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by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

hello and welcome back to my Bey Kalon classic cake series and today's recipe that I'm gonna be baking with you guys is a classic classic classic is like one of the oldest recipes ever one of the first cakes I ever baked and it is a

Lemon drizzle cake and if you've never made one before I don't quite know how you've managed to get through this far without it it is a real citrusy zingy little number really super easy and it doesn't require any decoration because

It already looks really awesome and I'm going to show you how to make it so hopefully you have got all your ingredients ready I put all the ingredients on Instagram on Tuesday so if you haven't got your ingredients

Ready stop the video now and head off to the shops and get all your bits and bobs so you're going to need 225 grams of soft unsalted butter 225 grams of caster sugar 4 large eggs 2 lemons and 225 grams of self-raising flour so as well

As having all your ingredients ready you want to make sure that your oven is preheating while you're getting on with making the cake so it's 170 degrees C all right the first thing that we need

To do is cream the butter and the sugar together I'm using my freestanding mixer you can do this with a hand with the electric ones or just with a wooden spoon brute strength so I'm going to put the sugar in there butter in

and you want to put that onto a medium speed and beat it for about five minutes the role that is creaming together this is a great opportunity to get your tin

Ready and I'm going to be using a regular loaf tin if you haven't got one of these you can use an 8-inch round tin just make sure it's fairly deep to give it room to rise and to prepare your tin I would recommend greasing it and lining

It so I'm just gonna be using a spray grease you can use butter or anything at all like oily stuff and give it a good spray and then I'm using grease proof paper which I have made quite long so that I've got enough that to come up the

Sides to give it to give me some extra bit so I can hold on to you to take out later and also it's just wide enough for the bottom of the tin so you might be wondering why I'm using grease proof paper to line the tin rather than say

Maybe buttering and flowering it which is you know you do in some recipes and I find that the flour butter combination creates like a weird film on the side of your cake and for a cake like this which is going to be exposed and naked in all

Its glory you don't want to have like a crusty film around the outside because it's gonna really make it look ugly so that's my tin ready while it's still got a little bit left going I'm gonna

Zest my lemon so make sure that you give your lemons a good wash especially sin not unwaxed lemons you don't want any kind of weird wax off going in and just use a nice fine grater so I think this is a classic but if lemons not your

Thing then you could use other citrus fruits like I've actually done a lime and coconut river cake on my channel which you can check out blood orange is really nice when that's in season as our bergamot which are a similar to a lemon

But with a slightly different flavor I should do it now this has had five minutes so I'm just gonna turn the speed down a little bit because it's time to add the eggs and I'm using four large eggs and I'm gonna crack them in one by

One and then give it a good beat after each one I always use large free-range eggs if you can get a hold of free-range organic eggs then you will really really see the benefit in your cakes not only is it

Better for the hens it's just they make such better cakes so make sure you do that you'll get better color and also I really really love seeing all of your baits from a couple of weeks ago when we did the devil's food cake there were so

Many I was really blown away so well done all of you and in particular some of the ones I really really liked were generally at magic hey it's jus Moniz minis Nathan Oh Ruby and Luna luma who or produce fantastic

Cakes so keep up the good work and if you do bake this one make sure you put on Instagram and use the hashtag cupcake jennababe so my eggs are combining nicely so once your mixture is all nice and smooth just add the next egg this is

One of my favorite cakes and all the way back from my childhood this was one of my favorites because my grandma used to make it for me and which is testament really to how popular it has remained throughout the time because she was one

Of the cakes sheet baked first when she was a child so it's been around for a long time and it's still rocking and so while these are going I'm actually gonna put my lemon zest in just before the last egg goes in and there isn't really

Any hard and fast rule about when to put the zest in and you can put it in right at the beginning if you want to really batter the zest up a bit and or you can put it in with a flower it's really up to you

That's my last egg and it's looking pretty good it's starting to curdle a little bit and that's absolutely fine do not panic if that happens but because I'm using a free-standing mixer I'm actually gonna stop the whole thing and

Give it a good scrape down just to make sure that all of the buttery bits are mixing in with the egg this wouldn't be so much of a problem if you're doing it by hand obviously because you can kind of move yourself around but once you

Have scraped you can whack it back on just for a final beating just to make sure all of that gets mixed in just for a minute or so so the next ingredient that goes in is

The last ingredient of the actual sponge itself and that is self-raising flour and I've got 225 grams now I quite often get asked about self raising flour for people who are living in places where it's not really a thing over in Britain

It is a massive thing like we've always had self raising flour but I'm discovering that it's not a thing in the rest of the world and so you can't actually make it yourself and we did a Tuesday tips video I'll put that in the

Description box below the link to that so you can check it out but I've got 225 grams and I'm gonna sieve it just to make this superlight now you need to fold the flour in and you can do that with your freestanding mix on a low

Speed I sometimes quite like to just do it by hand and it's just really simple you want to get your spatula or a metal spoon and just cut through the middle and scrape around the sides just to incorporate it evenly the reason you

Want to do it carefully like this is that you just created loads of air firstly with your creaming of the butter and sugar then with the eggs and the magical powers and so you don't want to then so beat it

Up knock all the air out and end up with kind of a tough flat cake so this is really important this stage to be gentle with it and once you're satisfied that it's all smooth and well incorporated you can then pop it into your tin just

Dump it in and we'll spread it out in a bit now obviously your tin might be slightly different to mine and they come in all different sizes and shapes so the

General rule is 2/3 or 3/4 full it needs to have room on the sides to grow and if you have a bit of leftover batter then just pop it into some cupcakes rather than forcing it into the tin because you don't want to have an overflowing loaf

It needs to look pretty right and I'm going to just level this off with a palette knife to see where I'm at you don't need to make it like spirit level flour you just want to level it out a little bit so it doesn't have too

Much work to do in the oven and I'm now going to bake it so we've already preheated our oven to 170 degrees C and this takes quite a long time it takes about 55 minutes but I'm gonna check it at 45 and 50 minutes

Just to make sure so that is the cake on its way to becoming awesome so now I've got a bit of clearing up to do why don't you make yourself a cup of tea while you're at it

Like me and I'll also be hanging out a bit so I will be reading your comments below and on Instagram if you're watching it live so if you do have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them now I've also

Got to clear out this mess so pause your video and I'll see you back here in 45 to 55 minutes oh it smells really good and I'm just gonna check it with my skewer which is clean so I'm going to leave this to one side just to cool a

Little bit and get on with making the drizzle the drizzle part is what gives the lemon drizzle its name and it is very very simple so remember the lemons that we used earlier well I hope you didn't throw yours away because these

Have got so much good stuff inside all the juice is going to be used for both of these lemons and I'm adding it to a hundred grams of caster sugar so cut your lemons in half and you can use whatever kind of juicer you like I've

Got this really cool contraption which really gets a lot of the juice out so I'm gonna go straight into the sugar here luckily my lemons are nice and big and

They're full of juice Oh if you struggle to get the juice out of your lemons I'd recommend rolling them beforehand it just kind of softens them up a little bit you just kind of roll them on top of your work top works

Really well for all sorts of things you need to juice like limes and once all the juices in you need to give it a good stir I'm just using a little whisk for that but you can you

Don't have one of those you can use a little spoon and you're not trying to completely dissolve all the sugar and although it will dissolve a little bit and if you feel like it's a bit too thin just add a little bit more sugar and

Likewise if it's too thick add a little bit more juice so the consistency you're looking for is a little bit like maple syrup or light corn syrup certainly nothing as thick and gloopy is like treacle or golden syrup anything like

That and that should do it so this is ready to go now what are we gonna do we're going to pour on the cake of course because this needs to soak into our cake and it's really important

To do this while the cakes still warm or you know even the still quite hot actually this one so the first thing to do is to stab the cake all over with a skewer just to give it some holes to sink into

think that's enough holes now and just to make it a bit easier why don't you pour it into a jug first just to make drizzling a little bit less messy and then you just want to pull the whole lot

Over your entire cake and don't miss any of it like fill all the holes it might seem like it's pooling a little bit in the corners but don't worry all of that is going to sink into the cake

And it's gonna be so moist and yummy but it's still a bit warm so you want to leave that to cool for fifteen to twenty minutes and I recommend serving a slightly warm but pause the video now and we'll come back and have a slice

With a knife cavity and the drizzle cake is not completely cool because like I said before this is best eaten when it's just a little bit warm so it's still warm to the touch my

Turn but I'm going to pull it out using my over lapping greaseproof paper very very useful get rid of that and then hopefully during the break you found yourself a nice serving platter or a plate to put it on as I have and it's

Totally fine to handle now so I'm just going to take the paper off and pop it onto my nice board and this is very exciting because now it's time to cut myself a slice so hopefully that's what you're about to do

So get yourself a nice sharp knife if you don't want a ragged edge and cut yourself a big generous slab and there it is a delicious moist zesty lemon drizzle cake that hopefully you

Are looking at right now in real life wherever you are so well done don't forget you must take a picture and put on instagram using the hashtag cupcake german bake so that i can see it and so that everyone else can see what you've

Been up to as well because it's a really fun thing to bake with friends and and i will be back in a couple of weeks for another bake along and this one is going to be it for a bundt cake so this is a really good excuse to get that bunt in

You've been dreaming about it's gonna be on Sunday the 10th of March which actually just happens to be the day after my birthday so feel free to get me a present if you like and I will be putting this shopping list for that on

Instagram at cupcake Gemma on Tuesday the 5th of March so make sure you're following me so you don't miss that and I'll be back at the regular time on Thursday at 6:30 a little something from the CND going so I will see you then

Back you

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