for example if the screen is locked just happen to hold the vine down button to quickly activate the camera takes you

Right to the camera same thing with the memo app just tap and hold the volume up key takes it to the memo app you can also do a screen grab by hitting the power and volume down button at the same time LG has also added this smart know this app here so if you go up to app info you can see what that's all about but basically this will show you all your calendar events in this little drop down does also show your current weather conditions and your date/time now there are two modes in the camera app there's the simple mode which is a basic interface that allows you to tap

Anywhere on the scene to focus and snap the photograph at the same time of course you can also bring up the shutter release here which allows you to snap the photograph or tap anywhere to focus course you can also pinch in and out to zoom and you can record video so while recording video in 4k as I am right now you can't snap photographs at the same time but you can pause it resume it and stop it now I can switch to the front-facing camera just by swiping up here and so there I am and you can swipe down again to get back to the rear-facing camera now you can record

Both cameras at the same time here you just have to switch the mode from auto to dual mode and you get this little thumbnail here which you can move a and resize and when you tap on you can also switch between the front-facing and rear-facing you also get this little pop-up here that allows you to adjust the border here so you have split view split view one fisheye star shaped heart shape and more now the G flex 2 picks up a feature from the LG g3 which allows you to take a selfie by waving your hand in front of the camera making a fist and performs a countdown we also have this

Little slider here which will actually soften any faces that are detected in the scene to kind of give them a more flattering look now in terms of quality this camera system is excellent it's basically the same one from the LG g3 so we have quick and accurate auto focusing and all lighting conditions it snaps photos really quickly images come out really crisp and clear with good exposure and color reproduction and generally speaking that's one of the better systems out there in terms of video of course we have 4k video recording with optical image

Stabilization which isn't essential to get smooth 4k video out of any foam it delivers excellent results we also have continuous auto focusing which really benefits from the laser AF system here which is able to find focus pretty quickly although when it's searching for focus it still can be noticeable and can be drawn here but again it's one of the better systems out there alright guys Mike here Dede Torre board testing out the front-facing camera on the LG G flex 2 which is pretty decent here this is a 2.1 megapixel camera let in pretty good amount of light here good

Exposure compensation really sharp at 1080p video at 30 frames per second and audio is pretty decent here this is definitely one of the better pro facing cameras ive use on smartphones recently but this right out there with something like the iPhone or the Galaxy phones from Samsung take a look at our Geekbench three scores you can see pretty big gains here from the Snapdragon 805 and the LG g3 versus the a-10 and the LG G flex tube now this is an octa-core this is a quad core so obviously big gains with the multi-core score and more modest gains with a

Single core score but definitely a powerful phone now I briefly want to compare the G flex 2 to the LG g3 now they both are 5.5 inch devices the G flex 2 is a bit larger a bit taller than the g3 because there's a bit more bezel space on the top and bottom although both devices are pretty compact for 5.5 inch phones the displays are very different technologies we have an LCD IPS panel qHD display on the LG g3 which is much brighter it's a little warmer in color temperature and much more pixel dense at 530 PPI versus the 403 on the G flex 2

Now the g3 is much more viewable outdoors than the OLED of the G flex again the OLED is a bit dimmer the color temperature is also quite a bit cooler this is especially noticeable when whites are on the screen but there are many benefits of this peel leather polymer OLED display including the fact that it can be bent and can flex unlike an LCD panel but of course OLED is also darker with deep blacks with more vivid colors now obviously the big selling point for the LG G flex 2 is its curved display so what are the benefits of having a curved display I think there

Are two of them the biggest one for me is its ergonomics it feels really nice in the hand to use and handle feels really nice when you using it against your face it just feels a lot more organic than using other phones and there's something that jumps out right away when you're using the phone it just feels really nice in the hand but it's a fairly subtle curve it doesn't make a huge difference here but it's definitely unique now the other big benefit here is just its unique design it I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a design that's a little different from

All the other smart phones out there so for a lot of people this looks really neat this is something that you can show off to their friends and family and be kind of proud of because it's kind of a nice film there's not all phones out there like it now one of the benefits of this curved display is that when you lay it face down on the surface the entire glass isn't touching the surface just the top and bottom edges so that's kind of reassuring that means you're less likely to scratch the glass now with Flex in the name of course it does have to be able to flex and indeed it does

You can actually flatten out the phone if you press toward the center face down so there is some give to the design of this phone and that's thanks to its plastic construction and the P OLED display now in terms of battery life with heavy use and the screen set to maximum brightness I've been able to get about four hours of on-screen time which is pretty average for smart phones now one of the issues I get a lot with this device is screen brightness throttling so once the device starts heating up it actually dials back screen brightness automatically and if I try to go above

The maximum here which is right now 90% sometimes it's as low as 70 percent I think probably can go lower than that but you can see gives me a temperature warning so it does allow me to increase brightness which can be a bit of a nuisance is definitely a drawback here Annamayya thing to do with the Snapdragon 810 processor but this may be something that can be fixed over time with updates although I've gone through several updates already on this device and still no improvement on that situation now the other problem I find is that the back

Panel kind of squeaks and creaks and pops when you're handling in the phone and that's just the nature of this design is meant to be a little flexible a little forgiving but it does creak and squeak when you're just handling the phone not necessarily when you're trying to bend it or anything like that but it does kind of creak and pop when you're using it which doesn't really feel as high quality as I'd like to see on the modern phone now in terms of performance this is where the device tends to suffer the most even though we have high-end next-generation internal specs in this

Device it does tend to be laggy and can hang up on even the most basic operations like the keyboard or launching apps or waking up from sleep that sort of thing so fortunately lag is definitely a big story here hopefully software updates will improve this over time but right now I find this phone to be kind of slow to use so in the end the LG G flex who gives you top-end internal specs a great looking operating system powered by Android 5.0 a great camera system pretty good battery life and a unique design that feels a little special in the world of

Modern smartphones but unfortunately with creaky build quality laggy software performance and a display that's a little on the dim side it's really hard for me to fully recommend this phone so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one

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