by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Wow with less than 60 hours until bitcoins third having well we see a one last major pump or will we see a major dump egde Bitcoin getting a very small rejection off of this two and a half

Year structural top of the symmetrical triangle and as well the golden pocket of the past two and a half years could we see a bounce going forward momentum is building on the smaller timeframes but can it pick up and can it keep up

And as well with Paul Tudor Jones recent investment acknowledgement into Bitcoin will this lead to even more investors joining i 100% think this is a huge possibility and 2020 is going to be absolutely bonkers and will speak a

Little bit more of what we talked about yesterday with bitcoins bouncing some up to 50 60 70 percent in 24 hour time periods and we'll talk about why we think this is a trend that is only just beginning and there's much much much

More of it going into the next two years – saddle up little ponies let's get right what's going on and one welcome back to an extremely exciting Saturday update with Bitcoin guys with less than 60 hours until the third Bitcoin having

In history so much excitement building now will this culminate into a final push will the push continue after the halving or will we see a much anticipated drawback so much going on guys but there's just so much immense

Even better news going on fundamentally in the space this is really important people are interested people realize bitcoin is not nearly a big of a risk as they once thought in fact other things that people used to have a lot of faith

In like fiat currencies are actually falling by the wayside guys wow these things are just coming to fruition just like people predicted them years and years ago it's absolutely wonderful so guys make sure if you want to enter to

These Ledger's make sure a smash ding hit the comments hit the subscribes open your heart and get money wow so let's dive into these charts on the smaller timeframes guys you see the last three four hour candles we have a little bit

Of an uptrend getting a very strong bounce right around the $9,400 level now there is a much lower pullback area if we were to see one if this continues but so far it looks like cell pressure is still actually considerably low for what

It could be now I also want to say this we can say in this last few videos but there's only been two other having's so there really is no precedent for what bitcoin has to do okay there's not one thing that bitcoin has to do after this

Having in less than 60 hours it could continue to pump it could drop massively it's completely unpredictable right now so I just want to make that aware to people that are watching there's not one specific thing and the

Bitcoin does add a halving there's only been two other ones and the two other ones were slightly different okay so with more hype than ever really what could happen with Bitcoin so let's actually switch over to the daily chart

On coinbase you can see again we talked about this yesterday we got a clear rejection at the top of the symmetrical two-and-a-half year triangle right here which is also exactly where the golden

Pocket is of the last 365 days the point six one eight is where we got our first rejection there now guys as we talked about yesterday if we would break out we would happen this would this would spell major breakout but we're not there quite

Yet it's ten point five so ten point five obviously is the key level to look at to the upside to the downside as well I think that the 89 to $9,000 area actually about 8,700 to 8900 so a $200 window would be a really good pullback

Area where we could get a nice retracement and then continue to the upside that's what we'd be looking for for a short quick reversal here on the shorter timeframes but as for now Bitcoin did get a bounce rather than the

94 so the question I want to ask you is do you guys think this has enough juice to continue going into the halving so there's a lot of evidence and we're gonna switch into that a lot of evidence showing that I mean besides the fact

There's so much hype there is more confidence in Bitcoin there and that's really important that's incredibly crucial for Bitcoin space because that's something that has been historically lacking there is less and less

Confidence in traditional currencies and even even something you could say is gold that hasn't been performing as well Bitcoin has been performing by far the best of any asset since its creation but specifically over

The past few months which is actually mind boggling that it's actually performing so well given the circumstance so boy does it feel good to get into Bitcoin and guys before really jump into this really informative

Section of the video I just want to point your attention if you don't have a hardware wallet guys check out the links in the description and if you want to learn my techniques for doing the technical analyzing make sure to also

Check out the techniques there now this is one of the biggest pieces of news that people are really excited about so obviously another billionaire has pretty much come out and said you know hey I'm invested into Bitcoin now what does that

Matter why is that a big deal so let's actually go through this article here published on coin Telegraph by Helen parts the bit Mac CEO which is Arthur Hayes expects investors to follow Paul Tudor Jones move to Bitcoin he's a

Billionaire ok he has invested he's one of the biggest investors into cryptocurrency here legendary hedge fund investor triggered massive excitement in crypto markets about two days ago by revealing that bitcoin is a part of his

Portfolio I really doubt this guy's holding two thousand dollars with a Bitcoin okay he's a billionaire he could Chuck a nice chunk of change into Bitcoin if he wanted to and I'm sure he wants to

Traders and Industry players like bit Mex CEO Arthur Hayes expect that this move will bring even more big investors into the market guys once you have your own peers and we're talking from a billionaire standpoint once billionaires

See that their billionaire peers are investing into Bitcoin do you think that makes them feel more comfortable or less comfortable investing 100 percent it makes them feel more comfortable okay so Hayes is not alone in thinking this for

Example world renowned brian kelly on CNBC discussed the potential impact of a billionaire investor bitcoin news saying it's paving the way for more hedge funds and mainstream investors to get into bitcoin nobody wants to get out at

Having own bitcoin if it completely falls apart but if you have more and more billionaires you know coming out and saying it it gives people more confidence and people are not as afraid or embarrassed to get in to such a risky

Asset to nd here Jones said bitcoin reminds him of the crucial role Gold played in the economic crisis of the 1970s a cap supply is one of the big features here hyperinflation can never happen to Bitcoin guys in

Kelley outlined that Bitcoin has a much higher upside and a better risk to reward ratio than gold and guys as we talked about yesterday's video alt coins are performing extremely well across the board you see some certain coins not Eve

That far down the market cap absolutely exploding so what is the reason for that well for one when Bitcoin pumps and we're in the middle of it's still kind of pumping there is a very often correlation between Bitcoin of Bitcoin

Flowing out into these other altcoins okay so Bitcoin is struggling to break the 10k mark that is no secret this is exactly where we found resistance right at the 10k it's literally right here this is an expected resistance point

Without a doubt it's definitely the biggest on the charts before getting a massive breakout that is the last huge barrier before getting a massive breakout so if we're getting this article published by Michael Van de Pape

On coin telegraphed the price of Bitcoin top ranked cryptocurrency by market cap hit the psychological barrier of 10k now let's jump into this Bitcoin is showing strength as the halving is approaching with hype only increasing fear of

Missing out or FOMO is increasing as well which makes people eager to step into Bitcoin and the price to rally heavily however is Bitcoin in a sustainable rally or will it be another buy the rumor sell the news similar to

What happen last summer with litecoin where there was a massive pump the markets rallied much more than we've actually seen with Bitcoin Bitcoin in fact rally from about 3,000 to $14,000 on anticipation and on it on hype of the

Litecoin having now this is the Bitcoin having and Bitcoin has not nearly increased that much percentage-wise bitcoins increased about six thousand dollars from the lows of a few months ago four thousand to about almost 10,000

When in the summer of 2019 Bitcoin went from 3000 to 14000 so almost twice the gains $11,000 increase a year ago only about a six thousand dollar increase so far this year so again there could be way more juice on the loose for Bitcoin

This guy could go much higher now why though it's because people are selling alts to catch-up to Bitcoin and now a lot of coins like link Tasos aetherium have had a sell-off here but around this time all codes started to

Bounce heavily and showing strength resulting in the biggest old season the market has ever seen this was back in 2017 like we said once Bitcoin peaked at 20k it took over a month for all of those

Other alts to peak okay at xrp going from like 25 cents to over like three dollars litecoin going from like $80 to over 300 even 400 on some exchanges massive massive gainers now even if you guys do

Not like old coins you cannot deny the inevitable truth that most likely we will see massive run ups in many alts there will be some alts that don't gain much there probably get alts that lose but without a doubt there is

Going to be money flowing in to some of these other all coins if a ton of money continues to flow into Bitcoin okay think of it like this you got a hot dog you got to make sure you had a nice cold soda pop to drink it with right hand in

Hand wow what a great analogy okay so basically the next big breakout target is getting above ten point five and losing the nine point four level would be a bearish signal for the market we bounced basically exactly on nine point

Four I think that losing the like eighty nine hundred dollar level personally would be much more detrimental i put the target a little lower than this article but basically kind of within that same range there so we want to hold that and

We want to really see what goes on with the halving so guys awesome stuff make sure to check out the links in the description if you want to learn ta lines charts and googly gap to create some really awesome knowledge guys I'd

Definitely advise it I think the course is absolutely jam-packed full of knowledge and the thing is when you buy it once you have it for life so future updates will be for free and enter the code juice at checkout for $40 off huge

Guys that is the reward for making it this far into this webisode guys make sure to drop that comment and I will see you in the next exciting webisode

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