by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Wow what is up my fellow hackers today we have a left to talk about with bitcoins price and exclusively why with the next 24 hours why similar to last Monday this Monday is going to be crucial for determining bitcoins price

And trajectory we have so much indecision in the last two daily candles for Bitcoin that we really have to delve into what does that mean as well Bitcoin clearly following this channel that's jumped back into that began all the way

Back in the summer of 2019 this is absolutely life altering mind mashing stuff that we need to get into on these charts very crucial there are some very interesting indications of what bitcoins next move is but again I think that

We'll see a huge huge influence tomorrow so prepare yourself this video is coming out on Sunday and by Monday guys we expect this to happen and is what we have to take a look at this clear clear pattern of resistance turned support

Here on bitcoins one-hour chart will that maintain and will there be a bounce here and if failing what are our downside targets the ultimate downside target right now is around 5,400 USD and we have about three or four different

Charts that we can show you all different time frames all different exchanges showing you why that is such a crucial level for Bitcoin to get a bounce so for all my fellow mainframe hackers out there let's get into the

Video what is going on everyone thanks so much for joining me here for this special update guys we have a lot to talk about with bitcoins price as the last two days something very interesting has been going on we've had two spinning

Top daily candles and what they represent is complete indecisiveness in the market you can see that here we're going to show you what that most likely means and you can see exactly where they're facing resistance as well so

Absolutely crucial they're complete indecision in the market as in the meantime things such as the SNP the Dow Jones index as well as crude oil all of these have been plummeting yet Bitcoin is on this upward momentum but again

Guys tomorrow when the u.s. stock markets open what impact could that have on Bitcoin which way do we expect this baby to bounce this is going to be one of those bounces upwards or a negative bounce

That goes down so guys thanks so much for joining me if you would like to enter to win this ledger to keep your cryptocurrency safe all you have to do is leave a comment below make sure to LIKE subscribe

Turn on the dings and we can start playing with these things and as well 45% off of this course with everything I know and it's continually being expanded we have a few more courses going up very soon discount code Wow so guys thanks so

Much for joining me here there's a lot of things that are going to get into in regards to this TA some very important stuff that we need to look at I think for the most part people are starting to accept again oh maybe

There is you know maybe TA is still valid because after we had that big drop right here guys a lot of people I got a lot of comments from people that may have even been watching the videos for years

Months even say man TA I just don't know if I can trust it well guys that's absolutely true obviously when a Black Swan event does happen ta does get thrown out the window but again we have been putting in structure we have been

Below this area of craziness for about 10 days now and we formed structure within that 10 days and we've actually shown you guys repeatedly on the channel why and where the structure is so let's actually start off here so what we have

Here is two the two spinning tops that we mentioned just about a minute ago right here spinning top basically is when the candle is in the center and you have two really long wicks and basically all that means is that it's very

Indecisive you see wild price swings both directions but overall the the candle itself closes right in the center and we see that for two days in a row this day was more volatile than this day but you can see they're both basically

Right in the center right around that 6200 dollar range okay very very obvious there that was 48 hours and now we have again it seems like we're getting a rejection right here on the top of this heart line channel here within this

Descending channel goes all the way back to the summer okay of 2019 this is very important here because again this started obeying the structure again basically once it found a balance at the bottom of this channel here it started

Really playing into this downward channel yet again okay so even though this pattern is something we had on here for months and months and then once we broke out of it we weren't using it but then as soon as we came back to these

Levels it seems to be obeying these levels yet again so I found that very that once you have a pattern that seems to have ended right because we break out of it it seems to have ended it comes back

Into those levels and then all of a sudden starts respecting these same lines it's absolutely wild to me I find that very interesting in fact this is the one we were using back then and if we extend these lines out it's the same

Exact thing I just have it on this chart here because we're using this daily chart for something else here now what's most interesting ok tomorrow I think is gonna be a big day because of the stock market open and again there's a lot of

There's even talks of the stock market being halted ok that is huge that would I mean that would be ridiculous what impact would that have on Bitcoin we wouldn't know because it's never ever ever ever happened before will people

All of a sudden start taking money and start trading more into Bitcoin and increase you know make a huge volume increase in Bitcoin maybe I honestly don't even know what could happen because again that has

Never happened in the history of Bitcoin before but one thing we do want to point out here guys is if there is a downside target will show you it here you know if Bitcoin you see it consulting here for the past four days

Within this top channel if Bitcoin is able to break and it is going to go down this area most likely will be support right here it's the fifty four hundred dollar range it's right where Bitcoin consolidated

For about five days before breaking out to currently like that seven thousand dollar level you can see right here there's the massive amount of volume index here on the V P V R and then if we switch to this chart as well you can see

That same thing here this is more zoomed out so you can get a different representation of the V PPR but again right here absolutely massive again this was the top where we found resistance guys this area kind of just fluctuated

Between this area for the past few days because again you can see on the side here not a lot going on okay has free range to kind of go up and down pretty easily in those levels these levels that I have circled are a little bit harder

Because there's a lot more action at those levels and ultimately if we zoom out to the weekly chart look at this 5400 you can see not only is that right exactly where the 200 week moving averages is where the 0.786 on the

Fibonacci from the highs of this move to the lows of this entire market so far of this bull run and bear run our sorry bull run and bear market the $3,100 level and the 14,000 right here these are the two most recent swings there and

So the seven eight six right here so that's very important there we did get a bounce here initially if we would come back down we would have to we would most likely want to find support and find a balance

There again okay we got rejected at the golden pocket right here so that's right around that 7000 so if i zoom in basically what happened I can illustrate this for you massive drop and then we get it pulled back to the 200 open up

The next weekly candle looks pretty good get a nice bounce all the way to 7,000 sorry all the way to 7,000 here and then push back down to here currently now we're really waiting to see this next move if again we will get pushed down we

Would hopefully find a lot of support here in the 200 week moving average and is well right exactly at 0.786 so that is the absolute key area and that also lines up perfectly with the vpv our support right here that has to be huge

So the $5,400 level right now is supposed to be it has everything statistically and technically looking on these charts everything going for it and luck we've been saying the $7000 level is where is where the party really gets

Started in terms of the resistance okay and we can show you a little bit why about that you can see right here we can start with a V PVR you can see the first massive amount since all the way down here besides that is up here at 7,000

This is where the inverse head and shoulder was formed there we actually zoom out you can see that the $7000 level played a key role amongst this giant descending triangle of 2018 but guys where we also are currently is the

Very bottom of as our price action is right now about the six thousand US dollar level is the very bottom of the 2018 descending triangle that basically went on for 11 months 11 entire months so this is again is a very big friction

Zone right here makes sense that we're still trading there it makes sense we're finding a lot of resistance there actually surprised that we actually dig it all the way up to 7,000 but then got pushed back down again but on the

Downside we ready talked about the 5454 is kind of like the downside target if we want to look at an upside target seven thousands by far like we just mentioned there is just supercritical very important and past the 7000 as we

Approach it we see an even bigger level of resistance okay and that's gonna be right here this level of the golden pocket of this is a different goal Fibonacci retracement this is from the very top of our latest bull market of

20,000 to the very top of the previous bull market of about 1000 okay we take the swings from there and there we do the Fibonacci that this is huge so again we have the 786 basically right here on the 200 where we

Got the bounce but then the golden pocket is up here at this $8,000 level so again this will be 7000 s pretty crazy in terms of getting above that but 8000 is gonna be much harder so you can even see it here on the V PVR it's kind

Of showing us the same thing 7000 right here decent amount of volume then you see the 8000 though much higher than that 8000 has much more than that when we zoom back out to this chart 8000 is really the big dog that if we get some

Bullets momentum going forward this is where a lot of the resistance is gonna be 8000 will be difficult I personally think in breaking above but again if we get both from enemy it could take a week or two of both minimum we could easily

Break above that but again that's really such a high friction zone it's where the top of this inverse head-and-shoulders formed as well and you can see here on this downtrend after it failed to hold within this golden

Pocket level of the 8000 that's when 8000 failed it doesn't went all the way down to 3,900 so when 8000 failed the price of Bitcoin decreased by half 50% of bitcoins price slashed in a matter of hours actually

Might have been like one hour is absolutely insane if we actually we actually take a look at that we can take a look at that here so this is right around 8000 and then this is an hourly chart so literally within hours look at

This this was all within one day basically 8000 all the way down to 3800 absolutely massive so the 8000 is probably one of the biggest supports on this entire chart and again the 8000 on this chart is right about here but again

This is the more important chart these swings going back years all the way to 2014 8000 is very very important there now that we have this high end now that we have some lows in and we have some structure to it yeah 8000 is huge now

With stock markets hopefully opening up tomorrow right I mean that's that's the plan that's how it's always gone as long as that happens we really have to do pay attention to see how these markets react however again seems like bitcoins being

Decoupling over the last few days so that's interesting to note as well but what do you guys think if if if that would actually happen if they would halt the stock market the US stock market how do you think Bitcoin would be affected

Do you think that people would maybe pull out their money or just start actively using more of their cryptocurrency holdings to trade to gain for profit in this trying time or do you think people will just you know if the

Stock market holds maybe everyone will pull something out of Bitcoin as well I feel like that might be less likely because why would you pull all of your investments if the stock market holds again a lot up for interpretation there

But I really would love to see what you guys say and then the last thing I want to do is actually pull out the one-hour chart and you can see here the $6,000 level has been key since that drop on may march 12 okay or initially provided

Support and then it fell through that found resistance found resistance now look same thing when we broke through it came down for support came down for support came down for support and then came down for support again right at

That $6,000 level and that's where we currently are so if we get a bounce out of here guys seven thousands of Target and if we fall below fifty four is most likely going to be the target and you see this horizontal resistance here but

Again most of the supports are sorry horizontal support and most of the support for 5400 actually is important on bigger timeframes this is the hourly but on these bigger timeframes is where 54 really comes into play okay right

About here is where the 54 is and most importantly on the weekly chart here at the 54 so Wow absolutely insane what do you guys think tomorrow will bring tomorrow is going to no doubt bring some things that might to make people a

Little crazy there's going to be anxiety there's going to be joy James will be crushed in dreams will be changed forever so guys let me know what you think about that in the comments below and I will see you in the next hacker


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