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published on July 3, 2020




welcome to NTD news I'm Tiffany Mayer

here today's top stories top Republicans

and Democrats say they're against the

idea of defunding local and state police

forces across the nation Nancy Pelosi

saying that should not be the story to

take away from recent events surrounding

the death of George Floyd lawmakers in

New York respond to the nationwide

protests calling for change in policing

practices yesterday they passed a bill

that would make police discipline

records public it's a historic week for

the Armed Forces for the first time a

black man will serve as a Sur service

chief and the US military and a new

Senate report warns that Chinese

state-owned telecommunications companies

pose a threat to us networks the

bipartisan report says the government

needs to act quickly


top Republicans and Democrats are saying

they won't disband the police force some

protesters demands are threatening to

take over the movement that began with a

search for justice in the death of

George Floyd top Republicans and

Democrats expressed bipartisan

opposition in recent days to the idea of

defunding local and state police forces

across the nation the demand scene

plastered across banners in the hands of

protesters in the wake of George Floyd's

death while in police custody in

Minneapolis both President Trump and

Democratic presidential nominee Joe

Biden opposed the idea for Senate

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell it's

simple the peaceful protestors rightly

do not want to be lumped in with a

subset of looters and writers who seek

destruction then the vast majority of

brave police officers cannot be lumped

in with the very worst examples of

heinous behavior but some far left

Democrats have promoted ideas to devalue

law enforcement representative al hen

Omar pitched dismantling the police to a

Minneapolis crowd over the weekend a

sentiment not shared by the city's mayor

Jacob pray but one that did gain support

among protesters another representative

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes demanded that

two new york city's police department be

defunded a move that New York City Mayor

Bill DeBlasio said was not a good idea

President Trump said he would not be

disbanding dismantling or defunding the

police force he said he's very proud of

US law enforcement besides a few of bad

actors and by then said in an interview

with CBS that he doesn't support it

either House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and

likewise rejected the idea we want to

work with our police departments or many

who take pride in their work and we want

to be able to make sure that the focus

is on them Pelosi said disbanding the

police should not be the story that

becomes the legacy of the incidents

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

has selected senator Tim Scott who is

the only black Republican in the Senate

to lead the Republican effort for police

reform legislation and New York state

lawmakers are

responding to calls for police

accountability they passed a bill

yesterday that would end an old law

protecting officer records New York

state lawmakers repealed a decades-old

law Tuesday that kept law enforcement

disciplinary records secret one opponent

of the bill is concerned about releasing

unproven information by putting out on

substantiated claims we are essentially

opening up those offices to public

shaming just by the mere fact that

someone put in a complaint eliminating

the law known as section 58 would make

complaints and disciplinary records

public for the first time in decades

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will sign

it the repeal came as protesters called

for the reform of policing practices in

the wake of the death of George Floyd

one supporter says it's not enough

people aren't protesting for

watered-down legislation I applaud the

sponsor of this piece of legislation for

being consistent with it over five years

however honesty compels me to say big

deal you have to give up your background

when opponent says they're reacting too

fast it's not the right way to fix the

problem I don't think enough

stakeholders to make this get this done

right we need to slow down and if you

want to fix this this is not the way to

do it

only Delaware has a similar law the

Legislature passed

other police accountability measures on

Monday more are expected it's a historic

week for the first time a black man will

serve as a service chief in the US

military the general will now lead the

US Air Force in a historic day for the

Armed Forces General Charles Q Brown jr

was confirmed as chief of staff of the

US Air Force Tuesday he is the first

black chief of staff of a US military

branch vice president Mike Pence

presided over the vote and a rare

appearance in the Senate if not on this

vote the yeas are 98 the nays are zero

and the historic nomination of General

Charles Q Brown jr as the United States

Air Force chief of staff

is confirmed Pence's spokesperson said

the vice-president showed up because of

the significance of the events president

Donald Trump nominated Brown to the

position back in March

but the opposition from Alaskan Senator

Dan Sullivan delayed proceedings the

president said Browns confirmation is a

historic day for America and called

Brown a patriot and a great leader in a

tweet Brown's confirmation makes him the

second black man to sit on the Joint

Chiefs of Staff following : Powell

before the confirmation Brown commanded

the pacific air forces responsible for

air force activities over half the globe

Brown served in a variety of other

positions including in the US Air Force

weapons school as an f-16 Fighting

Falcon instructor he has over 2,900

flight hours as a commander pilot the

results are in mostly yesterday five

states took to the polls for their

primaries here's the roundup in what's

on track to become the most expensive

race in South Carolina history Senator

Lindsey Graham has defeated three

little-known GOP challengers all of his

state's officials have endorsed him plus

President Trump and Vice President Mike

Pence his victory on Tuesday comes as

the last marker ahead of a general

election faceoff with Democrat Jamie

Harrison meanwhile in Georgia the

state's Democratic Senate primary is too

early to call Georgia election rules

require candidates to win more than 50%

of the vote to avoid a runoff as a

verily Tuesday with 93 percent reporting

John aasif has approximately 49 percent

of the vote he leads Theresa Tomlinson

who has roughly fifteen percent and

Sarah Riggs amico with about 13 percent

the winner will challenge Republican

Senator David Perdue in November that's

after problems erupted at the polls when

many of the peach state's new voting

machines broke down causing long waiting

lines turning to Nevada hundreds of

voters waited for hours at a mere three

in-person polling places in a loss of

egis area which were reduced amid virus

concerns voting has continued into

Wednesday and state officials predict

long delays and counting ballots in

North Dakota results were promising for

political newcomers David and Al and

David narrowing they're taking on

Republican House

Appropriations chairman Jeff Dells er

all 53 counties in the state opted for

mail-in voting with the results still

pending and despite the state's hottest

day of the year West Virginians took to

the polls to decide presidential

gubernatorial Senate and House

candidates in West Virginia's Democratic

and Republican primaries they were also

deciding a majority of the five member

state Supreme Court a Minnesota man is

charged with helping set fire to

Minneapolis police precinct during riots

following George Floyd's death

Minneapolis Police Officers abandoned a

third precinct on May 28th rioters then

went inside stole police property and

set fire to the building a federal

criminal complaint charged 23 year-old

Brandon Michael Wolfe with arson

yesterday he was arrested on June 3rd

after trying to break into a home

improvement store while wearing the

stolen police gear police also found

stolen items at his apartment Wolfe is

the first to be charged in connection

with a third Precinct fire and it's

another day in a series of protests set

off after Floyd's death officials across

the nation are advising protesters to

get tested for the CCP virus if they've

put themselves at risk aunt Edie's

Miguel Moreno

has more on that this week Ellie's

health director told protesters to get

tested for the CCP virus and self

quarantine if they've been exposed to

large crowds and were around people

without masks

New York State is asking all protesters

to get tested regardless of their level

of exposure again I'm asking all the

protestors to please get tests that is a

new question that has been dropped into

the mix we had all these at-home

measures and then we had thousands of

people show up for protests Cuomo says

he doesn't know whether the protests

will affect the spread of the virus but

the CDC has reported so-called super

spreader events during the pandemic

where one person affects many more in

one incident one person is suspected to

have infected 32 others during choir

practice senior scholar a Misha Daljit

from Johns Hopkins center for health

security says the recent

to present a significant risk of

spreading the virus there's a

substantial risk of transmitting or

requiring kovat 19 in these protests

these are mass gathering events where

people cannot necessarily social

distance that well they are often

shouting screaming and chanting which

generates droplets which may then

transmit the virus they are also being

sprayed with pepper spray as well as

your gas which induces coughing there

are many factors that lead to the the

belief that these protests are going to

start waves of transmission the World

Health Organization also urged

protesters to keep at least one meter

apart and wear a mask of their around

other people but a dull gist says the

masks don't make up for the lack of

social distancing hopefully we've had

we've taken the time since March to

develop the ability to diagnose these

cases rapidly to isolate them to contact

race so that we can keep the number of

cases that result from these protests

bubbling over and putting our hospitals

into dress while Governor Cuomo is

asking all protesters to get a test adul

gist says he only recommends it to

people who weren't able to social

distance and were around people who were

coughing Miguel Moreno anti D news a


memorial to general robert e lee can't

stay in place at least for the moment at

one of the country's most prominent

tributes to the confederacy the state

was about to take it down a judge

imposed a 10-day injunction on the

removal of a statue of Confederate

General Robert E Lee the judge made the

decision on the one hundred and thirty

year old statue after a complaint was

filed by a descendent of the statues

donors Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

ordered the monuments removal last week

in the wake of George Floyd protests in

Richmond and across the country the

state owns and maintains the statue this

statue and others in the area were

spray-painted and to face during the

protests crews inspected and analyzed

the monument earlier in the week

Virginia's Department of General

Services said it plans to remove the

statue of the Confederate General as

soon as possible but officials said it

must be done safely given the memorials

weight and height it weighs about 12

tons and is about 21 feet tall and stay

on a 40-foot pedestal Virginia was the

home of robert e lee he served in both

Union and Confederate armies during his

military career his Battlefield

reputation led Abraham Lincoln to ask

him to lead the federal army but he

declined because Virginia decided to

join the Confederate States city leaders

also said they would take down another

four Confederate memorials along

Richmond's prestigious Monument Avenue

these statues are seen as some of the

most prominent memorials to the

Confederacy according to the UN a huge

amount of North Korea's population is in

need of humanitarian aid the country is

currently experiencing a worsening of

widespread food shortages according to

UN Human Rights expert North Korea is

suffering widespread food shortages and

malnutrition while North Korea has a

history of food shortages the situation

is even worse now thanks to a nearly

five months border closure with China

and strict quarantine measures according

to the UN medicine prices are

skyrocketing and some people have only

corn to eat while others are starving in

the mid-90s a famine killed around 3

million people in the isolated country

as of now over 10 million people almost

40% of the population suffered from food

and security and are an urgent need of

food assistance due to the shortage of

suitable agricultural land North Korea

always faces a challenge in growing

enough staple food to feed its

population it's a crucial time for rice

growers who are currently moving young

rice seedlings from the crowded beds

where they were planted to the big

fields so far farmers have seen less

than ideal weather and there are other

problems to tackle at the moment the UN

urged North Korea to free prisoners

during the pandemic because people in

their prisons are dying as a result of

contagious diseases overcrowding and

hard work with a lack of food the true

state of the CCP virus situation in the

country is uncertain as North Korea

refuses to report its case numbers to

the whu-oh coming up new research from

Harvard suggests the virus could have

hit upon much

we thought satellite images show a spike

in traffic around some city of hospitals

as early as August last year by not more

when we return





are you tired of newspapers spinning the

truth and pushing false narratives and

are you looking for honest coverage of

Spygate the true story of collusion or

the truth behind the crisis at our

southern border or how the Chinese

Communist Party's working to subvert

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need to check out the epic Times

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and it doesn't push any political

agendas just go to read epic comm and

try it yourself for a full month for

just a single dollar you'll absolutely

love it a bipartisan Senate report asks

Congress to clamp down on three Chinese

telecom carriers the report describes

how these companies got a foothold in

the US telecommunications industry and

how they undermine the safety of

American communications a new bipartisan

Senate subcommittee report says Congress

should move quickly to strengthen the

government's ability to oversee major

Chinese telecommunications companies

operating in the US the report called

threats to us networks focuses on

carriers owned by the Chinese communist

regime it states that three Chinese

state-owned carriers in operation in the

US for nearly two decades have only

recently been scrutinized by various

security agencies the three are China

Mobile China Telecom and China Unicom

the team behind the report is led by

Senator Rob Portman while Senator Tom

Carper is the ranking minority member

Portman said in a statement that the

Chinese Communist Party had exploited

us telecoms networks and Carper said

more has to be done to protect national

security against spies and hackers the

report recommends greater transparency

and reciprocity such as for Congress to

require a regular review of Chinese

telecom activities with the results to

be reported to the legislative branch it

also recommended that Congress required

China to grant fair access to its

domestic markets for US telecom

companies a new study from Harvard

suggests the virus could have hit Wuhan

much earlier than we thought

satellite images show a spike in traffic

around the city's hospitals as early as

August last year

new research from Harvard may suggest

the virus outbreak occurred much earlier

in wuhan than Chinese authorities

reported the analysis comes from Harvard

Medical School which analyzed satellite

imagery of hospital parking lots in

Wuhan the images show an obvious surge

of hospital traffic since August of last

year the Chinese regime reported the

first case of the virus on December 31st

in one case researchers found that there

were 171 cars parked outside Wu Hans

chanyeol Hospital one of the largest in

the city back in October 2018 but during

the same time frame in 2019 285 vehicles

were found the surge coincided with a

spike in online searches for terms like

cough and diarrhea which are both

symptoms of the virus the research says

the spike was neither seen in previous

flu seasons nor mirrored in the COFF

search data the study has not yet been

peer reviewed by other scientists the

study's lead researcher told ABC News

that they can't conclude the spike was

caused by the outbreak but when they

looked at other external factors that

could cause it like mass gathering and

natural disasters they couldn't identify

any other reason for the surge the only

mass gathering that happened in the city

around that time was the military world

games but researchers say the data they

analyzed was taken before the games

began China's foreign ministry spokesman

hua Chong yang called the study

incredibly ridiculous 20 feet

Chinese authorities have insisted that

they reported the outbreak to the public

and the World Health Organization in a

timely manner according to an NBC report

an analysis shows that from October 7th

to the 24th of last year there was no

cell phone activity around the

high-security area of Wu Hans p4 lab

that data suggests there may have been a

hazardous event there sometime in early

October that required the lab to close

down the report also talks about the

images from October 14th to the 19th

last year that show no outbound traffic

from the lab it's suspected that a road

block was set up to prevent people from

coming and going this is in contrast to

satellite images from August to October


which show a lot of activity coming up

the UK Prime Minister calls for a

peaceful defeat of racism and a Star

Wars composer wins a prestigious award

in Spain that and more after the break






viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China at

the beginning I was super excited when I

got 500 views and now shows grown to

about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people I am a little freaked out that

that many people have seen my face in

five years I see China uncensored as the

sole source of edutainment worldwide


news from Europe ex head of the UK

Intelligence Service warns young

politicians against the Chinese regime

next entity UK's near Woodrow will bring

us news from Europe thanks Tiffany

welcome to NTD UK bringing you UK and

European news I'm Neil Woodrow Britain's

Prime Minister says the government has

to do more to fight prejudice towards

people from minority ethnic groups Boris

Johnson says emotions triggered by the

death of George Floyd cannot be ignored

and we who lead and who go simply can't

ignore those feelings because in too

many cases I'm afraid they will be

founded on a cold reality Johnson says

Britain has made huge strides in

tackling racism but acknowledges that

there is more to do in eradicating

prejudice and creating opportunity so

let's work peacefully lawfully to defeat

racism and discrimination wherever we

find it and let us continue to work

together across all the communities of

this country as we put Britain back on

its feet demonstrators over the weekend

defied warnings not to gather in large

groups due to the risk of spreading the

coronavirus otherwise peaceful

demonstrations in London ended with

small groups clashing with police now to

security a former head of the UK's mi6

Intelligence Agency says it's important

the UK doesn't put into the hands of

Chinese interests any critical

infrastructure such as

telecommunications nuclear power

stations and anything that might be

needed in a crisis like PPE Sir Richard

Dearlove joined mi6 in 1966 and served

as his chief from 1999 to 2004 drawing

on his years of experience he says

younger politicians may not understand

the cost of doing deals with the Chinese

regime in an interview with The

Telegraph Sir Richard says he spent most

of his career dealing with the issue

communism and the immense disregard

communist parties have for law and human

rights on to trade deals Japan was

Britain's fourth biggest non EU trading

partner in 2019

this week the nations discussed a trade

deal they hoped to roll out

this year UK retail sales improved in

May British Retail Consortium reports

total retail spending at his members

stores was 59 percent lower than a year

earlier compared with a record nineteen

point one percent drop in April when

almost all non-essential stores were

closed an evolving story a controversial

measure started this week in Britain

forcing all arriving travelers to self

quarantine for 14 days

a UK tourism lobby group said on Tuesday

that they were told privately by

government sources that travel corridors

or air bridges allowing quarantine free

access between the UK and certain low

infection European countries may happen

by the end of the month no official

statement has been made to France the

former head of the International

Association of Athletics Federation

Lamine DIAC is standing trial for

corruption in Paris the former chief of

the World Athletics governing body the

IAAF Lamine DIAC arrived in court in

Paris on Monday he is accused of

corruption money laundering and links to

a Russian doping scandal after coming

out of a mourning hearing he thanked his

supporters I have received messages of

support from all over the world and I

thank you

french prosecutors allege DIAC asked for

and receive payments from Russian

athletes suspected of doping to cover up

test results his lawyers say the

accusations are baseless

his only preoccupation was the interest

of the I double AF it was to defend the

ID ablai F and to preserve its financial


diac from Senegal led the IAAF from 1999

to 2015 since November 2015 he is been

under house arrest in Paris if convicted

the 87 year old faces up to 10 years in

jail and next European countries are

taking measures to protect key companies

from foreign predators they are

concerned that countries such as China

and Russia are gaining control of

companies with key significance in

infrastructure and technology posing

potential risk to national security the

UK France Germany Sweden Poland Hungary

and Czech Republic are all taking

measures under new British legislation

company directors could face jail or

large fines for not informing the

government of takeover bids insensitive


streets previously reporting was

voluntary now euro finances the European

Central Bank expects the economy of the

eurozone to shrink by 13% in the second

quarter of this year and 87% the whole

year followed by a recovery of 52

percent next year president of the

European Central Bank Christine Lagarde

says the central bank will do its part

to support the economic recovery you can

rest assured that the ECB will within

its mandate continue to support the

recovery with all appropriate measures

German industrial production plunged by

record 18 percent month on month in

April it is the biggest fall since 1991

for Europe's biggest economy on Tuesday

a European stocks dropped because of

these gloomy economic reports to the

movies film composers American John

Williams an Italian Ennio Morricone when

prestigious honors in Spain the jury for

the princess of Asturias Awards

praised the pair for enriching hundreds

of films with their mastery 88 year old

Williams has scored blockbuster series

like Star Wars Superman and Indiana


he's been working with director Steven

Spielberg since 1974 composing music for

orbit five of his feature films 91 year

old Morricone has over 400 credits to

his name spanning a seven decade career

when there is an important movie it's

key that the music says what isn't said

you cannot see his films include

Hollywood westerns like the good the bad

and the ugly and A Fistful of Dollars

that's all for today from the UK back to

you Tiffany Thank You Neil and still to

come honey sales skyrocket in Egypt

the pandemic by now why the golden

liquid is so popular and more when we







Egyptians are turning to honey for a

sign of relief admit the pandemic they

say it can bring many benefits and even

treat illnesses business is buzzing for

Egyptian honey makers they say the CCP

virus has boosted demand for the golden

liquid Egyptians have been making honey

since ancient times some even believe

the sweet nectar can treat illnesses

this is due to the culture of the

society that considers honey an immune

booster but Harry says honey makers also

supply pharmaceutical companies honey is

found in many different types of drugs

especially for liver treatment vitamin

supplements and immune boosters we also

have a bee product called propolis right

now there's no evidence that honey helps

prevent or treat the corona virus but

the pandemic is still driving sales up

in Egypt these days especially one

should consume more of it because of the

dark times we are living in the corona

virus pandemic a gyp produces close to

ten different types of honey it's widely

praised for health and beauty benefits

in France construction workers are

returning to no tree Dom after weeks of

lockdown preparing for restoration is a

delicate undertaking a year since a fire

gutted the Cathedral our France

correspondent David vivaz has the story

after delays in restoration workers

started removing the twisted scaffolding

around Paris's notre-dame Cathedral it's

a crucial first step before the

cathedrals restoration can begin the

scaffolding was installed prior to the

blaze for restoration work on the error

of not Widom

but after the blaze last year it became

a constant threat because it could have

collapsed on the cathedral at any time

the damaged scaffolding has been

surrounded by yet more scaffolding and

an enormous crane was brought in the

operation will cut away 200 tons of

metal and debris from the roof still

needs to be cleaned up it's precision

work but some parts of the Cathedral

might not be stable camor Sadducees can

as everyone knows if one stone falls

from a part of the boat the entire boat

could be weakened

only after this step which should last

three to four months will there be a

plan for restoration and maybe even

redesign president Emmanuel macron is

pledging the cathedral will be fully

restored within five years reporting by

David vivaz NTV News Paris and that's

the latest updates for now thanks for

tuning in

catch up again at 6:30 pm Eastern Time

I'm Tiffany Mayer



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