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by birtanpublished on November 20, 2020

Hey guys how's it going we should be going live I'm just gonna keep talking till I see myself pop up uh yeah there we go okay so we're live hey guys how you doing it's me Josh from 91 Tech and yeah today we're gonna be playing some minecraft while talking some tech as one does on a regular basis we'll just kind of see where this goes so yeah it looks like we are good to go okay yeah so I'm gonna jump into Minecraft here and then I will kind of be reading your guys's questions and stuff as we play so let's go ahead and do that this has been in the works for a little while now so

Hopefully it all goes well I'm on with some people from discord and yeah alright hey guys oh are your permissions looks like sorry I know I'm not talking a lot here don't want did err just kind of getting this ready so if I do that there we go yeah so these are some of the moderators from discord as well as some enthusiasts which is like the next step up from the base level role on discord if you have discord so yes if you want join discord yeah link will be in the description so you should do that you should also go follow me on Twitter and Instagram

At 91 underscore tech so this isn't my skin it's bugs that's actually my skin the Charles show has it there so right now it's giving me space lightning skin but that's my skin okay let's go ahead and play and if you guys want to start just anything you want to talk about it just thrown in the chat and yeah we can talk so get down here oh there's spiders okay I don't know if I want to go down I push people off okay iPhone 5 or SC wow there's not a huge difference so do you mean the design

Here I'll answer this question I don't think it's the question you asked me but do I like the design of this phone better or the iPhone 5 better iPhone 5 but I like the size of this one better also I like the red a lot you guys can't join sorry this is actually realms on bedrock so we did better off to keep it cross-platform and you guys can't join because realms 10 people by default is the limit so plus I was afraid we'd have a lot of trolling so we figured that oh boy shooting me skeleton okay let's get out of here you should get an iPod 7 I've thought about it I want to it will

Possibly happen someone yelled Josh at me in the chat that's why I'm confused all son sorry maybe we weren't supposed to leave yet I'm not exactly sure ok I could go on discord but that's ok we'll figure it out they can let me know in the chat if we really need to a police' can run battlefield 1 at 240 240 frames per second maybe not so much iPhone 10s Max or iPhone 11 if those are the two phones you're deciding between probably the tennis match for the display but I mean if you want the ultra wide camera it's pretty pretty awesome battery life would be a bit better on

The iPhone 11 – so there's pros and cons both ways Steve boy well there's a lot of you right now 812 not bad not bad okay so we got some wood so it's been a while since I played Minecraft here so bear bear with me I'm not very good at the newer minecraft I played the old Minecraft a long time ago I guess I should make a pic when I say old minecraft I mean Java edition I played until about the combat update yes I'm using my pic to break the crafting table in dirt how much do you spend on iPhone stop spamming the chat please I spend enough

A lot a lot on iPhones but I also make money for my phone so typically they balance each other out what are your gaming PC specs that's a good question considering we're playing minecraft so I have a I nine ninety nine hundred K thirty two gigabytes of RAM RTX 2070 super so pretty pretty stack specs just barely good enough for Minecraft I'm quiet ok here let me raise up my volume is that a little bit better sounding hopefully try to say my name toko Tuco I've been here since 49k favorite iOS version um I don't know if

I have one might be iOS 13 just cuz darkmount I mean I always six is probably the answer people would be looking for I'd imagine so I found a cave and I hear zombies can you guys hear minecraft here let me turn that there we go I should be better oh it's starting oh that is not me that's not my skin I got switched with Charles he's one of the mods oh that's so weird so in the top top left of the screen did you see that it shows me is that skin which is in mine and then oh it's switched back okay you know Matt minecraft is buggy No

Alright so let's make some stuff not what I meant to do not sure he already have a shield my gosh look at this dude look did his skin just change live did I see that right or was it like that the whole time no it changed what the heck why are you Charles oh oh it's awfully generous get this all from zombies already please ban those who spend yeah if you see the guys spamming again talking to the moderator just Banham so your tolerance for that is this the snapshot for the new update nope it's all minecraft actually interesting fact I actually used to have a let's play

Series on my crap on this account I think I went about nine episodes most views I got one of those videos was like 800 and that was back when I everyone wanted to be a Minecraft is super in 2015 so I was 15 years old did not work out that way this 10 edition yep Oh Kyle died in the ground too hard that's unfortunate what are your thoughts on a channel trailer I don't have a channel trailer I think I use my Christmas video as my channel trailer so how tall are you don't answer that question I'm pretty

I'm a pretty short boy ma'am just below average 8 I'm like fighting so fortunately got the short end the end of the stick when it comes to genetics they're my brothers taller than me how much longer will the iPhone 6 be usable well in my opinion it's not that usable I was 12 does it slow in the battery so I guess it's matter perspective okay so you're here where's your where's your owner are you here some thirdly usually like a guy that walks around with them also when did I get those what are your thoughts on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro uh it's a pretty

Basic upgrade I was really hoping for a 14 inch MacBook Pro like they would just increase the bezel size like it 6:16 inch 16 inch so it's fine it's a pretty typical upgrade I'd say nothing nothing too spectacular but that's okay it doesn't have to be every time I'm one cobble short he's invisible at nighttime oh that's interesting I never noticed that I've only so I played a little bit last year when PewDiePie start playing I've played a world for a while so I know some of the new stuff I'm still lost we gotta get out um like find anything all right

Josh I have watched you since you had to say stuff that's pretty crazy if it's true a long time ago I found a picture the other day where I had 100 subs that was pretty big events at the time Javan really shouldn't be referred to as old minecraft is it's more stable yeah but I mean it is old minecraft right like it was made before this one so that's kind of what it is good wait easy way to refer to it yeah I need still it's actually really hard to multitask like this so sorry if I'm kind of boring so far I just need to panic Oh super chat Thank You Nick if you want

Your aunt your question answered I know I haven't been good going through them all that's that's the way to do it is super chat so I appreciate anyone who supports the channel it's the iPhone 6 faster and iOS 10 then I was 12 while I haven't tested it on iOS 10 since it was on I was 10 I would imagine so probably yeah I always twelve is quite good and it's I think it's faster than I was 11 but it's still you know it's still older has less features and thus probably faster you upgraded to in new iPhone 8 from a 5c for 350 Canadian couldn't afford the SC 2020 how much of it am I

Missing out honestly I mean the SC over the 8 isn't that much better it's just a really good deal for someone who doesn't have an iPhone 8 yeah so you're looking at just just the eight thirteen over the a 11 really the cameras a bit better because you have port remote but the sensor is the same so picture quality's not that much different oh wow I have a lot of melons that seems like they dropped really quickly oh wow okay Thank You Gaming Express and Samir Skelton appreciate it hopefully I pronounced your name correctly Samira

Oh my craft crafting table of coal yet so I got to use wood right see it's been a while I have an iPhone 6 and want to upgrade but I don't want a home button so why should I get iPhone 10 R or 11 easy answer iPhone 10 R and 11 are both good value without a home button they're expensive don't get me wrong you don't have that much money iPhone 10 is not bad any tips on starting on YouTube yeah so I think the big things is consistency so turning it into like a super long video super long conversation it's about consistency is a

Big thing when you're youtuber you need content that kind of stands out your camera quality doesn't have to be the best but you have to at least frame thumbnails stuff that just when someone clicks on your channel and their first impression of you is that you're a professional youtuber and they look at your subscriber count and slow you want them to be surprised that you don't have very many subscribers you don't want them to look and say oh yeah that sounds about right this guy is 46 subscribers about what I'd expect someone asked me what my favorite drink was that's a good

Question well coffee I guess it's that count yeah I really need iron and stuff huh yeah so we should try to find a cave or something I get mining this is like kind of uncomfortably warm I'm gonna try seeing how it looks with the light off because it's I'm burning up here my sweater so one one sec you guys can enjoy Jim the spider for a split second I think okay how's that that doesn't look as good that's fine for now though I think what do you guys think – do you think I should turn the light back on or do you

Think this is washable it doesn't look as good does it no it doesn't okay that's fine for now this one guy and voice chat he's just deafened yep that's me on the discord how many of you are from discord by the way curiosity imagine a lot of you tuned legend yeah so that was Jim the spider for anyone who didn't know Jim I found while I was filming an iPhone 5 and I got a pretty good picture of him okay I'm really bored of this jungle we got to get out of here Wow so big brood minecraft jungles always this big probably oh my gosh far

Does this go jungle Oh what's this jungle temple I see hey there we go now we have some contents now we have some concent sorry for anyone who's not a fan of my crop by the way I know not everyone likes this game I've barely played it in a long time but it's a really easy one to play with people so I think on my first reaction as you start to break the temples that occurred we've got parrots no that's cool tonight oh I'm dying France hey will you notice me because that long wheel yes apparently so you

Take up a lot of space please don't do that yes it is bedrock because it's cross-play sorry guys nicely cobble used to be really hard I don't know if you can craft or not I guess I should probably go down and try to avoid all the traps right okay now if I remember correctly oh there's lovers here I have no torches problematic you guys see it okay not really right well it's a little a little bit better okay nice try God get me today whoa look at all this lutes enchanted book fire

Protection three okay well that's not that great but bamboo so we got gold we got gold before iron that's something right is there another there's another chest right because they're so the three love lepers yeah I don't know how to do it so yeah Oh or sorry that's awesome diamond horse armor and gold so I can give it to somebody find a horse if anyone finds a horse whoever finds the horse first it's the armor if this gets a little stale we do we can switch over to minigames and stuff too thanks to realms so we'll see what happens here but I think for now okay sorry I'm

Behind here super chat furious how old are you now 119 I thank you beerus if i'm saying your name rates I am 20 so I turned 20 on April 6th no longer 19 Alex to 250 is the MacBook Air 2020 or Matt oh the MacBook Air 2020 or MacBook Pro 2020 which one which one should you get I guess thank you for the donation uh I'm gonna go with probably MacBook Pro 2020 just because even the lowest model is gonna be quite a bit of an upgrade over the MacBook Air even though it's not maybe that is quite quite a bit more expensive – I think for a lot of people

That extra power be helpful so personally I go for the micro care my macbook pro mind you I do more you know I video edit and stuff so it's not gonna be bad for everybody three years older than three years older than my brother as well Jim I think the guys in the discord are actually looking for a spider named Jim what happens there I think they want a cave spider so good luck with that I don't know I guess find those in what the the mines or whatever someone's round oh it's this Oh people are expanding here or was this how no this is definitely expansion I

Think other stuff here look at this this someone's home all right I'm gonna use this mind whatever this is I'm going down does everybody's can you do using an iPad first-gen for a week um no because I don't think you could do enough on a first iPad justify using it for a week it's not like a phone where you have to use a phone you don't have to use your iPad so I don't really know what I would do with it how they blocked me out today get out of here get out of here Josh are using hackintosh Oh have you built a hackintosh so my first computer

I built I did actually hackintosh but I was having problems with my graphics card card so a lot of people have problems with Nvidia cards I was having the same thing like gtx 960 final cut just wasn't working right so not using it much have nots hackintosh and I would like to for a video though I think that could be a fun video something just a little more relaxed go over the process of hacking toshing and the hardware and that I think would be kind of fun okay Wow okay you have a sword that's not fair there's some torches torches of that okay I have

A lot of John cups mentor on this I guess communal chests cocoa beans red stone gold horse armor so I'll keep the diamond for now actually now I'll put it in there whoever gets a horse first can have it I don't care emeralds sure why not someone can take that rotten flesh yeah forget that guys granite no all right I'll take those though okay what's over here glass what is this it's just a pit with glass around it it's gonna be like what is this what was the point of this I was cooking more glass okay farming already man you guys a real minecrafters Hank and I need to go

Mining need ironed then we got to build a house and that's a panda so that's new in the game your pandas now that's that's epic when did ten just get it we go this dude he's so cute oh my gosh minecraft has gotten crazy huh okay I bought the 2006 iMac for $25 did I get a good deal well it's 25 bucks so I know if I'd say anyone getting that specific computer is getting a good deal per se but for 25 dollars it's hard to oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no no no no no no no okay start we blow up already okay he blew up already okay that was too close

come on jump jump jump I can't say jump how do we actually get into the voice chat I was gone for five minutes and can't get in well if you're in the game basically you want to add them back in that's Mudkip how do you do your 91 tech animations after-effects actually so the 2d I'm assuming you meaning the 2d animation that starts at the start of every video I do that was actually made by a friend for me who's awesome he designed it in flash it's now Adobe animating so yeah and then I just overlaid it with a whole

Bunch of different things with After Effects VHS look to it how much longer will the iPhone 6 get security updates well it doesn't get security updates I mean it gets it doesn't really get the only they'll only ever update it again if it's super serious like they did with the iPhone 5 iPhone 4s etc literally because like you would have time location problems I think GPS problems so they'd only update it if they do that excuse me you do using the iPhone first Jennifer weak I'm not sure if carriers in Canada actually even support 2g anymore so I

Don't know if it would be possible also I haven't done any I haven't even really thought about doing any living with the iPhone videos in a while because of you know the whole quarantine thing right now it's it doesn't feel like a real real test because you're not really I'm not going out and about as much so but things with that are calming down a little bit so maybe and I mean it just might be the norm for the next year so anyways so I'll have to get on that that'd be fun I'm thinking live with that for a week I mean I don't want to iron it's more than

One good how many times the first time I've gotten tired in Minecraft that's like one block that's how many people still use Windows XP you'd be surprised third world countries anywhere where it's kind of more expensive to get newer tech still see Windows XP everywhere when stores still use them that kind of thing you'd be surprised short thoughts on the pandemic stay safe stay inside when necessary I think people are both over blowing it and under blowing it at the same time it's kind of annoying cuz I've got people my family on both sides of that and it's

Kind of hard to get them to take it seriously and then some of them it's like okay well it's not that bad or not yeah Rowlf unending yet wait yet so kind of both ways gonna yeah I don't know stay safe guys be smart can you do a multiplayer game please so everyone can join so we figured if this stream goes really well we'll talk about at least doing a public public server at some point but this is just realms so it's only ten people the xbox360 good in 2020 xbox360 in 2020 is good in that it plays 360 games it's old

The Xbox one plays with most games ik in place there's actually not much point of having one anymore if you don't unless you don't have an Xbox one so that's how I play my my 360 game stills on my xbox one works great this will the iPhone is to get a price cut when the twelve comes out and no if an SE + comes out next year oh if the SD + comes out in the next year we'd be looking at probably 500 for that most 550 but I don't think it would be probably go for I think the 10r I'll get discontinued I think the iPhone 11 will stick around at a price cut probably 600 bucks

I think the ESC plus so I think it'll go iPhone se 400 sorry 400 SC + 500 600 iPhone 11 and then the iPhone 12 etc up from there can I use an iPad Mini one strictly for YouTube Netflix ah iPad Mini yeah you can yeah I mean it's not gonna be an amazing experience or anything that he had did they change the color of water I feel like this is way more blue yeah this is like a lighter blue this they definitely changed this on a percent hundred percent they changes used to have a day one controller but it broke unfortunately sorry about that

That's unfortunate well the iPhone 10 are be discontinued when the iPhone 12 shows up I think so we'll see though they might not be but I think with the SE now it probably will be yes oh my gosh just even if I'm Way over here it's just me would you ever recommend the new I applaud to anyone only people who really want to get a gift for like their younger kid like 10 11 maybe have probably I don't know I don't know what age people get phones down keys well I got one at 11 but that was pretty pretty

Bad fact then anyways now I don't think that's young phone first my phone anyway it's not like it was a good one I could might happen in your merch store that was temporary so that was that sticker stuck around for December and then it I might bring it back not with the same company no hard feelings or anything sweaters great but it wouldn't be the with the same company so I don't know if that'll ever come back anytime soon but I would imagine sometime down the road well so sorry if I'm not getting your questions just feel free to ask them and maybe I'll see him

And if not there's all these super chats and hint hint jk jk unless diamonds you flex her always given me diamonds yeah wait yeah two three okay thank you all right so let's craft us a diamond pick shall we thanks to I think that was wink tech wink tech goes to subscribe to his channel there you go free shout out if you get me diamonds you guys like the thumbnail by the way it's been a full five minutes on it photoshopping pickaxe in my hand do you like Windows 7 yeah who knows 7 was good

Okay my controls mixed up with like other games everyone who chats is a part of 91 tech history if he says if he says someone you say in the comments you are a legend I think you means something you say in the comments and I'm glad you think so I wouldn't say so but I mean if you watch me you're a legend anyone who watches how about that that's a good sitting on the fence answer spider President 2020 yes oh yeah I don't I just that was the first name that popped in my head but it makes me think of like Jim Pickens from Kevin Joe running joke

On there that's a great green let's play channel by the way would recommend one of the only ones that actually actually probably the only let's play channel I watch is the one one from call me Kevin it's an Irish few degrees west how long have you been on this world well this is our first time playing itself if you mean earth general I'm 20 so that plus 9 months I guess all right let's get back up to the surface and we'll kind of go ahead and maybe start on a house you guys think so what is your least favorite version of Windows probably windows 8 just because I had so many

Like just so much helping people with tech issues with Windows 8 when that was a problem when that was a thing just so frustrating because they changed so much so older people had no idea what to do because the ceremony was just gone and that's you know how people knew how to use use windows it was just gone so yeah I'd really didn't like Windows 8 I think it was I understand what they were going for to try to make the poster tablet and all that like PC tablet one cohesive experience but I was not a fan of the implementation and I think now they've got it down where you can still

Get to that I think if you want to but it's much more PC Pro oriented I would say or not not Pro oriented but just works better uh super chess catch-up here Mudkip you must revive nineteen tech the supreme tech channel thank you my cab yeah nineteen tech nineteen tech that was from the two euros so that's like three Canadian dollars epic thank you that was a fun video of the April Fool's video if you don't know he's talking about who's John 4:19 in tech is how I open it up actually that wasn't my original I was gonna do an April Fool's

Video I wasn't gonna do toilet paper that just came up I was a little worried because the week of it was starting to I felt like the meme was dying because it had been around for quite a while at that point already basically once the quarantine before the quarantine started like mid March it started so it's like free people are gonna call it it didn't mean but I don't think I got like one negative comments on that video everyone was super supportive so that was cool to see will I ever do another we'll see what happens next year I don't know I have to it would have to be an idea that

I considered almost just as good at least because I was very happy with that video so I mean I would have to be like at least close to that level of happiness Vista so some people are saying this is their least favorite probably I hated Windows 8 more than Vista Vista I didn't like this to either because it was it was slow on the computer used it on back in the day but at least it didn't confuse an entire you know generation of Tech users what's your favorite iPhone and no I've answered this every stream iPhone 4 was the first one I had so

Probably that for nostalgia but besides that I'd say probably iPhone 10 because it was the first one I bought outright myself like fully I have pretty nice memories with Vista C actually I don't hate this stuff from a software standpoint so much because I think it brought some good stuff but my biggest issue with it was that well it was too slow too slow on old hardware if you had like a crappy computer it was just yeah you could get anywhere I guess I should be lighting this place up on my brightness is so high I'm not neat actually I'm eating torches so that's

Why I haven't been doing doing that sorry ooh a named dick you guys can use it for Jim the spider if you catch him you know it's a strangle an apple okay we need a head up to the surface here stop that do you super Chad to answer your question yeah I know I'm a sellout I was I was very surprised a grateful last time I got or the first time I got a super shy I was like wow really thank you I'm so still like that definitely don't don't pay I mean it's rough times right now so definitely don't feel like you you should give me something totally just doing this for fun the stream is

Monetized but I think that means I've had pops up every every little while so it gave me about as much as it would from a regular for you on a regular video that's about it so hey I appreciate you guys watching it's just good to what fun to kind of chill out a little bit play some minecraft the homies feel like a four-year-old maybe the ice Windows 10 or Windows Vista 10 obviously Windows 10 is good they didn't get a job with that I think I think it makes sense to just keep updating windows 10 for at least the near future instead of making a whole

New windows because Windows 10 overall I think it was a good balance between modern like design elements and I know they're they're still there changing up the design even more I think it was a good balance between that and just the old core functionality of like classic Windows versions like XP and all that okay so you still have the Windows menu but it's updated you know it's still got the tiles now but at least you have the home button or the windows button so I like that hopefully never get rid of again are you okay with your momma jokes I don't know I guess unless it's like

Absurdly offensive but I don't find them particularly funny well you ever talk in the server frequently I get that life isn't just discord but you know I mean I consider it some I think I talk on there fairly frequently the thing is is that for me like it's not it doesn't seem like that to everyone because I talk at opposite hours right because we have a lot of Europeans on the server for whatever reason which is great but it's so now we go on at different times so I don't know I I try to grow on at least once or twice today chat with people and some what's going on at least

Read I read I learned to I read sometimes ya know I like the server a lot it's added the discourse or it sounded a lot of interactivity among this community which I really appreciate so definitely come join if you haven't should be in the description hello are we here for yourself okay so 43 so we go to do you like Forza horizon for I do like Forza horizon for those fun I didn't play a ton of it it's part of the reason I bought the Xbox one was to do that although which is funny because that was before I had like pretty good

PC hardware now I do so I could run out way better on here but I didn't play a ton of it but I do like the game I really like open-world racing games actually I think my biggest problem is just kind of keeping staying because once I got the car I I want initially after that I guess no attention span favorite car brand well I have a 2015 Mustang so I guess Ford just by default yeah I'm not not not particularly elitist about it but should be the surface here thanks 70 of the surface of something like that

What headphones to use these are EKGs something-or-another AKG they were sent to me for a sponsorship once a long time ago and I still use them I'll set up a decent pair of Sony's I used sometimes but usually as these good over years although they do start to hurt my head after wearing it I bet all headphones hurt my head after wearing him for a while so I much prefer to earbuds for that reason ok no no she's doing alright we're back to the jungle I don't know where home base is can someone text out like where the home base is positioning wise just from the

Chat Thanks how's your body herb who's your body how is your battery life with the iPhone SC 2020 better than the iPhone Saints I mean it's better than the iPhone 8 yeah but that that's because of that's just because iPhone eights at this point are older I'd imagine compared to a new iPhone 8 versus a new iPhone se there probably wouldn't be much difference apple claims it has the same same battery life so Oh shave it you did I forgot you can do that that's so annoying that's like right-clicking

Yeah that's so annoying I hate that that happens way too easy okay good nobody text out the you guys slacking not listening to me is the iPad 3 justice slows the iPad 2 it's closed and that's because it does have double the RAM with one gig which helped but the problem is is because it has the Retina display it takes more processing power right so it ends up being a very similar experience do you plan to make your podcast not unless I have a really good darn reason to I don't think I'm entertaining enough to keep up a podcast I would need a lot of guests and

It would be a lot of I don't think so unless I lose the jungle temple again I don't think so I would feature on a podcast if someone wants to have me on let me down probably but there we are geez forever 675 zero I'm just like blasting these guys who are all playing their own way it's not all about me whatever was your first laptop slash computer ah I don't know what it was I remember it like mine specifically I don't like my family's I remember we used to have an old white tower white everything was the old yellowish white color back in the day

No idea what was in it we got rid of it so I don't know for personal computer I bought a Power Mac g5 when I was 10 or 11 11 at the time that now at that point because they were power Macs they in PowerPC processors they they tend to zero anyway yeah sorry PowerPC architectures were already at that point what is the microphone the microphone everyone has blue Yeti ice blue Yeti ice no the smoke snowball ice this is the blue Yeti yeah that's a different – 3GS totally unusable I can no longer

Download even the latest compatible apps anymore I'd have to try it I remember having some problems with iOS 6 when I came to downloading apps but I might have remember what my solution was already downloaded apps were fine though so I forget oh well we've got is it expanded here this hey there you are you guys again a traitor and another bird see pickle heck is a sea pickle alright usually I just killed that guy and take the walnuts and they're mad at you feel like a second oh my shell I'll leave

Them for now though closely gives you two leads for free if you don't slime balls which I apparently do did I kill the slime slime really we're doing that oh yeah Charles has to think that a 15 I I don't know the specific model of think bad so far I think pads in general are cool for the most part that really appeals their basic but that's they're meant to be they're good the chat covers the face cam on mobile I don't really have a suggestion for that because but I don't think there's another corner in the screen I could really put that to well

Are you inspired by any youtubers oh sure absolutely um when I was smaller I really liked channels like obviously a mkbhd and another thing Jonathan Morrison Austin Evans now I mean my content doesn't even come close to that guys those guys in terms of quality and I'd like to make it better for sure but yeah I mean definitely definitely mostly like I would say because it was like well you know these guys started from nothing and they they can do it maybe maybe I have that it turns out I could so there you go

Anyone can do it if they get lucky that's the big if I think the name tag in there anyone drop a wool in here I can make a bed okay all right we should make a house pink did I start cooking anything I gotta cook all my iron I don't know I'm doing anything else no okay uh should I get the iPhone tennis instead of 11 grow mainly because 3d touch do you like I mean do people miss 3d touch that much I I miss it but at the same time I used it for the keyboard that was like it it was really cool but I don't think it was super necessary to

The experience so for me I would suggest 11pro because the cameras are so much better and I think and the battery life the battery life is the biggest thing it's so much better I think it's worth getting the 11 program it just just for those things and um you know no no regrets I have it had it for six months now seven months something of that it's the iPhone success getting iOS 14 I think so probably thanks Emily call me a good youtuber burr appreciate that can you play on someone else's realm without buying realms yeah so this is actually isn't

Even my realm one of the other mods from the discord just set this up with a free trial so it's super easy pretty great what was your first smartphone HTC Wildfire s look it up if you want I showed it in my Christmas video so what was that video again that was yeah my iPhone are not my iPhone smartphone every smartphone I'd used over the years so that is on my channel if you want to see that should I buy an iMac from 2013 if you put an SSD in it or it already has an SSD sure otherwise do not because it will be slow should split it up faster hopefully no one takes my I

Shouldn't say that it'll take it I can't shut yeah exactly or no way I took it never mind I don't trust anyone here they kept talking about how they were gonna kill me okay alright BAM let's stop that guys come on final cut or Premiere Pro Final Cut I prefer personally I like Final Cut I'm not huge on editing audio on Final Cut feels a little bit slow to me but I do like just Final Cut a lot better then premiere for the most part just feels more organized and just kind of everything kind of just fits into place I feel a little bit

Better it's not as I don't know it's just more polished maybe less crashes to premiere crashes all the time what console should I buy in 2020 if you're gonna have if you have to buy a counselor or console right now I would say Xbox one or Xbox one X so SRX I guess because they'll be able to play the next gen of console games ps4 will not so Xbox diet by default but I would recommend waiting until the end of the year and getting ya the new consoles when they come out otherwise get a switch I mean the switches and going out of style anytime

Soon so there's that too sorry I need some water a camera do you use sony a6300 Sigma 18 into 35 X 1.8 lens film generally most of my b-roll shots is in 1080p 60fps and then I just slow it down in the actual video and then yeah not not all of it though some of it is 4k for you anything that's is still shots gentle 4k 30 and the 4k does look a lot better but I do like the slowdown effect that I can't take off you see this I do like the slowdown effect that you get with 60 yeah yes I think it looks quite nice just kind of

Like the slow motion and all that kind of handheld shots you can tell and I like those a lot make some shoes boots go all right full iron armor and that's not my skin there we go oh I think you guys configured the achievements because I think windows blocks that from being seen by the streaming service are by OBS yeah it looks Betty did I not I made two of them Debbie to boots whoops she could like kind of clean things in these games right about for people once he can I just don't know oh look he's space Centel – oh no he's not

Tonight I don't know how I would change my I probably shouldn't show all my stuff bad idea all right that's fine so iPhone 10 is worth buying used yeah yes I know I made boots twice I'm stupid 183 viewers hundred seventy seven now six just dropped immediately since X said touch oh that's awesome guys wow what happened here when did that happen it wasn't always like that no that's new okay someone's making something here so we need to make a house you got to find a place for a house dude that Island nice I someone already claimed it looks like someone claimed it mmm hey that

Islands maybe right here to a cliffside house where do you guys think should I make a dirt house okay what material what material should I use to make a house that's my question for you guys alright sorry let me catch up with super chat here thank you too furious again will you do best and worst iPads oh yes I've been wanting to do that for a long time and I have it but it will happen it will happen I just need my hands on an iPad 3 for no particular reason giving away spoilers ok I'll give you the reason I have three is by and

Far the worst I pad that's not even close well no it's not close first I have had probably second it was unsupported so fast well then I saw a good question someone's saying I should use wood stone so I'm saying water wood what should I use here cobblestone birch and oak wood I'm a gamer now a camera gamer cobblestone no one sink dirt or anything Wow everyone's so trying to help me out here what iPhones are gonna get I was 14 original SC and iPhone success and better probably no guarantee for those two

Phones but I think it's likely what do you think about the skew from unbox therapy that's a good question right there I've had a problem with unbox therapy for a long time I guess I haven't really talked about it too much I had a video a couple years now I go pretty much well year and a half I guess when the 10r came out unbox therapy immediately did a video called the iPhone 10 are is depressing or something like that and where am I going with this here is the iPhone 10 R is depressing and it was because it was a solid sub 1080p screen and so he does this whole

Video about how bad it is because of the 1080p screen and so I did a video called the iPhone 10 R doesn't suck that's what I titled the video and basically in the video I pretty much just went through and explained why I thought on unbox therapy 's take was terrible because it was and I got mass dislike bombs I think I ended up with I got a ton of views so it was a positive it all it was a positive that's why people like push for more like I don't do a lot of that kind of make of controversial content because it's kind of hard to deal with because you

Get a lot of people at your throat but when you do it you typically I don't know what I'm doing here systems this is not symmetrical at all we get the Panda in here wow you are a thick boy look at this dude absolutely unit come on come to my house come to my house yes anyways yeah so gives you tons of views so you make money off of it so I understand why people do it that being said I don't like doing it that often because yeah it's a really negative thing people tend to get mad at you I don't know if I'm gonna keep this all cobble by the way

I'm just trying to keep dependent / it's hard to play while you're talking get back here yeah you sit relax okay just just chill just relax nothing to be afraid of if I don't eat too much there we go yeah what are you gonna do now huh you're stuck I'm stuck too and now you're stuck and I'm not like that okay I don't know why being mean to this random Panda but yeah so controversial concepts very slowly get into this basically I've done it before I got just like bombs talking about our marks

Therapy I don't like his stuff I think he's clicked baby and I don't think he represents the YouTube tech space very well he's very anti Apple obviously he's got very strong bias which I mean everyone has a bias but you can't pretend to be unbiased if you're gonna have a bias and he he definitely pretends to be unbiased so for the most part you didn't he I mean I think he's said before that he does use Google pixels that's his preference or whatever but from what I've seen he really doesn't like Apple and so more disappointing than anything I think

It's a little sorry I'm still on this it's a little disappointing that some that he has the ability to just make such an impact on how like the community looks at Apple in general because he'll say something and then everyone will parrot that forever like the iPhone 10 10 hours bad display when you know Jonathan worsened in a comparison between that and the focal phone to show that you know resolutions not everything and that even though that should have ended it right there it didn't rain and people still pair it you know oh well it's 720p display okay where are

We here it's Android fans are jealous of Apple fans I mean I don't think that's it is sure some of them may be but most of them if they're jealous they definitely wouldn't say they're jealous I don't think they're necessarily jealous I think it's kind of a defensive thing like you want to defend whatever products you have right that's kind of the the instinct it's to kind of just defend it like if you buy a certain car so you buy a Dodge Ram and everyone tells you Oh Dodgers suck everyone who has a Dodge is a terrible person well

You're not gonna be happy about that obviously so you're gonna defend it even if it's something simple if it's like oh I really don't like Dodge well if you have a Dodge Ram you're probably just by instinct instinct or a Honda Civic whatever it is probably just be like or you you probably have a problem with that right like well why don't you like Dodge what's wrong I draw it dodge Dodge is fine it's the same thing people get defensive about what they have because they spend you know so much money on this stuff it's really it's really hard to to be not biased about this kind of

Thing do you hate Android I do not hate Android I like Android I don't use Android I like I prefer iPhone because I like the software experience better I've used it for a long time that's big reason people stick with iPhone partly the truth me too I definitely there is an element there where I've used iPhones for so long you know I don't want to switch because I have everything on iCloud etc etc so I do like Android phones I think there's a lot of good things about them I've got nothing against them I would say when it

Comes to bias I'm admittedly biased and that I use iPhones but I try to be as objective as possible when talking about androids are you playing bedrock cross-play some of us are on console I think so bedrock allows us all the plague yeah all right well so you there too oh no you can get out no no no wait can you get out no it's still two blocks high okay no all right you're my friend now what should we name the Panda guys what's the pandas name what's the stupid the Kung Fu Panda

Maybe what's the we'll do probably wood floors what's the guy his name I remember ah what's the pandas name pan pan PO now you guys this is what we should name him my earpods broke apple is bad sounds like you like a you problem ask that well if you have apple cared little replace it for you if you don't like you just kind of sucks what are your thoughts on tailors of tack he's cool it seems like good guy makes good apple content there's not a lot of just pure Apple user Arab youtubers so yeah respect what he's doing and what I like most about Talos

Of tech is that he's upfront about his bias very much an Apple fanboy but he he says it which I appreciate I wish more youtubers would do that even though they never will because that will ostracize their audience and they don't want that but I mean you can know like just generally like what YouTube Bruce have certain biases like Jonathan Morrison's Pro Apple Austin Evans that's usually the same thing mkbhd is Google all the way I wouldn't say he's necessarily anti Apple but he's definitely not I wouldn't say he's Pro Apple ID I know he uses Macs and stuff for like

I'm KBT here iJustine I'm not a fan of a justine's content so mkbhd iJustine is to me I mean people said it before she's just she's just a Sri she's just a loud person you know that's that's just kind of how she is I'm not huge on that personality so that's all it really comes down to is 3d touch overhyped to an extent I think people don't realize that it's not actually that essential I don't think to the ios6 experience I do miss it a lot it was awesome but I don't think it was ever like a killer feature must-have feature

So I guess this may be overhyped among Apple fans and then I'd say under underrated among others we join your game nope sorry it's a private realm so there's something tangible max so we're not pleased to roblox next I have never played roblox in my life so when I okay I don't get it roblox like I think people talk about roblox all the time when I roblox when I first heard about it I thought it was complete cringe so I don't know if that was just my age sorry I keep your sirens in the background I'm right downtown pretty much so so I hear a lot of that a lot of

Trains too would like to come through come through here it's very annoying at night ha I love everything Apple Pro everything Apple Pro is I liked his old content better I feel like he does does he do he mostly does like rumors and concept videos down brain I think this videos in a while so I'm not as big a fan of that it's kind of easy content mind you I've done easy content video less Sunday Sunday before is easy content but I don't do it very often and I mean I only do it when I think that it's interesting or people would like to

Know about it like the iPhone se plus I think that's a phone that a lot of people are gonna want over the se which is why I wanted to do a video on it feel great just hey this is a thing this could come out so you have any plus right now or a plus phone you might want to wait around right just make sure to work at a 10 hour or the SEO here if you've got a smaller size but your battery life will be rough do you like Metallica I really I don't really like no I'm not not much of an eighties like do you think you can replace your computer at iPad I think if you had to

Right now is the best time you possibly can do it iPads with the trackpad and like Final Cut and stuff potentially coming Korena John Prosser I think that is a really good thing and so sorry is like my washes to text how long have we been streaming our 8 ok I'm good to keep going if you are we have almost 300 viewers so that's not actually that's in the same with a lot people how do you feel about the Xbox event earlier I didn't watch it I just heard everyone was super disappointed didn't they say well I think people they said they were

Gonna get like Assassin's Creed game play and then they didn't do it they just showed the trailer from earlier or whatever so if that's actually the case of what happened very disappointed bingo cat I've heard that name so I probably watch this stuff before but I don't I couldn't tell you I I don't know the I can't think of who exactly that is off the top of my head which is the best phone on the market I don't know it depends if you want to Android or iPhone it's hard to answer that question because it's not it's not one-to-one at

All great to see how I mean yeah I can't answer that I don't know probably the one plus eight on the Android side and then or gate is that the newest one the– the newest one plus yeah it is ring and then and that's and that's not because I don't think I think you really like the note and stuff is more impressive than the one plus usually even though it's more expensive it's just that well that hasn't come out yet for this year so right now one plus I think probably reigned supreme on the Android side maybe there's a better one

Out why is the house made a problem people told me to make it out of cobblestone I know it's super like I'm creative but that's that's what people told me to do so blame them I think the jungle wood floors though it looks cool so I should stick at the door with a sticky door probably hearing or oh that's no I like having will go here this will be the hole injury land on here we'll make like a big window again here it's been a while since I played Minecraft so bear with me as I do weird things I think you should have more subs

Because your videos are better than most people thank you I disagree I think their videos are much better than last part but thank you I think it's the subjects that people people are often interested in older tech know whether tech reviewers do so I doing that kind of content really yeah did you find it quite fun because it's not completely unique there are other youtubers to do it but you know it's at least somewhat unique a lot of them do it compared to the other other stuff but I'd like to expand – I'd like to do new stuff and

Old stuff and I'd like to not just do phones as well I'd like to do more video game stuff consoles not actual games because that would be too far of a stretch from the channel I think but we are called 91 tech not 91 iPhones so how long have you been playing Minecraft well I first played minecraft back in probably 2011 2012 so it would have been I think I started at one point three or one point no I remember specifically the wither update and I had already been playing a while by then I think that was one point for I used to be really into minecraft by the way so like my

Knowledge of Minecraft it's not amazing but it's like old minecraft at least it's not too bad I used to like working with red stones don't have stuff do that I've also got no good with that anymore don't forget the mobile photography contest yeah we were talking about that it'd be cool I just don't know how like I guess I'd be choosing the winner I don't know how I could have objectively choosing winner when I guess the coolest photo I don't know it's something a photography contest my phone's only would be something potentially interesting

Maybe they just scored survey or something could do votes to do like Twitter stuff what's your favorite video games Skyrim all-time favorite video game is definitely Skyrim and then I would probably say I think I'll make sorry how should I do the roof your stairs and then half slabs going up or do I just forget our battle roof for now sorry anymore water one side I think I don't remember what the question was so well favorite game scare me yeah I've played so many hours of Skyrim I feel like a lot of people can

Relate to that but I really have played a ton of hours of Skyrim hey Brian oh techrax text corrects it seems like all he does is destroy phones I've disliked him more than unbox therapy that's fair I don't like to in techrax at all I don't think anyone likes Becky I guess yeah well he has subscribers I guess some people like techrax I really don't so that's that's fair enough I do just like him more than unbox therapy thoughts on the cod series I tried war zone a little bit it's pretty cool I never played a card time I

Was younger I played I had I played black ops stupid friends and Cod for with friends and modern warfare and all those but I never played them really by myself I think the only campaign I actually beat by myself was ghosts because we got cod ghosts with the ps4 for Christmas that year I think so I played it I actually didn't mind it I thought it was fun it was I think Cod campaigns are really good for it kind of just like this action-packed six-hour kind of like Dwayne the rock Johnson movie you know you don't watch it for the story you just watch it for the

Action it's kind of like that it wasn't enjoyable enough at least Skyrim these are the best have you tried apex yeah played apex I played all the big ones I played for Knight apex warzone I never played pub G because it cost some money I like out of all those I'm gonna get hate for this I probably liked foreign eyes the best because I actually kind of liked the building element to it I'm definitely a guy gonna get hate I liked the cross play a lot cross play was nice too because they're spamming my phone get out of here

Some friends watching this treat so did you watch unbox therapy's weird video reaction to the SCT I purposely don't watch him anymore so I don't like his content so I don't watch him cuz he he makes me angry because he's not good and he doesn't research I think oh I know one thing I did watch recently that I really hated if his though was the ESCO us the Pablo Escobar phone someone did I was so cool someone did I think talk about that I forgot who it was a youtuber but wow this is really good cheese you guys are like pros this now this looks more my speed if this is a

House yes this is more my speed for a place yeah no door just wood oh he's got a little thing going here I need a way out now here I'll give him my jungle here I'll give you my jungle door Charles here you can give you you know I'll give you your wood back – there you go bye you plan to review a new iPad keyboard well I don't even have the newer iPad so no not yet there you go don't question my Xbox gamer tech it's an old one that my dad made 10 years ago so it's gonna stick

Into somebody else's house it's fine oh well oh hey get out of here leave that piece he ever get leggy Freelander I wasn't watching earlier I $9.99 hundred K all right 32 gigs of RAM RTX 2070 super so the answer no it doesn't really like too much I do have a couple well I have a terabyte SSD as my main food drive I'd like to switch the nvme is just expensive and I have a terabyte right now so I haven't bothered what is this supposed to be I'm so confused what is this

You can change your game or take once for free I know but I like I like 91 tech is good are you doing here hey what is your what is your effect 91 sec you can't start with numbers for Xbox game take I actually try it's I just haven't thought of something yet I could I do the 91 tech I don't know stream bitrate to 2,700 kilobytes per second 28 changes so I'm at ultra-low latency on the YouTube side in terms of stream latency so I'd say the streams about maybe 10 seconds behind it's actually pretty darn good when I watch it could you make a video on the terrible wishbones that's

Actually a good idea I've wanted to do that why wasn't I do it right well recently I should see if they ship to Canada they probably do because it's all from China right so they probably ship to Canada I can't go to the US anymore so that's kind of I used to always chip packages the US and I'd hop cross the border and pick them up I need it I need the food it's really there's a few things we should go mining again let's let's let's make a let's make our own personal my hustle vendor all right that's the joint mine oh snap cool not a very explored map though this

Is the coastline wait I'm confused they change maps why no ray-tracing a half that would spoil streaming that would just brutalize my computer also I have Charles's skin on the top left there again this isn't my skin by the way people don't worry both sorry Charles but it has like accion and stuff can I turn on ray-tracing without going into Lake someone told me how to turn on retracing in the in the chat chip hat to the US I don't I don't jetpack thanks Aaron it does it really question I hope not

Question but I honestly think or I honestly thought you're playing a javelin version it looks the same right like it feels exactly the same if you have to download the beta okay so we won't be doing that today though that'd be cool I don't think I don't I think it would be utilize this stream so it's not a good idea to try it would I don't think it would go very well I think the 20 when Linus tested the 20 70 super honest I know he got 60 FPS on the 20 70 but that was before like turning it to 4k and stuff I think so I think I remember I don't know how I would

Perform calming down well RTX right now I don't know why they tried implementing it so like why they made the r-tx line so quickly they didn't really need to you know because there's nothing yet that can take advantage of it anyways really suck for Minecraft so I don't know it's a cool concept though and it looks really good can I speak French I can speak very petite amounts of French Bonjour just be no Jim at that Josh just we live groans to beat I I am the big stupid see that that's what the direct translation would be and that's probably not even I would

Say at all but the gross stupid I am the slob where's that bat or slob I don't know yeah I don't do shoutouts sorry Latasha that's good French all right Aaron no French fluently we used to say a con 20 so here you know I'll call him out in the chat there a con 27 I know him in real life so if he's saying random crap it's because I know I'm he's controlling but he's what use he's funny he used to do comments on my earlier video so he would comment on almost every single video and because they were smaller audiences everyone would see yet

And they would just be these random things like house Samsung is so much better than Apple and stuff and he would get people so angry at him like he baited are they totally fell for it like man we had this once it didn't really work we tried to have a fake argument so we all we all Krabs burner accounts and we had like this super long thread just with the most stupid dumb arguments we could think of I think we got maybe one person involved in the bait and that was it and then everyone else like no one else either no one fell for it I think one called it I was being bait so it was

Bait fun times I would never do that now I'm more professional about mind you this was a lot what is your accent well I think I mean okay because everyone does American just like bait wearing American I'm Canadian so do say a occasionally I don't say it but– i don't know where the stereotype of boots came from i don't think i've ever heard anyone on ironically say a boot or a boat or whatever like every TV show with the canadian always has that but I don't think I've ever actually heard it so ain't got that cookin for some glass I

See you there what are you doing what are you doing why can I not block can you top it's in the right click I can't take block oh I should make a shield I don't make those this is kind of cool it's got like a cheat sheet now that's new ish yeah ok I think I don't like like now I feel like if you went back to my 12 or 13 year old self I'd be like oh that's a lot mmm we should have recipes there that's too easy well now that it's been a lot of time it's kind of nice and if I was a new player I would really appreciate that because I remember looking up minecraft oh wait I should

Make paint but I would make I don't understand I look at Minecraft Wiki all the time how to build stuff 376 viewers at the moment is that is that true is there that many that's insane hold on let me I like how I'm taking a break and oh yeah 300 Wow that's nuts you guys are awesome I like my take yeah I take a break in the middle of the stream to actually make sure that's the right count that's nuts that's a lot of people what are we at hour 25 going might take a break in a

Minute here though just for like a brief like minute break they could just probably use the washroom and be good maybe beer a coffee shout out please do not give shout outs stop asking form – best iPhone durability of all time do you know how many iPhones I'd have to bust – like you'll do that I don't what's the I don't know what the best durability iPhone is probably oh I should know that's probably iPhone 7 I think right cuz iPhone 7 it doesn't bend really it's aluminum so the back doesn't crack it's fairly light so iPhone 5 maybe is more durable any of the

Aluminum phones so it's probably like iPhone 5 body style or iPhone 7 body style that's most durable if I had to guess just because the aluminum on the back helps a lot when it comes to that cuz you know it doesn't crack can you fix my iPad no oh Aaron get out of here maybe actually an ironically I mean once we can see each other I can take a look at it which we can't right now cuz you know life is on voltage although apparently for b/c I think they're now saying gatherings of six people it's okay something about I probably won't do it yet anyway it's just to be safe but

Ah that's here but I think it was something like that yeah so things are things are slowly getting better only problem is that it's going to be you know probably another spike in the curve once everybody starts getting out about five seconds that's the yeah that's the only issue okay thoughts on iPad air three that's the newest iPad air yeah I have that one that one's it's a good iPad yeah it's good it's good where it's at I think for the price points pretty decent sand yeah okay I'm going to take a very brief break

Two minutes most okay so you guys get to watch Jim the spider while that happens so I'll let you guys do that's and yeah I'll be right back thanks for waiting you there we go okay we're back so I got myself some liquid energy here I'm not saying I recommend drinking these okay

I'm not saying it's healthy okay I'm not saying it's good for you cuz it's probably not I am saying it's zero sugar and it makes me feel good so yeah so that was Jim hope you guys enjoyed that yeah I was just filming an iPhone 5 and he showed up and he was can I use one of those spiders you know there's some spiders that are super gross and those spiders that are like almost kind of cute in a way even though you know you wouldn't want them in your house but they're still kind of kind of cute they're nice and fuzzy that was Jim so I just got super close with my camera and

Tried to try to film him yeah I could not spill that would be nice all right I'm surprised I'm not dead to be honest whenever you got in trouble listen is a question when you got in trouble as a kid did your parents take away your phone as punishment even though you bought them with your own money I'm guessing that so you're trying to imply that that that it's wrong to do that because you bought it with your own money I probably not gonna like the fact that I think the parents should to an extent have that right so I mean you're using

Their internet right in their house so you answer that yeah a few times I think I'd probably got my phone taken away but I mean cool isn't very often I was for the most part I was a fairly good kid I think I'd like to think that just grow like right there that I like watch I'm watching the stream to see if it did yeah I just popped in to rate them well you know it is wrong I can tell you some of you guys are definitely a little younger when you're older you'll kind of understand a little bit more at least like kind of the reasoning behind it you know the best best way to do it is

Unless your parents are completely unreasonable as long as you don't do anything you know bad in the first place you shouldn't get your phone taken away I'm not a fan of parents not really I guess not spying necessarily but kind of just like keeping tabs on their kids at all times so maybe they they have like they look at their internet history regularly or something like that I'm not a fan of that I think that's a bit of helicopter parenting parenting a little bit so I'm not I'm not a fan of that but just generally how do you feel about Motorola

It's been open I mean they made the the razor I guess that's the most recent phone they've made and I was who I was I four when I first saw the razor at the reveal I'm kbh DS video really got me hyped up for it but I was sorry I'm trying I can't read the channel I'm answering questions right I guess I said was that Motorola oh hey desert lad Brooke you're here he's the guy who set up the server initially reached out with email asked if I wanted it which normally that kind of stuff I probably wouldn't reply to

You but I actually was kind of thinking about a discord server anyway so it worked out and you know what he was doing nice motorola the Razr yeah it was a bit disappointing I think people were hoping for it to be a little bit better it's just way too over price for the hardware the big thing definitely could have been better done the Z flip is definitely some other Panda I don't know that one says it looks like an underground tree or supposed to be a butcher thing that's supposed to be bush no they have bushes in this game don't think they have yeah

They've grass bushes all right Kay so let's let's let's avoid the potty talk here okay you know this is not profanity but here's some of your favorite server members can I answer that let me go game ended I don't know if I can fully answer that I can talk about the mods we've got over you should definitely join the discord server we've got a couple of mods I have personal connections to and then one of them I don't heard like the top top admin months and then there's the lower tier which most of them I don't know in real life but ya know I

Think for the most part pretty much everyone had the discord is pretty great you can tell some people are a bit young and that can I think it's long so another 13 that breaks Terms of Service but all in all we have a pretty good pretty good time over there so I like pretty much everyone pair pods get air pods what is this about air pots I don't know I swear I answered that about halo so if he seems like a cool guy eBay Amazon or Craigslist well Craigslist will probably end up dead hit somewhere so not really ah I guess I probably Amazon I love two-day

Shipping it's great it's not that it is right now it's not two-day shipping nonsense it's uh it hasn't been for me anyway because the whole you know essential so he does but usually Amazon is great eBay it can be so annoying to get like a seller like they can take if it's a private seller they can take a while for them to actually like ship and that's uh that's quite annoying so you may it can be a hassle to deal with people especially and if you have a problem with it you have to send it back oh they want me to come with a glass case I should probably do that

Alright first gaming system PlayStation 1 and the ps2 Jim the spider if you guys got one oh my gosh this is what this was for Wow who got him have you it's probably answer me I love the I love the halo skin that's that's sick Oh supposed to be like that oh I see also they have different style trapdoors now I just realized that which is the best PlayStation console I'm partial to ps2 because I was the one I played the most so ooh banners okay I'm gonna steal that idea because I afford them I remember Oh No

Might have given them away my wife did Jim actually get names cuz I have a name cake yeah probably the ps2 Sam sixes II flip for Motorola flip definitely the Z flip I feel it was not that I think people should buy either of them mind you because their concept phones right now and I don't think they're worth your money but do you think Samsung did it overall better job thoughts on the new 13-inch MacBook Air to be honest I don't know all the specs off its off of my head so I'll say pretty much what I said about the MacBook Pros I'm sure like if you're spending Mac laptops are great so

If you're comfortable with spending the amount of money they cost you probably won't regret it that's a good way to put it because it's it's like yeah you are paying more than you would for a Windows laptop with the same specs but better but you're not getting that same Mac experience you're not getting that same battery life probably so you know overall yeah depends on your preferences there did somebody nobody answered me in the chat did you play so you play the og Crash Bandicoot games on the ps1 girl yep

No my my actually use of the ps1 was pretty limited I build action this would be a really good spot for mine yeah I didn't play much with the ps1 I played like I remember playing like Tekken on it back in the day my dad I was probably like three or four probably should have been playing Tekken but I never yeah I didn't play like really any kid games ever playing Gran Turismo as well but ps2 is really when I start playing video games so I played all the ERG sly Cooper's those were some of my favorite games probably behind scenario for favorite

Games because I can replay those infinitely if it was like one of those nostalgic childhood games just love even though regardless of how good it is although Sly Cooper series I personally think objectively like it was those are good games I think they're really cool so really gives you the feeling of like pulling off ice and stuff it's just would recommend that if you have an old ps2 or the ps3 you can get the HD collection so that's a strong recognize as well slice who's really where things start getting for me that's when they kind of made a good sly ones like a

Completely different game sly 3 is very slimmer similar to slice you I found a name Jim and little Joe helps me to get the surface cool all right congrats to space lightning and first base central on the discord and little Joe thanks guys for finding Jim you did it do you live in Canada or America Canadia today you see you're a building in mind that is the plan yeah I'm gonna dig this thing down and we'll maybe do some strip mining or we'll probably end up running into the mine shafts again I don't think I'll do any more exploring down there

Canadia yeah I live to be specific here this isn't like cold Canada like you think Canada you think snow that's what everyone thinks anyway I don't live by snow I live near Vancouver where it is very mild usually it's usually it's just raining here and we have pretty hot summers but it's usually just raining what software I'm am I using I'm using OBS to stream OBS is super easy to use for the most part it's free I love OBS I don't know who came up with the idea exactly but it's great your favorite iOS what is your favorite iOS wait no I someone asked me that earlier I said 13

Or 6 probably right yeah that's probably the case I mean for a nostalgia reason iOS 6 I guess but I was 13 I've actually I've had very little problems on my 11th row I feel like I liked I almost fall – but no dark modes so that for me is a big thing and so I really do water did icy water for a second I just saw the name Northern California is underrated yeah North Cal it's probably for you at least closer to British Columbia climate I'd imagine more mild just really snow but it's not as hot as California or SoCal you play Animal Crossing I do

Not thank you I've never played I don't really know what the game is or what it's about it's honestly really all confusing to me I feel old although there's a lot of people old people try it but don't look at the feed are you talking about in discord what is your dream job this definitely you to think Oh Washington yeah Washington is cool like Washington just gorgeous right here this is the whole general area PC Washington I'm very close to the border so it's yeah there's so much forestry and like just

I honestly you guys probably noticed I have a lot of like green bat Lake I have trees in the background and a lot of my key role and stuff and that's just because that's where I live like I literally live in front of trees it's why I bought the apartment I've not bought ring that's why I'm renting the apartment I'm renting is because the backdrop was pretty nice with development it's also a huge balcony maybe I said the biggest problems BC my opinion is just it's so expensive to live here here dad other places like I can save so much money if I live

Somewhere else but I really like it here so don't plan on living anywhere else anytime soon do I know everything Apple Pro I do it's not my favorite youtuber by any means but I think he makes decent news content and I used to really like his old jailbreak videos he doesn't give them quite the same anymore whereas often his old speedtest back when I was I used to be kind of like more of a nerd I would say when it comes to iOS and iOS that's a big reason I started with just iPhone reviews I asked why I still do as many just iPhone amuse as I do now I was a very big iOS

Time I mean I still am because I have a knowledge but I'm not as directly interested as I used to be and you know that kind of stuff I am still obviously but not so much like every single unique difference between the two phones how they perform compared to each other that kind of stuff is not I don't I don't want you to be tests on regular anymore at least it's a good way to put it what capacity of iPhone 6's or seven should I get do you mean storage capacity at least 32 gigs Brian Gillis laughs so if not 16 gig basically which the iPhone 7 is at least

Higher in that stairs aren't I yes I am gonna member if is three or four five it's jailbreaking safe jailbreaking it's selfish fair release safe what you do with jailbreaking might not be it's like the legal thing is jailbreaking legal well yeah it's legal it might not be fry it has a slow confusing anyway it's just what you do with it might not be legal so jailbreaking if you follow instructions any more or less know what you're doing you should be fine there's possibilities of things going wrong but it's not very likely right now it's it's very they've got it down to a science at

This point like it's so it's so fast it'll break once you've got it installed on your phone yeah app that doesn't uncover it was super easy for me because I have a developer account anyway so I didn't have to find any kind of sketchy you know sketchy have to install it and validate it for me you do want to be a little bit careful when it comes to kind of getting it getting it through third-party third-party third-party like verified apps from Safari or whatever you want to be kind of careful if that's a good idea because II yeah they kicked

Out just look up YouTube tutorials anything that they use they're gonna be fine I got on my chests I'm gonna use my chest as my panda awesome iPhone 414 review yeah first video not my first video first video available on my channel hi again I did minecraft videos I used to be Hakeem at 91 I did hockey videos for a while I tried to find a balance between them I was 14 I was dumb and so I was tech hockey and more for a little while I just did everything that's a problem

Because if you want to grow an audience he can't just do everything doesn't work that way you gotta kind of if you would someone asked me earlier for tips starting YouTube the biggest thing I can I can say probably I didn't say before is fine to me find something not a lot of people are doing cuz if you look up iPhone for of year in 2014 I'm the only one I think there's maybe one more but I I'm the only one who did it it's not a good video but if you're the only one who's doing something or there's not very many like if you do

Like a small community of certain fans for certain things it's going to be well but you have a higher chance of attracting interest I guess you could say because yeah not very many people do it so they're gonna be inclined to watch somebody who does do it regardless of the quality and we just crashed so that's fun that I wasn't expecting that 464 viewers we hit if we could hit 500 I would be ecstatic 500 viewers would be huge 500 people watching me at once we're at our 49 I'm still going I'm still going strong how are you guys doing you two want us

To change it up so minigames if we do mini games I just won't be able to talk as much because I'll be focused on what's happening so do this again yeah I I would consider opening up a big server be fun my biggest problem with that is yeah you'd have trolling so if you kind of PvP or minigames while we could turn PvP on I don't want to turn PvP on this world though cuz I mean you guys will it's just gang up on me and I have crappy stuff I have iron stuff I have a diamond pick thank you link for that pedal different worlds

I'd rather probably mini gains if we're gonna oh you guys can't see anything oops there we go there we go that's God I had to switch it cuz crashed I will keep with this for now and then we'll see what happens we have a lot of viewers but the chat isn't super active so I can't tell Alec into this like do you guys want me to keep going off Percy er yes what does you want to be watching in the first place all right well minigames should be fun you guys are all probably starting to get bored so maybe let's be hit so ten

Minutes we'll play ten more minutes on this world nine more minutes on this world switch over to minigames for a little while maybe like half hour or so and then we'll probably be done with it for now 470 we're so close dank pods I don't know who do you think what do you think Apple will in truce introduce at WWDC 2020 in terms of hardware they I don't think they'll introduce any hardware I don't think they did last year I can't see them introducing any hardware but what needs

To be released still Apple TV I think that's coming soon anyways John processor set and so listen missing something new home pod maybe a new home pod actually I could see that MacBook 2009 mid in 2020 if you have an SSD in there I'd be usable and you could hack it so our packets so you can get the latest updates but beyond that I personally wouldn't want to use it if you have an SSD honestly pretty much I think even from the last and this year's can be somewhat usable usable I would say so test this DS make all the difference

Should I buy an iPhone 6s or seven and 2020 if you have to get either of those I mean I look for a good deal on an iPhone 7 personally because the success you know there is no guarantee it'll get iOS 14 so sorry it's hard to say I don't know how to explain but the search of huge every cyclist I live to see its uncommon it's not common to get loop disease I mean like it's loops whatever it's not common for you to have problems you're probably fine I think people yeah it's not like been favored it was very common I think it's up to you I'd look for a deal for an

IPhone 7 but that's just me and keep in mind my diff I don't really recommend you buy either of those phones compared to newer ones officially but if you're if that's your price range then and it has a headphone jack all right let's do a little mining to finish us off show okay I found IC or 6s or seven assuming you're talking about old SC well the six that success is a good in-between choice there probably but I'd go SE / 6s just because gosh darn I can OSC / 6s because it's a little bit more money saved and

Pretty much the same hardware inside so if you're you know tight on money then might as well otherwise iPhone 7 so they think of it that way maybe SC or seven closed if those are probably the two better phones to buy between all them in terms of value 7 has straight it does have spin oh no headphone jack but yeah you do get stereo speakers and water resistance although the success has somewhat water resistance if it's ever been opened up that doesn't anymore which that goes for the 7 – so yeah watch out for that when you're buying used especially if you're buying used

Online you can't see it ahead of time it's really hard to to know if it's gonna be in good quality condition so that's where you just kind of hope for the best buy from somebody with high ratings for e so come on guys we do it I get 500 here 5 more minutes and we're gonna go see you mini games so we're gonna give that a shot yeah a lot of us kid I don't actually know how to tips to be successful in YouTube find your niche that's what I said a bit earlier find your knee should be consistent if you actually want to grow an audience you have to be consistent

Knowing that's true but at the same time don't be afraid to just not make a video for awhile if you have you know 20 subs you don't have to make you know one video a week every week because you don't have that many subscribers but once you see I would say once you start to get a base that's when you want to start being consistent once you have some assemblance I don't know when exactly that number would be maybe 1,000 maybe not before that though yeah fine Denise just make fit just make all your videos about something very kind of specific but big

Enough that you would get an audience from it maybe it's a good video game you know people still do Skyrim content that kind of thing just an idea what phone would you recommend for teens I I phone s see iPhone 10 R if you're buying new if you're not buying new iPhone 10 I eat isn't bad and it completely depends on the price range so that's hard it's hard to answer alright see you Charles do you prefer the or home button not Jeff initely knotch if you can try to buy a second gen s e yep longevity good deal

Yep I agree with you Jesse all right well we're gonna be winding down students we've got this let's go look at what everyone's done once over over the world before we quit this was kind of fun I liked I liked this it was good I wasn't really folk it's hard to focus on both two things at once so I I really wasn't but wasn't doing it very well but no will switch to minigames in a two minutes and a two and a half minutes once we hit the two-hour mark I just went over the world look at everyone's house and stuff so this is Earth's true gaming okay he's got a lot I think those

A lot of banners I still know where mine are he might have might have put them in the communal chests I'm gonna communism chest why do people care about bezels ah yes people want change I guess most people don't care about you know everyone okay I like this I like this I like this this is nice look looking on to my house over there which is much better looking obviously all right so this is wink Tex place so wing tak he's a youtuber is he just hit a thousand subscribers the other day here today here's a lateral so congrats to him panda

These dudes are still around other trader is invisible I guess because it's nighttime or whatever so do they actually take an invisibility potion then they do a because the little things coming out puts marks so I could actually still talk to him okay yeah they've had it so much this game I know they're working on the nether – did that update come out here okay over here we've got Jim the spider down here you haven't seen him yet there is that's Jim the spider don't question it got our very poppin farm here our furnace area whatever this is blast furnace okay

Tower in progress it looks really cool well or maybe this is the finished product I'm not exactly sure but it looks cool anyways anything else this thing that's big over here yes we've got this cool place this place is cool it's got a bird very very epic hey creeper what's up zombie alright I think we're about ready for mini games what do you guys think another update is Don't Tell yet well I'm looking forward to that oh we hit 500 for a sec I think we're at 499 right now come on 500 one more one more

Yeah switching mini ones do I need to leave the world he did pose leave it for now yeah I can play all day long with this game yeah minecraft is minecraft fun I remember my biggest thing with minecraft is I tend to start a world and I kind of get addicted to the initial gameplay loop of just getting better stuff and then once I have all diamond stuff though it's hard for me to kind of stick with the game because I feel like that's the main draw is just getting to that point and I have like a nice house and

Stuff and so usually I don't play more than like a week of minecraft at a time if I am gonna I'm gonna play it which minigames I don't know I've never played any of these four realms so see what happens I was kicked open yet alright well well that happens if you guys have any quick tech questions now's the time to answer I asked him because I have time to answer them alright any tech questions here or anything you want to talk about what what's what would Samsung have to do to win you over actually have good software and B apples I'm not switching to Apple anytime soon

Do you play League of Legends I do not I played it like twice in my lifetime should I get the iPhone se or 11 oh why not go in between do the 10 arcs how many Rams do you recommend for your macbook 16 gigs yeah if I'm interviewers awesome what is the best phone carrier to get depends where you live for me here and near Vancouver I use free and mobile pop because they're super cheap in Canada and so they have good coverage in city areas nowhere else all right we're good to go here couple more questions yes I played Apex I don't play regularly it was fun I liked it I think

If they added cross play I'd be a lot more interested in it that's what's good switch over here okay what do you mean good software I have a lot of problems with house samsung does like they then it comes with bloatware and I'm just not a fan of the general oh that's just how you move around how you do things I don't like having duplicates of apps you played to photo galleries when you first get your phone like that stuff is confusing to people right especially you know people who know nothing about tech what are we doing here what is this Oh case we're playing minigames I have

No idea eat all the cake eat the cake oh so it's like oh oh oh I'm hungry okay oh it's it's like parkour there anymore okay that was interesting I'm not a fan of that game it's kind of dumb you see the game okay what's next loading I wish I got more habitats than an answer no ok space lightning get out of here why are you playing on bedrock cross plate I don't know how many times that's to be said quite a bit apparently it's because the cross play we have people on console right now I don't know how okay I need to make an oxford potion right right go

Go in go go three ears and listen it to be no it's are you ladies active minutes push button should I need to make an awkward potion first yeah exactly well let me put it in what am I doing wrong here all right I don't understand I don't know if oh I gotta put water in it I'm so stupid why don't you guys tell me I was so stupid I'm so stupid why do you guys tell me see I played this before it's just been a while I was like looking right at that cauldron – I just it just didn't occur

To me what it was stupid you're stupid get out of here probably shouldn't be insulting fans that seems like a bad way gas house no one won yet that's for his regeneration right yeah Oh bottles he tell I don't play minecraft very often are they like of course you win again you win of course okay is there any other better minigames I was expecting like I need all this proton wait I wasn't fully grown yet co-starring clay I'll be planning make babies yeah I won yes that is my

Gamertag again it was made 10 years ago by my father do not judge hey we won won guys I'm so proud of myself what software do you recommend for editing videos apart from iMovie well if you're on Mac then I guess final cut but fine it's stand on the gold block Mad Max don't have a ton of well they have editing software but there if you have a Mac you might as well just use Apple's stuff I mean you can use premium premier as well but that also makes hiding behind the bush I didn't see it it's not fair John wick hi hi John wick Crafton place concrete

Powder on the gold I don't what's concrete powder I need to shovel it this is a block now okay not right-click anyway I'm so confused face I need that oh it's grabble it's not coming this gravel is supposed to be concrete dust that would that is yeah I can't place anything I'm confused I don't understand boomer writes what do you think of all the hate Apple gets and is there anything that Apple does that bothers you there's lots of stuff they do that

Bothers me right to repair I think is a big big thing do i oh I need to craft it don't I is that what it is so I have to craft something right to repair I disagree with their their stuff on that obviously I think I wish it was more accessible I okay concrete powder here we go how do I make it I need sand oh is it gonna give me new resources now no it's not sands right here I'm stupid okay what do I do you think Apple is overheated generally speaking I think they're trying to let me win maybe because they didn't know

What they were doing besides the one I want what did I win I forgot what I won find an answer at the secret three-digit code sir does it tell you no zero 103 for okay those those are two the digits three for the other one one okay one three four I don't know am i nuts or is this confusing this is confusing right this is confusing right now very epic by an enchanted golden apple gold how much do I need probably a lottery now how many years did it take to become successful in YouTube can well once this

I was inconsistent for a long time so it's kinda hard to get clay clay frick do I have oh I have to cook it so if it comes break I think that's my cold okay oh I see it purposely gave me eight okay I understand how many I probably need to eat this makes that one Oh a lot of chat happening you minecraft excuse me minecraft a good for tonight dad how dare you oh wait there's multiple furnaces one tight I'm not using em stupid well you know I have one win on the board there so I think I'm purple there so that's one win guys we're good at this okay this is break

All six stained glass panes but how oh give me a pic it's never on the rate I tried craning my neck I miss I'm actually curious where the other ones were I missed it fortnight and minecraft two worst games ever made goodbye bye Oh hate if you want subscribe while you're at it just kidding unless you think it's kind of dumb to judge people on what games they play they like minecraft or for a night whatever Hilda wait did I kill or did he die on his own because the round ended did i suffocate him oh my gosh is this okay oh oh are you jerk so close they're running

500 concurrent viewers it's hard to believe the chats pretty slow are we on slow mode or something oh my god I don't think write a Minecraft through the tunnel I bet space tried this game beforehand that's why he's so good that's what it was I need to I need for mine Kurt ah every time this kid alright came over there we go so space flaming one it was a very close match I was very close to where he was I had almost just as many wins as him for the record do not look

Back and check alright guys we should we end it here probably guys think alright what don't we do I think we're done for minecraft I think we'll do a speed round of any questions or anything you have for a few minutes and then we'll we'll cut the stream we're at 2:17 so that's that's really good so a lot thank you to everyone who played you guys are the best so that was fun I I'd say we had a good time I think I want to do that again maybe maybe not next week but maybe even again this month we'll see because I do yeah at a pretty good time and if you guys are fan of streams 24

Hour streams I have 24 hours and I I wish I could do that that that would take some ridiculous endurance I know people do that it's possible match how you would to 24 hours it's ridiculous ok yeah so let's go speed round any questions you got it's the time I'll answer a few and then we'll get going okay what's your favorite iPhone probably iPhone 4 iPhone 10 one of the two one of the two all right I guess we're pretty much out of questions let's find two missing super chats nope we're all cut up there how was your day pretty good you ever

Used Dex on Samsung before yeah I did a video on it once a lot of people didn't like that video but say apparently I used X wrong in a couple ways but I did used X how much money do you make with YouTube that's not a question I will answer sorry how do you get into tech I was into tech when I was younger and I kind of just went from there I mean I played video games that kind of stuff and when I was in sixth grade I joined the broadcasting Club so that's when I got into video editing and stuff and that's when I started kind of making my own videos

Is the forest on Iowa's ate better than the four on iOS 7 yes more apps and it's probably pretty slow performance are pretty similar performance wise so yeah I would say so he do emulation game livestream oh actually I'll bring it up now I have a couple ideas for future live streams so let's let's let's so when I was younger I made I made my own video games basically in fact maybe it's all one up here real quick just show you what I mean I used to make games I used to make flash flash games a little bit in grade 9 of course by then even flash was pretty much dead and I made unreal

Unreal engine games I got I actually won a twelve hundred twenty twelve hundred dollar scholarship with one with one of my unreal games I was like it was supposed to be a dog ball game it barely worked it did work but it was like really broken obviously of course all my stuff I ever made was broken really quickly find something I yeah the flash games I made I like the one I liked a lot was like a quiz thing it was fun at all like different alternate endings and stuff I'll leave it for now cuz I can't yeah I don't know all right we'll end it here then Mac or PC actually PC might

Surprise some people but I use well maybe not I've glowing keyboard I use PC preferably not because I don't like Mac's but they're more open gaming that kind of stuff do you have an iPod not really that you use what color Apple watches best I've always gone black then just use whatever color brand you like because I think the black is a little bit I don't know it matches with everything you know the silvers next to them I think it's I don't know I like the black you think Apple wireless trackpad is

Good yes but if I do think so I've used it a little bit doesn't work with PC I actually don't know yeah it is it is really a personal choice it becomes the best of color subscribe to William Borah he just he just he's one of the moderators here he just texted I put a message in the chat I'm done yeah so thank you guys for hanging out with me it was fun on this Friday afternoon my time minecraft was good I was enjoyable maybe again I want to to do some more streams I'd like to do some more yeah look look at maybe some of the old video games I made in the past and stuff

That'd be kind of fun and they're so dumb I do need coffee well I have this I'd barely drunken finish last ah you just came here I'm so sorry yeah but yeah at 91 underscore Tech if you want to follow me Instagram Twitter to keep up when this stuff is happening I'm now realizing before I went live I forgot to post on both Instagram and Twitter so that's a mistake I posted on Twitter couple days ago oops but beyond that I need a haircut so bad like I'm wearing a hat for a reason here but you can see my it's poking out I hate it I

Hate it let me out but yeah it's really really good talking with you ball and have a good weekend and stay safe guys so I will see in the next video whatever that happens so have a good one

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