Lenovo Z6 Pro Key Features & Unboxing

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey everyone recently the red-meat k20
Pro and the zenfone 6 have captured our
these are value centric competitors with
flagship level hardware Lenovo is trying
to duplicate their success with the
Lenovo z6 pro and launch the mid ranger
to rule them all however before we can
test how good this phone really is let's
take it out of the box the box has a
nice texture with red lettering in it
you'll find a smaller box with a sim
ejector tool some instructions a case
and a screen protector the screen
protector was quite a nice surprise
because we don't see that very often
under that is the phone itself the back
has a red accent around one of the
cameras and a shimmering blue color that
gives off an underwater vibe under the
phone is a cable and wall adapter the
cable is USBC on both sides so there's
also a USB CTO sba adapter if you need
it now that we've got the lenovo z6 pro
in hand let's see what makes it special

Premium design the Lenovo z6 feels and
looks better than most med rangers with
the shimmering glass back and aluminum
frame Super AMOLED panel with an under
display fingerprint reader the phone has
a nearly six point four inch full HD
screen with an under display a
fingerprint reader that looks great at
first glance flagship chipset despite
being in a mid-range price segment the
z6 pro has a snapdragon 855 chipset in
either six or eight gigs of ram
day-to-day this chipset should be
blazing fast and it should shine with
gaming although we'll see how it handles
prolonged heat large battery and fast
charging the four thousand milliamp hour
battery should deliver pretty good
endurance headphone jack it's sad that
I'm counting this as a feature but this
phone is one of those rare unicorns that
has a flagship chipset and AMOLED screen
an affordable price and a headphone jack
expandable storage though the z6 pro
comes with a base of 128 gigs of storage
the phone also includes an expandable
card slot the lenovo z6 pro comes with
android pi was you i 11.1 on top it
seems pretty minimal with only a few
games installed but it remains to be
seen whether the UI helps or ultimately
bogs down the phone almost five cameras
this phone is loaded with four cameras
and a time-of-flight camera there's the
now standard triple camera setup and a
special two megapixel dedicated video
camera with OAS which is used in low
lights time-of-flight camera should also
help with depth sensing however more
doesn't always mean better so it'll be
fun to see how the z6 stacks up against
other phones in its price range the
lenovo z 6 pro seems to have come out of
nowhere with the host of features that
everybody seems to have been clamoring
for however one thing is a feature on a
specs page and another thing is a
feature in the hand it'll be interesting
to see how this phone compares with all
the flagships whose prices have been
dropping over the past couple of months
also I wonder if that quadruple camera
setup is over
if you have any questions of your own
leave them in the comments down below
and we'll try to get to them in the full
review subscribe so you don't miss it
and I'll see you guys next time


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